Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: 20 year old chases robbers, shot dead in East Delhi

Hema Upadhyay murder: Mumbai cops seek court nod to quiz Chintan Upadhyay,-wife-and-son-shot-dead-by-bike-borne-assailants-in-up-s-sitapur

20-year-old chases snatchers to save friend’s laptop in east Delhi, shot dead

Victim Lokendra Singh, an IAS aspirant from Agra, was preparing for his competitive exams in Delhi. His roommate had asked him to bring his laptop from Agra. He now rues that he got the laptop back but lost his friend forever

published in newspaper : Nov 23, 2017

copyright Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Lokendra Singh, 20.
Lokendra Singh, 20. (HT Photo)

A 20-year-old man died fighting robbers in east Delhi’s Bhajanpura last week. The robbers shot him in his chest after he chased them and almost managed to pin them one of them, police said.

Two of the alleged snatchers, arrested on Tuesday, told the police that they panicked after the victim, Lokendra Singh, took on them and they had to shoot him dead to get away.

The arrested men said they had initially decided to target Lokendra because he seemed like a “soft target”.

The third accused, suspected to be a juvenile, is on the run. The laptop and the countrymade firearm they used to shoot Lokendra have been recovered from them.

Lokendra, police said, hailed from Agra and was preparing for his competitive examinations in Delhi. He lived in a rented accommodation and was enrolled in a coaching institute in Mukherjee Nagar.

Lokendra was walking from a bus stop to his cousin’s house in New Usmanpur in the early hours of November 17 when the robbers — identified as Shadab, Vivek Mishra and the now absconding juvenile — stopped him.

“After stopping Lokendra near fifth Pushta road, the men snatched a laptop bag he was carrying and started running. He chased them and almost nabbed one of the men.

“Shadab and Vivek told us that Lokendra caught hold of one of them and clung on. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t break free of Lokendra’s hold,” said a senior police officer.

One of the accused then whipped out a pistol and shot Lokendra in the chest and he collapsed. The accused then took the bag and Lokendra’s belongings and fled on a motorcycle they had parked some distance away.

Investigations later revealed the laptop belonged to Lokendra’s roommate Dev Dutt, who is also from Agra. Lokendra had gone to visit Agra recently and Dev Dutt asked him to get his laptop for him.

“From Agra, Lokendra took a bus that dropped him at New Usmanpur early November 17. Whenever he returned from home late, he stayed with his cousin Nirmala,” the officer added.

A passerby informed the police about a body lying on the Pushta. DCP, northeast, Devender Arya said a case of murder was registered.

“There were a series of such robberies and snatchins. We collected information regarding criminals who robbed people late at night. On Tuesday, we received a tip-off that two robbers would come from Seelampur towards Jaffrabad on a stolen motor cycle. We laid a trap and the men were nabbed after a brief chase,” said Arya.

The duo allegedly confessed to their involvement in nine other cases of snatching and robbery, police added.

“I got my laptop but I lost my friend in the process. My friend will never come back to me. I want the strictest punishment for both the men,” Dev Dutt told HT.

Delhi 4-year-old booked for rape: Girl’s mother wants him expelled, action against school staff

The woman has blamed school authorities for the negligence and asked them to sack the principal, teacher concerned and the counsellor.

Nov 23, 2017 13:39 IST

Shiv Sunny and Heena Kausar
copyright Hindustan Times, New Delhi

The boy has been booked for rape after the girl told her mother that the boy had used his fingers as well as a sharpened pencil to sexually assault her in the school’s classroom and washroom on Friday.(Representational Photo)

The mother of a minor, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her four-and-a-half-year-old classmate, demanded that the boy be expelled from school, even as the police deliberated on how to proceed with investigations in a rape case registered against him.

The girl’s mother said the school informed her that the boy had been moved to another section, but she said it did not make the school any safer for her daughter. She now also wants to pull her child out from the school.

The police said they are dealing with the child with “utmost sensitivity”. “The boy is being counselled by an NGO,” said Dependra Pathak, Delhi Police’s chief spokesperson.

The boy has been booked for rape after the girl told her mother that the boy had used his fingers as well as a sharpened pencil to sexually assault her in the school’s classroom and washroom on Friday. But Pathak said the police are examining the legal provisions as “the Indian Penal Code provides children below seven years of age certain protection against prosecution”.

The girl’s mother blamed the school authorities for negligence and not taking her complaint seriously.

In a statement issued to the media, she said she asked the school authorities to sack the principal, the teacher concerned and the counsellor, issue a public apology on Facebook and refund her two years’ school fee with interest.

Delhi: 4-year-old boy booked for ‘raping’ classmate in school

Delhi 4-year-old booked for rape: Experts say don’t criminalise him

“In the classroom, there was no teacher when the assault happened. In the washroom, the ayah (helper) was not around,” she said in the statement. She said that when she took her daughter to school on Saturday, the girl described to the accompanying policemen the sequence of events and pointed out that there was no teacher in the classroom at the time of the assault.

She alleged that the school did not show any urgency to act when she complained and instead asked her to report the problem in writing on Monday.

The school’s lawyer told HT that the alleged crime was not reported by the girl to any of the teachers on the day it took place.

The police have said they will probe the school staff’s role and analyse the CCTV footage to see if they were negligent. “The footage will be able to tell us if there was any staff in the classroom or washroom when the crime happened,” said Pathak.

However, the police do not intend to interact with other children at the school in connection with the case, lest it “scars” them, said Pathak.



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