10) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: College boy turned kidnapper-killer

Published On : Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017 in Nagpur Today, copyright nagpurtoday.in

Lakadganj trader’s son, abducted for Rs 1 cr ransom, found dead in Butibori, brother says its not him

Nagpur: In a sensation development in the case of abduction of a lottery trader’s 31 year old younger son Rahul Agrekar under Lakadganj police station, the latter was found murdered in Butibori area on Tuesday night. Rahul’s face was partially burnt due to which he could not be immediately recognised. However in a twist to the case Rahul’s brother Jayesh Agrekar has denied the identity of Rahul’s body, saying that was not his brother’s body.

On Wednesday afternoon, Butibori police station confirmed the identity of the deceased as Rahul, the abducted son of businessman Suresh Agrekar. Rahul’s body was recovered on Tuesday night however the alleged abductor Durgesh Bokade had reportedly called up Rahul’s father for Rs 1 crore ransom, only after Rahul’s murder. The perpertrators of the crime had deliberately burnt the face after killing Rahul, so that he could not be recognised.

On Tuesday night, Rahul’s body was spotted and some one reported the matter to Butibori police.

Earlier, Lakadganj police were investigating the matter on the complaint lodged by Rahul’s brother Jayesh. The cops had last traced the location of his mobile to Mansar. His mobile was switched off since then. The police had formed five squads to probe every angle of the case.

Jayesh Agrekar, resident of Darodkar Road had informed the cops that his younger brother Rahul had been kidnapped by Durgesh Bokade, 32, resident of Rani Durgawati square. Later they had called up at Rahul’s home three times and demanded ransom of Rs 1 crore in lieu of freeing Rahul. They had also threatened to kill Rahul if the family reports the matter to police.

Meanwhile police are delving deeper to catch hold of more threads in the case.

Collegians get death for Borivli double murder

TNN | Nov 25, 2005, 22:36 IST

copyright Times of India newspaper

MUMBAI: “Hang them by the neck till they are dead”. That was the verdict of additional sessions judge R B Malik, who sentenced Ashish Waravale and Clint Fernandes to death in the shocking 2003 Borivli double murder case. Wilfred Dias, the third accused and the mastermind of the brutal killings that shocked the peaceful neighbourhood of IC Colony, got off lightly with a five-year rigorous imprisonment sentence.

Ashish and Clint, during a robbery attempt at their Lopez Manor flat on November 19, 2003, brutally killed Leticia Mendes (54) and her 16-month-old grandson Dylan Lobo. Mendes’ daughter Glenda Lobo (34), who was also at home, was seriously injured and left for dead.

While Ashish is a student of South Mumbai’s prestigious Elphinstone College, Clint belongs to Bandra’s St Andrew’s College. Their accomplices Clinton Fernandes and Karan Khanna are facing trial in a juvenile court for their role in the killings as they were below 18 years of age when the incident took place.

Wilfred, a student of Bandra’s Rizvi Catering College, was waiting at his Jan Kalyan Nagar residence in Malad (W) for his friends to bring the money needed to finance their trips to dance bars. In fact, a minor belonging to the gang was into smoking charas.

Rejecting the defence plea for leniency considering the age of the accused, the judge held that the “brutal murders” was a “rarest of rare” case and fit for capital punishment. While Leticia’s body bore 14 stab injuries, the accused had hung Dylan to a fan with a telephone wire after the baby started crying. Inspector Jayawant Mane, who led the probe, says he cannot forget the bloody scene of crime. “It was one of the most horrible sights. There was blood everywhere. I still cannot understand why they had to kill a 16-month-old baby,” he said.

Glenda had led the police to the killers, identifying them as “Wilfred’s friends” whom he had brought three days earlier for Letticia’s cookery classes. The police recovered all the jewellery, cash and mobile phones that had been stolen from Mendes residence.

The prosecution relied mainly on Glenda’s testimony. “It took almost a year for Glenda to give evidence in the case as she would break down as soon as she would begin narrating the incident,” public prosecutor Rohini Salian said. Repeatedly breaking down during the testimony, Glenda had pleaded with the court, “Please don’t let the boys go scot free.”

While Ashish, Clint and Wilfred sat stonefaced as the judge read out the verdict minutes after the court began at 11 am, the boys had regained their composure and were seen smiling and chatting as they were led out of the court after the formalities at about 1.30 pm.

When an accompanying policeman reminded them of the gravity of the situation, one of the the boys shot back, “Jo hona hai, woh ho gaya, ab rone se kya fayda” (Whatever has happened, has happened. Why cry now?).

The one person that broke down on hearing the verdict was Leticia’s husband Xavier Mendes. “Justice has finally been done to my wife and grandchild,” he said.

Ashish’s father Dominic Waravle said, “They are just children, they don’t deserve the death sentence. But I hope it heals the pains of the victims’ families.” He added that the still sentence would “serve as a lesson to others”.
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Sep 23 2017 : Mirror (Bangalore)
Friends murdered Sharath: Cops
4 held for killing I-T officer’s missing son; accused first dumped his body in lake, then buried him
Four youths, including a diplo ma student and a cab driver, were arrested for the abduc tion and murder of 19-year old N Sharath, engineering student and son of an Income Tax official. Sharath was missing since September 12 from the city.


Police had initially said Sharath could have gone on a Ladakh trip on his new motorcycle, but it turned out that his childhood friend and accomplices had kidnapped him for ransom and later murdered him after they realised that Sharath’s parents have approached the police.

They first disposed of the body in the Narasimaiah lake, but it resurfaced on the third day, forcing them to fish out the bloated body and drive around the city, until they decided to bury it at Kurubarapalya Bande from where it was exhumed on Friday morning.

Sharath was murdered within 30 minutes after his parents approached the police.

The arrested are as HP Vishal aka Vishu, 21, from Jnananagar, Vinay Prasad aka Vikky, 24, Karan Pai aka Karna, 22, and Vinod Kumar V,24, all residing in Chunchanakuppe. Vishal is a Diploma student of Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic College and was working as an agent outside the Ullal RTO office. Vikky works as a cab driver while Karan is employed at a factory and Vinod does not have a regular job.Shanthakumar, an Uber car driver, is also involved, but is absconding.

Police managed to corner Vishal on Thursday on the basis of records of his phone calls made to Sharath.Police claimed Vishal had told Sharath that his friend had got a Benelli bike, which he would ride on the evening on September 12. Sharath told Vishal he would join him on his bike.

Vishal was questioned by the police twice before Thursday, but he managed to escape from their radar.He even gave out the list of Sharath’s friends and shared other details with the police. He also pretended to be a moral support to the family by looking for Sharath at all the places.

Police commissioner T Suneel Kumar said, “Based on technical evidence, Vishal was questioned by our men and he confessed to having killed Sharath with his associates.“

Police said Vishal and his friends, Shantha Kumar, Vinay and Karan gathered near the RTO on September 10. Vishal told them about Sharath and his family’s financial background.They decided to target him and since Vishal knew Sharath was crazy about bikes, he lured him out on the pretext of going on a bike ride.

Vishal told Sharath to meet near Shirke Apartment at Kengeri Satellite Town, and then later they rode their bikes till Ullal RTO office. They later joined Shantha, Vikky and had a beer before they made Sharath get into a car that Vikky had borrowed from his friend. They forced Sharath to ask his parents to pay Rs 50 lakh for his freedom and sent that recording to his parents on WhatsApp. His parents approached the police and also started calling his friends, including Vishal, telling them about the video. Vishal turned up to help the parents, but he asked his accomplices to murder Sharath to evade the police. “Shantha, Vikky and Karan strangulated Sharath with a nylon rope by 11.30 pm. They disposed of the body in the Narasimaiah lake by tying stones to it to ensure it won’t float in the water,“ said additional commissioner of police (West) Malini Krishnamurthy.

Vishal and his friends visited the lake after two days to check whether the body was floating. On the third day, they saw the body floating in the water. They tied more stones to the body and put it back in the lake. They continued to visit the lake and saw that the body was floating again on September 19. This time, they took the body in a car and roamed around in the city to find a place to dispose it of.They disposed the body in a trench at Kurubarapalya Bande on September 20, Krishnamurthy said.

Vinod only joined the team on September 20 and helped them dispose of the body, she added.

The accused told the police they used disinfectant and other items to reduce the smell of decomposition before packing the body in a plastic bag. The police exhumed the body, conducted a post-mortem and handed the body over to the family.


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