Crime Patrol Satark क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क Kalakaar Part 1 Episode 643 Spine chilling, gruesome murder story of a struggling actress

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 5th Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a gruesome murder story of a hard working, struggling film actress who has an 8 year old son. After a disastrous first marriage and a bitter separation, she finds love and marries again, only to get killed this time. Who has killed her? Her ex-husband? Her current husband? Or his girl friend? Or was it some random killing by a deranged man? Some serial killer?

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Kalakaar in Hindi means artiste, performer, like an actor for example.

Jaya Patil is a young struggling actress in Mumbai.

Naina Takkar’s uncle and aunt in Ahmedabad are excited that a prospective groom’s family is coming over to see their niece Naina today. It is 9.30 in the morning. Her mother walks into her bedroom to wake her up. She is missing from her house. She has run away from home, leaving a note for her aunt. She is just 23 years old. Her parents have passed away.

The contents of the note are very interesting, translated into English, it reads thus, “I am not interested in any marriage, neither with this boy nor with anyone else. Hence, I am leaving home and going away. Don’t search for me. Forget this marriage proposal and let me go in search of my dreams. I don’t want to be a caged bird. I want to fly. I want to melt in clouds made up of dreams. I want to get drenched in rains of my destiny.”

She is an aspiring actress, looking for a big break in the film industry. She has left for the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Naveen Singh is a young dreamy eyed man, meeting a producer with a script he has written. He is trying to convince him that his script if made into a movie will be a big superhit. Naveen Singh is an aspiring director looking for a big break in the film industry. He wants his script to be made into a movie and he wants to direct it himself with newcomers. The producer he is meeting now is not convinced.


The script and the story of these 3 aspiring artistes written on the pages of their real life book was no less dramatic than any Bollywood movie script. The kind of twists, turns and spine-chilling incidents that their real lives saw were the kind you usually wouldn’t see even on the big screen.

The main story begins with the discovery of a headless body of a woman, somewhere in Borivali, by the Mumbai cops.

The autopsy report says that she was 3 months pregnant. Without the head, the autopsy is inconclusive and the cause of death is not determined, whether death by strangulation or head injury etc.

The police hope that a missing persons complaint would be filed in some police station in the city. They look for such a complaint in all the 91 police stations of Mumbai in a city of 2.25 crores population. But they draw a blank and find no missing complaint that matches with the description of the dead body found by them. Hence, they presume that perhaps she was a lady living all alone in the city and thus, no one has actually missed her or filed a complaint. But since she was pregnant, they also presume the murder was committed either by her husband or her lover or by someone affected by her love and did not approve of it.

It is a blind case for the cops, with absolutely no lead and no clue. They have not yet been able to establish her identity.

By now, it is one year since Naina has left her parents behind and left her home in Ahmedabad. They have gradually accepted her absence from home as a reality, that she went in search of her dreams. They have no contact with her ever since.

To understand this murder mystery better, we need to go into the past of the main actors here and get to know them better.

Naveen is from Pune. 2 years before the woman’s headless body is found, he has quit his job in Pune and is having an argument with his father about the issue. He is busy writing scripts for movies on his laptop which his father doesn’t approve of, since Naveen has a wife to care for, in addition to his own parents. He has already crossed 30 and his father feels he is irresponsible and apathetic. Naveen is obsessed with script writing and a career in films as a director.


Naveen is living in a fool’s paradise and tells his father that one day his script and movie would get international awards and that he would become very famous. His father tells him without a job and with no income, a man has no respect in society. A job and some income is a man’s identity, the father tells him, which also finds him a place in the house and community. The father tells him, without a job, with no income, he has no place in the house too. Naveen is shocked to hear this.

Around the same time in Gujarat, miles away when Naveen is having an argument with his father in Pune, Naina Takkar’s life was going to turn upside down. Her parents get killed in a car accident on a highway in Gujarat.

At around the same time in Mumbai, Jaya Patil has returned to her parent’s house with her belongings, suitcase etc. with her 8 year old son Ajay. She tells her parents that her husband Omkar has thrown her out of the house. Her marriage with her husband was on the rocks. She tells her father that Omkar wanted her to be a homemaker whereas she wanted to be an actress. Omkar is a Director in the film industry. She tells them he is a big womanizer and that he brings women home every night because of which they would have fights every day. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she asks her parents for support in that crucial hour in her life.

After Naveen’s father reprimands him and goes out, he approaches his gullible mother and asks her for their property’s original documents. The flat in which they are all staying as a joint family is in his father’s name. He tells her he will pledge it with a private financier and raise a loan of 30 lacs to produce his movie. He tries to convince her by saying that the movie would be a super hit and he would quickly repay the loan and get the property documents released. When she refuses to listen to him, he blackmails her emotionally that he is her only son and she has to support him with his small request. His wife joins him and tries to influence her mother in law, Naveen’s mother. She says she has confidence in her husband that he would succeed in his endeavors and payback the loan.

Naveen’s mother is apprehensive and scared. She is worried what her husband would say, if he ever finds out one day. She hesitatingly hands over the papers to him. Her husband, ie., Naveen’s father is not aware what has happened behind his back. Naveen mortgages his father’s flat papers, gets a loan sanctioned and leaves for Mumbai to chase his dreams in the film industry, with all the money he got as a loan, leaving his parents and wife behind.

Having run away, Naina has left her Uncle and Aunt’s house and has moved to Mumbai to chase her dreams in the film industry.

Jaya Patil, on the other hand, puts her heart and soul into her derailed acting career and tries to get it back on track. She starts to work very hard, accepting all the assignments that come her way, in her eagerness to become financially independent.

3 months after disappearing from Pune leaving his family behind to fend for themselves, Naveen has started an Auditioning Agency in Mumbai to help aspiring actors get work. He has just auditioned Naina and has taken her in as the leading lady for the film he plans to produce. Around this time, he gets a call from the mortgage financier demanding his dues with interest back and threatens to seize the property he has mortgaged in Pune. Naveen pleads for 3 more months’ time to pay him but the financier is not ready to listen.

A week later back in Pune, his recovery agents knock on Naveen’s father’s house and demand payment of interest for the mortgage financing done. Naveen’s father Rajaram who opens the door is shocked to learn that his flat has been mortgaged by his son and that his wife had kept the secret from him. He tells her it was his life time’s earnings and only identity. The agents use foul language and threaten the family with dire consequences and eviction within a week if dues are not cleared and go away. Naveen’s mother Lakshmi and wife Sushila are mute spectators and beg for more time. All the 3 are shocked at the developments and tears roll down their eyes, at the thought of the impending calamity in their life, of losing the roof over their heads. Rajaram is heart broken, a sincere hard working, responsible, government servant who was to retire in a month’s time. His self respect and self confidence is broken into pieces, at the developing situation, at the language used by the goons threatening him inside his own house.

Homelessness was staring into his eyes and unable to bear the ignominy of such a situation, Rajaram, Lakshmi, Sushila consume poison and commit suicide with no way to reach Naveen, not knowing his whereabouts and contact details.

The police start an investigation, get to know Naveen’s contact details and inform him about the deaths in his family. Strangely, they do not book him for abetment to suicide or cheating and fraud for having mortgaged his father’s property.

2 months have passed and Naina is desperate the film shooting has not yet started as per Naveen’s promise. Naveen tells her his applecart has got a little upset and the schedule has changed a little due to the personal calamity that has struck him, with the deaths in his family. He tells her he has sold the flat in Pune after the police seized the papers from the financier and after paying off his debts, he is left with only a little amount of money which is not sufficient to make the movie. Naina is dumbstruck now and very disappointed. She was on cloud nine when she passed the auditions and got selected as the leading lady for the movie.

With no money, no future, no hope and both of them sailing in the same boat, Naina suggests to Naveen that both of them can team up and start a business together.  She tells him they can charge fees for auditioning prospective candidates, connecting them with other movie houses and producers. With 100’s anyway coming into Mumbai everyday with filmy dreams in their eyes, the potential is huge, she tells him. Naveen likes the idea and immediately agrees to the business proposal.

2 years pass by and then, the police in Mumbai find the headless body of a woman.

Whose body is that? Naina’s or Jaya Patil’s? Who has murdered this woman?

One week after find the body, the cops still don’t have any clue about the identity of the dead woman. The police informers, the backbone of the investigating agencies in many parts of India too have no information to share with the police. Despite publishing the information in local newspapers, the cops draw a blank and don’t get any leads from the general public either. They have shared the information with all police stations in the rest of the state too, but are still groping in the dark.

Just as the cops are getting frustrated that there is no breakthrough in the case, the autopsy doctor comes out with an interesting analysis of the body to help the cops get a direction to find the identity of the woman.

He tells them that although the dead woman was 3 months pregnant, her body was maintained in a perfect healthy condition usually not seen in a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes but this lady had maintained herself in perfect condition. He tells them he has found traces of huge usage of cosmetics and beauty care products on the skin in her legs, arms, hands and stomach which usually is done by models or actresses, by those who care for their physical appearance or beauty. He also tells them that the body is in a fit and healthy condition like that of an athlete who cared for her physical fitness.

The cops take this as a great tip and alert all their informers and set out on their search for any missing model or actress. They start to enquire and check with all modelling agencies, film production houses, the entertainment industry personnel etc., focusing all their energies in that direction.

Meanwhile, Naveen is busy writing a script for his movie on his laptop. He writes, “she came into his life as a freshly blossomed beautiful rose but went on to become a venomous thorn in his life. She was hell bent on finishing off his life. What would the poor man do? When the man started his relationship with her, he hadn’t in his wildest dreams imagined he would see such a day in his life. He had no choice but to somehow get out of this relationship”.

In the next scene, we see that Naveen is in bed with Naina. They have gotten close. Very close obviously. She is telling him her ambition was to become an actress and not a business woman. She tells him they would never be able to make a movie with the meagre earnings they are making with the auditioning fees charged on candidates. He promises her he would certainly make the movie that he planned with her as the leading lady.

Jaya Patil has by now established herself as a popular face on the small screen on television, with a few roles in some movies too. She gets a call from Naveen’s auditioning agency for an audition test. The caller tells her there is an offer for a role in a long continuous TV serial and they wanted to see her.

Next day when she goes for the test, Naveen who sees her at the reception, fashionably dressed, so attractive, he immediately gets drawn towards her. He introduces himself to her as the owner of the agency. When he tells her that he would soon start his own movie as a producer, she gets impressed with him. He compliments her by saying that he has seen her on many television shows and finds her performances great.

At this juncture, Anup Soni tells us that Jaya Patil, Naveen Singh and Naina Takkar, all 3 of them would get entangled with one another’s life in an unimaginable, complicated knot. Naveen has fallen in love with Jaya at first glance.

Soon, Jaya and Naveen go out together for a glass of juice. Over there in the restaurant, Naveen says he cannot believe that she has a 6 year old son (2 years later, when the headless body is found, the boy would be 8 years old). She tells him she will bring her son along next time to prove to him that she indeed is a mother of a 6 year old.

In no time, they get closer and he starts to frequent her house and gets close to her son showering him with gifts and toys. Jaya’s parents too get familiar with Naveen as his visits become more frequent. And one day, he proposes to her.

Jaya is afraid, shocked, confused and very apprehensive. When asked about his relationship with Naina, he says she is his distant cousin and they are just colleagues and there is nothing between them. Jaya innocently believes it. She tells him that her first marriage was a disaster and a big mistake. She tells him she doesn’t want to commit the same mistake again. She goes on and says men’s hearts get full very fast, since her ex-husband first did not want her to work and then he did not want her in his life. Naveen says he is different and not like her ex.

Her parents convince her by telling her that the little boy will get a father in Naveen, more so because they have already started to gel well together. Although very anxious, nervous and fearful, she agrees to the proposal upon her parents’ counselling.

Back in his flat, Naveen continues to feverishly write the script on his laptop. It is October 2015 now in the episode and he writes that there is a kidnap in the story. And a kidnap really happens in Jaya’s life.

Her son Ajay gets kidnapped from the park when his grandmother goes out for a few minutes to buy him an icecream. Jaya and her mother rush to the police station to lodge a missing complaint. Jaya suspects Naina is behind the kidnap and hence the cops question Naina. She denies her role in the act. Jaya strongly feels Naina is jealous of her since she believes Jaya has grabbed Naveen away from Naina.

Naveen is in fact, frantically writing in his script whatever is happening in his life in reality. He writes both the women now start to indulge in mud slinging and character assassination. He writes in the script, if there is character assassination between two women, it should end in a murder. This twist has to be given in the story, he writes, to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and to increase the suspense.

10 days after the headless body was found, an informer calls the police and tells them that two women, one an actress and another an aspiring model, are both missing from work at their respective studios and shooting has halted. He tells the cops their mobiles are both switched off. He gives the missing persons names as Naina Takkar and Jaya Patil. He tells them they are both missing from Jan 17th, the day the headless body was found.

The police find a connect with the murder and gather more details about the two women’s backgrounds. Now, they have a promising lead, at last. They now need to find out if one of them was pregnant. They get a direction now, to take the investigation forward. The officer heading the team is confident they can soon find the head, which will help in the dead woman’s identification.

The Part 1 episode comes to an end here, with Naveen seeing a police advertisement in the newspaper about a headless woman’s body being found and the police seeking public help in identifiying the woman.

Whose body was that? Naina’s or Jaya Patil’s? Who has murdered this woman? Or is it some other woman’s not at all connected to any of these two women? Some other 3rd person unknown to all of us? Are there more twists and turns to this gruesome murder story? Will the police find 2 more bodies in the Part 2 of this story?

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Watch the episode

Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Kalakaar Part 1 – Episode 643 – 2nd April, 2016 on Youtube link given below:


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