2) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 649 Aprathyashit – Killed by a stranger when given a car lift

Aprathyashit, Episode Telecast on 22nd April 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 23.9.2017

Rating ::: 4 stars (* * * *)…………..good episode to watch to understand how easily we can lead ourselves to death by trusting an unknown stranger

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Aprathyashit in Hindi means something that is unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, abrupt, out of the blue. It can also mean accidental. In the positive sense, it can mean a windfall, godsent, bonanza.

A man all alone in his car is driving down a dark haunted road which looks like a highway. A stranger waves and asks for a lift. He is carrying a bag in his hands.

Threat or danger, peril, hazard always comes in our life from unexpected corners at unexpected times from unexpected people.

You never know what is going on in the mind of a stranger or what are his plans. It does not mean one should not help a stranger if he is in need of help. But it is always good to be vigilant, safeguard one’s own security first and then think of helping someone – especially unknown people – Anup Soni says, in his comments at the start of the story.

Cut to next scene, an ambulance and police arrive on the highway to find a badly injured man lying on the road and shift him to hospital. But the doctor at the hospital declares the victim, identified as Subhash Patil from Ambernath, dead on arrival and so, the police now have a hit and run or murder case on hand to solve.

The police trace his family through the driving license found on his body and inform his in-laws and his young wife about the tragic news. He dies leaving behind a little daughter & his parents too. The police learn that he was a pickup driver and the vehicle which was owned by his father in law is missing along with the victim’s mobile phone. The father in law informs the cops that he was on his way with the vehicle for some goods collection from Silvassa. Hence, they go back to the crime scene and start investigating thoroughly to find some trace of the vehicle but find neither the vehicle nor the missing phone.

The investigation progresses and the post mortem report says that traces of some drug that induces sleep is found in his body, which is usually prescribed to patients suffering from depression and sleep deprivation. The family confirms to the cops that Subhash Patil was suffering from neither and that he was never seen to be taking that drug at home for any ailment. The cops are now certain that they have a murder case on hand which was made to appear like a hit and run.

The cops extend their investigation network to 3 other neighboring states too and put their informants on full alert.

As luck would have it, within a week of the tragic murder, the missing phone rings and the cops get an alert about it as they have, as usual, put the IMEI number of the instrument on surveillance. The call is answered by a woman who is having the missing phone in her custody and the call is from a man called Yogesh Kharse. The cops attempt to reach this woman’s address fails as the address is fake, perhaps because the SIM card is obviously taken from fake ID proofs. The cops hence track the caller Yogesh who tells them that she is a prostitute he frequents and leads them to her. This is their first breakthrough in the case and she tells the cops that Moin, who was her regular client had given the phone instrument to her in lieu of a loan he had taken from her. From her call records, they get Moin’s mobile number and start tracking it which at that moment is found to be switched off.

One find day, Moin switches his mobile on and the cops immediately get an alert about it. They call the prostitute and ask her to invite him to her house and set a trap. He arrives and senses some danger and feels that the men hovering around are cops in civvies and tries to escape. The cops chase him and succeed in catching him.

In the lock up, Moin opens up and spills the beans. 2 years ago, he had similarly looted a tempo after serving drug laced tea to the driver and making him faint. An year later, he again looted a tourist car with the same modus operandi, making the driver faint after he was made to consume drug laced tea. His accomplice, a carpenter Daniesh Siddiqui and the other a motor mechanic, Imran Pathan get arrested too after Moin reveals their whereabouts. Moin himself was a mechanic before he took to crime for easy money. He has a wife and a little daughter.

Subhash Patil was a simple man who got killed by these murderers for no reason and for no fault of his. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time trusting some unknown strangers like you do in any normal everyday business. He was a sincere, hard working, lovable husband and a father who loved his family. Neither did Subhash know the 3-men gang killers nor did they know him. It was a random loot, random robbery, random killing, absolutely senseless.

The biggest hurdle in this murder mystery for the cops was that there was no trace of any phone communication between the driver victim Subhash and the killer Moin’s gang. Moin had hired the pickup with an intention to loot and rob him of the vehicle but had never called him on the phone. He simply approaches him on the highway somewhere when Subhash halts for a cup of tea and offers him a job for pickup and delivery which Subhash readily agrees to, after which they start on the journey and midway, he gets robbed and killed in a secluded place. Thus, there was nothing to fall back upon for the cops to trace the last person who called him or the call detail records etc.

When the cops ask Moin why he killed Subhash whereas he had always made his victims faint in the previous robberies after serving them drug laced tea, Moin replies, “because he vomited all the tea and did not faint at all. So I had to kill him by running the vehicle over him”. On further probing, he tells the cops that poverty was the root cause for him to turn to criminal activities but while killing Subhash, Moin conveniently ignored the fact that Subhash too was a poor man from a poor background working hard as a driver, living a dignified life earning his livelihood by legal means.

The three member gang is arrested for loot, robbery, dacoity, murder. Their three families are destroyed. Certainly the other two gang members too will have parents, wife or children. Subhash’s family is destroyed. Subhash’s parents and his in-laws are destroyed. One murder. So many families or individuals suffer. All for greed and in pursuit of easy money making opportunities by a man with a criminal bent of mind. The automobile dealer who purchased the stolen vehicle from the auto-thieves also gets arrested.

Subhash’s wife is shattered to learn that her husband Subhash had nothing to do with the killers and did not even know them remotely, that it was the first time he had met them that fateful evening. So also is Moin’s wife shattered to learn that her husband is a thief, robber, murderer and that he was caring for and feeding the family by indulging in criminal and murderous activities.

Upon seeing Subhash destabilized and vomiting, Moin actually suggests that he should take rest or sleep and not drive. But Subhash argues and insists that he is alright and that he can manage. Seeing the opportunity to rob slipping from under his nose, Moin suddenly then, on the spur of a moment, spontaneously decides to kill Subhash to rob him of the vehicle.

Could not Subhash have sensed some oncoming danger? Could not he smell some unforeseen hazard? After he became unwell upon consuming the tea? Could not he have suspected something was not right in the tea he just consumed? Could he not have found an excuse or a way to avoid being associated with the stranger any more? Could he not have abandoned him with some excuse suspecting his intentions? Could he have avoided the tragedy with a little alertness and common sense and maturity? These are the thoughts that linger in your mind at the end of the episode and this mindless murder mystery.

Needless to say, as usual, the anchor Anup Soni has done a splendid job with his comments and fantastic insights. All the actors have done a marvelous job with no melodrama at all and controlled acting, behaving and emoting as if things really happened in their lives and the camera just happened to capture the moments in their real life. Although the crime story in this episode is a one of the routine kind, it is worth a watch to see and appreciate some great work done by real cops in real life in some part of India.

Crime Patrol Satark Episode 649, Aprathyashit, Episode Telecast on 22nd April 2016 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:




Author: Ravikanth K.A.

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