12) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 657 Sanak Part 2 – Stalker & smitten man, obsessed with a beautiful working woman, kidnaps her

This episode is titled Sanak Part 2. Episode Telecast on 14th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 24th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)…………..This is a gripping tale of suspense, intrigue, misinformation, misleads and dramatic situations.

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Sanak in Hindi means “obsession, mania”.

In the first part of this story in Episode No. 656, we saw that one of the kidnappers is sympathetic towards Priya and shares some kidnap plot secrets with her. He tells her directly now in this 2nd part of the story that her boyfriend Nikhil is involved in the kidnap drama. She is dumbstruck and cannot believe her ears.

On the other hand, the Investigative Officer is certain that Nikhil is directly involved in the crime and that he is hiding his real face behind a mask. Nikhil is an MBA graduate.

The police get their first breakthrough when a police informer tells the cops about a roadside tea vendor helping a lost girl on the night of Priya’s kidnap. The police call him for questioning and he tells them that he just helped a girl board an auto on that night and she seemed to be scared and shivering with fear, crying inconsolably. The cops launch a hunt for the auto this girl boarded to identify the girl for questioning. But the lead leads to a dead end. The cops neither succeed in tracing the girl nor the auto she boarded that night.

But as luck would have it, at Priya’s parents’ house, the door bell rings and when they open the door, out of the blue, Priya herself is standing at the door and faints in their arms.


As the cops arrive at her door, Priya initially refuses to tell them anything and refuses to cooperate in the investigations. She is in shock and in depression. She refuses to even undergo medical tests but the police force her to do it.

Eventually, she starts to speak. She tells the cops that the one lone humane person among the 3 kidnappers took care of her, served her food and did not allow the other two men with ulterior motives to come anywhere near her. He in fact protected her from them, she tells the cops. The cops are shocked to learn that the kidnappers don’t even know her boyfriend’s name but that he was the one who told them to kidnap Priya. She reveals to the cops that the kidnapper had told her that her boyfriend is in fact in love with another woman and that this woman’s father is against his daughter’s relationship with Priya’s boyfriend Nikhil. This new girl’s father wants to kill Nikhil and her too and he is the one who had got her kidnapped.

Priya goes on to tell the cops that this gentleman kidnapper actually helped her escape without any harm coming to her. She tells them that he dropped her on the highway somewhere in Lucknow from where she boards a bus to reach her home. She continues to insist Nikhil is innocent, that he should be released from police custody and that he has got nothing to do with her kidnapping.


With this background, the police again question Nikhil but he continues to profess his innocence and that he has no other girl friend at all. She helps the police to draw a sketch of the gentleman kidnapper and in no time, they get to know of his whereabouts and put him and his two associates behind bars.

They start spilling the beans and the police learn that it was all a tragedy of errors and mistaken identity. The gang had actually mistaken Priya to be a girl who they thought was dealing in drugs and always carried a lot of cash in her bag. This is what the gentleman kidnapper Rajeev had told his two associates which they believed to be true. But the cops now realize that all this is false and misleading just to throw them off track. Under intense questioning, gentleman kidnapper opens up and tells the cops that he was in fact actually obsessed with Priya from the time he saw her first time and wanted to be near her. He tells the cops that since he sincerely deeply loved her, he sacrificed his love and let her go and hence never did any harm to her. The Police release Nikhil from their custody. Priya is shocked to learn from the cops that Rajeev, who she never knew, kidnapped her because he was obsessed with her as admitted by him to the cops.

Crime Patrol Satark Episode 657, Sanak Part 2, Episode Telecast on 14th May 2016 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:

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