Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Kalakaar Part 2 – Episode 644 Spine chilling, gruesome murder story of a struggling actress who gets murdered

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 6th Oct 2017

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a gruesome murder story of a hard working, struggling film actress who is a single mother of an 8 year old son. After a disastrous first marriage and a bitter separation, she finds love and marries again, only to get killed this time. Who has killed her? Her ex-husband? Her current husband? Or his girl friend? Or was it some random killing by a deranged man? Some serial killer?

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Kalakaar in Hindi means artiste, performer, like an actor for example.

2 weeks have passed after the discovery of the headless body of a woman by the Mumbai police and yet, there is no trace of the identity of the dead woman and neither has the head been found. But the police have found out that Naina and Jaya, both working in the entertainment and modelling industry, both are missing. Their mobile numbers have been found by the police but their mobiles are switched off. The call detail records of both the numbers are awaited by the cops. They now visit the studios and places where they were shooting. The cops have also got to know the address and location of the casting agency with whom they were connected.

When the cops visit the agency, they find it under lock. An informer gives them the casting agent Vijay’s number. The cops call him for questioning and get to know that his boss, the owner Naveen had told him to look for a new job as the company would be closed for a few days. Vijay tells the cops he smelt a rat and was surprised why his boss asked him suddenly and abruptly to look for a new job one find day without any rhyme or reason. He tells them the office has been under lock from 17th January onwards.

You may recall that the headless body was discovered by the cops on 17th January. You may also recall that Naina and Jaya have been found to be missing from 17th January (recall what you read in my review of Part 1 of Episode 643 of this same Kalaakar story).

Vijay tells the cops that the common thread linking both the women was his boss Naveen. He tells them Naina had come for an audition one year ago and got selected by Naveen for a movie’s lead role. They ended up having an affair after starting a casting agency, he tells them.

He goes on and says one day, they called Jaya for an audition for a TV serial when Naveen met her. They fell in love and got married, he tells the cops. After marriage, Naveen moves into Jaya Patil’s parents house, where she was staying after her divorce from her first husband.

Soon differences between them cropped and the gap widened after marriage. They started to suspect one another and started to ask probing questions. Each felt the other was intruding into his or her personal space.

The cops now tell Vijay at this stage that they have found a headless body and are not sure whose body it is. They tell him they suspect it is that of an actress or a model, indirectly suggesting to Vijay that it could be the body of one of these women. The coincidence that they are both missing from the same date the body was discovered is hard for the cops to ignore and they see a strong connection. Vijay gets the message. To make the matters worse, Naveen’s mobile has also been found to be switched off from the same date.

When shown the body for identification, he is unable to identify, since the head is missing. He tells them he was just a casting director in the agency and in no way connected with the murder.

He tells them that Naveen is from Pune where a tragedy had occurred in his family wherein his father, mother and wife had committed suicide. The cops are shocked to hear this as they were not aware of this background. He also tells them that Naina’s parents had been killed in a car accident. He tells them that she had run away from her uncle’s/aunt’s house in Ahmedabad.

The cops are not able to believe that so many tragedies or dramas have been enacted in one family’s life. Car accident and death of parents in one family, the survivor falling in love with a man whose entire family has consumed poison and committed suicide and then, the cops finding a headless body of a woman who is connected with this man’s casting agency. They find the links too nauseating, horribly sickening, simply disgusting, absolutely reprehensible and unimaginably despicable. All their 3 mobiles not reachable and found to be switched off, from the same date the body was found makes the cops believe the 3 are somehow connected to the murder.

An informer digs out more information from his artiste friends in the industry and gets to know that Jaya had given interviews to the Media maligning her husband Naveen’s character, accusing him of cheating aspiring actors of their money by charging hefty fees with fake casting and auditioning interviews. Her intention was to caution other budding, talented, innocent young aspiring girls about his cheating habits and to keep them away from his casting agency.

This had obviously created a huge crack in Naveen’s week and dubious marriage to Jaya.

In the light of the above revelation by the police informer, although the cops yet don’t have any proof to nail Naveen, the investigating officer has a strong gut feeling that the body is of one of the women and somehow, Naveen is connected with the murder.

Above from left :::

  1. The woman with a mobile phone in her hand is the real life victim, who was murdered. She is the real life Sasirekha, a film actress who accused her husband Ramesh Shankar of kidnapping her son.
  2. The man in the above picture is the real life killer husband Ramesh Shankar and Lawkiya’s boyfriend. His first wife had committed suicide after consuming poison.
  3. The other young girl in the above picture and in the below picture is the real life partner-in-crime cum girl friend of Ramesh Shankar. The young girl’s name is Lawkiya, from Kerala, who was an aspiring TV and film actress who never got a break in any movie.

By the time the cops reach one of the 3 main characters involved in this crime, the case takes another magnificent twist with one more horrific turn of event. Jaya Patil’s 8 year old son, Ajay Patil gets kidnapped when he is playing in the park. 4 days before the kidnap, Jaya had given that interview to the television and print media accusing Naveen of cheating, infidelity and maligned his character. Jaya, while complaining to the cops, had accused her own husband Naveen and his cousin Naina of the kidnap as a revenge for that interview.

Naveen was taking revenge on Jaya’s revenge.

Jaya was taking revenge on Naveen’s revenge.

Jaya’s media interview was her revenge on Naveen for his domestic violence. Revenge was being taken by one for the revenge of the other. The domestic fight behind closed doors was out in the open in the battlefield.

Jaya tells the cops that Naveen wanted to hurt her deeply and where it would hurt her most, by harming her son because he knew her heart and soul were in her son Ajay. Hence the kidnap, she tells the cops.

The genesis and the catalyst for differences in the married life started when Naveen began to suspect Jaya’s character and fidelity when she got busy with shooting schedules in night shifts continuously for a week. His allegation was that she was shooting only for a serial where shoots are done only in the indoors, he felt. Jaya’s innocence and argument that his allegations were baseless did not convince Naveen and they started to drift apart. His ego gets hurt when she alleges during the argument that he was a frustrated man who was suspecting his wife’s fidelity because of his failures in life, since his long cherished movie was not getting made anytime soon and because she was not recommending his dubious casting agency in her industry circles. The situation gets all the more ugly when she accuses Naveen during the argument that he and Naina were defrauding aspirants with fake auditions and not getting anyone any job or contracts, that they were both running a fly by night operation and were hoodwinking innocent young girls and boys. Naveen looses his cool and slaps Jaya who in retaliation and spontaneously, slaps him back.

Their marriage, as you can see, is on the rocks now.

Naveen leaves the house and goes away. One month passes and the kidnap happens.

The kidnap case is filed in another police station as the jurisdiction was different. The cops call Naveen and Naina for interrogation upon Jaya raising suspicions at them. Both deny any involvement and Naina says she has never seen Ajay, the little boy, not even his photograph.

The call detail records of both prove that they were miles away from the kidnap location. The cops have no evidence to suspect them anymore. Raids on Naveen’s office, his place of residence, Naina’s accommodation yield nothing. The cops don’t find any clue. They are let off.

Since nobody heard the boy screaming when he was kidnapped, the cops suspect he went with someone known to him, during the 5 minutes his grandmother took to fetch an icecream for him upon his stubborn insistence from a nearby shop. The cops now think since Jaya is an actress by profession, perhaps she was acting in real life too, staging the kidnap drama, to put the blame on Naveen, so that he gets arrested and she can take a sweet revenge on him.

Jaya’s CDR reveals that she was at the crime scene location, where the kidnap happened.

The cops are now confident Jaya herself has kidnapped her son to settle her personal scores with her estranged husband. They calmly visit her house and tell her they have found Ajay. Jaya’s mother and Jaya both express shock and happiness at the news that her son has been found and Naveen, Naina have confessed to their crime. Jaya gets excited and asks if they will get punishment for the crime.

The cop opens the bedroom door and shows her Ajay sleeping away to glory on the bed, right under her nose in her own flat.

The cop warns her that she could be prosecuted for wasting the police’s precious time and for filing a false case against two innocent persons and leaves it at that.

Subsequently, the cop advises Jaya that she could instead file a domestic violence case against Naveen for torturing her and for physical abuse but upon Naveen begging for mercy in the police station, she decides not to pursue the case and excuses him. They both compromise, go home and continue to live together again.

All the above is what the kidnap case cop narrates to the cop in another police station who was handling the headless body murder case. Their discussion over the phone ends with the murder case cop getting the address of Jaya’s mother from the kidnap case cop.

Meanwhile, after a police informer had informed the murder case cop that Naina was from Ahmedabad and had run away from her aunt’s house, the Mumbai police had asked the Ahmedabad police to trace the aunt’s house and whereabouts. They succeed in tracing her house and visit her. They tell the cops who visit them that they have no contact with her since she left the house one and a half years ago.

The murder case team now visits Jaya’s mother’s flat upon getting the address from the kidnap case team. The couple, Jaya’s parents tell the police that their daughter Jaya has left her son Ajay under their care and has shifted out to live with Naveen in a separate flat and that they have not had any contact with her for quite some time. They tell the police that their phones are unreachable for quite some time but they presumed she is busy with her TV serial shoots and Naveen busy with his work, which was normal for them as per the parents, for them to be unreachable.

The cops then tell them that they have found a headless body of a woman a month ago and are moving earth and sky to identify the body. They tell them they suspect the body to be that of a model or an actress and they want to know where Jaya is, safe and sound. The parents are shocked to hear this and start to worry for Jaya’s safety now. They bring them to the morgue to identify the body. The arms have a distinct wound which had been sutured up when she was alive. It was a knife attack and physical abuse by Naveen on her weeks after her marriage to him. Jaya’s mother was aware of the cut and the stitches she had got due to the knife attack by Naveen. She recognizes the body indeed as her daughter Jaya’s and breaks down inconsolably.

The cops now have identified the body as Jaya’s and are relieved they have climbed one step up the ladder to catch the culprit. They are now certain either Naveen or Naina or both of them are involved in the murder and launch a manhunt for them. She also confirms to the cops that Jaya was pregnant because of which she patched up with Naveen and went back to live with him despite all the trauma and the domestic abuses she went through repeatedly.

Back in their house, Jaya’s mother is drowning in tears not knowing how to communicate to the little boy Ajay that his mother is no more. At the same time, the couple are wonder how and why their daughter was murdered so brutally by someone.

An informer tells the cops where Naina used to live but when they visit the place, they find it locked, as they expected. They also get to know, to their shock, Naveen and Jaya also used to live in the same flat with Naina and the rent agreement was in Naina’s name.

The director of the episode now takes us into a house where Naina and Naveen are hiding. Naveen is still feverishly scripting on his laptop and proudly tells Naina that he has made several changes to the script he is writing for his movie. He has finally found a climax to the script, he tells her. Naina asks him if he still feels that his film would indeed be produced and completed, after all that has happened in their life. He shows her a newspaper advertisement dated 18th January, the day after the police found the headless body. Today, he says and tells her, is 21st February and the cops haven’t been able to reach them, even after 34 days have passed by. He tells her confidently that they would never reach them even in the future, saying his plan was foolproof and the script has no loopholes.

Naina tells Naveen he should never have patched up with Jaya after the kidnap allegation.

At this stage, we are shown what happened after they patched up.

Jaya tells Naveen she finds it awkward and uncomfortable to stay in Naina’s flat intruding into her privacy. Naveen pacifies her by saying she is his cousin and has a separate bedroom for herself and that she does not mind. Jaya’s naïve and gullible nature has not allowed her to suspect even now, that they are both having an affair behind her back and she is completely oblivious to it.

After this conversation, both fall asleep. Naveen slips out and stealthily enters Naina’s bedroom and sleeps with her. During their romantic encounter, Naina tells him she is confused why he married Jaya when he was actually in love with her as he claims and doesn’t spend the nights with his wife. He says the train got derailed half way through the journey. This goes on for a few nights and Jaya is still not aware of anything.

During the day, when Jaya is busy with her shoots, Naveen spends all his time only in Naina’s room. But it would not last long, their secret affair. The cat would be out of the bag.

On the 16th January midnight, suddenly, Jaya wakes up to find Naveen missing in the bed, beside her. She jumps out of the bed and goes around the flat looking for him. Checks in the bathroom, checks in the toilet, checks in the kitchen and finally reaches Naina’s bedroom, only to discover to her shock, both of them locked behind the bedroom door.

She knocks the door and gets it opened and accuses them of having an affair behind her back. A heated argument breaks out in the middle of the night and she threatens to go the media and malign him again, of having an affair with his “so called cousin” and cheating on her, to teach him a lesson for life. Naveen gets angry and accuses her of having affairs with her co-stars with excuses of night shoots. Naina gets agitated that Jaya is accusing her of having an affair with Naveen, while staying in her flat at her mercy and wants to teach Jaya a lesson. The argument goes out of control when Naveen accuses Jaya of having an affair with any number of men and he tells her that he even suspects the parentage of the child she was carrying in her womb.

Jaya loses her cool at this juncture when he suspects her fidelity and tells Naveen in no uncertain terms and unequivocally, that she would certainly reveal everything to the media in a press conference. Saying so, she barges out of the bedroom seething with anger. Naveen follows her, pleading with her not to do any such thing and not to go out of the house. Realizing that Jaya meant business and seeing how belligerent she was, in an attempt to immobilize her, he grabs a copper flower vase from the dining table and smashes her head with it.

Jaya falls dead.

Naina is shocked at the development and asks Naveen what he did. She tells him they would both be caught by the police. He convinces her to dispose off the body in order to hide the crime and to secure their promising career and future. Reluctantly, Naina agrees and becomes his accomplice in the destruction of evidence.

Naveen separates the head and throws the body in one part of the city and the head in another part of the city, all on the same night of the murder.

Jaya’s body is still lying in the morgue as the cops wait to find the head.

34 days have passed after the murder and over a cup of tea in Naina’s house, Naveen is telling Naina that his movie’s climax and the script is ready and that he would soon be making a pitch to the financiers. He tells her confidently that he would get a fat amount as advance on the first day of his pitch.

Just then, the bell rings. Naveen opens the door, keeping his half consumed tea cup on the table and is shocked to see a posse of policemen at the door, but quickly regaining composure and acting innocent, he expresses surprise and ask the cops what the matter was.

The cop tells him it is the climax in the movie now and the cops have to enter in all movies in any climax scene and hence they have made an entry into his real life movie.

Naveen and Naina both are apprehended. Naveen confesses to the murder under intense interrogation and points out to the cops where exactly he had disposed off the head. After an intensive search operation, the search team locate the highly decomposed head and send it for DNA matching with the headless body to identify both as belonging to one person.

Ajay is finally told about the death of his mother.

Naina’s uncle and aunt come over to meet her in jail.

This story has a lot of drama, the kind of drama you don’t see usually, in anybody’s life. The 3 main characters in this real life drama were tied together and drawn together with one common thread – that of their desire to make it big in the film industry.

That insatiable appetite and aspiration to succeed brought them all together in which one artiste lost her precious life to death while the other two artistes lost their life to a life of darkness and hopelessness behind bars.

The world of crime and the life of criminals repeatedly teaches us and proves to us that the curtains in the last scene in the crime world always fall at only one place.

Behind Bars.

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Watch the episode

Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Kalakaar Part 2 – Episode 644 – 3rd April, 2016 on Youtube link given below:


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