16) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 650 Khandit Part 1 – Diabolical greedy wife, scheming selfish mother, intrigue, suspense, drama, murder

The episode is titled Khandit. Episode Telecast on 29th April 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 26th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a spine chilling and gripping tale of murder spread over 2 parts in Episode 650 and 651 and is a story of intrigue, suspense, drama, distrust, infidelity, domestic dispute, abusive husband, conspiring in-laws, cunning selfish mother, in which an innocent husband gets killed by a diabolical greedy wife.

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Khandit in Hindi means “broken, destroyed, doomed, cursed relationship”. It can also mean split personality, splintered, fractured relationship, cracked (all related to cracks in relationships)

It is always great to watch Anup Soni talk and listen to whatever he says in every episode. At the start of the episode here, he says that there can not be a disclaimer during a happy occasion like wedding in someone’s life that going forward, there would be no bitterness or differences between the couple. He says that a jar full of nectar of love can suddenly turn into venomous poison of hatred one day in life. But if differences do crop up or if bitterness creeps in between a couple, it is better to become cautious and alert and bury the relationship, act with wisdom and maturity and move on in life – before things take an ugly turn. But unfortunately, often it so happens that in many doomed and cursed relationships, where wisdom should take control of ugly situations, it is the diabolical and disturbed evil mind of a person that actually takes control and pain and sorrow follows. Under such circumstances, it forces us to wonder what kind of devil takes over the mind of such persons who take to heinous crimes with deadly weapons like knives, daggers, guns to destroy someone who he/she once called as “my life, my heart, my love”.

Abhishek and Kajal are a couple and their relationship doesn’t seem to be alright. Abhishek has decided to leave Kajal and divorce her but her mother advises her not to let this happen and to fight it bitterly.

In the middle of the night, 2 masked intruders barge into their house and launch a murderous assault on the couple. We see the husband Abhishek making a call to someone. At this same moment, the killers, waiting at the gates, answer a call that they receive on their phone and start walking to enter the house.

The intruders ring the bell upon getting the signal on their mobile, as originally planned. Kajal hesitates to open the door at that late hour and Abhishek himself finally opens the door after the bell rings several times. In the flash of a few seconds, they stab the couple several times, critically wounding them. They escape with a huge bag and the security guard sees or knows nothing as he is on his rounds around the building.

What kind of relationship was this? The roots of which were perhaps never strong at all? What kind of relationship was this where one partner hires goons to launch a murderous assault on the other partner? What was wrong in the relationship?

Abhishek’s parents Kaushalya and Brijlal, his younger brother Sooraj, Sooraj’s wife Muskan, Kajal’s mother Kavitha and younger sister Aarthi all rush to the hospital after the police shift the victims by ambulance. There is no CCTV camera in the building but luckily, there are two across the road in 2 other buildings that are pointed towards this building’s street.

Abhishek doesn’t survive but Kajal does and she tells the cops what happened after she recovers. The police bank on it and wait for dawn to break to collect the footage from the shop.

Next day, in the footage, the police find the faces of the intruders is visible but very blurred and not so clear. The police notice in the footage that they receive a phone call in the middle of the night and then enter the building. This call looks to the police like it is a signal to come in and hence they start their investigations based on the theory that it was an internal job from inside the house.

The cops suspect that the security guard is involved with the intruders and beat him to pulp in the lock up but he insists on his innocence. They then look for other suspects.

Just as the cops are struggling to find some leads, an informant tells them that a retired cop, who is now working as a private detective had got a case about 4 years ago. He had got a contract from a man, by name Brijlal – to check the background of Kajal who was about to get married to his son Abhishek. The detective tells them that Kavitha’s husband Ramlal had divorced her 8 years ago because of her wayward ways and infidelity. The police suspect that Brijlal did not want his son Abhishek to marry Kajal because of her mother’s character and background.

When the call records of Abhishek reach their hands, the police find that a woman by name Aanchal was regularly in touch with him and they would talk for hours together over the phone at a stretch. They call her for questioning. Her husband Jagan is a Professor and they are tenants in Abhishek’s property and their relationship is not good enough for them to continue as a couple.

Kajal confirms to the police that she suspected Abhishek was having an affair with someone, during questioning in hospital.

Meanwhile, Kajal’s maid tells the cops that Abhishek was an abusive husband who wanted to get rid of Kajal. She also tells them she had seen her being hit by him and also that his father disliked her very much and wanted to break their marriage. The police suspect that Abhishek’s father Brijlal and his younger brother Sooraj along with Abhishek himself, all together conspired to get Kajal killed and had planned to make the crime appear like it was a robbery cum murder. The plan obviously, as can be seen, has gone horribly wrong in which the conspirator himself gets killed and the target survives the murderous assault.

With the case not moving forward much, the cops decide to scan and scrutinize all the 1000’s of unknown calls made during that midnight at that location when the crime was committed since the CCTV Camera video footage had captured the intruders answering an incoming phone call for a few seconds before entering Kajal’s house and launching a murderous assault. They succeed in identifying 2 numbers that were the incoming and outgoing calls. The cops pinpoint the location and notice that the outgoing call was made from inside Abhishek’s house and suspect that he signaled to the intruders that the time was right to come in and launch the attack. The cops are not at all surprised to learn that both the SIM cards were procured with fake documentation to hide the identity of the mobile phone users to throw the cops off track.

The cops get the blurred images of the intruders cum suspects cum killers cleaned and the faces are more clear now. Informants get down to work and a stranger gives them a tip which leads them to an electrical workshop wherein the 2 suspects used to work till recently. They had not been, however, seen at work since the time the crime occurred. The owners of the shop tell the cops that the suspects in the photographs are Sanjay and Aniket and used to work as electricians with them.

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