Stories of Murders of School Teachers inside Schools

Oct 11 2017 : copyright The Times of India (Bangalore)
15-year-old boy rapes minor schoolmate in Hassan village; nabbed along with friend
A minor girl was raped allegedly by a 15-yearold boy , when she was returning home on Sunday afternoon in a village in Alur taluk. The main accused and his friend, aged 12, were arrested and a hunt is on to nab the third accused, a 11-year-old boy .

“The main accused, a class X student, allegedly sexually assaulted the girl. Two of his friends allegedly helped him.The 14-year-old girl, a class IX student, and the boys were studying in the same school,“ police said. “All the three boys were playing in the school ground on Sunday afternoon.The girl was returning home when friends of the main accused stopped her. The two boys forced the girl to accept the main accused as her boyfriend. When she refused, they threatened her. When some villagers saw them fight, all the four fled and entered an abandoned house near the ground where the accused allegedly raped her,“ police said.

“The incident came to light on Monday morning when the girl broke down and informed her parents about the incident. Based on the complaint filed by the girl’s parents, we registered a rape case and immediately nabbed the main accused and his friend.

“After registering the FIR, both were sent to Bala Mandir.We have launched a search operation to nab the 11-year-old boy , who is the third accused in the case,“ said Sakleshpur rural inspector Venkatesh.


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