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Priest, wife arrested for killing her paramour

He told police that his wife had an extra marital affair with with Shekhar at … her husband had discovered their affair and asked him to come to Delhi

Wife kills husband after conspiring with boyfriend  MPost |  1 Oct 2017 10:52 PM Kolkata:


A wife allegedly killed her husband after conspiring with her boyfriend.The incident created tension at Kanksa in West Burdwan on Saturday. The victim, Chanchal Ghosh, was found dead on floor of his house with a bullet injury on his body. The victim’s father, early on Saturday morning, found that the Chanchal, aged around 33, was lying on the floor of a room. The elderly man informed the local residents who in turn informed the matter to the police. A firearm was lying near the youth. After being informed, the police rushed to the spot and sent the body for the post-mortem. Read This – 2 of banned Ansar Bangla Team, a firearms dealer in police net The victim’s family members alleged that the Chanchal’s wife Riya had developed an extramarital affair with a local youth. Recently, a quarrel had broken out between the couple. Following the quarrel, Riya went to her parental house before the Puja. Chanchal got married to Riya four years ago and they had a daughter. Police have arrested his wife and one Jhontu Mondal with whom she allegedly had an extramarital relationship. Probe is on.

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On trail of vehicle lifters, cops crack double-murder case

Bengaluru: Chasing vehiclelifters, Magadi police from Ramanagara distict have solved a two-year-old doublemurder case reported in Hindupura Rural police station, Andhra Pradesh.

Itbegan on June 16 this year when a vehicle owner filed a complaint with Magadi police, saying miscreants drove away his Bolero jeep using a duplicate key. Suspecting the role of an interstate gang, thesuperintendent of police, Ramanagara, Ramesh Banoth, formed a special team led by DySP ML Purushottam to solve the case.

The team first picked up Abhishek Srinivas, a cab driver and resident of Tavarekere, Magadi Road. He was seen frequenting shops of duplicate key makers in the area, which ledcops tosuspecthim. During investigation, Abhishek spilled the beans and told police that he, his accomplice Mithun and three Andhra Pradeshbased men had stolen the jeep and sold it to a man in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.

Soon, the team reached Krishnagiri and detained Shakti Arasan Ramanathan, who had purchased the stolen jeep and resold it by forging the documents. However, Purushottam and his team smelt a bigger racket. On interrogation, Ramanathan confessed that he indeed had traded another Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), a Tata Safari, in 2015.

“This was the point where the investigation led to the killers of a man and his girlfriend in Hindupura in 2015. Ramanathan led us to Naveen Sharavanan and Prithvi Shyam Nagabhushan alias Palla, both aged 21, and told us they were the ones who had sold the Tata Safari to him,” Banoth told TOI.

On checking withthetransport department, policediscovered the car belonged to Narayanaswamy from Hindupura, who was found murdered along with his girlfriend Mekha Kalpana in 2015. “We grilled Naveen and Prithvi and they confessed to having killed the duo. The woman had a personal rivalry with Naveen’s mother,” Banoth said, adding, “We have alerted Hindupura Rural police; they will take Naveen and Prithvi intocustody soon.”

(Clockwise from top) Vehicle lifters Abhishek, Mithun and Shakti; Naveen and Prithvi who are accused of murdering Narayanaswamy and Mekha

With arrest of 5 vehicle thieves, cops solve double murder case

The Ramanagara police have hit the jackpot with the arrest of two of five interstate vehicle thieves who had stolen an SUV recently. The accused confessed that they had been part of a double murder almost two years back. The double murder was reported at Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh in August 2015. The murder was of a backward class leader and his lover. After the murder, the accused had taken away the victim’s SUV and had sold it to a person in Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, the same police who were probing the theft of an SUV that was reported on June 15, 2017, at Nagenahalli village in Tavarekere managed to arrest the other three vehicle thieves.

The accused arrested for stealing the SUV are S Abhishek, 20, of Tavarekere, S Naveen, 21, of Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, N Pruthvishyam alias Palla, 21, of Tirupathi, J Mithun, 21, of Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh and R Shakthi Arasan alias Shakthi, 23, of Raikota Road in Tamil Nadu. Arasan was the man who purchased the SUV from these thieves.

“Among the arrested, Naveen and Pruthvishyam committed the double murder of the president of a backward class group and his lover at Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh in August 2015. Their victims were Narayanaswamy and Mekha Kalpana. The murder was over an old rivalry. After the murder, the accused took away the SUV of Narayanaswamy and sold it to Arasan,” B Ramesh, Superintendent of Police, Ramanagara district told BM.

Narayanaswamy is alleged to have been harassing the mother of one of the accused. However, the exact reasons for the harassment can be established only after handing over the two accused to the Hindupur police. Unable to bear the harassment meted out to his mother, her son hatched a plot to kill Narayanaswamy. When the victims were going in a SUV at Bevinapalli in Hindupur, the accused along with others waylaid the SUV and killed Narayanaswamy after pulling him outside the vehicle. As his lover was witness to the crime, she too was reportedly murdered.

The robbed SUV has been recovered along with another four-wheeler which the accused had stolen at Nagenahalli village. The accused duo will be handed over to the Hindupur police following court’s directions. Arasan would purchase stolen SUVs at hugely discounted prices and sell them to aspirational villagers in Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh.

Among the arrested, Naveen and Pruthvishyam committed the double murder of the chief of a backward class outfit and his lover at Hindupur in 2015

– B Ramesh, SP, Ramanagara




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