Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chakma – Episode 642 – Murder of 2 innocent drivers by a 3 men gang to steal their cars

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 4th Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is one of the most sensational police investigative works among all the episodes that I have seen till date. It is a must see for you and everyone who likes investigative work and have some respect for the Police Department. This episode gets 5 star rating due to the magnificent investigative work done by the cops and for relentlessly pursuing the case for 4 years to catch the culprit with absolute no clues. It is a roller coaster ride for the cops chasing blind dead ends. For us, it is a spine chilling story of murders of 2 innocent men. The killers wanted to just steal their cars. The way the cops nail the culprits after an elaborate investigation is the most exciting part of the whole murder mystery.

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Chakma in Hindi means to hoodwink.

In the opening scene itself, we see a private car driver getting strangulated. His body is thrown on the roadside in thick bushes. 3 men who were his passengers drive away with the car. They had hired the cab with the sole intention of stealing the car. In the next scene, we see them selling the car to a stolen car automobile dealer.

Ashok Kadam is the dead man, identified by his driving license found on his body. He has a college going daughter and a wife back home waiting for him. Upon hearing the tragic news from the police, they are shattered. He was the sole earning member of the family.

It takes several years for the cops to find the mastermind and the killers and put them behind bars.

The cops go around several areas from where Ashok used to operate and ask for one Kailash. That is the only name or clue they have, in connection with this murder. They do not know his second name. A police informer also enquires with several people in a taxi stand from where Ashok used to also operate. He knows one Gaurav, a taxi driver and checks with him about the unknown Kailash. Gaurav pleads ignorance and says he doesn’t know anything about Kailash.

It turns out, Gaurav himself is Kailash but the police informer is not aware of it. He knows him as an acquaintance and only as Gaurav. Kailash is his alias and a fake name he uses, to commit crimes and then get back as Gaurav to operate as a taxi driver. This Gaurav aka Kailash is one of the killers among the 3, as we learn later in the episode.

The police fail to find Kailash anywhere in the city and the investigation reaches a dead end but Kailash is already putting his plans to work for a 2nd murder to steal another car.

Pushkar Patel is their next victim. Kailash and his associate Fazal both together, kill Pushkar and steal his car. His wife and college going son identify the body in the police morgue. The police close the case assuming it to be an accidental case since the face is destroyed beyond recognition with a heavy boulder and the body is thrown down a hill by Gaurav, although in reality, he was murdered by strangulation with a rope. We are not shown the results of the post mortem report.

The two deaths have occurred in 2011 within a span of a month. 4 years pass by and the cases are not solved. The truth comes out in 2015 out of the blue one day, after an elaborate planning and hard work by the investigation team.

3 men dressed like daily wage earners are inspecting and checking out a locality with an eye on a residential complex. They roam the street opposite the complex several times during one single visit. Their plan is to rob a flat in the building.

Kailash urf Gaurav is a family man with a wife and a 4 year old son. He is a struggler finding it difficult to make ends meet and run his family. His wife is fighting with him for their son’s school admission and fees. He gets angry, leaves his breakfast half eaten, takes his taxi and goes out for work.

His house is just a short distance away from where the 3 men are scrutinizing the residential complex and making plans to loot it one day. Traffic is not much and it is early morning. They are waiting for a taxi and Gaurav passes by. They wave their hands, signal Gaurav’s cab to stop and hop in.

Once inside in the car, they carelessly discuss their robbery plans loudly. One man says they have to plan their robbery carefully and tread cautiously. A 2nd man says the iron is hot now and it is the right time to strike and asks the 1st man why he is so scared. They argue over the schedule of the robbery and fight loudly. Gaurav listens half with interest and half with callous disregard. The 2nd man is agitated because they have been inspecting the building and the area for a week now without a concrete plan to strike and rob.

The 2nd man is very angry they have not yet struck because the robbery would fetch them lakhs of rupees. When he mentions “a few lakhs”, Gaurav’s eyes light up and start to twinkle. His ears become sharp and he listens intently. The 2nd man says that Raju, the 1st man is a man with no guts and not fit to be a thief at all. He tells the 3rd man in the team that they two together can easily accomplish the task without Raju’s involvement or assistance. The 3rd man advises haste makes waste and they should go slow on the execution of the robbery plan. Gaurav hears everything.

They get down at some building construction site and Gaurav goes his way.

The next day, they again board his taxi and he again drops them at their work place, some construction site. Enroute, they again argue and discuss about the robbery plan like the previous day. Gaurav hears everything again silently.

The 3rd guy again suggests that they will go for one more surveillance to the site and then plan more elaborately. The 2nd guy says it is too risky to make themselves too conspicuous in the vicinity by repeatedly visiting the same place and so frequently.

Gaurav, the taxi driver, drops them at their destination and goes his way. Back home, his wife is again harassing him for the child’s school admission fees and puts pressure on him. They have a heated argument about the issue. Gaurav promises his wife fees will be arranged and goes out to see what those 3 men are upto. He goes back to the place where he dropped them.

He notices that they are again inspecting the building from several angles and are busy in an animated discussion, suggesting they were discussing about their robbery plan, about how to rob and which flat to rob in the building. The 3 men don’t see Gaurav watching them from a distance hiding in his car.

Next day again, as he takes his car out for his daily routine, he finds the same 3 men again waiting for a cab and hail him down. By now, he is familiar with their destination and strikes a conversation with them and gets to become friendly with them. The 3rd man says he is an electrician at a construction site and the other two do cement plastering work. Gaurav tells them, just like them, he too is a struggler who works hard the whole day but finds it difficult to make two ends meet at the end of the day.

While dropping them off, he directly tells them that he too is interested in making a lot of money, by hook or crook. He tells them he knows they are planning some big robbery and offers to be a part of the plan for its successful execution.

Over a cup of tea, they suspiciously listen to what he has to say, to consider if he should be a part of the gang. They deny that they have any plan for any robbery. Gaurav tells them he has overheard everything and knows about their plans. They ask him if he is a police informer. Gaurav tells them he even knows which complex they have targeted. The robbers ask him if he has been shadowing them. He replies that he wants to walk along with them and not shadow them. Reluctantly, they listen to his offer but refuse to take him in fearing he could be an informer. Raju, the weak one among the three, gets scared and begs Gaurav not to reveal anything to the police as an informer.

As they suspect him and are still not convinced, he opens up and reveals his credentials to them, to impress them. He tells them anything can go wrong during the robbery and someone could raise an alarm while looting the flat with people inside. He asks them how they would handle such a situation. One of them taking out a knife and says that he would stab them. Gaurav laughs and tells them none of them have the courage to do such a thing. On the contrary, he says he can do it.

When the 3 challenge him and ask him how he can be so confident about his ability to commit a murder, he tells them he has already done it before, not once but twice. He tells them proudly that he has committed two murders till now and the cops haven’t been able to reach him till date, although the murders were committed by him 4 years ago. He even gives them complete details about the place, the incident, the time and the location. All this to impress upon them that he is the right man for the job, just in case someone has to be murdered during the robbery.

When the 3 ask him if he murdered 2 men all alone, he tells them that he had 2 more partners with him. He goes on to tell them that the 2 are now in jail having been caught for the same 2 murders but the cops could never reach him since he had given a fake name Kailash to his 2 arrested associates. Since Kailash did not exist, the cops could never find a Kailash in the taxi stand when they came looking for Kailash 4 years ago. Tongue in cheek, he tells them that in fact, an informer had actually approached him asking for Kailash.

He goes on and says that one of his associates, Fazal, had done the cardinal mistake of carrying the first victim Ashok’s brand new mobile phone and using it with his own SIM card 2 months after the murder. That is when the cops arrest this mobile phone user cum murderer by tracing him through the IMEI number. Upon arrest, this murderer reveals the whereabouts of his other partner Ankit, who too soon gets arrested. But the cops are not able to trace Kailash because that was not his real name and Ankit and Fazal do not know his real name to reveal to the cops, while behind bars.

He continues and says that he did not even know the name of the driver killed by him since it was just a random lift the 3 of them took on a highway and a random killing to loot his car. He tells the construction workers cum robbers that only the next day, upon reading in the local papers did he get to know that the driver’s name was Ashok Kadam. He tells them that he is an expert and a professional in hoodwinking the police since he has done this for 4 years despite 2 murders committed by him.

When asked for the name and background of his 2nd victim, he proudly tells them that it was Pushkar Patel and he was into financing business. He had financed him too, for purchase of Gaurav’s own taxi, but since he was not able to repay the loan, having come under tremendous pressure from Pushkar for repayment, he bumped him off one day, with help from Fazal, stole his car and sold it off.

At this juncture, the 3 men identify themselves as Policemen and take Gaurav into custody and put him in the lock up.

Anup Soni now comes in at this stage to tell us that this whole robbery plan was part of a plan to trap a murder suspect. The plan was made 10 days ago. At that time, 10 days ago, a police informer had alerted the cops that a particular taxi driver had sold 2 cars 4 years ago in the black market. He gives the cops the suspect’s name and identity and location. The informer tells the police that the car seller had even killed the two drivers. In a drunken stupor, 11 days ago, Gaurav had boasted about his dark deeds to the informer’s friend in a bar.

The next day, the informer tells everything to the cops about Gaurav.

An elaborate plan is hatched by the police to trap and entice him into committing a purported robbery – a robbery that was never intended to be executed.

These 3 construction labourers in conversation with Gaurav are the undercover cops and a part of the elaborate plan to trap the murder suspect, Gaurav. Gaurav believes that they are indeed robbers in the guise of construction workers. He has unknowingly, told them everything himself all about his dark secrets which even his wife was not aware of.

The police team that made this plan is not aware where the 2 murders were committed. The informer too hasn’t been able to gather anything. All that he knew was that Gaurav had committed 2 murders of 2 drivers.

The dilemma the cops now face is that they have no evidence against Gaurav but for his boasting at the bar. To trap him, the cops make a fake robbery plan and plan to act like the robbers.

As part of the plan, they put Gaurav under surveillance for 5-6 days. They watch all his movements and daily activities.. They then hang around his house waiting for a taxi, dressed shabbily like construction workers. They intentionally catch the same taxi for the next couple of days to strike a friendship with him. They purposely discuss the robbery plan openly in his car to entice him into being a part of the gang.

Gaurav’s wife is shocked to learn that her husband is a murderer who has killed 2 innocent persons and robbed them of their money and cars. She had no inkling of his criminal activities.

Ashok Kadam, the first victim was unaware of Gaurav’s and his gang’s intentions. In his eagerness to earn a little extra money, he had picked them up on the highway, while he himself was coming back to Mumbai alone in his otherwise empty car, after dropping a party at Nasik, when he got killed.

Pushkar on the other hand had found it suspicious for a moment when Gaurav told him that they had to pick up his friend Fazal on the way to Khapoli. Gaurav entices Pushkar to go to Khapoli along with him saying that he would clear off his liabilities in Khapoli by borrowing some money from a friend of his over there. Although Pushkar does not like the idea of travelling for 2 hours to Khapoli with Gaurav just to get paid, his eagerness to get his dues collected takes gets the better of his hunch, leading to his death enroute.

Pushkar’s accidental death case was reopened as a murder case and charges were filed against Gaurav and Fazal.

Pushkar’s accidental death case was filed and handled by a particular police station in Mumbai whereas Ashok’s murder case was filed in a totally different police station and there was no coordination between the 2 police stations at all. To make matters worse, Gaurav’s secret undercover operation, upon a tip off by a police informer, was handled by yet another 3rd police station who did not know anything about the 2 murders of the 2 car drivers cum owners. This particular police station which initiated the undercover operation had no idea what they were digging into. They had no information about the names of the victims or the location and places of the murder incidents when they set off on the secret operation as the informer had no more information to share with them about Gaurav the murder suspect.

Gaurav joins his friends Fazal and Ankit, behind bars.

Read the real life true story of the two murders — one in Shahpur and the other in Lonavala — in 2011, as dramatized in the above episode’s murder case in the below link:

Watch the episode Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chakma – Episode 642 – 1st April, 2016 – on Youtube link given below:

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