7) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 658 Khoj – A bright young engineering girl student runs away from home due to academic & exam pressures

Khoj, Episode Telecast on 15th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 23.9.2017

Rating ::: 3 stars (* * *)…………..good episode to watch if you have a student son or daughter at home. Read the story below and later, watch the Crime Patrol episode, to understand your children’s mind, psychology, the trauma they go through when you put pressure on them to study and perform well in exams, their trials and tribulations and the pressures they go through, when you as a parent constantly tell them to perform and excel in academics.

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Khoj in Hindi means “to search for”. The episode is titled Khoj.

The opening scene of the episode is very interesting. It starts with a scene we have all seen in our lives and we see even today everyday in our daily lives.

Parents putting pressure on their son or daughter to study hard, do well in exams, get good grades so that it ensures a great secure job and future. In this episode here, you see an engineering student girl being advised similarly by her parents.

Yesterday it happened with us when we were young. Today when we are parents, we put the same kind of pressure on our children. That is the gist of the story.

Anita is a 22 year old, brilliant engineering student in Mumbai, a topper who gets placed in campus recruitment in a leading company listed in the stock exchanges, even before her final exams. She is not impressed at all and neither interested in the job and feels the offer is not very attractive. She has a younger sister and parents. Just 2 days before her final exams are to start, she goes missing and the news spreads like wildfire on social media and among her friends. She has left behind a letter in her house saying that she has left the family and that she will never come back and that they should not try to search for her, that she is fed up of the constant study pressures. She has left behind both her mobile phones at home but both the SIM cards are missing from the instruments. Her behavior at home and with friends gives an impression that she was feeling some emptiness in her life, with no purpose and with a lot of vacuum. She was found to be always lost in thoughts and in a state of confusion by her friends.

The cops immediately get down to work. Nissar Khan, the top cop, looks at the investigation from the victim’s emotional perspective and struggles to dwell into her likely disturbed state of mind. On the other hand, her parents are shattered and are just not able to understand what was bothering her or why she left the house.

Meanwhile, we see that she has taken up a job in a pizza outlet as a sales girl and is keeping herself busy and gainfully employed.

Within 2 days, the cops get their first breakthrough when her Bankers tell the cops that her ATM card was used to withdraw some cash in Ahmedabad. The cops immediately leave for the place to collect CCTV footage of the ATM machine and start to search for her in the city with help from local Ahmedabad police.

Their investigations lead them to a local mobile shop where she has purchased a new mobile instrument and the shop’s CCTV camera has captured her. The shop’s records reveal the instrument’s IMEI number & the cops immediately put it on tracking. They see in another footage that she is talking to a boy on a byke. The police trace the boy and his mobile number and call him to join the investigations. He tells them that he just happened to meet her on the street as a stranger and that he helped her as a good Samaritan to find a room in a working women’s hostel by even paying for her deficit as security deposit for the hostel. He even provides the cops with her contact number and they reach her in the hostel in no time. They find her safe and sound and deliver her to her parents in Mumbai.

When the cops ask her why she left the house and ran away, she says that she wanted a break although she had mentioned in the letter that she was going away for good and that she would never be found. She tells the cops that all she knew all her life was about “pressure”, pressure to excel in studies, postpone living life today for a better secure future tomorrow and to make sacrifices today. She philosophically argues that by the time one reaches his future, he loses even his today & one does not even live his life today. When the cop asks her how her parents would feel if some tragedy had struck her, she retorts by saying that everybody ignored her when she was feeling completely down and how nobody cared for her when she was under tremendous pressure to perform and excel in academics and the pain she was going through during those moments.

Crime Patrol Satark Episode 658, Khoj, Episode Telecast on 15th May 2016 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:


Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode’s case in the below link:













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