Real estate murder & Cheating stories

Fake swami in swindler’s list

Conman targets housewife and makes off with gold jewellery worth ₹1.5 lakh

Last week, a conman dressed like a ‘baba’ had targeted a young housewife from New Guddadahalli and duped her of gold jewellery. Now, another incident has come to light in Amruthalli, where a woman was duped in a similar fashion by a man claiming to be swamiji.

This being the second incident in a week, police suspect a gang has landed in the city, targeting women to rob them of jewellery.

The latest victim is Kavitha Raghu, a 32-year-old resident of Janatha Colony in Amruthalli, who was alone at home when the swamiji paid a visit to her house around 11.00 a.m on March 29. Her husband Raghu, a painting contractor, was out at work.

Kavitha told the police that the swamiji called out to her and when she came out of the house, Kavitha saw a man wearing a turban, carrying a jhola bag and wearing green clothes. He introduced himself as a powerful swamiji who had come to foretell her future and solve all her problems.

In the guise of ridding her of pain and the effects of the black magic curse that had been put on her, he said he would perform certain rituals and asked her to get some gold jewellery. When she gave him the jewellery, he put it into a tin can and asked her to fetch some money to offer it to god. When she went to her room and returned with the money, he performed the rituals and gave the box to her, instructing her to have a bath, keep the box in front of a lamp, perform a few rituals and then open the box. Saying this he left the house. When she did as she was told and opened the box, she found that the box had rice but no money.

Raghu, Kavitha’s husband, says that she lost gold jewellery worth more than Rs 1.5 lakh weighing around 70 grams. Raghu added that on March 28, two middle-aged women, disguised as salespersons of gold-plated jewellery, had come to their house and had made enquiries about a powerful swamiji who was staying in the neighbourhood. They told Kavitha about his healing powers and his ability to solve all kinds of problems faced by people. The women told Kavita to inform them if she ever heard of the swamiji.

The next day the swamiji appeared in their house and executed his plan to dupe Kavitha. Raghu said, “My wife suffers from pain in her hands. When she saw him, she let him into the house. The swamiji also told her that someone had put a black magic curse on our family, and that I would die in the next two days. He told Kavitha that he had arrived at the right time to save her.”

Hearing of her husband’s impending death, Kavitha panicked and fell prey to the swindler swamiji’s plans.

When she realised she had been duped, Kavitha called Raghu and narrated the incident. Raghu said the two women who came the previous day and the fake swamiji could be a part of a gang. “We are told by the police that other women have been conned similarly in other places too.”

The Amruthalli police have taken up a case of cheating on verifying the CCTV cameras installed in one of the nearby buildings. CCTV footage shows the fake swamiji walking in a hurry, but his face was not visible.

BM’s story on March 31

Realtor killed, daughter hurt in gangland public strike

TNN | Jan 10, 2018, 05:38 IST

CHENNAI: A four-man gang hacked to death a 43-year-old realtor, even as his daughter pleaded for help from terrified bystanders, in West Mambalam on Tuesday morning.
The assailants set upon Kandhan with sickles at 7.30am, while he was giving his daughter Keerthana, 20, a ride to her college in Adyar on a scooter, on Ellaiyamman Koil Street, barely 500m from their house on Naickmar Street in West Mambalam.One of the killers attacked Keerthana when she tried to pull him away from her father, investigators quoted witnesses as saying of the slaying, a crime that underscored the impunity with which violent criminals continue to operate in Chennai.

The assailants, who rained lethal blows upon Kandhan, made away only after they were certain that he was dead, leaving a bleeding Keerthana nearby. Investigators suspect a former business associate, Logu, 42, hatched the plot to murder Kandhan.

Gang attacked girl when she tried to defend dad: Police

An investigating officer said, “Two men on a motorcycle, both wearing full-face helmets, and two of their accomplices in an autorickshaw trapped Kandhan shortly after he and his daughter had left home. Ignoring the morning bustle in the locality, they launched a savage attack on the realtor. Passersby were too scared to intervene.”
“Keerthana, a second-year BCom student, tried to defend her father and was injured when a gang member attacked her,” he said. “She is receiving treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. We spoke with her and asked if she could identify any of the culprits.”

The Kumaran Nagar police registered a case. Investigators gathered security camera footage from buildings near the crime scene and hope to quickly identify the two autorickshaw-borne assailants who, unlike their accomplices on the motorcycle, made no attempt to conceal their identity.

An officer with the Kumaran Nagar police said Kandhan and Logu, the prime suspect, ran a cable business together two years ago. A probe of the 2010 murder of repeat offender ‘Pallu’ Rajendran pointed to the involvement of Kandhan and Logu, who police have detained five times under the Goondas Act, he said. “Kandhan and Logu fell out after a while and Logu started his own business,” the officer said. “Police arrested Logu early last year and a court remanded him in judicial custody but he jumped bail and went into hiding.”

Apolice team convinced Kandhan to reveal Logu’s whereabouts and in July rearrested him from a safe house in Chitlapakkam. “Logu, booked under Goondas Act but released a few months later, vowed to take revenge on Kandhan,” the officer said. “We suspect that he made plans to eliminate Kandhan as soon as he obtained bail again.” Kandhan, who moved to his house in West Mambalam from Kannamapet four years ago, and his wife Bhuvaneshwari have a daughter, Keerthana, and a son, Ramesh.

Real estate agent stabbed to death by relatives

Bengaluru, DHNS: A 48-year-old realtor was stabbed to death reportedly by his relatives over a property dispute in Kothanur on Tuesday night.

The deceased has been identified as K M Nagaraj, a resident of Thippanna Layout.

Around 7.30 pm, the suspects came on a two-wheeler and attacked Nagaraj, who was standing in front of his house. They fatally stabbed him 11 times before they sped away, the police said.

The suspects are Manohar and Harish, who are related to Nagaraj, and Appu, one of Manohar’s friends. They are all in their early 20s.

Nagaraj was shifted to hospital immediately, but died around 11 pm. In his dying declaration, Nagaraj told the police that the attackers were his relatives.

Based on his statement, the police arrested the suspects in the early hours of Wednesday. The police picked them up from a farm house in Nelamangala, tracking their location via their mobile phones.

According to preliminary inquiries, Nagaraj and Manohar are cousins; their mothers are sisters. Nagaraj owned a two-acre plot, which he converted into a residential layout. There was a dispute that he had illegally acquired the land from his father and did not share it with the other members of his family. It is said neither family filed a complaint or approached the court, but they used to frequently quarrel over the property issue.

Nagaraj was employed at a private firm, but recently quit his job to start his own business.

Realtors face trial for delay in handover of flats, cheating

GURUGRAM: Three directors of city-based Universal Buildwell Private Limited have been chargesheeted allegedly for cheating hundreds of

Home buyers protest in Noida

Fraud allegedThe buyers allege fraud and cheating by Kaveri Sahkari … at Noida against the builder, the Noida Authority and the State Bank of India

FIR against Gold Souk group of real estate forcheating

FIR against Gold Souk group of real estate for cheating LUDHIANA: Ludhiana police have booked the chairman, vice chairman, managing director



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