1) Crime Patrol Satark, Crime Patrol Dastak, Crime Patrol Dial 100 Reviews by Content Writer Ravikanth.K.A.

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Ravikanth.K.A. is my name. I am the domain owner of this website “crimepatrolreviews.com”.

As you are aware, all Crime Patrol Episodes are telecast in the Hindi language of India. I started this website to write reviews of Crime Patrol Episodes for the benefit of those who do not understand Hindi or for those who do not want to view the grotesque, brutal, cruel and graphic images and content in the episodes, for those who cannot see those gruesome stomach churning murders shown in the episodes.

I am the content writer of all the Reviews written here on this website/domain for all the “Crime Patrol Satark” Episodes as also for all the “Crime Patrol Dial 100” Episodes, “Crime Patrol Dastak” Episodes and other Crime Patrol episodes produced and telecast by Sony TV channel.

The first episode of Crime Patrol in their very first season & in their first avataar called just “Crime Patrol” was telecast on 9th May 2003.

Very few people are aware that all Crime Patrol episodes are based on real life true stories and real incidents. Even fewer people believe crime patrol stories are genuine or true. Most people mistakenly believe that all crime patrol episodes are fictionalized stories. However, it is true that all episodes are based on true stories and real life incidents.

Somewhere, in some part of India, the incident dramatized in the episode has really happened sometime in the past. Where ever possible, I have managed to search for and give links and proof to the true stories and real life incidents at the end of each review of any particular episode.

Go to the end of the Review written by me of any episode by scrolling down. You will find google links to newspaper reports or TV news reports or video link proofs that will prove to you that the episode is based on a true story and not the producer’s figment of imagination.

The 4th season of Crime Patrol is called Crime Patrol Satark currently being aired even now in 2017.

The 3rd season of Crime Patrol is called Crime Patrol Dastak till 6 July 2014

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This website is created to review different episodes of Indian TV Reality Series named Crime Patrol. This series is telecast on Sony TV.

The videos on this website are sourced from YouTube (www.youtube.com). Sony has uploaded the content on Youtube and we don’t claim right on any youtube video file uploaded on this website here on crimepatrolreviews.com. We do not have any ownership or responsibilities regarding the videos or their content. All the videos provided in this website have the copyrights of their respective owners.


Crime Patrol makers to launch new series Black Headline featuring high-profile cases of 2017

Dec,19 2017

Starting from Monday, the three week-long series will feature a comprehensive and dramatised account of real crime cases that shook the nation with the sheer extent of their brutality.

“As the citizens of this nation, we demand to know and find answers every time something shocking or tragic happens around us as these give us, in some ways, a learning that we can use to prevent anything of that sort from happening to us,” Anup Soni, host of the show, said in a statement.

“Keeping this sole goal in mind, this special series on Crime Patrol will throw light on some of the biggest crimes that put humanity to shame.

“The series will highlight what made these atrocious crimes the headliners and how these challenged the judicial system of our country and in some cases, brought justice to the victims,” he added.

Crime Patrol – Satark is aired on Sony Entertainment Television


Crime patrol Telescope: No Oprahs in India

India’s TV shows are limited to voyeurism, myth and lazy formula.

Written by indianexpress.com Published: January 11, 2018

Oprah Winfrey, 75th Golden Globe Awards, Cecil B. DeMille Award, Donald Trump, Bigg Boss, Indian expressWe have heard about the power of “0” but what about the power of “O”? When Oprah Winfrey spoke of “a new day” breaking through the “darkest nights”, at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award — the first black female to do so, as she reminded the audience — you wanted to stand up and applaud (Colors Infinity).When was the last or first time you wanted to rise to your feet at an Indian entertainment awards function?

On the basis of her eloquent speech against tyranny and lies, the all-time reigning star of the American TV talk show was endorsed by some as a possible future President of the United States. Which is really interesting when you remember that a TV show, The Apprentice, helped Donald Trump occupy, no, not Wall Street, but the White House.

When, if ever, has television in India given us a contender for the highest office in the country? Not so far, although Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi did make Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Smriti Irani, a household name — Tulsi.

Apart from journalists, the entertainers have emerged as the most visible opponents to “Mr President” in the US — Seth Meyers, host of the Golden Globes this year, is just one of many talk show hosts who have rushed in where politicians fear to tread to take on Trump, head on.

And television, as much as cinema, is the site for exploring — and often deploring — “the Despicable Me” in different fields: Big Little Lies — which won so big at the Globes unmasks the silent, tortured suffering of sexual and domestic violence even as the winning film, Three Billboards on the Way to Ebbing, Missouri lays bare with brutal ferocity, social attitudes to both.

Seen in the context of the #MeToo sexual harassment disclosures, art and entertainment are playing leading roles in social and cultural disruptions.

Those of us who watch Indian cinema agree that films are being made which cultivate the green shoots of protest to reflect inequalities and inequities.

But when last did Indian television give us a break-out series like Big Little Lies? The closest Hindi entertainment comes to uncovering, in Winfrey’s words, “something about how man and women really behave”, is the crime show: Crime Patrol (Sony), Savdhaan India — Dar Kar Nahin Dat Kar (Star Bharat), two such series, unearth the brute within us, following real crimes, many perpetrated against women, and how the law catches up with the culprits.

Increasingly, and therefore alarmingly, Hindi entertainment is dividing more and more of its time between reality “peephole” shows such as Bigg Boss (Colors), reality talent shows like the upcoming India’s Next Superstar (Star Plus) and epic tales — Karmafal Daata Shani (Colors) — or what passes for historical series — Porus (Sony).

The latter, clearly inspired by Baahubali, is a lush costume drama of debatable authenticity with a great deal of time spent in the long, silent looks of the main characters, chiefly “Poru” as his mother lovingly calls him, and then some outsized fight scenes. Prithvi Vallabh is up next and looks very much in the same mould.

Sandwiched between the reality (show) and the myth-making are the soaps. It is here that we expect to see “stories of us”. And indeed, many such shows have begun promisingly; within their endless folds they hid secrets which slowly unravel but like Draupadi’s sari never entirely reveal everything. Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV), which is over 1,000 episodes old, began as a very watchable story of two sisters unlike in almost every way. But it has dragged on and on, thus becoming repetitive and more unbelievable as it tries to sustain interest.

Nimki Mukhiya and Saam Daam Dand Bhed (Star Bharat) seemed path-breaking in their exploration of grassroots politics and empowerment. A few months later, they are shedding their novelty for the time-worn plot of love triangles. Every time a serial screams out “this is us”, it mutates into the same old melodrama. Alas.

So the upheavals we see every day on the TV news channels, the latest being the Dalit protests in Maharashtra, find little artistic articulation on TV. It is said in defence of TV, that the soaps target the middle-class women in cities like Nagpur, Kanpur or Jodhpur and the aspirational younger generation in the metros. Not the rich or privileged people like us. Does that seem condescending and paternalistic? Or just an excuse to justify the lack of experimentation?

Barring the likes of Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan (in at least one series), film stars have disdained television. And television has ignored the limited series like Big Little Lies which could have attracted them to the smaller screen and given audiences something meaty to chew on.

When, if ever, will Indian television fiction come of age?


Author: Ravikanth K.A.

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