13) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 659 Bhoj – Ego clash between couple ends in a gory, macabre, horrible murder

This episode is titled Bhoj or Bojh, Episode Telecast on 20th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 24.9.2017

Rating ::: 4 stars (* * * *)………… This is a kind of story that is rarely seen. The story has love, affection, care, emotion, selfishness, sacrifice, loveable family members, greed and aspirations. While one side of the characters is extremely caring and sacrificial, the other side of the same character is selfish and self centred too. A simple ego clash between husband and wife ends in a gory, macabre, horrible murder. An entire family gets destroyed just because of one sick senior citizen’s expensive medical bills.

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Bojh in Hindi means “burden, responsibility, liability”.

Anoop Soni says at the beginning of the story that if an ill person is battling just to survive, then in the battle usually, it is the sick person’s closest near and dear ones who get wounded the most. The patient’s closest relatives are the most psychologically wounded, emotionally drained, mentally injured. The battle is also about the need to spend unlimited amount of money to care for the sick person and also the ability to afford. A time comes when one loses control of everything, his ability, his finances, his patience and crosses all boundaries – however much one prepares for this kind of an eventuality (someone’s sickness) in one’s life.

Sanjay Kamble is a clerk in a bank and his wife Jyoti is a working woman too. They have a young school going son. They belong to an ordinary middle class family and on the surface, everything looks normal in their family and their relationship.

One day, as was routine, he comes home in the afternoon after picking up his son from school and is shocked to see the house door ajar and inside, his wife lying in a pool of blood, with her throat slit and a bloody knife in her right hand.

The investigation begins and we are taken into Jyoti’s past. She has a sister who is married and settled with her own family. They have a mother who is diagnosed with acute blood cancer.

The cops look at the crime from a domestic angle and theorize that Sanjay was in a lower position as a clerk while Jyoti was in a senior position in her job as a Grade 2 government officer. They wonder if it could be an ego quarrel that turned into a domestic dispute which led to the crime. The police learn that on the day of the murder, she had not gone for work at all.

Jyoti’s elder sister is Kavitha. They had a brother by name Mukesh and another sister called Kiran. The cops learn from Jyoti’s neighbor that when just 28 years old, Mukesh had hanged himself to death. In the death note, he had mentioned that he was drowned in debts that were taken for the treatment of their sick mother and he was not able to clear the debts due to which he was taking the extreme step. This was the first casualty of the family due to one person’s sickness in the family. The younger sister Kiran blames the two older married sisters that they were happy with their families and never bothered to share the responsibilities of their sick mother or the expenses for the treatment. An year before Jyoti’s murder, their younger sister Kiran has run away from home with someone is what the rumour mill says, seeing all the financial difficulties in the family and not being able to look after their sick mother.

Although it was a death case with throat slit, the police initially investigate on the theory that it was a case of suicide since the knife was found in the victim’s hands and the finger prints matched with the victim. But the post mortem report changes direction to murder mystery as the report clearly says that the neck wound was a deep one which is impossible for anyone to self inflict in order to commit suicide. The body was found in the afternoon when the husband Sanjay returned from work for lunch. The police now suspect that Sanjay, after committing the murder, had dressed up the crime scene and concocted a story to mislead the investigators.

Kavitha tells the police that Sanjay had a small flat in Chinchewadi, which his wife Jyoti had forced him to sell. Jyoti had handed over the sales proceeds cheque to her sister Kiran to encash for their sick mother’s hospital expenses. Kiran had simply disappeared with the money.

Sanjay holds his wife Jyoti responsible for this incident and used to always quarrel with Jyoti about the issue. The argument becomes heated and goes out of control one early morning when Sanjay is in the kitchen preparing breakfast, cutting vegetables with a knife in his hand. He blames her that she does not allow him to bring his parents home even for a short visit. He says he and their son have learned to live and manage without her since she is always busy at work and does hardly any work for the family or at home, that he alone does everything at home too, even looking after their son, picking and dropping the son to school etc. He blames her that she is always busy only looking after her sick mother and says that he has no objection if she does so but that her mother’s sickness has become a liability & nuisance on him and his family. Jyoti gets wild that he called her sick mother a nuisance and a liability. She retorts by saying that in fact, it was he who was a liability at home since she earned more than him. She goes on to say they are staying in “her” quarters which she got because of her government job. He argues that he is not a liability or nuisance because he is playing the role of a wife at home, playing the role of a mother to their son too, being a man. The atmosphere becomes hot. His ego gets hurt when she continues to argue and says that he should take up more responsibility if he is proud of being a man, by earning more salary, by taking care of her and her sick mother too in addition to their son. He gets even more wounded when she continues to provoke him and hurt him by saying that he hardly had any money when he married her, that he was staying in her house, that he was living on her salary and that he was trying to teach her about morals. She blames him for always only raising the issue of Kiran running away with his money instead of working on how to improve their miserable lower middle class family. The final nail in the coffin is when she says that her marriage itself has become a nuisance and liability to her. In a fit of anger and in a spur of the moment, he swings the knife at her neck and she falls dead.

Sanjay’s aged parents are left alone now. Sanjay’s young son is left alone now with mother dead and Sanjay behind bars.

Crime Patrol Satark Episode 659, Bhoj/Bojh, Episode Telecast on 20th May 2016 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:





Author: Ravikanth K.A.

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