Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 661, Part 2 – Ranchi’s spine chilling murder story of a school boy inside an international school complex

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)…………This is a deadly blood curdling and stomach churning story of a young school boy, just 14 years old, a hostel resident who gets murdered by a senior, inside the school complex, because the boy gets infatuated with the senior’s sister.

This episode is titled Bhadkaava Part 2. Episode Telecast on 22nd May 2016

To understand this story better and if you are visiting this website for the first time, read the complete review written by me, of Part 1 of this true murder story in the Crime Patrol Satark Episode 660 in this link below (and then come back to read the continuation of the murder mystery in Part 2 review here of the same story in Crime Patrol Satark Episode 661) :::

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 2nd Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (*  * * * *)…………This is a deadly, blood curdling and stomach churning story of a young school boy, just 14 years old, a hostel resident who gets murdered by a senior, inside the school complex, because the killer senior student mistakenly thinks that the young boy is attracted towards his (senior’s) sister.

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Bhadkaava in Hindi means induce, inflame, instigate, kindle, aggravate, blow up, provoke, get charged up, foment trouble, spark, fuel anger, stir, incite, stoke fire or anger or hatred

The principal and the Chairman meet the police to reveal more information about Yakoub, the Chemistry teacher who was expelled from the school six months ago on some charges.

The students had a Friends Group on the internet, meant only for a particular group of students but Yakoub had been harassing the students by repeatedly sending them a Friends Request and had been asking many students to accept his friendship online, although he was a Teacher and a grown up man, which the children did not like or found awkward. After repeatedly being asked by him and feeling harassed, 2 students complain to the Principal and tell him what the issue was, explaining how all the students were scared of him. The management gives him a warning and leaves it at that, after telling him to stay away from students’ private space.

2 months later, the management finds that all his students in Chemistry in 8th and 9th standard had done very well in the annual exam. This raises their eyebrows and they wonder why none did poorly or none failed. Upon checking the past records of all the dull students, they find that even those who had failed in the previous exams had done fairly well in the current exam. This makes the management suspect that Yakoub was indulging in some malpractice by perhaps leaking the question paper or teaching them the answer, during the exam. The management conducts an internal enquiry and some students admit that Yakoub had indeed leaked the question paper to everyone in a clandestine manner. They expel him from the school and he joins another school in the vicinity. But since Zohra who is his wife and kids are in no way involved in the scandal, they allow them to stay in the school staff family quarters. Yakoub never admits that he leaked the papers and claims someone could have stolen the paper from his flat or school, pleading innocence and ignorance of the paper leak. The management doesn’t believe him.

With no breakthrough in the murder case, the cops find this information about Yakoub’s past very crucial and assume that he could be involved in the murder of Anurag. They call him for questioning.

He very confidently faces the interrogation and says that he was in his rented accommodation on the day of Anurag’s tragic fall and not in the school staff quarters building from where Anurag fell to his death.  He also says that he never had any personal or direct relationship of any kind with Anurag when he was working in the school as a teacher.

Zohra too is interrogated and she denies that Yakoub was in the flat on that fateful night. Meanwhile, Vivek tells the cops that he did not find any communication between Anurag and Yakoub in the Friends Group online and there is no proof that he was ever in touch with Anurag. But he remembers to mention that he and Anurag had visited the staff quarters once to attend Rizwan’s birthday party a few months ago.

Vivek asks Rizwan if he knew anything about why Anurag visited the staff quarters so late in the night. He asks him so because Rizwan is a resident of the staff quarters. Rizwan however, says he does not know anything about why he visited the building or whom he was visiting. Rizwan and Vivek are both classmates.

To find evidence of his location and statements, the police verify Yakoub’s call records and find that Zohra had made a call to him in the midnight at 1.15 am and spoke to him for a while. The police call Zohra for questioning again and want to know why that call was made at that late hour and what they discussed, just 15 minutes before Anurag fell from the building at 1.30 am. She answers by saying that they were discussing the deposit of a cheque the next morning and was talking to Yakoub about it. The cops don’t believe her and suspect there is something fishy in this conversation.

Anurag’s parents were sinking deeper and deeper into depression with the thought and realization that the killer was still roaming free. On the other hand, the Arts teacher Parthodutta was living a life of fear because the cops had started suspecting him and had called him for interrogation. So also was Yakoub living a life of fear not knowing when the cops would apprehend him with some excuse.

There was an eerie silence around in all these families and the silence was deafening with everyone living in fear.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the school, one fine day, gets an anonymous phone call from a student who tells him something related to the case, very confidentially. He rushes to the police immediately along with the Principal to share this information. The investigation now gets a direction and picks up pace.

We are now shown the footage in the episode where Rizwan is inviting Anurag to come over to his place that night for dinner for some special Biryani they have made at home which Anurag would relish. During the preparations for the annual day functions that fateful night, Rizwan is telling Anurag that he should quietly sneak in through the back gate for dinner and after dinner, quietly again sneak out from the same back gate. When Anurag asks him why not the front door, he tells him that the front gate has a camera which would create trouble for both and questions would be asked as to what he was doing in the staff quarters building so late in the night and whose house he was visiting. Rizwan scares him by saying that the management would suspect that they were secretly doing drugs at that late hour. Anurag believes him and does as instructed and walks in through the back gate which doesn’t have a camera installed.

Death is awaiting him and he doesn’t know what is going on in Rizwan’s evil mind.

We still do not know what the anonymous caller told the Chairman over the phone.

Zohra’s entire family is called in for interrogation. Yakoub acts innocent and continues to stick to his earlier statements. Zohra continues to maintain that Anurag never visited their house that night.

Keeping the suspense intact till now, we are shown at this stage by the director of the episode, a scene where 4 of Rizwan’s friends and classmates are complaining, provoking and instigating Rizwan that they had all seen Anurag with Rizwan’s sister Soha. While one friend provokes Rizwan by telling him that some roads in life are one way streets without a U-turn, another ignites a spark in Rizwan’s mind by asking why Anurag was holding Soha’s hands if they were just good friends. Yet another friend adds fuel to fire by saying if corrective actions are not taken at the right time in life, one would be left with nothing but sorrow and pain for the rest of his life. Rizwan gets infuriated and is seething with rage listening to all this, as his friends continue to incite him by stoking fire and anger in him.

Rizwan unfortunately, doesn’t realize that his 4 friends are deriving unnecessary pleasure by fomenting trouble and making a mountain out of a molehill while Anurag and Soha were actually, just good friends and nothing was brewing between them. Anurag, as you know, is just in his 8th standard and Rizwan, in his 11th standard.

Over time, the devil takes over his mind and he starts to think like his four friends, although after surveillance, he sees with his own eyes that both of them were indeed just good friends and there was nothing between them. His friends provoke him further on the day of his birthday celebrations, when they see Anurag and Soha sitting and chatting, in a very friendly manner, inside his house, when Rizwan had invited them all.

Seeing them both very close, he gets inflamed and separating them becomes an obsession now with Rizwan.

Back at the police station, Soha and Rizwan are waiting for their turn, to get interrogated. They are both tense and with tears in her eyes, Soha is telling Rizwan that he listened to everyone, to all his friends but never listened to her when she repeatedly told him that there was nothing between her and Anurag.

Under intense questioning, Zohra breaks down and finally admits that Anurag had indeed visited them that night but says she was not aware why Rizwan had called him home. She tells them that even Soha was innocent and has nothing to do with Anurag’s visit to their house as she was asleep with her in the bedroom that night. She narrates to the police as below, what transpired that night.

Back in their house that dinner night, we are shown in the video by the director a heated argument breaking out between Rizwan and Anurag over Soha’s issue. Anurag insists that there is nothing between them. Rizwan orders Anurag to cut off all friendship with Soha and asks him to keep away from his sister. Anurag refuses to budge and says when there is nothing between them, why should Rizwan or anyone be worried the gossip in the school. Saying so, he starts to walk out of the flat at which time, Rizwan loses his cool and without warning, starts to land blows on Anurag. Choking him with one hand, he assaults Anurag brutally and bangs his head repeatedly into the concrete wall. Bleeding profusely, Anurag falls unconscious and pulls a table down while falling. Hearing the commotion, Zohra and Soha who are fast asleep, rush out and find Rizwan standing dumbstruck and shell shocked, as Anurag is lying down profusely bleeding motionless.

Zohra is equally shocked to find Anurag in her house at that late hour and beats Rizwan for what he had done. He argues with his mother that the whole school was gossiping about Soha’s relationship with Anurag. Soha clarifies to her mother that she denies having an affair with him but Rizwan was deaf and wouldn’t believe her. She tells her mother he believed the rumours and his friends more. Zohra checks on Anurag and finds that he is still breathing but has fainted.

Scared and not knowing what to do, she calls her husband Yakoub at 1.15 am and narrates everything to him. The couple start to worry about their future, she losing her job and all of them getting thrown out of the school quarters, their family getting destroyed with no future and no hope. They wonder what the management would do to them after Anurag regains consciousness and narrates everything to the school authorities.

Yakoub from the other end on the phone instructs Rizwan to check if there is anyone awake and roaming around in the building. When she confirms to Yakoub that there is no one around, Yakoub tells her to throw Anurag down and get rid of him. When she tells him that he is still alive, Yakoub tells her that if he lives, all of them including himself would be destroyed.

Zohra takes the help of Rizwan and Soha, they all together lift Anurag, who is still breathing and simply throw him down from the second floor.

The cop tells Yakoub and Zohra, if they had been a little humane that night, they could have saved Anurag and by now, he would have been on the road to recovery.

Rizwan is in juvenile custody while his parents are in judicial custody which means Jail (not police lockup). Soha gets bail. His 4 friends escape scrutiny and arrest. Throwing all caution to the winds, just to save their young son who had acted like a criminal, Rizwan’s parents become criminals by throwing Anurag down a building, thereby killing him.

Loose talk and rumours fly all around us all the time. But one should have the wisdom and intelligence to differentiate between truth and lies, right from wrong and identify rumours and ignore them.

For no reason whatsoever and over baseless allegations and rumours, an entire family of 4 destroy their lives themselves with their own hands. Thereby, they destroy Anurag’s family’s life too for ever, leaving the dead Anurag’s parents, devastated.

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