Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Pratikriya Part 2 – Episode 646 – 9th April 2016 – chilling murder story of a businessman who is a financier and also owns a bar and restaurant and several other businesses who is shot dead

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 11th Oct 2017

Pratikriya in Hindi means repercussions, reaction, response, reactive (like in a chemical reaction), respond, react (like the audience reacting to a great performance) etc.

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a sensational and chilling murder story of a property dealer cum financier, bar and restaurant owner, a successful businessman who is shot dead in broad daylight in a crowded market, with the shooters leaving no clues behind. It is a blind case for the investigators with absolutely no leads.

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The police decide to dig into the history of the history-sheeter Iqbal Qureshi who was introduced to Sujit by Aslam who was in jail Sujit met. The police suspect that Iqbal was offered a counter supari by the hunted after Sujit gave the supari to Iqbal as the hunter to bump off someone that Sujit wanted to see dead.

They also suspect something was cooking up between the flower shop partner Priya Gupta and Sujit, either in the past or in the present. When they question her, she tells them that her husband knew about her partnership with Sujit but if no one knew in Sujit’s family, she could not be held responsible for that. The cops suspected something fishy precisely because of that reason – because none in Sujit’s office or his family knew about this partnership business. She tells them she met Sujit in a hotel in the city when he visited the hotel as a guest for a party which was decorated with flowers by her. Having been impressed with her excellent quality and work, he offered to join her as a financier and partner, to help her expand her business.

She tells them that she had no affair with him and that she was very happy with her husband. The cops leave her by warning that if she has lied to them, it will hurt her later after they find out the truth, just like how it hurts when a thorn in a flower accidentally pricks you sometimes. She tells them she is not afraid as she has spoken only the truth and she does not need to remember anything that she told them, as one does not need to remember the truth.

The cops decide to interrogate her husband Ranjit Gupta next. Their assumption is that the mind becomes uncontrollable when the heart gets hurt.

Did her husband give a supari for Sujit’s murder? Is he financially so strong? Did Priya have an affair with Sujit? Did her husband Ranjit Gupta find out about it and decide to get rid of Sujit?

Ranjit tells them that he did suspect they were having an affair but never had any concrete evidence to that effect. Just basing on a suspicion without evidence, he wouldn’t want to destroy his life by murdering someone, he tells them. Also he says, he was not wealthy enough to pay a hired killer. If he had had the money, he did not have the courage. And why kill only Sujit, he asks the cops, when the woman was also equally responsible for the affair? Why not both or why not only Priya? He concludes by saying that he was innocent and that he has nothing to with Sujit’s murder.

The police visit the local jail and find out that Sujit had met Aslam in the jail 2 months ago. Aslam confirms that Sujit had met him asking for a supari killer’s contact and paid him 5000 for the contact details. He passed on Iqbal Qureshi’s details to Sujit for them to do business together. He claims he does not know anything more than that but he too expresses surprise that the hunter got hunted eventually.

The cops draw a blank and hit a dead end again, heading nowhere.

Meanwhile they get the history of Iqbal and find from their crime files that he is wanted in connection with 7 supari murders committed by him. With no proof against any, he is now out on bail. They get hold of his photograph too.

Sujit’s wife Neeta calls to find out about the progress in the murder investigation. When the cops tell her that Sujit was planning to get someone killed, she expresses shock. She says she is not aware of any such thing.

The manager too claims that Sujit was not a person of dubious character and he could never do such a thing as to plan someone’s murder or hire a supari killer for the job.

The cops call Nadeem, the eye witness stranger who helped the cops to identify the wounded man as Sujit. They show him Iqbal’s picture but he fails to recall if he saw him there in the crowds that day. He is of no help to the cops. None of the shopkeepers there in the market either can recall seeing Iqbal on that day at the scene of crime.

The pictures are circulated to their entire network of police informers in the whole state. They circulate his pictures in the whole state in every Dargah and every Masjid.

The phone records of all the suspects throw nothing suspicious. Hence, the police start ticking one by one off including Priya and her husband.

The cops are not able to head in any direction because they do not know the cause that led to the murder as the effect (as in cause and effect, as in action and reaction). To know the effect or reaction (Pratikriya), they had to know the cause or action (Kriya) in the first place. They were in the dark about the Kriya.

Was it a perfect murder or a perfect planning?

As luck would have it, out of the blue, Iqbal directly calls the police himself, seeing his posters all over the state as he gets panicky. He tells them they cannot reach him but he was willing to give them some tips.

He tells them at the time of the murder in Pritam Market, he was not even physically present there and that the whole deal was done for 25000. Sujit had paid him 5000 as advance only to be ready for the job.  After that he never saw Sujit again as Sujit was murdered by someone else. Iqbal makes it clear to the police that he was not responsible for Sujit’s murder at all.

The cops are now in a dilemma again as the truth seemed to be lying under several layers of conspiracy which were again woven in several webs of secrecy.

They now suspect Sujit discussed his secret supari killing plans with someone who leaked it out to the ultimate target, who then paid supari to another hired killer to finish off Sujit as a pre-emptive strike. Kill and live was his motto. The killer’s, whoever it was.

They go back to the crime scene – visually – to reconstruct the crime and finally find their breakthrough here.

An informer calls them and tells them to visually revisit and analyze the crime scene again.

He tells them to ask themselves, who got the call first in the police department?

Who was the caller? A stranger and member of public.

How did the cops know that it was Sujit Parihar who was dead? Somebody told them.

Who told them? The caller who told them about the murder.

Then they even got to know the dead man’s wife’s name and number as Neeta Parihar. Who told them? The stranger caller.

How did the caller know it was Sujit who was dead? How come he had ready information about the dead man’s identity and his wife’s name and number too?

Sujit had been married only for 5 months.

The police informer tells the cops to wonder about all the above and suggests that it was all a part of a well planned murder, in which the shooter never disappeared from the crime scene but mingled with the crowd and presented himself to the police as a duty conscious citizen and helped them with the dead man’s identity and his wife’s name and number. He suggests that the caller himself was the shooter.

The cops are shocked beyond belief with this tip and simple food for thought.

The informer tells the cops that Nadeem was a history sheeter who has served time in Bhojpur jail and accused in 4 murders. The police had all along been considering him as an eye witness whereas in reality, he should have been the main accused and main suspect. The investigation takes a complete 360 degree turn and a man hunt is launched immediately for the caller cum stranger cum eye witness cum shooter. His name is Nadeem Siddiqui who the cops had met several times during the course of the investigation of the murder but never suspected him.

Hiding a country made pistol behind a bag, he had mingled with the crowd, walking towards Sujit approaching him. Walking past just beside him, he shoots him in the head, at point blank range, inches away from his target. No one sees him shooting, as Nadeem was literally beside Sujit, in the thick market crowds. In seconds, he walks farther away after shooting. A crowd gathers immediately. He rushes back and joins the crowd showing concern at the shooting, calls the police and the ambulance and waits for the police to arrive to give his eye witness account. The cops had all along been thinking he was indeed an innocent market visitor like many others there.

The cops ask Neeta if he had the habit of having tea in the market every day before reaching office. She is not sure about that but confirms that she used to drop and pick him up every day, since about 5 months, on her two-wheeler as their offices were both close by.

The cops tell Neeta that Nadeem is a sharp-shooter who shot at Sujit and then, also called for an ambulance and also informed them about the ghastly shooting at the market.

Just when the officer is talking to Neeta across the table in the police station, the officer gets a call from someone. We are not let into what the caller says but we hear the officer telling the caller to keep the information confidential. The matter has got to do with this case and it is about a major lead in the case.

The officer dismisses Neeta that they will soon give her some good news about the case and that they have got a major lead in the case.

Nadeem is on the run and trying to hide. He has been tipped off by someone that now he is the main suspect.

Just as he is trying to escape from his room, the cops surround him and apprehend him.

The cops had mentioned Nadeem’s name only to one person connected with the case. They had revealed his involvement in the shooting only to Neeta, the dead man Sujit’s wife.

There was only one possibility. Neeta directly or indirectly tipped off Nadeem and ordered him to run for his life.

The call that the officer had received when he said to the caller “keep the information confidential” was from Aanchal, Neeta’s colleague at the NGO. She was telling the officer over the phone that Wasim was behaving abnormally in the office and was looking nervous when she mentioned to Wasim that Neeta had gone to the police station. She tells the officer that Neeta and Wasim both had planned to take a 2 week off from work at exactly the same dates. She tells the officer she finds it suspicious that they are both taking off at the same time.

The police visit Neeta’s house. She anxiously asks them if they know who the culprit is. The officer tells her, “Nadeem, the one who pulled the trigger, passed by very closely, walking just beside Sujit, shot him from close range, then became his sympathizer, ran to him, called the ambulance, called the police and shared his family’s contact details with them. Acting very naïve and innocent, he had always been misleading the police, though being a history sheeter and wanted killer, throwing dust into the police’s eyes and acting innocent just like the main conspirator and the supari giver – who was always in front of their eyes, always misleading them, acting like a sad, depressed woman, shedding a lot of crocodile tears, the one who was standing in front of them now”. Neeta gets the message. She is arrested.

The cop asks her to say whatever she has got to say, in front of Wasim, since Wasim has told them everything in front of Nadeem.

Sujit had once caught them both red handed in Wasim’s flat. At that time, she was just making tea for both of them when Sujit walked in. His suspicions were raised about their relationship since both of them were in Wasim’s flat at a time when they were both supposed to be at the NGO at work.

Neeta tells the cops if they hadn’t killed Sujit, he would have killed Wasim.

Sujit had himself told her that he had made arrangements to ensure that no one comes in between them to disturb their happily married life. He had told her that he had met a convict in a jail who had given him the reference of a criminal who would kill anyone for money. He tells her that he has advanced the criminal some money to be ready for the kill job.

Sujit tells all this to Neeta as a matter of fact and also as a warning just to see that she keeps herself away from Wasim. But on the contrary, afraid for Wasim’s life, she goes and shares everything with Wasim. Wasim tells her to save his life, he can not go away from his life. He tells Neeta that she was his life and he can not go away from her. They both decide to stay together and conspire to get rid of Sujit before Sujit executes his plan to get rid of Wasim.

Wasim tells her he does not want to die. He wants to live with Neeta.

When Neeta asks Wasim if they could both become one upon Sujit’s death, Wasim says he is not sure but he is certain that they could never become one so long as Sujit was alive.

Wasim gets in touch with Nadeem and gives him the contract to kill Sujit for a supari.

All those connected with Sujit including his manager and business partners like Rakesh Parmar, Suraj Thakur, Girish Shetty, Sonu Kanojia, Ranjit Gupta and Priya Gupta are shocked to learn that it was Sujit’s own wife who conspired to kill Sujit.

Anup Soni summarizes by saying that the storm that is generated in the heart brings thoughts of destruction to the mind and one destructive mind has the strength and capacity to destroy not one but many many lives. Crime always only brings destruction. Crime can never bring happiness. Can two lovers ever become one by killing a third person in the love triangle? This same question arises many times, each time such a crime is committed by a deranged lover or by a lover with a criminal bent of mind. The answer is always “no, never”.

In the minds of two people in love, if ever there is a thought that creeps into one’s mind that murder is the solution to their problem of the involvement of a third person, it is a signal that a monster sized sick devil has taken control over one’s ability to think rationally. That is the time to keep away from such a person and from such thoughts by breaking away from the shackles of illusionary and fake love. When a thought of murder crosses a lover’s mind, in reality, it is actually the murder of love itself. Nobody’s problem can ever be solved by someone’s murder. Crime always brings destruction.

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Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Pratikriya-2 – Episode 646 – 9th April, 2016 on Youtube link given below:


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