28) Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 654 Ashodhita Part 2 – Stomach churning story of serial killer couple who are on the prowl targeting home alone senior citizens

This episode is titled Ashodhita Part 2. Episode Telecast on 7th May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 30th Sept 2017

Rating ::: 3 stars (* * *)…………This is a story about a cold blooded serial killer couple who are on the prowl targeting home alone senior citizens in Pune

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Ashodhit in Hindi has several meanings just like many other words. It means crude, unpurified, unredeemed, untreated, unpaid

The investigation into the 3 murders by the serial killer couple continues in this episode but the police are not able to make any breakthrough. Their network of informants check with all the two wheeler repair and servicing workshops in the whole city of Pune if they have ever seen a bike with “Devraj” written on the petrol tank that arrived at their workshop for servicing but draw a blank.

With no breakthrough, they reopen the Nagpur Kavitha murder case and head there to investigate. Over there in Nagpur, they hit pay dirt and taste their first success of finding a breakthrough.

Kavitha, the Nagpur victim who too was murdered by the serial killers gang who were currently now operating in Pune, was an Arthritis patient, the police find out upon digging into her past and upon checking her medical history. They visit the hospital she used to visit for her physio therapy treatment sessions and make enquiries.

Her son was settled in London and she was a widow living alone. She was treated by 4 different therapists on 2 different days of the week during her 3 year association with the hospital before she was murdered. One of them was Ashwin, in whom the police would later get interested.  The police check the background of all the 4 therapists who treated Kavitha and find Ashwin not reachable.

As of now, the cops don’t know that Ashwin is their prime suspect. On the other hand, the informers network in Pune was working full time looking for any clue to the owner of the “Devraj” bike, visiting workshops and repair centers. An informer on the job finally tastes success and a mechanic tells him that he had indeed serviced the particular bike a few days ago and he distinctly remembers it because of the Devraj name painted so visibly on the petrol tank.

He fails to, however, confirm if the person is the same on the Devraj bike in the picture shown to him from the CCTV footage as the image is very blurred. The mechanic doesn’t know his name either. He says that if a better picture is shown to him, he can confirm if it is the same person.

He tells the informer that while repairing the bike, he had struck a conversation with the bike owner and he had mentioned to him that he was a worker in a jewellery workshop.

Meanwhile, back in Pune, the killer woman, dressed well like an office goer and a working lady is looking for her 4th victim. She is following an aged couple into their flat, shadowing them from the nearby market. She notices that the name plate at the door of this aged couple says “Sushil Deshmukh”.

She sees a neighboring flat door locked, sees the name Amar Kunte on this locked door and comes back to ring the bell of this aged couple she followed just now. Acting innocent and pretending to be Amar’s relative, she makes enquiries about their whereabouts with the senior citizen lady she followed just now into Sushil’s house.

She tells the old lady that her mobile battery is dead and needs to make an urgent call to pass on an urgent message to the Sushils. The old lady falls for the trap, though hesitating initially and opens the door to let her in.

Once in, she makes an excuse to visit the washroom and scans the entire house and the affluence of the aged couple. They look to be quite well placed, she feels, good enough to rob. She visits the same building for the next 3 days and observes that neither is there any CCTV camera anywhere nor is there any watchman for the complex and plans to strike with her male partner.

The cops have meanwhile scrutinized the credentials and background of the 4 therapists who treated Kavitha for a long time. 3 of them come out clean while the 4th one, Ashwin becomes their suspect as his phone is continuously switched off, whenever they make an attempt to call him. They have collected his photograph from the hospital where he used to work as a therapist, where he treated Kavitha.

The cops visit the hospital again to know his whereabouts and learn that he had left the job an year and a half ago. The police learn at the hospital that he was very close with the previous receptionist, Radhika, when he was working there and had married her. After that they had both left the job. The hospital does not have records or a picture of Radhika, to handover to the police.

The cops immediately get into action and alert their entire police network along with the informers network in Pune with Ashwin’s picture on whatsapp and release a lookout notice. They send the information to all the police stations in the city that he is a wanted suspect.

The particular informer who had spoken to a mechanic who had confirmed servicing a “Devraj” bike immediately rushes to the mechanic and shows Ashwin’s image to him. The mechanic confirms that it is indeed the same person who had visited him the other day with the bike. The informer passes on the information to the cops who now know the killer is Ashwin and by profession, he is a physiotherapist and that Radhika is his wife. A manhunt is launched for him immediately.

Radhika and Ashwin, meanwhile are on their mission to rob their 4th victim the Sushils. The informer network meanwhile, is roaming the streets of Pune with Ashwin’s picture in their hands, showing it to every passerby on the street and asking them if they know him. As luck would have it, a local police station informs them that a domestic violence case was filed against Ashwin 8 months ago. They send the entire case file to the team investigating the 3 murder cases. His wife Nalini had filed the case against him and the cops are shocked to learn that Radhika then cannot be his wife. The case file cop tells the murder investigating team that he is out on bail now and is an absconder in the same case. The atmosphere was becoming even more hotter now. The cops collect the address from the file and reach Nalini’s mother’s house and trace Nalini. She tells them that she has left him 8 months ago and does not know his whereabouts. She tells the cops that Ashwin’s father Namdev had got him the bail in that domestic violence case. The police find out that Namdev was a wardboy in a clinic. She also tells them that he was already married to Radhika even before he cheated her and married her.

Ashwin and Radhika are now ready to strike and have set a date and time, after keeping the old couple’s house under surveillance for a few days. An informer meanwhile traces Namdev’s current address and informs the cops who raid his place. Namdev too pleads ignorance about his whereabouts just like Nalini, saying that he left his house 6 months ago and has no contact with him ever since. The cops again hit a dead end.

An informer on the job to hunt down Ashwin or his bike, calls and informs the cops that he can see the Devraj bike parked infront of a small house. Wasting no time, the cops arrive with their guns drawn and apprehend them just as they are about to hop on their bike to reach the Sushils to finish them off.

At the lock up, Radhika opens up and says that Ashwin left Nalini, his 2nd wife and came back to her. She had no issues with his 2nd marriage, she tells them. Ashwin would visit Kavitha in Nagpur, the physiotherapy patient at the hospital where he worked, to give her treatment and therapy at her home after quitting his job as a private freelancing specialist. Noticing that she was all alone and with a lot of jewellery, he planned to kill and rob her with Radhika’s help. They mix Mezo 15 sleeping pills in tender coconut and give it to her to drink. After she falls asleep, they strangulate her to death, she confesses.

Upon being asked why change the substance from sleeping pills to Klite Sulphate in their next ugly mission, she very candidly and nonchalantly says it was to ensure no chance of survival of their next victim.

Their next victim Shantha had called them on the night before her murder to say that her husband wanted to meet them the next day in the evening, before accepting them as their tenants, Radhika tells the cops during the interrogation. This precipitated her immediate murder to rob her, when she was still all alone at home, before her husband would come back from 2 days of continuous factory work. She falls dead on consuming only a little quantity of the tender coconut laced with the deadly chemical killer Klite Sulphate. Radhika, in a cold blooded manner, continues to sip on her tender coconut and looks on, as Ashwin strangulates the dead Shantha to make sure she doesn’t breathe again.

Their next victim Padma wouldn’t trust anyone and always kept strangers away. When asked by the cops as to how they managed to get access into her house, Radhika coolly says that they won over her trust by sweet talking to her and Ashwin portraying himself as a very cultured hard working professional. They promised Padma they would take care of her as she was all alone. Padma gets impressed and lets them in only to take her last breath in the next few moments, consuming Klite Sulphate laced tender coconut. When asked how he managed to procure the chemical killer substance, she again very candidly says that he bought it for his jewellery business. When the cops ask her if he had a license to buy the substance, without batting an eyelid, showing no remorse, she replies matter of factly that he did not have any license even for physiotherapy practice. She tells them that after the media glare and publicity the first 2 Pune murders attracted, they planned to lie low for a while before striking again on their next, their 4th victim when the cops landed at their doorstep.

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