27) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 653 Ashodhita Part 1 – Stomach churning story of serial killer couple who are on the prowl targeting home alone senior citizens

This episode is titled Ashodhita Part 1. Episode Telecast on 6th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 30th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 3 stars (* * *)…………This is a story about a serial killer couple who are on the prowl targeting home alone senior citizens in Pune

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Ashodhit in Hindi has several meanings just like many other words. It means crude, unpurified, unredeemed, untreated, unpaid

Anup Soni starts by telling us that no criminal with an ill intention who knocks at our door will ever tell us his true objectives. Our awareness alone or our realization of the ensuing danger, our inkling can warn us that opening the door to a stranger could be the difference between life and death.

In the opening scene itself, a crime has already been committed. The police are at the scene of crime. They see that a “tolet” board is hanging outside at the gate and a middle aged woman is lying dead inside the house. Her husband is seated, dumb with shock and disbelief as the cops go around inspecting the house. They are living in Pune in their own house.

The house has been ransacked and all cash and jewellery is missing. The dead woman’s neighbor Ramesh is the first to see the door ajar and the woman dead inside. He calls her husband Prakash and informs him of the tragedy that has unfolded in his house. He rushes to see his wife Shantha dead.

2 days before the murder, Prakash left for his work and wouldn’t return for 2 days as he had a lot of pending work to complete at his work place in an automobile spare parts manufacturing factory. Shantha was aware of it. She would be alone at home for 2 days. Her son is a student in Mumbai, just 21 years old. She has hung up a tolet board outside her house to let out her son’s vacant room.

She calls Prakash late in the midnight at his workplace and tells him that she has found a tenant and a man who is working in the city has liked the available room and would be shifting the very next day itself. This would be her last call to him. Next day, she would be found dead.

The next day, unaware that his wife is lying dead at home, he tries to reach her over the phone continuously in the morning. When the calls go unanswered, he calls Ramesh and asks him to check on Shantha. That is when Ramesh visits the neighboring house and finds her dead.

Amit, her student son in Mumbai, is informed about the death and he rushes for home to be with his grieving father.

At the crime scene, the police notice a fully emptied tender coconut along with a straw lying on the floor. The police are certain the assailants were aware that Shantha was alone at home.

As the investigation progresses, the police find that the mystery only gave rise to more questions. The depth of the “well of mystery” only deepened and widened. It also uncovered several more murders that had gone undetected.

The police await the post mortem report and the forensic report of the tender coconut and straw found at the crime scene.

Meanwhile the killers were in search of their next victim. Prakash tells the cops that a couple with whom Shantha was impressed had walked in and had agreed to take their available vacant room on tenancy from the next day onwards. The cops find one single suspicious number in Shantha’s call records and await the call records of that number too.

The cops find some CCTV camera footage from Shantha’s neighborhood and they hope they would find some clue to the murderers in the footage. The investigators are disappointed to find nothing suspicious except for normal daily routine life captured by the cameras and normal couples in bykes or cars going about their daily routine life and hence ignore all the couples they find on many two wheelers in the footage.

A few days pass by and upon getting the call records of this suspicious number, the police find that only one outgoing call had been made from this number and that too to Shantha. The police conclude that the SIM was procured only to commit this crime and only for this purpose. They also find that the suspects had procured the SIM with fake documents.

In the same city in Pune, in another locality, the police get a call from a woman’s neighbor that a woman is lying dead inside the house. The dead woman is Padma and her house door is ajar. Her house has been ransacked and all precious valuables are missing from the house, just like in Shantha’s case. The scene of crime is just like that of dead Shantha’s. The similarities in the two crimes are striking. The jurisdiction police who arrive at the crime scene are different from Shantha’s case. They too find a suspicious and empty tender coconut with a straw lying on the floor.

When the forensic report of the remains of the tender coconut in both the cases are compared, the cops see that traces of a deadly chemical, some Klite Sulphate is found. The post mortem report in both the cases too are similar. Traces of the same killer chemical is found in the bodies of both Shantha and Padma – crimes committed at two different locations in the same city Pune. It does not take too long for the cops to realize that both the murders are committed by the same gang with the same modus operandi.

Klite Sulphate is a chemical used by the jewellery industry too among many other users.

News spreads like wild fire and there is fear panic in the city after two similar back to back cases. Media starts to make life difficult for the police department and the department is under tremendous pressure to catch the culprits at the earliest. The cops are now hot on the trail of an organised gang that is targeting home alone women and looting their houses after murdering them. The cops are worried that the killers could be in search of their next victim.

The cops find some CCTV camera footage from Padma’s neighborhood and they hope they would find some clue to the murderers in the footage. The investigators are now on the prowl in the city looking for all dealers, sellers and suppliers of the deadly killer chemical Klite Sulphate to narrow down to their customers, in the hope of eventually apprehending the suspects. The cops also alert their informers network in the entire city and they immediately get down to work.

The police now dig into the entire state’s crime records of the last 10 years to see if there were any such similar Klite Sulphate murder incidents in any part of the state and soon enough, they find one case in Nagpur in which Kavitha, a senior citizen of 82 years, was found dead just four months before Shantha was found dead. She was home alone. The same modus operandi was used by the killers in this case too. The only difference was, instead of the killer substance, the killers had mixed sleeping pills in the tender coconut and then served it to the old lady to consume. After she fell asleep, the killers had strangulated her to death. In Padma’s and Shantha’s case too, strangulation marks were found on the necks of both. However, the attackers had strangulated them both just to ensure that the two were really dead. With no further leads, the Nagpur police had reached a dead end and the case had remained unsolved till two more new similar deaths in Pune shook the state and woke them up from their deep slumber.

The police find another connection with this Nagpur case. Shantha’s killer’s call records details had shown that the fake documents submitted by them to purchase the SIM card had Nagpur’s fake address. The cops surmise that perhaps, the killers are from Nagpur who have now shifted to Pune to practice their profession.

The cops now study and analyze the CCTV footage for more minute details. They compare the footages of Shantha’s case and Padmas’s case and notice that a couple on a bike just before Shantha’s murder were found on the street in the footage near Padma’s house just before Padma’s murder. However, their faces are not clear and neither is the vehicle number plate. The only clue they find is some name “Devaraj” written on the bike’s petrol tank in large letters.

The cops are clear about the killer’s modus operandi and are also suspecting that the motive for the murders was only loot. But neither do they have any eye witnesses in the 3 murders nor some picture or sketch of the suspects or killers to hunt them down. Even after 3 murders, the police are at their wit’s end and clueless about the appearance of the killers and are still groping in the dark. All that they know is that a couple is involved in all the 3 murders and that they are serial killers.

The cops were racing against time and did not want a 4th murder in their hands, anywhere in the state. Every passing moment was putting more pressure on the police department in general and the investigative officers in particular.

Read my review on the episode Crime Patrol Satark Episode 654, titled Ashodhita Part 2 in the below link to see how the cops finally managed to nab the killer couple. Read it also to know if they were successful in committing a 4th or a 5th murder of yet another innocent home alone woman.


Watch the episode Crime Patrol Satark Episode 653, titled Ashodhita Part 1 – on Youtube link given below:



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