15) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 648 Hamla Part 2 – Crime of passion, lust, greed, infidelity, unfaithful wife

This episode is titled Hamla Part 2. Episode Telecast on 16th April 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 25th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *) This is a story of a dishonest wife with a diabolical mind who plans to get her own husband murdered with help from her paramour. It is a gripping, edge of the seat, scintillating and spine-chilling story of a crime of passion in a 2 part series spread over episodes 647 and 648.

It is a story woven in a web of deceit, of a woman hiding behind a mask of pretense. It is a story of a paramour who ruthlessly uses a gun to brutally kill 2 innocent persons, one of whom is a loving, caring husband. It starts as a search for 3 missing persons of one family and is eventually found to be a case of murder of all 3.

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Hamla in Hindi means “Attack”.

For a quick recap of the story till here, the abandoned car was found in Benares. The little boy Rohan’s body was found in Allahabad while Pawan’s and his mother’s bodies were found in Lucknow.

The police too make a quick recap of the story till here. Ankita agreed to marry a divorcee that too with a son. Why? Did her parents force the marriage decision on her? Rajini left behind her young son after divorce 4 years ago with the father. Why? Why didn’t she take custody of the son? Nikhil is the only inheritor of 5 crore worth property now. He was the only one who knew about Pawan’s travel plans. Did he plan the murders for property? These are the questions that linger in the cop’s mind.

The investigating officers had not even got their first clue till now in the triple murder case and the killers were already on their mission to commit their fourth murder.

In the middle of the night, an intruder enters Nikhil’s house and launches a murderous attack on him with a knife. Perhaps because he is a trained CRPF officer, he somehow fights back and survives but the intruder makes good his escape. The police suspect that this was a planned, deliberately unsuccessful attack executed by Nikhil on himself to throw the cops off track since he was one of their main suspects in the triple murder case since the beginning.

The cops call Pawan’s ex-wife Rajini and question her but nothing comes out of the questioning. They cant find any evidence to link her to the murders or to strongly suspect her. So also with Ankita when they call her for questioning.

Just as the cops are struggling to find a lead and shooting in the dark, they get a call from Pawan’s bank manager who says that there was an ATM transaction on the day he left Agra with his family by car. The transaction’s CCTV camera’s footage is analysed by the cops and they find a stranger in the driver’s seat just as Pawan gets out of the car for the ATM. His face is clearly visible in the footage. Within no time, the police’s informant network digs out details of the unknown person and pass it on to them and the cops are hot on his trial now. The informer tells them that he is Jatin Bhandari, a guy who does odd jobs on contract and also works as a part time driver for hire and is a resident of Agra.

Jatin hears from his mother that the cops are looking for him and to their surprise, walks into the police station and offers himself for questioning. But he claims innocence and says that he dropped them only till Azamgarh and after that he took a bus to another station called Mau on his personal work and claims he doesn’t know anything about what happened to them after that. In fact, he claims that he got to know about their murders only from his mother just that day when he came back to Agra. The cops let him go after he seems and acts innocent but they don’t completely believe every word he told them.

The mobile call record details of Jatin throw open a can of worms and the police call Nikhil for questioning again. He expresses surprise that Pawan was still associated with Jatin just before he was killed. The police find from the call records that there was a lot of communication between Nikhil’s wife Payal and Jatin in the past when Nikhil was posted to Gawahati. At that time, Payal had continued to stay in Agra with Pawan and her mother-in-law. Jatin was Pawan’s close friend who used to frequent their house and that is when he got close with Payal.

Payal’s mother-in-law is the first one to witness the strange bonding & camaraderie between Jatin and Payal and had seen them locked behind closed doors several times in her own house. She tells Nikhil about this which gets seconded by Pawan who too was witness to them being locked behind closed doors in his own house several times.

The police now suspect that Jatin and Payal together are both behind the gruesome triple murders and take them into custody. On grilling, she starts to spill the beans.

After Nikhil got to know about their affair, he had shifted her to Gawahati and she was in the know of every movement of Pawan and his travel plans as Nikhil was continuously talking to his brother Pawan over the phone at frequent intervals. She passed on all the information to Jatin about Pawan’s travel plans and he planned to eliminate all the 3 somewhere enroute to Azamgarh the next day. His plan was to get hold of Pawan’s 5 crore worth property. He felt that by eliminating all the 3, all the property would go to Nikhil. One day when Nikhil gets eliminated by him again, all the property would be inherited by Payal. After that, the game plan was to live happily ever after with Payal in the palatial bungalow with all the assets that Payal would own.

As per the plan, on the previous night just before travel to Azamgarh, Jatin had intentionally got Pawan heavily drunk so that the next day, he would find it difficult to drive. With that being the situation, his plan was to offer to drive them down to Azamgarh with an excuse that he had some work on the same route.

Despite Jatin’s affair with Payal, Pawan makes the mistake of allowing him to get close to him again after he acts like he sincerely felt remorse and begs for forgiveness from Pawan and his mother. They believe him and entertain him again allowing him to socialize with them. He wins their confidence and remains close to them having some ulterior motives hidden in his heinous mind which they never sense. Payal as you remember, by now has shifted to Gawahati with Nikhil but Payal and Jatin remain in contact over the phone. The first one to get to know about the murders was Payal herself since Jatin, the killer, communicates the news to her after killing all the 3 but all this while, she has been acting innocent showing concern for her husband Nikhil’s mother, brother and nephew.

With an excuse to attend to bathroom, Jatin stops the car and shoots Pawan dead with a silencer gun after leading him away quite a distance from the car. He runs back to the car and tells Pawan’s mother that he has fainted and hence needs her help to lift him and shift him to hospital immediately. She rushes with him and follows him into the bushes, away from the main road and the car. He shoots her dead too with the same gun. He comes back, strangles the young boy in the car itself, dumps his body somewhere near Allahabad. After that, he drives down to Benares and abandons the car there to mislead the police and to not let them connect all the 4 dots at distant places from one another………..the abandoned car in one place, the two dead bodies at a distance from one another, the young boy’s body in yet another far away secluded place.

Enroute somewhere in the middle of the journey, during a tea break, he borrows Pawans mobile phone saying that his own phone is low on battery, turns the SIM card upside down and hands it back to him. He did not want anyone, especially Pawan’s brother Nikhil, to be able to contact Pawan as was Nikhil’s habit as a loveable brother. He does the same thing with Pawan’s mother’s mobile too during another break.

Payal is arrested for being an accomplice and conspirator in the triple murder as she knew every move and plan of Jatin about when and where, what he would do how. In fact, it was her plan to mislead the police and make them believe that Pawan’s ex-wife Rajini could be a potential suspect. Her intention was to get Rajini out of the way and behind bars for all the murders so that nobody would suspect her.

Needless to say, Jatin too is arrested as the main accused.

A crime of passion in which 3 innocent people were senselessly killed for no fault of theirs and where in, several families get destroyed.

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Crime Patrol Satark Episode 648, titled Hamla Part 2 – Watch the episode on Youtube link given below:


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