20) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 655 Dehleez – Divorced mother innocently loves a cruel, wicked, demonic, devilish, evil, unconscionable man who betrays her, ending in her murder

This episode is titled Dehleez. Episode Telecast on 8th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 27th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 4 stars (* * * *)…………This is the story of a woman with a child falling in love with a man who has ill intentions. This is a story of love gone horribly wrong. This is a story of betrayal based on a lie. A lie that the woman tells her lovable and concerned mother and hides facts from her. Her lover then tells her lies, takes the innocent woman home & kills her. This is a story woven in a web of deceit and lies.

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Dehleez in Hindi means threshold.

Anoop Soni says at the beginning of the episode that whenever a person lies, he is actually cheating himself unknowingly, assuming that he has mislead the listener into believing that it is the truth. It is the liar actually, who is under deception. A lie is a trap he is setting for himself as the liar, unknowingly. Only, time will tell. When a man starts to lie, he has to become alert since, once it crosses the threshold of truth, only destruction and sorrow follows.

A group of villagers find the torso of a woman in their village outskirts near a lake. They call the police who start a search for the missing head. They find only a burqa and a necklace made of thread (a taabeez) lying nearby and nothing else to identify the body. The body looks like that of a young muslim woman.

The cops call for divers whose search for the missing head in the lake nearby turns futile. The cops cannot find it anywhere nearby at ground level too.

They start a house to house visit in the Badohi village where the found the body and 8 other surrounding villages nearby to find out if any family has a woman missing.  This exercise too leads them nowhere.

The cops now circulate the photographs of the body to every police station in the whole state of Uttar Pradesh, on social media and in cyberspace too. The cops now suspect that she was not a resident of Badohi village at all, where her torso was found. Even this effort by the police does not bring any results and hence, they circulate the pictures of the torso and body’s description to every single police station in the whole nation. Millions of residents get the torso’s pictures on their smart phones too from the police department and finally, within 3 days of the body being found, a man by name Rashid from Borivali in Mumbai suspects it is his relative Heena’s body. He recognizes it by the dress on the torso and since Heena is missing from his extended family. He soon reaches out to the local cops with Heena’s mother.

He tells the cops that his roots are from Badohi village in UP. A day before the body was found, Heena’s mother had lodged a missing persons complaint with the local police in Mumbai and they soon get in touch with the Badohi police in UP to get the dots connected now and take the investigation forward. Rashid is Heena’s maternal cousin. Heena has left behind her phone at home in her mother’s place.

Heena is a divorcee and has a little daughter. She lies to her mother Sarah that she would visit the nearby Dargah and be back home. After this, she goes missing never to be found alive again.

Heena’s ex-husband Anwar and Sarah leave for Badohi to identify the body and lay claim to it for their final rites.

The cops find out that Heena has left the house with all her jewellery, leaving nothing at home and conclude that she has obviously lied to her mother about her planned visit to the Dargah. The investigation picks up pace from here.

With the head missing, even the post mortem is not able to conclusive say how she was killed. By strangulation or by other methods. The cops are not able to conclude if she came to Badohi alive with someone or by herself all alone or was brought dead and then the body was thrown away. With no answers to any of these questions, it was getting difficult for the police to even make a guess at the possible motive of the killers.

The missing jewellery at home, Heena’s mobile phone lying at home, perhaps leaving it deliberately behind and her lying to her mother about the visit to Dargah all indicate to the police that it was her plan to leave the house for some destination unknown to any family member.

The police suspect that somebody in Badohi but also connected to Mumbai like Heena and currently now staying in Badohi itself could be the culprit and started their investigations based on this theory. They set their informers loose to find out if someone in the recent past had returned from Mumbai to Badohi. In no time, they hit pay dirt with the help of an informer who says that Munir Qureshi, a Badohi resident, had come visiting from Mumbai just a few days ago and has now returned to Mumbai, after the body was discovered. His wife Rabiya is still staying in Badohi. Munir is a Hakim who sells Unani medicines for a living.

When the officer from Badohi calls and checks with Sarah, she confirms to him that they always used to indeed buy medicines from Munir and that Heena too knew him. With this, the cops establish a connection between Munir and Heena. When they cross check with Rabiya, she denies having any knowledge about Heena or about her body being found nearby or her husband’s connection with Heena. When the cops dial Munir’s number in Mumbai after collecting it from Rabiya, they are not surprised to find it switched off.

On further questioning by the cops, Sarah also says that she knows Munir’s wife Rabiya and that she stays in Badohi. The Mumbai cops immediately trace his shop in Mumbai and visit it only to find it locked. Neighbors tell them that the shop has been shut since 8 days continuously. The cops connect the missing dots and understand that it is shut from the date she left her house for the Dargah. They now see an obvious link between Munir the Unani medicines Hakim and the disappearance and murder of Heena.

The Uttar Pradesh cops from Badohi and Maharashtra cops from Mumbai were both hot on his trail. They put his shop in Mumbai and his mobile phone, currently switched off, under surveillance. On the other hand, the UP cops put his house under surveillance in Badohi.

Astonishingly and as luck would have it, unknown to both the police teams from the 2 states, Munir was already under the custody of the Mumbai Crime Branch in a separate case. They had arrested him with jewellery under his possession, for which he had no convincing answers. They were interrogating him in the lock up. He tells them it belongs to his wife in Badohi. He was caught when trying to sell all the stolen jewellery, without a bill, in one lot. The jewellery belonged to Heena.  He was arrested at a jeweller’s outlet who had alerted the Crime Branch just a day before the Mumbai cops found his shop locked.

The Crime Branch alerts the Badohi cops and ask them to immediately call Munir’s wife Rabiya for questioning to verify if the jewellery indeed belongs to her. Instead, the Badohi cops tell the Crime Branch that they were actually looking for Munir in a murder case. Heena’s mother Sarah identifies the jewellery and confirms to the Mumbai cops that they all belonged to Heena.

Heena had become close to Munir after their customer-medicine vendor relationship turned into a one of romance. She is aware that he is a married man but despite that, she falls in love with him and constantly pesters him to marry her.

To keep her in good humour and to win her trust, he lies to her that he has told about their relationship to Rabiya. He tells her that Rabiya has given her approval for their marriage and she believes it. She agrees to become his second wife. He tells her that he would stay for a few months in Badohi with Rabiya and a few months in Mumbai with her. But in reality, deep within his mind, he has already planned to eliminate her.

Elsewhere in Badohi, the cops interrogate Rabiya and she tells them that Munir did indeed one day tell her about his affair with Heena. She tells them that she was shattered and strongly put down her feet and refused to entertain him for his second marriage.

Heena on the other hand, had been cheating her mother. On a daily basis, she would transfer a few clothes and personal belongings of hers to Munir’s shop with an eventual plan to shift to Badohi and settle down there with him. On the last day, which was the day of her disappearance, she packs all the jewellery at home and leaves the house lying to her mother that she would visit the Dargah and be back quickly. She had obviously planned to even abandon her little daughter in addition to abandoning her helpless mother. Heena was about to start her life afresh based on the foundations of lies and betrayal.

One fine evening, to her shock, Rabiya finds Munir and Heena at her door together. She brings the roof down and lets hell loose and demands that by the next morning, Heena should leave her house and insists to Heena that she had never given any approval for any kind of marriage. She demands that she should not have any association with him in life. At this stage, a devil enters Munir’s mind and he conspires with his wife to bump off Heena in the night. He tells her that she has left Mumbai without informing anyone about her visit to Badohi or mentioning anything about him to anyone. He convinces her that no one would ever know or identify her body if the head is missing, since no one has ever seen her in Badohi. Rabiya agrees to be a partner in the crime. Munir lures her with the temptation of getting rich with all the jewellery they would get to keep or sell for cash.

Together, they strangulate Heena to death when she is fast asleep and remove all the jewellery on her body. They separate the head and bury it at a different location from where they would dump the body.

Heena never had any inkling that Munir had no intention to marry her at all. Rabiya left no stone unturned to convince the cops that she was innocent and had nothing to do with the murder. But Munir’s statement and confession turned the tables against her and she was arrested as an accomplice in the murder.

Sarah is unable to believe that her daughter Heena took such an important decision of her life without taking her into confidence and by lying to her and left the house without informing her by taking away all the jewellery at home. Despite being separated, Heena’s ex-husband Anwar feels emotionally drained and pained to know the details of her dastardly murder.

Heena was trapped in a web of deceit and she trusted a fake lover who turned out to be her killer. She did not trust her mother who truthfully loved her and was genuinely concerned about her safety. Heena was under the impression that everything would be alright at the end and that her mother would only want her happiness anywhere. That she would not have any grudge against her.

Munir identifies the location where the head is buried and the cops retrieve it. Munir and Rabiya are now rusting in the jail.

Heena’s little daughter now neither has her father nor her mother.

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