11) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 656 Sanak Part 1 – Stalker & smitten man, obsessed with a beautiful working woman, kidnaps her

The episode is titled Sanak Part 1. Episode Telecast on 13th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 24th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)…………..This is a gripping tale of suspense, intrigue and dramatic situations.

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Sanak in Hindi means “obsession, mania”.

This story is a 2 episode series in 656 and 657. So, to follow the full story, you may have to watch both the episodes back to back.

Priya is a young beautiful working girl in Lucknow. She is obsessed with the feeling that every second person on the street or in her workplace is stalking her or staring at her. She is so obsessed with that feeling that she frequently talks about it with anyone who is with her. She is always looking over her shoulders, turning back and seeing who is shadowing her.

One evening, after she is back from work, she shares the same worrying feeling (abhaas in Hindi) with her parents and they too get anxious for her as she starts to behave very weirdly and strangely, not allowing them even to open the windows of her room.

As it so happens, her fears are not so unfounded. One her way back home one late night by auto, she gets kidnapped at knife point by the auto driver and his two accomplices, even as she is talking to her fiancé on the phone while in the auto. So, the fiancé hears the commotion at the other end and knows something has happened to her. The police immediately get into action after a complaint is lodged. The police start to suspect her boyfriend and start tracking him. They feel that appearances can be deceptive and that he has something to hide. They even take him into custody.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper tells the girl that he and his gang was paid by someone to keep an eye on her and kidnap her. Priya is shocked beyond belief to hear this. But he does not tell her who paid him. Priya continues to languish in a dark cell, her hands tied behind her back with a thick rope of fear, engulfed by uncertainty of her future in the custody of the kidnapper. The one gang member who brings her food everyday shows a side of humanity towards her and empathizes with her situation. He slowly starts to open up and gives her hints that she was indeed always being followed by someone and that she is an unwanted obstacle in her fiance’s life who is trying to get rid of her.

In this episode, the story ends here and the continuation can be found in Episode no. 657.

Crime Patrol Satark Episode 656, Sanak Part 1, Episode Telecast on 13th May 2016 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:


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