Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 640, Rangmanch Part 1 – The story of supari killers pumping bullets into a successful businessman

This episode is titled Rangmanch Part 1. Episode Telecast on 26th March 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 2nd Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)…………This is a sensational suspense thriller with so many layers of conspiracies and theories that the cops don’t find any leads for a long time. This is an intriguing murder story full of twists and turns and faces hiding behind masks. Each one involved in the murder is trying to outsmart the other and mislead everyone including their own partners in crime.

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Rangmanch in Hindi means a stage, a platform like in a theatre where dramas are performed by artistes

A man is buying a stolen mobile phone from a mobile thief-seller. The buyer tells his brother that threatening people and making extortion calls with stolen phones and fake SIM cards gives him a big thrill. The extortionist buyer is Vinay Parihar and he calls a transport business owner Girish demanding protection money. Girish is also into politics and property dealings.

Vinay tells his brother very confidently that he will use different SIM cards and different mobiles each time till he gets paid and the police will not be able to track him down with so many fake SIMs that he would be using.

Girish tells his wife Kunti and two daughters not to worry about the call or extortion and that they should take it lightly. Kunti is very worried and tells him to take the matter seriously, to lodge a police complaint as her 2 grown up daughters watch. One daughter is Madhuri. Their grown up son Saurabh is already dead. We learn later that he died in a road accident.

A few days later, Vinay, despite several threat calls when Girish doesn’t budge, gets frustrated and gets his gun ready along with his brother to execute his devious plan. That of shooting Girish dead.

But the story takes an unexpected twist that Vinay, the extortionist, had least expected. As he is visiting a prostitutes den, the police raid the place looking specifically for one gangster by name Damodar after getting a tip off that he is visiting a sex worker there. Instead, in the raid, as providence would have it, they find Vinay with 2 guns. He is apprehended and taken away before he can reach Girish to shoot him dead. In the lock up, the police beat him to pulp, thinking he is a Damodar man and ask him for Damodar’s whereabouts. Vinay says he doesn’t know anything about him but the cops don’t believe it.

Girish is relaxed and happy that suddenly, the threat calls have stopped. He is not aware that the extortionist is in a lock up. As is his routine, he goes to his transport business one day. He is unaware that a different gang is keeping a watch on his every movement and are in fact at this moment, shadowing him. The gang is not at all connected to Vinay.

As he got out of his house for his office all alone in his car, a gangster makes a call to his partner in a hotel room somewhere and informs him that Girish is all alone for the 3rd day consecutively today in his car again. They plan to strike.

Girish calls his agent Atul to discuss about some business. Atul tells him that Vishwanath has some very good land for sale. Vishwanath tells Atul over the phone that he is not interested in selling the land.

The man who made a call to his partners in crime when Girish left his house is still shadowing Girish, this time at his transport office. As Girish leaves his office for home in the dark of the night after a whole days work, the gangster shadowin him alerts his partners who are waiting with their faces covered with helmets, near Girish’s house. As he enters the gate, the shooters appear out of nowhere, just as Girish’s daughter greets him at the door. Even as his grown up daughter screams and watches in horror, the 2 shooters pump several bullets into him and disappear into the darkness on the bike with the 3rd man who was waiting with the engine running. Girish is lying dead at the door of his house. His wife and 2nd daughter come running out of the house screaming, hearing the commotion outside. In 20 seconds flat, it is all over. The killers disappear into the dark, leaving no trace behind.

Kunti meanwhile tells the cops that for quite some time in the recent past and at frequent intervals on different days, they were getting threatening extortion calls demanding one crore, but suddenly they stopped. Her daughter, the main eyewitness is of no help to the cops as the shooters had covered their faces with helmets. She hasn’t seen the vehicle number plate either.

This suspense thriller and sensational murder case would take the cops on a roller coaster ride and tire them no end. The cops as usual, activate their informers network and put them on the job to collect all kinds of information about all his rivals, business associates, friends, enemies and suppliers if any.

His political supporters call for a bandh and there is tension in the city. The atmosphere is highly surcharged and the police are under tremendous pressure to apprehend the killers at the earliest.

We now learn at this stage from the mourners who have gathered at his house that Girish’s grown up son was killed an year ago in an accident.

The police look at the murder mystery from several angles. Girish was an active businessman in government contracts and tenders too. He could have rivals in that segment too who were perhaps jealous of him because of his political connections and contracts winning habit. Everybody connected with him, both from inside and outside were the suspects, those in business circle and also his employees. The cops did not want to leave anything to chance.

Sujith is the main hire who subcontracted the supari job to his known contacts Arun and Arun’s partner in crime who were both professional shooters. Now, after the mission was accomplished, Sujith is not able to pay the shooters as per their understanding as Sujith himself has not got any payment from the contract giver. Tension is brewing among these 3 killers with regard to this unreceived, unpaid money and they have differences, arguments on several occasions. The two actual shooters threaten Sujith that they would spill the beans to the cops if they don’t get their promised payment.

The call detail records of Girish, although they throw up some suspicious numbers, aren’t of much help to the cops, since those suspicious ones were all made from fake sim cards which are not in service now, as can be expected.

The police notice that there was a distinct specialty in the call records. For 9 days continuously on several occasions, many extortion calls were made. Then they suddenly stopped. 2 weeks later he was shot dead. During these 2 weeks, there were no extortion calls at all. So the cops think the initiall extortion calls were made just to throw the cops off track and divert them from the main motive. They now surmise that the case is not related to extortion calls at all.

The cops are ignorant of the fact that Vinay in their custody in the lock up was the man who had made those extortion calls.

Meanwhile, Prahalad, Girish’s manager hands over the business control to Girish’s older daughter Madhuri. She starts to learn the ropes of the business under his watchful guidance.

Vishwanath’s son is Kedar. He has just sold the land at a lower price to someone that Girish wanted to initially buy from Vishwanath. Atul gets to know about this transaction and meets Vishwanath to find out why they did not sell it to Girish at a higher than now-sold-price when the offer was made. Vishwanath is unable to understand why Atul is so concerned about the deal when Girish, the prospective buyer himself was no more. Vishwanath is left wondering about Atul’s possible vested interests had it gone through with Girish.

While Vinay is languishing in the lock up, here Nitin, Vinay’s brother, gets a notice from his landlord that he should vacate his room since he does not want criminals or those accused of a crime, staying in his property.

Sujith’s associates, Arun and another man are hiding in a hotel room. Sujith, under tremendous pressure from them, somehow arranges some money to pay them atleast partly and comes over to meet them in the lodge. They get into a heated argument about their unpaid dues. The two killers suggest that they should bump off the main supari killer since he is not keeping up his promise of paying in entirety even after the job got completed, that of killing Girish. Sujith disagrees and says that they would never get paid anything if they finish off the supari giver. Arun asks Sujith to arrange for a meeting with the supari giver to which Sujith agrees.

The cops interrogate all the history sheeters in town and also those that are convicted and are behind bars looking for any clues of the underworld, to gather information about the supari killers or the supari givers. They draw a blank and wonder if it could be an inside job, which angle they had not explored at all till now. They wonder if Girish’s wife was having an affair with someone or any of his 2 grown up daughters had a hand in the murder due to some disagreement with their father or some love related issues. They focus their investigations on this angle now.

In this drama on the stage, there are so many actors and role players that the performers themselves are not aware of what role they are playing and for whom. It is a complicated web of deceit and conspiracy that led to Girish’s murder. With no money in their pockets and out of frustration, the shooters Arun and his partner, both staying in the hotel room, plan to rob a jewellery shop nearby to raise some survival funds for themselves.

Read the continuation of the story in my review of Part 2 of Episode 641 in the below link to see how the cops unmask the real conspirator and the supari giver:::

Watch the episode Crime Patrol Satark Episode 640, titled Rangmanch Part 1 – on Youtube link given below:



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