Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Pratikriya Part 1 – Episode 645 Chilling murder story of a financier, bar and restaurant owner businessman who was shot dead

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 7th Oct 2017

Pratikriya in Hindi means repercussions, reaction, response, reactive (like in a chemical reaction), respond, react (like the audience reacting to a great performance) etc.

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a sensational and chilling murder story of a property dealer cum financier, bar and restaurant owner, a successful businessman who is shot dead in broad daylight in a crowded market, with the shooters leaving no clues behind. It is a blind case for the investigators with absolutely no leads.

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It is a busy morning in a heavily crowded market, literally choc-o-bloc and people are busy shopping for all kinds of their daily requirements. No one is paying attention to any one. Each one is focused at what he has got on hand. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard in the crowded market and a man falls badly wounded. Shot at point blank range, the wounded man is Sujit Parihar, a successful businessman.

No one has seen the shooter. He melts into the thick crowds within seconds after the firing. There is not a single eye witness to help the cops when they arrive, although 100’s have gathered around the injured man, in the crowded market.

Sujit is a lovable husband residing in Balmer with his wife Neeta. She has just served him breakfast at home. It is 8.15 in the morning. They have both left for work together on her bike and she has dropped him as usual, at the busy market. He is on his way to his office.

As was his routine, he has a cup of hot tea in the market and starts walking to reach his office, through the crowds. That is when in the crowds, with no one seeing the shooter, he is shot in the head. He is breathing, but falls unconscious, grievously injured in the head and bleeding profusely.

He is shot at point blank range just a short distance away from his office. The bullet is lodged deep in the head.

A well dressed man comes running through the crowds at the scene of crime, making his way through the crowd that has gathered around the wounded man. He expresses shock and concern screaming aloud that he knows the wounded man, that he is a very popular businessman Sujit Parihar.

As the cops arrive, this stranger gives Sujit’s details to the cops, saying he knows him as a popular businessman. He tells them he has diversified businesses and has interests in properties, restaurants, financing, money lending and more.

His wife has already reached her workplace by now. She gets a call from the police informing her of the tragic news. She is shocked to hear from the police at the other end that her husband has been severely injured in a gun fire and that she should immediately rush to the hospital. Seeing her scream in shock, her colleagues crowd around her in the office.

The cops at the crime scene make their preliminary enquiries but they don’t get any lead from the public.

Nadeem is the stranger who has identified the injured man as Sujit Parihar and has also passed on Sujit’s wife Neena’s number to them.

The news spreads like wild fire to all his staff and the network of branches and businesses located at different cities and towns in the state. His employees, customers, vendors are all shocked to hear the news. His wife makes a dash to the hospital.

The cops ask her if he was getting any kind of threats from anyone, if he was getting any extortion calls etc. but draw a blank. She is working in an NGO which is doing some kind of charity work.

Her colleague at the NGO is Wasim. He has accompanied her to the hospital. The cops ask him how well he knew Sujit. He says that he had met him only a couple of times and did not know him personally so well.

The cops go to his office and ask his workers who tell them that Sujit had a bar and restaurant in Bhopal. His main business was financing and money lending, they tell him, extending loans to earn interest. They tell him he was a self-made and successful businessman whose father was a government servant.

The police feel either some jealous rival shot at him or some loan defaulter, who could not pay back the debts.

Rakesh Parmar, Suraj Thakur, Girish Shetty, Sonu Kanojia and Ranjit Gupta are various businessmen or Sujit’s partners who have had differences with Sujit in the past and they are suspects in the police list.

All of them are called for interrogation one by one by the cops. Each of them painted a different picture of Sujit, something that suited their requirements or selfish interests.

The cops visit his office and inspect his various investments in different properties and lands. They find his dealings with Suraj Thakur in some property papers. Likewise, Rakesh Parmar’s in some other property files.

Suraj tells the cops that Sujit was a gentleman but also a cunning businessman. The cops ask him why his property papers in original are lying in Sujit’s office although the property belongs to Suraj and is in Suraj’s name. He tells them Sujit had shown him some land which he could not buy because it was beyond his budget and affordability. Sujit insisted and convinced him to buy it by financing 40 lacs of the total 1.20 crores property worth, which he was falling short of, because of which he kept the papers in original under his custody as security against 40 lac loan given.

Suraj goes on to narrate that it was actually a deception and conspiracy woven by Sujit to trap him since in reality, he was interested in that piece of land parcel and he wanted to buy it. By hoodwinking Suraj, Sujit had actually taken 80 lacs loan from Suraj, made it look like the property belonged to Suraj by registering the property in Suraj’s name but ended up keeping the papers under his (Sujit’s) custody, as he knew either the prices would shoot up phenomenally in a short span of time or Suraj wouldn’t be able to pay back 40 lacs with interest in the agreed time duration. Thus it was his cunning plan to cheat Suraj, he tells the cops. In effect, he wanted to swindle him and was playing a hoax on him. He tells them despite belonging to him, the property is not his because the papers are under his custody. He ends by saying that not only did he keep the papers under lock and key but also his (Suraj”s) life as his 80 lacs was locked up there.

The story does not end there. He goes on and says that in about an year’s time, the market rate shot up to 2.10 crores. Sujit’s arithmetic was that Suraj’s 80 lacs share in the property more than doubled to 2.10 crore but Sujit’s 40 lacs share in the same property did not double to 80 lacs, which was indigestible to Sujit. Hence, he wanted twice his money invested as his share to be returned when a sale happens. Suraj’s argument that he should only get back his principal with interest as he was a financier and not a partner in the investment does not convince the hard core swindler businessman that Sujit was. Sujit is adamant that he has to get 1/3 share back out of the total sale value of 2.10 crores as his 40 lacs was 1/3 of 1.20 crores when it was purchased. Sujit demands 70 lacs back in addition to all the interest accrued till date.

Upon hearing this story, the officer asks Suraj if he got Sujit shot due to this dispute. Suraj says it is a false allegation and claims he had many enemies and he could never do any such thing. He tells the officer when his investment was now worth 2.50 crores as on date, not just 2.10 crores as earlier imagined, he wouldn’t destroy his own life getting involved in a murder. The cops find no reason to take him into custody for further interrogation and let him off.

Nadeem, the man who helped the police at the crime scene is called to the station to give his eye witness account about what he saw that day. He tells them how he heard a gun shot while a little distance away and how he ran in the direction of the sound. Upon seeing a crowd gathering, he too joined them to see what was happening out of curiosity just like the others and recognized Sujit lying in a pool of blood, still breathing but unconscious and bleeding. He tells them he called an ambulance and then the police.

Rakesh Parmar is the other man who also had his papers locked up by Sujit in his custody. The cops call him for interrogation.

Since Rakesh’s story is identical to that of Suraj’s, the cops suspect that both of them together ganged up to bump off Sujit since both had a personal score to settle with him. They felt both had a grudge against Sujit as both felt cheated. But the police have no proof against either of them, only suspicion.

Sonu Kanojia looks after a bar and restaurant in Bhopal, that belongs to Sujit. The cops call Sonu for interrogation. He has come over to see Sujit in hospital.

He sows a seed of suspicion on Girish Shetty in the minds of the investigating officers. He tells the cops that before he started managing the bar in Bhopal, Girish used to manage it for Sujit but they both fell off after disagreements over Girish’s demand for higher compensation. He was sacked from the job as a Manager over allegations of misappropriation of funds. Girish tells the cops that they both had a heated argument over this issue and that Girish had threatened Sujit of consequences. He tells them that Ashish, a bartender was the witness to this fight who later joined a new bar along with Girish. Girish had told Ashish on one occasion that he would take revenge on Sujit.

They now get hold of Ashish who tells them that was 2 years ago and he had said so under the influence of liquor. The cops reach Bhopal and interrogate Girish in his Bar. He admits that he was very angry with Sujit and that he would have certainly given supari to get him killed but that he did not. He claims innocence and says over time, his anger subsided and he cooled down. He also says he felt sorry for Sujit upon hearing that he was shot.

The call records of all the suspects are procured but the cops don’t find anything suspicious in the records.

The cops recall how the incident happened based on the event and the fact that the bullet was lodged in the head. This meant that the shot was fired from close range, perhaps from just beside Sujit’s persons. Perhaps the shooter, after shooting, mingled with the crowd before the people around Sujit or those in the vicinity could even realize what was going on or before they could react.

Hitting dead ends everywhere from all investigation angles, they now trace the shooter’s footsteps.

For him to shoot, he should know who the target was. He knew who Sujit was and which route he would take every day and at what time. He was lying in wait for him acting like a member of the crowd.

The officer now feels something could be fishy in his personal life as the business rivalry angle and investigation did not yield any results till now. He feels the cause could be in relationships, in love or love failure. Some relationship turned sour somewhere.

He thinks it is the right time now to interrogate Neeta, Sujit’s wife. He wants to know from her if there was any relationship loss in the past or some issue in the present or some dream of the future which got shattered, ending in this gun attack.

At this juncture, 3 days have passed and Sujit loses his battle for life. He breathes his last. Having started business at 24, with no support from anyone, he dies at a young age of 30.

It now becomes a murder case from “attempt to murder”.

Sujit’s Manager tells the cops that Neeta Parihar before marriage was Neeta Sharma. She joined his company as a Marketing Consultant 2 years ago. She soon won Sujit’s confidence due to her excellent performance and got several promotions, to finally become General Manager Finance. Soon Sujit started to depend on her opinion or advice for everything, especially those related to finances and loans. With profitable business deals, they got close and personally involved with each other. Soon it ended in marriage, tells the Manager. She joined the company in 2013 and got married to Sujit in 2014. He tells them she stopped working in the company after marriage and joined an NGO to do social service work, to keep herself busy. The reason given by Sujit was that she felt uncomfortable bossing over her ex-colleagues now, as the boss’s wife.

Wasim becomes her colleague in the NGO.

The cops now ask the Manager if Sujit used to go to Bhopal only for business or if he had any other purpose. The Manager tells the cops he was a clean man and a loving husband who had no affairs with any other woman anywhere, not in Bhopal too. The cop replies by saying it is not necessary that what we see is the truth. At the same time, what is not visible to the eyes, it is not necessary that it is not fake. This meant what is not visible, could be fake. He was hinting at something that he was suspecting.

The cops call Neeta to the station for interrogation, for the first time.

She tells them she had heard Sujit screaming over the phone in a very agitated manner at Sonu Kanojia, their current Manager of their Bar in Bhopal. They were fighting bitterly over Sonu’s demand for a raise in profit share from 40% to 60%, although the whole restaurant actually belonged to Sujit.

Sujit was bitter with the fact that Sonu was showing his true greedy colors instead of being grateful for Sujit’s generosity that he offered an employee a 40% profit share.

Sonu is dragged into the station for an intense interrogation but he too like the others, pleads innocence saying he got married only an year ago and was on the family way, that he wouldn’t risk his life with a murder at such a juncture in his life when his wife was pregnant. He tells them he only demanded what he felt was his right because he was the active manager in the bar and Sujit was only a sleeping partner staying far away in Balmer.

The officer doesn’t believe him and puts him in the lockup for the night.

The investigation takes a sudden turn and a different angle at this stage when an informer calls and informs the police that Sujit was running a Flowers Boutique in Bhopal in partnership with a woman and being managed by her, called Priya Gupta. She is an attractive, beautiful, fashionable young lady.

The cops find this angle very interesting and wonder if it was love gone bitter or if it was a love triangle, with 2 women and a man.

They check with Sujit’s manager in his Balmer’s office who is surprised to learn that his boss Sujit had a flower business of which he was not at all aware. Likewise, Neeta too expresses shock and says she never knew of such a business in Sujit’s portfolio.

To make matters more complicated for the investigative team, the informer again calls from Bhopal and tells them that Sujit had met a history sheeter serving a 7 year jail term in Bhopal’s local jail. The cops wonder why a clean businessman met a history sheeter and find this as an additional angle to investigate.

They immediately dash to Bhopal to talk to Priya and also to meet the history sheeter, Aslam. They find that she is a married woman and happy with her husband.

Aslam had introduced Iqbal Qureshi to Sujit. As a gesture of thankfulness, he had brought sweets and some gift to Aslam in the jail. The cops now suspect that Sujit had given supari to Iqbal to bump off someone, through Aslam. This meeting had happened 2 months ago. Since Aslam was in jail, he had introduced Iqbal to Sujit for some supari killing is the line of thinking that crosses the police’s mind.

The cops launch a manhunt for Iqbal Qureshi. They wonder if it was a classic case of the hunter getting hunted. They also wonder if it all went tragically wrong and the supari killer ended up killing the supari giver, by mistake.

They also wonder if it was possible that Sujit gave a supari for an X’s killing and the X on the other hand at the same time, gave a supari for Sujit’s killing, unbeknown to Sujit. Or perhaps there was another Y involved who wanted to see the end of Sujit who gave a supari to some other gangster. They also wonder if it was all a game played by Sujit to get himself killed to get a huge insurance compensation for his wife after his death, perhaps because he suffered huge financial losses in business.

Neeta gets back to work at her NGO to forget the tragedy that has struck her and in order not to slip into depression due to her husband’s untimely death. Wasim is very happy that she is back at work, along with all her other colleagues who also express happiness.

With pain and sorrow, tears in her eyes, she keeps Sujit’s photograph on her table in the office and gets back to work, as her colleagues look on sadly.

Part 1 ends here.

The police are still shooting in the dark working on several angles. They still do not know the motive of the killers or the supari givers or takers. They are working on several leads and following several directions but headed nowhere, going round and round in circles. Frustration and dissatisfaction is visible on their faces.

Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode’s murder case in the below link:

Watch the episode Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Pratikriya Part 1 – Episode 645 – aired on 8th April, 2016 on Youtube link given below:


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