Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 660, Part 1 – Ranchi’s blood curdling school boy murder story, inside an international school complex

This episode is titled Bhadkaava Part 1. Episode Telecast on 21st May 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 2nd Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (*  * * * *)…………This is a deadly blood curdling and stomach churning story of a young school boy, just 14 years old, a hostel resident who gets murdered by a senior, inside the school complex, because the killer senior student mistakenly thinks that the young boy is attracted towards his (senior’s) sister.

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Bhadkaava in Hindi means induce, inflame, instigate, kindle, aggravate, blow up, provoke, get charged up, foment trouble, spark, fuel anger, stir, incite, stoke fire or anger or hatred

Paul Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany. He once said something which became a famous quote. He said, “if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”. Anup Soni tells us this at the beginning of the episode. This story is based on this belief.

In real life, it often is very difficult to differentiate between a lie and a fact or truth. Many a time in life, we believe a lie to be the truth. It is great if one can identify a baseless allegation and a rumour at the initial stages itself, an ability in one which can be sharpened and harnessed, if one is alert always with self-consciousness and by being rational. But if a provocative rumour instigates you and makes you lose control of your intelligence and ability to think rationally, then your next step will lead you to a path of self-destruction and suck you into a quicksand of sorrow and pain, where in for support, you will only find remorse and regret and nothing else. Anup Soni comes out with these beautiful lines at the beginning of the story.

A group of teenager boys in a school take the Principal’s permission to do dance rehearsal on the school terrace in the middle of the night as there is no other large hall anywhere in the school. They are getting ready for the school annual day functions. A number of students and teachers are busy practicing and rehearsing different art forms for the same function in various rooms of the school through the night.

Early in the morning at around 1.30 am, one school teacher is walking past the staff quarters, inside the school complex, when he sees a young 8th standard school boy fall to his death from the building. The teacher is shocked and screams for help. Next we see, an ambulance is carrying the boy away to the hospital. His name is Anurag, just 14 years old. Vivek is his older brother studying in the same school in the 11th standard. Both are residents of the school hostel.

Is it murder or suicide? This is what the police have to investigate and find out now.

Parthodutta, the Arts and Crafts teacher, is the witness who saw the boy fall to the ground from the building. He does not know from which floor he fell. However, he tells the cops that he had not heard the boy screaming while falling.

Zohra is a lady teacher in the school from Anurag’s class. She calls Satyendar, the boy’s father and informs him about Anurag’s fall from the staff quarters building.

Vivek arrives at the hospital from the boys hostel. His parents are on their way by car from a nearby different town.

The surgeon comes out of the operation theatre and declares the boy was dead on arrival. Vivek is shattered and does not know how to communicate this tragic news to his parents who are on their way to the hospital. The police meanwhile arrive at the hospital on being informed about the accident by the school authorities.

Just a night before, the school children were brimming with excitement eagerly awaiting their annual day function but overnight, it was transformed into a place with fear lurking around every corner of the building. Just 2 days before the function day, death had performed a deadly dance in the school premises. The function is cancelled as the situation and atmosphere is not very conducive under the prevailing circumstances.

The police, school authorities and every staff member, all have the same question on their lips. What was Anurag doing in the late hours in the staff quarters? How did he get access? How did he sneak in without anyone seeing or stopping him from entering a building where he did not belong? From which floor did he fall?

Zohra’s son Rizwan, meanwhile, we see him telling other people from the school and also to his mother that Anurag was sitting painting with him in the auditorium till 12 in the midnight. Rizwan is a 11th standard boy and Vivek’s classmate.

The police investigate and find out that the terrace is always locked and on the night of Anurag’s fall too, it had been locked. Therefore, it was not possible for him to either jump from there or for someone to throw him from there. They suspect it happened from some other floor other than the terrace of the four storied building.

The cops recall that Parthodutta, the teacher witness had told them that he had not heard the boy screaming while falling. Therefore, it could only be possible that perhaps, he was already dead while falling. This meant someone killed him and threw the body down to make it appear like an accidental fall or suicide. They start working on this angle and await the post mortem results.

The school authorities start an internal enquiry and conduct a staff meeting. The chairman of the school is told by a teacher that Vivek was very protective of Anurag and that the dead boy was not being ragged by anyone. They wonder how he fell from such a height and from the building. They are very worried about the reputation of their school.

The post mortem report makes it clear that the liver has been punctured due to an assault and the boy did not scream while falling because he was unconscious at that time but alive. The report tells the cops that he had been brutally assaulted before being thrown down the building. He died due to the fall but was alive while falling. The cops now have a murder case on their hands to investigate – something that happened inside a school complex. The doctor confirms that his being unconscious was the reason why he did not scream while falling and the reason why the eyewitness Parthodutta did not hear the boy screaming when he saw him falling. The cops now have to find the killer and the motive for the murder.

Being an International school, the school has installed several CCTV cameras at several locations throughout the school premises. The cops collect the footage from several cameras and start watching the video. In one of the videos, they notice the Science teacher Zohra and her daughter Soha, an 8th standard student, entering their staff quarters around midnight. A while later, her son, Rizwan too enters the building as seen in the video footage. The staff quarters has only one camera installed which has not captured Anurag falling down but only shows the eyewitness, shocked and running towards a location that is outside the camera range. The eyewitness is looking up, as if seeing something falling down, while running. The cops analyze all this dramatic sequences threadbare.

They watch several more videos and see that he is not seen entering the boy’s hostel anytime, after exiting the auditorium at 12.26 in the midnight. Neither is he seen in the footage entering the staff quarters but the eye witness has given an account of him seeing the boy falling at 1.30 am from the staff quarters building. The cops wonder how and through which entrance he entered the building before he fell from some floor of the building. They have to investigate and find that out now.

Did someone open the terrace door and throw him down, then immediately locked it back again to make it look like it was permanently locked, never opened in a long long time? Did someone throw him down from some other floor and not the terrace? This makes the cops to think that he was thrown down from some other floor after being brutally assaulted in some staff quarters flat, thrown down after he fell unconscious due to the assault.

To find out how Anurag entered the building, they now search for an alternative entrance to the staff quarters which is perhaps rarely used or a secret entrance which few are aware of. The school authorities show them a back door which is kept always unlocked but never used by anyone, due to which reason, the Chairman says they haven’t installed a Camera there at all. The cops now understand Anurag was either brought in by someone through this back door to avoid being captured by the CCTV camera at the front entrance or was intentionally directed by someone to enter through this no-camera-backdoor. Since Anurag is not seen entering through the front door, the police conclude that he certainly entered only through the back door and it was part of a well planned assault cum murder.

Zohra, meanwhile tells the cops that, as a member of the School’s internal enquiry team, she has checked and verified every flat in the quarters and with every occupant. She says she did not find anything suspicious in any flat or occupant to suspect anyone in the murder. She tells the cops, upon enquiring with the occupants, she had found that Anurag had not visited any resident’s flat on that fateful night.

The hostel warden checks with Anurag’s best friends if drugs and drinks were involved and if they were all indulging in any of these but they deny it. The cops too suspect something of that kind could be involved.

With no headway in the case, the police suddenly start to suspect the lone witness Parthodutta and his statements and wonder if he was telling the truth at all, all this while. They wonder if, knowing fully well that the camera was out of range to capture the fall, he acted like running looking up at an angle to get captured by the camera. Once he was out of range of the camera, he ran up and perhaps assaulted Anurag for some reason in his flat. After the boy fell unconscious, Parthodutta got frightened and threw him down when he was still breathing to cover up the traces of his assault or because he presumed he was dead, to make it appear like it was a suicide. They call him for intense questioning.

The police suspect that since he is staying all alone in the flat, perhaps he had called the young boy to his flat to sexually abuse him and presume that things went horribly wrong. They start to dig into his past and start a background verification. They suspect that he is a sexual pervert or a paedophile. They ask the school Principal to send their report on Parthodutta’s conduct and character and his past records. The Principal tells the cops that they are suspecting the wrong person and that he is very popular among students as well as staff. He also tells them that he has an unblemished record and is a person of impeccable character.

On the other hand, Anurag’s mother, back in her house, is wondering if he was facing some serious problem at a personal front in the school which he was afraid to tell his parents about. Or was he being harassed or being ragged by a senior? Was some teacher punishing him severely for something or threatening him with some dire consequences for some reason?

Meanwhile, 2 of Anurag’s classmates are discussing among themselves if they should tell the management or the cops about Anurag’s association with someone in the school. They decide not to reveal anything and to keep mum about it and Soha is telling one of her classmates that she, her mother and her brother Rizwan ran down the building upon hearing the commotion at the ground level on that fateful night, after they heard Parthodutta’s screams.

Zohra is Parthodutta’s neighbor in the staff quarters and one day bumps into him in the corridor. She asks him if he really did not see from which floor Anurag fell. Parthodutta tells her that people walk with their eyes focused on what is in front of them and that no one walks looking up at the skies.

The Principal’s report arrives, on Parthodutta’s past, his conduct, his character and the police are forced to give him a clean chit due to which the investigation hits a dead end, after their informer’s network endorses it upon checking his family background in his native place. Just as the cops are sitting confused on how to take the case forward, the Principal calls and tells them that a teacher by name Yakoub was sacked from the school a few months ago.

Yakoub is Zohra’s husband and was a chemistry teacher. He is shown to us, teaching his students in some other school, that it is not necessary in real life that 2 and 2 should always be 4 and that in a Litmus Test, although the test is done to find out right from wrong or truth from lie, in real life, all litmus tests always don’t turn out to be successful. He tells his students it is not possible to always find out truth from a lie in real life. He tells the students, there is always a possibility to give some margin for error.

Some people in the school knew the truth about the murder while some were only revealing a few facts to the cops.

Hidden in the cold deadly chilly winds of that fateful dark night were many lies. The cops were finding it difficult to unravel the mystery, unmask the killers and bring the truth out under the open sky’s bright sunlight.

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