14) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 647 Hamla Part 1 – Crime of passion, lust, greed, infidelity, unfaithful wife

The episode is titled Hamla Part 1. Episode Telecast on 15th April 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 25th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *) This is a story of a dishonest wife with a diabolical mind who plans to get her own husband murdered with help from her paramour. It is a gripping, edge of the seat, scintillating and spine-chilling story of a crime of passion in a 2 part story spread over episodes 647 and 648. It is a story woven in a web of deceit, of a woman hinding behind a mask of pretense and starts as a search for 3 missing persons of one family and is eventually found to be a case of murder of all 3.

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Hamla in Hindi means “Attack”.

The story begins with Anup Soni telling us that we cannot suspect everyone we meet in life. But sometimes, our weaknesses can become powerful weapons in the hands of the person we keep company with, the weapons with the help of which this person with vested interests can seize and take control of everything that is ours, the weapon with which he can make you do anything as per his wish. We can become puppets in his hands if we let him into our weaknesses.

Pawan is a divorcee living in Agra with his son Rohan, 8 yrs old. Pawan’s mother too stays with him. His brother Nikhil wants him to get married again and advises Pawan that he should quit alcohol. Pawan argues and says that he has told Ankita, his fiancée everything frankly and she has no qualms about it and that she is still ready to go ahead with the proposal. His brother advises Pawan that he should not go to Ankita’s house the very first time itself on the next morning, smelling of liquor. To meet Ankita the next morning, he was supposed to drive down in his car from Agra his place of stay to Azamgarh. Pawan’s mother and his son were to accompany him on the trip.

Nikhil is a CRPF officer posted in Guwahati, Assam. The next day after Pawan starts on the trip, Nikhil’s attempts to reach Pawan on the phone throughout the day fails. He starts to worry for Pawan, his mother and his nephew.

He calls his uncle in Azamgarh where he was supposed to reach but they are equally surprised to tell him they have not yet reached their place though it is so late in the night now. The brother’s anxiety increases.

The next day, a full 24 hours after Pawan left for the trip, Nikhil gets a call from the police from Benares who says that they found their brother’s car abandoned on the highway somewhere near a jungle. The cop tells him that they found only the car and no persons and no belongings in the car. Nikhil is dumbstruck, numbed with shock and immediately leaves to meet the Benares police to search for his brother and family.

The police check all the hospitals, all the lodges that lie on the stretch towards Benares and Azamgarh but fail to find any clue of the missing persons. The police suspect that some family member is involved in their disappearance.

The little boy Rohan’s mother is Rajini, Pawan’s ex wife.

2 days after they go missing, the local Agra police get a call from the Allahabad police that they have found the body of a young boy, the description of which matches with Rohan’s. Nikhil confirms the body is indeed of Rohan.

The police launch a massive search operation in the park and jungle kind of outskirt areas of Allahabad for the 2 other missing persons bodies.

As the investigation progresses, the police learn that property worth about 5 crores stands in the name of Pawan and his mother and hence now, they start to suspect if Nikhil is behind the whole conspiracy.

Nikhil’s wife on the other hand, is constantly trying to sow seeds of suspicion in Nikhil’s mind. She says that Rajini got jealous because Pawan was getting remarried and Rajini had a strong motive and role to play in the family’s disappearance and Rohan’s murder.

The police also work on another theory that Ankita was ready for marriage with a divorcee but she did not want the extra baggage of an 8 year old son from Pawan’s previous marriage and hence, perhaps in association with Pawan himself, got Rohan eliminated. They theorize that Pawan and his mother are both in hiding to surface later with some concocted story about their disappearance.

Lucknow police call and tell the Agra police one fine day that they have found the bodies of the two missing persons. Lucknow police mention that they found both the mobile phones of the two persons on their bodies but express their shock that both had their SIM cards wrongly inserted in such a way that they would not function at all. This goes on to become a crucial lead for the investigation to head in the right direction to detect who did this and why – of inserting the SIM cards wrongly and eventually, the motive behind the murders and who the killers were.

Both the 2 adult bodies are found with a bullet wound each to the back of the head.

Now the Agra police have got a triple murder case on their hands. Read the continuation of the story in Crime Patrol Satark Episode 648 Part 2 review by me in this website.

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Crime Patrol Satark Episode 647, titled Hamla Part 1 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:




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