18) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 652 Kolahal – Blood curdling, stomach churning murder mystery of a college girl murdered by her boy friend

This episode is titled Kolahal. Episode Telecast on 1st May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 26th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………..This is yet another blood curdling, stomach churning murder mystery of a college girl in love with an employed man belonging to a well to do family. Family customs and tradition, their opposition to their pure sincere love leads to the girl’s totally avoidable murder and destroys 3 different families for ever.

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Kolahal in Hindi means buzz or clamour, boisterous, noisy, scandalous. It can also mean turmoil, pandemonium, chaos, hullabaloo, blusterous, vociferous, riotous, uproar.

Like I always say in all my reviews, it is a pleasure to watch and hear Anup Soni any number of times in any episode. If you have never watched any of the Crime Patrol Satark episodes on TV or Youtube, you must and listen to him talk. Then you will know what I mean and how impactful his utterings are, his anchoring is.

In this episode too, he appears at the beginning of the episode, to tell us a couple of philosophical things. He says that in our anxiety and fear of losing some near and dear ones sometimes, we lose control of our mind and heart, thereby, the line that divides right from wrong gets totally blurred and we do not know the difference between both at all. We blindly become slaves of our emotions. Under the influence of momentary insanity with a sick mentality, experiencing trauma, we may end up with a nervous breakdown. Under such circumstances, they are ready neither to listen to some sane person’s advice nor are ready to see reason. These are the times when such person’s near and dear ones need to stay alert, be on their guard when a broken heart and a wounded mind is drowning in a sea of sorrow whose actions may lead to some anarchy, turmoil and destruction. These are Anup Soni’s great introductory lines.

Preeti is a young college going girl whose alliance is fixed with Alok by her parents and she is excited about the impending marriage. She is getting ready for marriage. Alok’s parents too are very happy with the alliance and are eagerly busy distributing invitation cards among their friends and relatives.

In another family elsewhere, Pragathi and her sister are rushing out of their house early in the morning without even having breakfast as they are getting late for college.

The winds of marriage were blowing but the clouds that were hanging above in the skies were of various kinds giving different signals.

While someone somewhere was happily looking forward to a sweet future and a married life, somebody else somewhere was drowning in a pool of pain recalling bitter memories gone by. While some new relationships were going to be built in one family, some lives and relationships were going to be destroyed in another family.


It is late night and Pragathi has not yet returned from College and her family is worried. They call her classmate Pooja to enquire and learn that she had left college in the afternoon itself saying she was going somewhere on some important work. Her father Narayan rushes to the police and lodges a missing persons’s complaint.

It is next day and still there is no sign of Pragathi. The cops suspect that the family is hiding something and they have not revealed complete details about any of her affairs or boyfriend etc.

Alok’s family is getting ready for marriage betrothal and so is Preeti’s family.

The cops analyze Pragathi’s mobile call detail records and see that her mobile phone was switched off in Muzaffarnagar on the same day she went missing.

On the same night when she has gone missing, Narayan calls Alok’s father Gajender and enquires if Pragathi is with them in their house or if she visited them. Gajender claims ignorance and denies she ever visited them that day and even admonishes Narayan for asking him that question when they were busily engrossed with marriage preparations. But Narayan doesn’t share any of this or his suspicions with the police when he lodges a complaint with them. He doesn’t tell them that she has a past with Alok despite the cops repeatedly asking him about any such issues.

Upon getting this call, Gajender gets agitated and screams for Alok and asks him if he knows anything about Pragathi, if she met him that day or he knows her whereabouts. Alok claims innocence and pleads ignorance and says he doesn’t know anything about where she is.

The cops call Pragathi’s friend Pooja for questioning and she reveals that 9 months ago one day, she had taken a lift from a stranger called Alok and had messaged her the car’s registration plate number to be on the safer side when she was getting late to college. She goes on to reveal that after they became very close and love blossomed between them after several car drops to college by Alok, both families’ parents had bitterly objected to their relationship. She tells them that the day after Pragathi went missing, Alok got married to someone else and that she was constantly disturbed since the last 4-5 months.

Kolahal – True story in IndiaTV news channel in below link, based on which this Episode of Crime Patrol Satark was made :::


The cops now call Narayan for questioning and corner him with the new revelations and he says he did not reveal anything about her affair with Alok because the relationship had soured. The cop brilliantly says the parents from both sides had succeeded in cutting the branches of the tree but they couldn’t chop the roots of the tree which were deep rooted. The cop tells Narayan that emotions were very strong and that she was still deeply in love with Alok. He argues with Narayan that it couldn’t be a coincidence that she should disappear just a day before Alok’s wedding and that the police can smell a conspiracy here.

When Pragathi tells her father about her relationship with Alok, he strongly objects to it and tells her that it can only bring destruction to the family and doesn’t give his approval for marriage. He tells her that Alok’s father Gajender is a murder accused in one case and that he cannot send his daughter into a family with such a background.

The police collect the call details of both Pragathi and Alok and notice that they were constantly in touch regularly including on the day of her disappearance. They reach Alok’s house but find him gone to his wife’s house. His parents too confirm that his relationship had ended with Pragathi but that she had been threatening to stop his marriage from being solemnized and that she would destroy him if he got married to anyone other than her. But the parents are shocked to learn from the cops that he was regularly exchanging phone calls with her every day for the last 9 months and including on the day before his marriage and on the day of her disappearance, Alok had exchanged several messages and phone calls with Pragathi. He had lied to his parents that he had ended his relationship with her about 4-5 months ago.

When Alok is called for questioning, he tells them that Pragathi had been threatening him with dire consequences if he ditched her and that she was not ready to accept the break up at all although both the families were against their relationship. He tells the cops that he had frankly told her everything about his marriage plans with Preeti and that she was aware of the wedding date too. He had even given her the marriage invitation card 2 days before the wedding.

Upon getting the invitation card, Pragathi has a heated argument with Alok and threatens him with creating havoc, turmoil and pandemonium during the wedding function. She threatens him that she would tell everything to his fiancée Preeti about their relationship and this is how he uses and throws girls like used clothes. She also threatens that she will commit suicide and in the death note, she would hold him responsible for her suicide. She wishes him a good life behind bars for the rest of his life for her suicide. She tells him she has saved all their messages and photographic proofs etc. for the police to use against him as evidence to convict him for abetment to suicide. She finally tells him alive or dead, by killing or getting killed, any which way, somehow or the other, she would see him destroyed.

At this point, Anup Soni comes back as usual with his magnificent dialogues. He says that venomous snakes of the past always raise their ugly hoods to sting and bite in the present, following us like a shadow. They always invariably also spread the venom to many innocents around. Alok’s past was about to spread venom in the new bride Preeti’s life and destroy her. This venom was to spread to every member of the family connected with Alok and Pragathi and Preeti.

The cops are now aware of everything about Pragathi’s past. But they were still to get some more shocks in their quest to solve her mysterious disappearance.

An informant calls and tells the investigative officer that Alok has an uncle called Baldev who has a son called Vikas. Vikas has driven away Alok’s car one day before the marriage to some destination. He tells the cops that in a great hurry and in a hush-hush manner, he disposed off the car in a secluded place somewhere in some garage. He gives them the address and location of the garage. Wasting no time, the cops reach the garage and seize the car and grab Vikas too when he comes to collect the car. He tells the cops that he is not aware of anything and that he was only following Gajender’s instruction to get the car completely serviced and washed.

One day prior to his wedding, Alok meets Pragathi near her college and they both again argue about their breakup. They drive around town arguing and distributing wedding invitation cards as she continues to threaten him again with dire consequences. In a fit of anger, at a secluded place, Alok strangulates her to death inside the car.

On the day when his father had screamed and asked Alok about Pragathi’s whereabouts, he had admitted and told his brother and father that he had killed her. He tells them that he had disposed off her body in a jungle somewhere.

After interrogating Vikas after seizing the car, the police arrive at Alok’s house and question him intensely. He cannot withstand the pressure and confesses to the crime. The cops ask him to lead them to the jungle where he had disposed off her body at which time, he says that he had never disposed off her body in the jungle. This is another new shocker for the cops. It is a shock even for his father and brother who are witness to all this drama unfolding with the cops in their house.

The cops are then led by him to his bedroom and his double cot inside which they find her body.

Alok confesses to the cops that he had disposed off her phone in Muzaffarnagar after switching it off after murdering her.

Alok’s newly wedded bride Preeti is shattered after she gets to know all the truth and past and present about Alok and Pragathi and how he so ruthlessly murdered her.

Pragathi’s parents and sister are engulfed by a turmoil of silence and sorrow. Narayan is not able to believe that his daughter was so obsessed and possessive about Alok that she consistently threatened him with death and destruction.

Alok, his father Gajender, his brother Bhoopesh, his uncle Baldev, his cousin Vikas all get arrested for being accomplices in the murder and for sheltering a murder accused. The get arrested because, although they knew of the murder that was committed one day prior to the wedding, they had kept quiet about it and had tried to cover it up and act ignorant about the crime all along.

Anup Soni again appears at the end of the episode to summarize the crime and tells us that a life does not end when a relationship ends. If a love breaks up, neither does it make a person small nor does it make him weak. A break up is just an indication that there is life beyond romance too, beyond a break up too and that there are far better gifts in life waiting for us. We just have to find them, embrace them and enjoy (lutf in hindi/urdu) them to the hilt. Enmity and hatred and the bitter feelings that develop in us because of painful broken relationships only leads to cancerous ulcers in our mind and body that eventually destroys us. Whether it is a lover ruthlessly cheating on us or fate playing an ugly game on us, one should not forget that life is more precious than anything else. We should realise that this is just a phase we are passing through in life. We should comprehend that it is just a passing cloud hovering above us in the skies that will eventually disappear. No phase or pain or passing cloud or ruthlessness is more important or precious than life.

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