17) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 651 Khandit Part 2 – Diabolical greedy wife, scheming selfish mother, intrigue, suspense, drama, murder

The episode is titled Khandit Part 2. Episode Telecast on 30th April 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 26th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a spine chilling and gripping tale of murder spread over 2 parts in Episode 650 and 651 and is a story of intrigue, suspense, drama, distrust, infidelity, domestic dispute, abusive husband, conspiring in-laws, cunning selfish mother, in which an innocent husband gets killed by a diabolical greedy wife.

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Khandit in Hindi means “broken, destroyed, doomed, cursed relationship”. It can also mean split personality, splintered, fractured relationship, cracked (all related to cracks in relationships)

The police do not find anything, not even their photographs, when they raid Sanjay’s and Aniket’s houses, the suspected killers. On the other hand, their employers where they were working as electricians too fail to provide any more details about the suspects.

Meanwhile, Jagan, the Professor and Abhishek’s tenant, corners and asks his wife Aanchal why she the cops called her to the police station. But he acts like he doesn’t know anything and keeps quiet and does not make it a big issue. On the other hand, Kajal’s younger sister Aarthi accuses her mother Kavitha of destroying Kajal’s married life by interfering into her domestic affairs unnecessarily with her own selfish motives and personal benefits.

As the investigation progresses, we are taken into the past of Kajal wherein we see her mother forcing her to marry Abhishek because he is from a well to do family and has 2 automobiles showrooms as his own business in addition to some property of his father. Although they were both in love, Brijlal was against the marriage and had asked Abhishek to break up with her advising him that his mother’s character was nothing to write home about. Abhishek communicates his unwillingness to carry on with the relationship and Kajal is left shattered.

Kajal’s younger sister Aarthi argues with her mother that she is very selfish and is forcing them to marry despite opposition from the boy’s family and Abhishek’s own decision to back out. Kavitha advises her daughter Kajal to lie to him that she is pregnant hoping that he would be forced to marry her. Her plan succeeds and Abhishek marries Kajal despite opposition from his father and takes her home. But one fine day, the truth is out that she is not pregnant and Abhishek’s anger knows no limits and starts to physically abuse Kajal. His parents are shattered that they are not going to get any grandchild any time soon and Abhishek feels humiliated in front of his parents due to the pregnancy lie. Everyone starts to disrespect Kajal.

Kavitha now advises her that they should move out of his parent’s house and set up their own house separately due to the changed surcharged atmosphere in the family. Abhishek too feels ashamed to show his face to his parents and hence moves out of the house to set up his own abode with Kajal. Aarthi accuses Kajal and her mother of exploiting the good nature and generosity of Abhishek. She alleges that they both are avaricious and are eyeing his assets, business, property and his wealth since Kajal manages to buy a flat in Panvel for her mother with financial help from Abhishek by putting constant pressure on him.

Four years pass by and Kajal does not get pregnant at all. Disappointed, feeling cheated, dejected, depressed, broken hearted, he starts to find solace in Aanchal’s arms. He threatens to divorce Kajal and now it is her turn to slip into depression and feel victimized.

Afraid that she will be all alone with no future, no security, Kajal’s diabolical mother teaches her to sell Abhishek’s Ahmedabad property and put it in a fixed deposit as retirement funds for her old age before his divorce plans fructify and he gets to know about Kajal’s plans. This is the last nail in the coffin of the couple’s married life and he physically assaults her in anger.

Meanwhile, an informer gets to know from his sources in the market directly from a killer for hire that the job to execute the murder plan had actually first initially been given to him. A petty criminal, who had been in and out of jail, one Anil Kumar was the person who had given him this job. This informant’s informer, the man who originally got the contract to kill, tells the informant that Anil’s close friend was a man called Vinod Deghe. The informant now gets more details of Anil’s background and finds out where his friend and factory worker Vinod is working, to get more details of Anil. Vinod’s relative Basant Sisodia is an electrical shop owner. Vinod is Jyothi’s husband. Jyothi is Kajal’s maid. The prime suspects Sanjay and Aniket, the killers and the assaulters, robbers involved in the dacoity murder of Abhishek, were electricians working in Basant Sisodia’s electrical shop. The informant digs out all these details and passes it all to the investigative officers.

Jyothi is still working in Kajal’s house as a maid as if she knows nothing and as if nothing ever happened. The cops don’t take her into custody according to some plan of theirs and instead, grab her husband Vinod and interrogate him in the lock up.

Meanwhile, the professor husband Jagan tells his wife Aanchal that an affair doesn’t get hidden from the world by hiding one another’s face in one’s aanchal. She denies she was having an affair with Abhishek and acts innocent, saying that they were just good friends.

Vinod starts to spill the beans and tells the cops that Jyothi had one day brought him an offer of a contract to loot the house and kill for which they would be paid a lot of money. With a desire to extract themselves out of poverty, Vinod reluctantly accepts the offer that Jyothi got from her employer. Vinod in turn hires Anil who takes a good amount of money as advance and disappears without completing the job. Vinod then finds Sanjay and Aniket as replacements to execute the task who are recommended to him by his relative, the shop owner Basant.

On further questioning and deeper probing, Vinod tells the cops that the contract to kill was actually for Abhishek and not for Kajal. The cops are left dumbstruck and are not able to believe their ears because all along, they had been investigating from the angle that it was Abhishek who had hired the killers to kill his wife Kajal to get rid of her and the plan had gone horribly wrong. This new revelation is shocking news for them. They are even more shocked to learn the name of the contract giver. He tells them it is Kajal.

It was Kajal who had given an outgoing call from her phone to the hired killer Aniket’s mobile number on that evil midnight. It was she who watched and noticed that the security guard had left on his beat to go around the building which would usually take him 15 to 20 minutes and at that time, as soon as he started on his rounds, she signaled them to come in for the raid by giving that call.

The cops arrest Jyothi, the maid and Kajal. The cop tells Kajal that he is not shocked with the murder or the murder plan but that he is shocked that she turned out to be the only and main conspirator.

He asks Kajal a very pertinent and fantastic question, “when 2 people can take a decision to fall in love and decide to stay together, he just cannot fathom why the same two people cannot a simple decision to stay apart and away from one another when they fall out of love?”. She has no answer for that.

Brijlal is devastated that his premonitions had come true, that his suspicions about Kajal or their family’s background had turned out to be genuine. He is saddened that he could never rescue or save his son Abhishek from the marriage that was doomed from the beginning and which was built on a weak foundation.

The hired killers Sanjay and Aniket are rounded up too after a massive manhunt is launched for them. The police find no evidence to link Kajal’s mother Kavitha in the murder conspiracy and find that Kajal alone was the mastermind in the whole conspiracy.

Anoop Soni comes back at the end of the episode as usual asks a beautiful question, “of what use is the continuation in a relationship when bitterness has creeped in, the continuation of which will only add more bitterness in the relationship finally leading to a ghastly crime like murder?”. He asks another question, “why cant two people decide to separate and walk their separate ways when there is no more love between them, with the same respect, dignity, pride, walk away gracefully and with greatness, magnanimity, glory, majesty with which they decided to unite in the first place initially?”. He asks another question, “by eliminating someone and killing him, how can anybody wipe out his own pain, sorrow or tears?”. He says that it is greed and insecurity in a person usually, that gives birth to these kinds of gory macabre murders or crime. He says that it is fear of losing, obsession, madness, insanity, desire to achieve by any method that leads one from a good life to the gates of prison.

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