32) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Road rage murder stories of India

Juvenile, 5 accomplices apprehended in disguised road rage murder

A juvenile and five of his accomplices were apprehended on Wednesday for allegedly shooting his former employer and injuring two others in Dwarka on Tuesday.

One of the persons injured in Tuesday’s attack is the brother of the 50-year-old deceased.

Sacked a month ago

According to the police, the juvenile allegedly held a grudge against his former employers after he was sacked for poor performance nearly a month ago.

Rajendra Garg, a dealer in multinational food and beverages, had left his Kakrola village office with his brother Ramesh and their employee Kamal Dev on Tuesday. While travelling towards Najafgarh Road, a biker brushed against his car. This was followed by an argument between them.

The trio were near Dwarka Mod when a motorcycle rammed their car. Mr. Rajendra Garg, who was at the wheel, was shot in the chest by the pillion rider, while the other biker attacked Mr. Ramesh Garg on the head with an iron rod, the police said.

The pillion rider also shot at Mr. Dev, who was in the back seat. The accused also allegedly took a bag containing ₹3.5 lakh. A passerby who tried to intervene was allegedly threatened by the accused, who fled after firing in the air. The passerby called the police after the accused left.

Initial suspicion

Mr. Rajendra Garg was declared brought dead, while his brother and employee are still undergoing treatment and are out of danger. The police initially suspected robbery as the motive but probe later revealed the role of a former employee.

“The juvenile tried to disguise the murder as robbery-cum-killing by fleeing with the bag of cash. However, the police zeroed in on him due to technical surveillance and footage from CCTV cameras. The minor allegedly hatched the fake road rage plot as robbery-cum-murder with his accomplices. The police have seized two weapons, 18 cartridges, two motorcycles and two knives from the accused,” said a senior police officer.

The juvenile allegedly roped in his friend Janak, who contacted his acquaintance Rocky and three others — Nagendra, Rohit and Babbar — in the plan.

The juvenile, Babbar and Janak are residents of Dwarka and its neighbouring areas, while the rest are from Ghaziabad.

Oct 21 2017 : copyright Mirror (Bangalore)


A 25-year-old was hacked to death by a rowdy sheeter and six associates after his bike collided with the rowdy’s auto in KG Halli. The brother of the victim, Syed Yousuf, who was with him begged the accused to spare his brother, but the assailants did not pay heed.

This is the second such case of road rage to occur in the city in 10 days.

Syed Yousuf, a resident of Bharath Matha Layout in KG Halli, and his brother Syed Hussain were returning from the mosque to their home on the two-wheeler, when Yousuf lost control over his bike and ran into the auto, belonging to one Chapdi Nadeem. Nadeem, whose name figures in KG Halli police station’s rowdy sheet, picked up a fight with the brothers.

“Nadeem was frustrated by a dent on his auto due to the accident and so he got into an arguement with the brothers. He tried to attack them too. In retaliation, Yousuf assaulted Nadeem,“ said an officer.

Nadeem then called his associates and pulled out lethal weapons from his auto and started attacking Yousuf.

The gang of seven hacked him to death in front of his brother.Hussian, who also sustained injuries, managed to escape and pleaded with the accused from a distance not to kill his brother.

“It was a minor accident and could have been resolved amicably. But Nadeem started abusing us and asked us to get away from there. My brother objected to this and asked Nadeem to speak prop erly. Nadeem then beat us and killed my brother,“ Hussain told reporters.

The KG Halli police shifted the victim to Bowring Hospital, where he succumbed to the injuries around 11 pm. Hussain has also been shifted for treatment.Nadeem is undergoing treatment at NIMHANS and police will take him into custody after he is dis charged. Two of his associates have been arrested. Nadeem is wanted in a murder attempt, extortion and other criminal cases.

On October 9, 28-year-old techie Pranay Mishra, of Odisha, was stabbed to death by two rowdy sheeters, Karthik and Arun, near the Chocolate Factory on the Tavarekere Main Road in the wee hours in a case of road rage.





Road rage incident: Colonel sent to one-day police custody







38-year-old killed in road rage on way home

TNN | Updated: Sep 3, 2017 

The grieving mother (in red and white suit) of Parveen Yadav (inset) and (below) his wife (in blue suit).
The grieving mother (in red and white suit) of Parveen Yadav (inset) and (below) his wife (in blue suit).

CHANDIGARH: A 38-year-old resident of Sector 37 talking on his mobile phone while sitting in his car was killed in a case of road rage on the stretch dividing sectors 34 and 44 on Saturday.

Parveen Yadav, working as a life insurance agent, was going from Sector 45 to his house in his Chevrolet Beat car when he received a call around 1.30 pm. Yadav stopped his car on the roadside and began speaking. Four men in a Skoda car crossed him and allegedly passed comments at him for parking his car. Yadav replied back. “The accused stopped their car and alighted. The four allegedly pulled out Yadav and thrashed him. Then one of the accused held him from his shirt collar and lifted him up. Yadav suddenly fell unconscious,” said Deepak Yadav, DSP (south). The accused fled.

Eyewitnesses informed the police about the incident. A police control room (PCR) vehicle reached the spot and took Yadav to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, where doctors declared him brought dead. Police kept the body at the hospital’s mortuary for post-mortem. Autopsy would be conducted on Sunday. Yadav was living with his mother, wife and two sons.

Police said the accused have been identified and would be arrested soon. The DSP said police teams have been raiding the possible hideouts of the accused.

Vikram Yadav, a relative of victim Parveen Yadav, alleged that the police have traced the number of the car of the accused but still have failed to arrest them. Vikram said eyewitnesses told him that the car had a Chandigarh registration number. “Eyewitnesses told me that Praveen was apologising for any inconvenience caused to the accused for parking his car on the roadside,” said Vikram, adding that Praveen was a polite man


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