Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Episode 641, Rangmanch Part 2 – The story of supari killers pumping bullets into a successful businessman

This episode is titled Rangmanch Part 2. Episode Telecast on 27th March 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 4th Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)…………This is a sensational suspense thriller with so many layers of conspiracies and theories that the cops don’t find any lead for a long time. This is an intriguing murder story full of twists and turns and of faces hiding behind unremovable masks. Each person involved in the murder is trying to outsmart the other and mislead everyone including their own partners in crime.

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Rangmanch in Hindi means a stage, a platform like in a theatre where dramas are performed by artistes

Vishwanath’s son is Kedar has sold his land to someone and has got Rs.50,000/- as advance for the deal agreed upon. Rest is yet to be paid to him for the land.

Kedar comes to meet the supari killers in their lodge room as demanded by Arun, since they have not been yet paid fully for the contract killing job executed by them. They have a heated argument in the room and the killers are very aggravated for having not been paid fully yet. He is threatened by the gang that they would leak out the information in the market outside that it was him, Kedar who had given them the killing contract for the police to do the rest of the job.

Kedar is sweating and shivering. He is scared. Arun points a gun at his head and threatens to shoot him dead on the spot there in the room and demands to know why Nitin has not yet turned up for the meeting. Nitin, as you can recall, is Vinay’s brother. Vinay was the guy who was apprehended by the cops with 2 guns in his possession, when they raided a prostitute’s den.

Just then, Vinay arrives and joins the group. Arun is still agitated and points the gun, this time at Vinay and threatens to shoot him dead for not keeping up his promise of payment in full. Ramesh is the 3rd killer of the gang who is also aggressively threatening Nitin and Kedar with dire consequences. Ramesh along with Arun, had both pumped bullets into Girish while Sujith was ready with his bike engine revved up, for the escape after the shooting.

The 3 killers, Kedar and Vinay are all in the room now. It is obvious there is rebellion in the gang now and disagreements over payment dues.

At this juncture, we are shown some flashback and taken into the past. We are shown that Nitin has come to meet his brother Arun in jail. He tells him Kedar was asking him why Girish’s murder plan has not yet been executed and yelling at Nitin for bungling up and getting caught by the cops in the raid. He is restless and angry that Vinay got caught and has landed himself in jail for possession of illegal arms, 2 guns when the cops raided the prostitute’s den.

Vinay’s cellmate is Sujith, a history sheeter. This is where they get to know each other and strike a conversation and discuss the job on hand which was as yet, unaccomplished. That of shooting dead Girish. Vinay shares with Sujith that he is helpless and has ironically, due to his own foolishness, got caught by the cops. Sujith tells Vinay that he would be released the next day as his bail plea has been accepted in the court and offers to do the job for Vinay, in partnership of the supari. Vinay, with no hope of an early release under the tough Illegal Arms Act, accepts his offer and sub-contracts the job to Sujith. Once out, Sujith meets Nitin, Vinay’s brother, who gives him all the details of the task on hand and introduces him to Kedar who had originally given the contract to Vinay. Sujith gets Arun and his friend Ramesh into the team to bump off Girish. Kedar tells Sujith that he has already paid one lakh advance to Vinay. Kedar says he cant pay any more advance to anyone before the job is completed. Sujith agrees to take a token advance of just 25000 and sets out to accomplish the task.

We all are aware at this juncture that Sujith and his gang members did really shoot Girish eventually dead.

Kedar is adamant and manages to convince the sharp shooters gang that he would pay some decent amount of money after he gets his dues for the land he has just sold.

Arun meanwhile, plans to rob the jewellery shop near the lodge, he had identified earlier, with Sujith and Ramesh as they are short of money, with payments not coming in from Kedar.

At this stage, we are all aware who the killers are but we are not yet certain about the motive of the murder.

The cop calls Madhuri and asks her for details of the land deal her father Girish had done with one Gauri Shankar two years ago but Madhuri pleads ignorance about it. She advises the cop to check with her manager Atul. Since Gauri Shankar is long dead, they think of checking with his son Baldev.

Baldev is the landlord who had given an eviction order to Vinay’s brother Nitin after getting to know that they were dealing in illegal arms and trading them. Baldev tells them that Vinay and Nitin were his tenants. Baldev tells the cops that his nephew Kedar had introduced his friends Vinay and Nitin to him and had sought his vacant room on rent for them. That is when he had rented out the room to the boys.

The cops smell a conspiracy to bump off Girish in view of this background but what was obviously visible was still very cloudy and not clearly visible. It was only their hunch. No evidence had yet been gathered by them to nail anyone.

Atul had negotiated on behalf of Girish and had gotten the deal sail through successfully with Gauri Shankar. Kedar’s father and Baldev are both Gauri Shankar’s sons.

Kedar’s father Vishwanath is nursing grudges that his father Gauri sold the land very cheaply to Girish. He feels that Girish actually misguided and cheated his father Gauri into selling the land at a lower than market price and hence, they as a family, suffered huge losses in the land deal. Kedar is incensed and wants to teach Girish a lesson at the right time. He is all the more aggravated when they file a case in the courts against Girish for cheating and fraud and lose it.

Before filing a suit against Girish, Gauri Shankar advises his son Vishwanath not to do so saying his case is based on a weak foundation. He cautions him that in his eagerness to destroy or get compensation or a better price from Girish, he may lose everything he has, unable to bear the ensuing court expenses. He tells him that belligerence has always led to many a people’s downfall but Vishwanath is adamant and goes ahead, only to lose the case eventually in less than 2 years. To meet the court expenses, he starts to sell his share of the ancestral property in patches and batches, piece by piece and is hardly left with anything. He is on the road to self destruction and despondency. Gauri Shankar, his father, passes away due to old age, even as the matter is sub-judice in the courts. The court case and expenses were squeezing the life out of him and he was living on false hopes that the verdict would be in his favor. Kedar watches silently, in helplessness, as his father is falling apart and feels Girish is the cause for all the misery in their life. Kedar is infuriated that his father is going through so much pain, suffering and depression.

Kedar shares his pain and sorrow with his friends who have just moved in as tenants in Baldev’s property. They both empathize with him and feel sorry for him. They are moved by seeing Kedar’s father always in a depressed mood. Vinay suggests to Kedar that they should bump off Girish and give the kind of pain to his family just the way Girish has given Vishwanath’s family. Kedar shares this plan with his father.

The cops get a lucky breakthrough when one of their informers tells them that Nitin was evicted by Baldev after Vinay got arrested for possession of illegal arms. The police are now able to connect the dots and put Vinay in the lock up under intense interrogation as to his link with Girish’s murder.

When asked, Kedar tells the cops that Nitin was his college classmate but then became a college drop out. He says that just to help them find employment, he had got them a room in Baldev’s property. He pleads ignorance as to Vinay’s illegal guns activity.

Arun is desperate now with no money in his pockets, so he puts his jewellery shop break-in plan into action. They get ready for the strike on one dark night. Standing in front of an abandoned dilapidated building, he discusses his plan with a pitch and tone that can easily be heard by some eavesdropper hiding nearby. He openly discusses at what time to strike, where to assemble for the execution of the plan, how to make the security guard at the shop immobile, how long they would take to loot the shop etc. Everything in minute detail is explained by him to his partners Ramesh and Sujith.

As the 3 move away after their discussion, the camera stays still and we see a man has indeed eavesdropped and heard every minute detail clearly, having hidden himself as a resident there behind a window, in the dilapidated building. He dials the police’s number. He is a police informer who had been shadowing them, unbeknown to them.

Within no time, the cops arrive and surround them, just as they are on their way to the jewellery shop for the robbery, after having left the dilapidated building just moments ago. They find guns in their possession. Back in the lock-up, under intense interrogation, after initial denial, they admit that they were on their way to loot a jewellery shop nearby.

Upon background verification and checking history sheeters’ records, the cops find that Sujith is from Balmer and has a criminal file in his name, that he is a history sheeter. They get information from Lucknow police in UP that Arun and Ramesh are history sheeters with a number of criminal cases against them across UP. The cops wonder what all the 3 were doing so far away from Lucknow and Balmer currently now in Jaisalmer under their custody.

Balmer is the place where Girish was shot dead by the same gangsters and the three are apprehended now by the jurisdictional police in Jaisalmer, far away from Balmer. Hence the cops handling Girish’s murder case in Balmer are not yet aware of their arrest in Jaisalmer.

The police station incharge threatens to book them in 5 pending cases, viz., 3 different individual murder cases, one ATM loot, one petrol bunk dacoity and get them incarcerated for a long long time. Sujith gets scared and opens up and tells them about the Girish murder case in Balmer in which they were the shooters. He tells them this was the only case in which they were involved.

The Balmer police investigating Girish’s murder get the information about the arrest of the 3 shooters and are elated. They also get to know that Vinay under their custody was the original supari taker for Girish’s murder. Obviously, after arrest, Arun and his gang members have revealed everything to the police who arrested them in Jaisalmer.

Nitin, Kedar, Vishwanath are apprehended after Arun’s gang reveal their connection with the murder. Arun, Sujith, Ramesh are handed over to the Balmer police. Vinay as we all know, is already under their custody since even before Girish’s murder, arrested under the Arms Act. We are shown all the 7 behind bars in one single lock up.

Disappointment, dissatisfaction and unhappiness leaves a deep hole in one’s mind, Anup Soni says at the end of the episode as his conclusion comments. But if you try to fill that gap or hole by adopting illegal methods, the hole only becomes even more deeper, swallowing the man who is trying to fill the hole by illegal means. Vishwanath had realized that he was on the path to destruction but it was too late when he did realize. By then, he had already sold most of his land parcels to meet the court expenses to fight the case against Girish. Whatever little was left out, his son Kedar used up to sell and raise funds to hire supari killers to bump off Girish. Vishwanath’s bitterness, his baseless charges against Girish, his disappointment at not getting a fair price when his father sold some land to Girish, his seething anger against Girish made his son Kedar feel that Girish was the cause of all their misfortune, cataclysm and upheaval in their life. This in turn made Kedar lose his wisdom, his conscience and made him commit a crime which left not only Girish’s family shattered, but also his own and his father’s life in tatters.

Anup Soni continues with his summarization by saying that crime always makes you pay a price and that it is never a solution for any problem in life or debacle. He beautifully concludes by saying that even if the drama is enacted elsewhere, the curtains always fall down only in the jail.

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