Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Dahshat – Episode 639 Gang of dacoits who terrorized Mumbai residents by committing burglaries

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 12th Oct 2017

Dahshat in Hindi means horror, terror, scared, scary, fearsome

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a true story and a hair raising story about a gang of dacoits who terrorized Mumbai residents by committing burglaries in the middle of the night in apartment complexes by brandishing lethal weapons like guns and machettes. Brutal and inhuman, they were not afraid of the law at all. Proof of the true story links are given at the end of this review here below.

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It is a dark night. The police are in hot pursuit of a gang of dacoits in the thick forests of Maharashtra somewhere. They are chasing them on foot.

After chasing them for a long time in the dark jungle, the Inspector in charge manages to catch hold of one dacoit but just as he holds the dacoit’s arm, he easily slips out of his grip. All the dacoits in the gang are in shorts and banian. His entire body is oiled. It is the gang’s modus operandi to oil themselves well before a dacoity, to slip out of one’s grip when caught. They are called the “chaddi banian gang”.

They had spread terror in the nearby towns and cities.

The police conduct a meeting and decide to strike at them ruthlessly and apprehend them at the first opportunity this time after one failed attempt. In one previous encounter with them, the police force had lost one Inspector and another Assistant Sub Inspector. They were dreaded criminals.

For some criminals in real life, crime is a path they take to reach a destination. But for some, it is a way of life, just to live life. For this gang, it was neither of that but a tradition that they were following since generations. It was the profession of their lineage.

This gang had first struck in 1999 when in one major city of Maharashtra, they had gripped an entire city in the darkness of terror. Now, it was 2015. Their reign of terror had gone on unchallenged for 6 long years already.

They reach a posh area or locality in the dead of night fully dressed and then they leave most of what they wear behind in a park nearby, only to paint their faces with black dark grease and soak their entire body with oil. Wearing only a chaddi and banian (shorts and banian), they attack a posh colony nearby robbing and looting houses in the dark of the night, carrying guns, swords, knives and machettes.

For 2 years, they had been lying low and had gone underground. Now, they have raised their ugly head and struck suddenly, looting locked flats in posh apartment complexes. The police wonder how they would get to know which flat is under lock with the inhabitants having gone out.

They had been captured in several CCTV cameras in the past but were out of reach of the police till now. The cops activate their informers networks. Patrolling is intense and staff strength on patrol is doubled for the nights.

It is 3 am in the dead of the night. The whole colony is fast asleep including the security guard at the gate. A 5 member gang armed with lethal weapons calmly enters the gates and into one flat at random. They ring the bell a couple of times.

Her brother-in-law’s family stays upstairs in the same building. Assuming it could be them ringing the bell due to some emergency, the housewife in sleepy eyes callously opens the door. Her husband is fast asleep.

Brandishing lethal weapons, the gang enters the door to her utter shock.

They wake up the husband, tie him up and threaten them at gunpoint, knives and daggers. In minutes, they loot all the valuables from the flat like jewellery and cash, the laptop etc. and disappear, fortunately for the couple, without harming them. Their objective was only to loot.

The building does not have CCTV cameras. The couple have in all, lost about 9 lakh worth of property in cash and jewellery.

As the whole city is in a grip of panic and fear with several such instances by the same gang, the police arrange a joint meeting with several housing colony associations and their members in order to spread an awareness about safety precautions and how they could help the cops in catching the culprits.

Fear among the public is the biggest weapon in the hands of criminals and habitual offenders. The police activate their informants network and put them on high alert. The police install more CCTV cameras at vantage points near housing colonies. For the next 3 months, the gang goes underground with no activity.

One night, they strike again. As usual, at an apartment complex but in a different area since the police surveillance had been tightened in the area where they had first committed the robbery.

They have kept watch on a young good looking model, her work hours, what time she goes out, comes in, her activities etc. One night, as she steps out for her night shift, they loot her house, stealing about 2 lakh worth of valuables, after tying up the building security guard. After a looting spree of 20 minutes, they come back and untie the guard.

The police arrive and take the statements of many eye witnesses.

The police collect the CCTV footage and analyze them.

They wonder how they arrived at the target? How did they know that the target model, whose house they looted, lived alone? Who passed on the information to them about her? Did they have informers?

Even as the cops were working overnight to catch the gang, they were ready on their next mission. It is February 2016 now.

An old couple is leaving for their house late in the night after dinner at their daughter’s house. An auto picks them up. The driver has covered his face with a muffler almost completely. The daughter and son in law are alone at home.

The driver is looking at the old woman in the auto menacingly, through his rear view mirror, as he keeps driving.

A police informer is riding his bike along with his girlfriend late in the night on a haunted road. He spots 5 men in chaddi banian who are on foot, with a heave long rope hanging around one’s shoulders. As he passes by them, they throw stones at him and try to attack him. He escapes on the bike safely with his girl friend, goes to a safe distance and calls the police & informs them that he suspects they are the same gang they are looking for.

The police team leave for the spot mentioned by the informer.

Meanwhile, the old couple in the auto are suspicious of the driver’s intentions, as he is driving very slowly and taking a detour, through dark haunted streets unnecessarily. They are very anxious and worried about what is going to happen to them.

The auto nears their destination apartment complex. No sooner does it arrive at the gates, the gang surrounds them brandishing their lethal weapons and starts to rob them of their wallet, mobile, gold on their person etc. The guard who comes running to help them is chased away by the gang. As the couple protest and fight back, both of them are stabbed.

Just then, the police vehicle arrives and they call for an ambulance. Back is called for, as the guard tells them that they ran into the jungles nearby. A hunt in the thick jungles is launched. It is a 5 member gang they are chasing.

The police team was determined to either apprehend them all this time or finish them off once and for all. So, the chase began into the dark jungles.

After chasing them for a while, firing ensues. Gunfire is exchanged. The gang members fire from their low quality country made pistols. The cops return fire.

One officer and one constable get injured. The team is left with only the last 2 bullets. There is silence.

The injured officers are escorted out of the jungle by 2 other constables.

There are only 3 cops left, to face off with the gangsters. Additional reinforcements are rushed in. By then, it is dawn and the first rays of the sun throws light on the scene of the gunfight.

Dilip, Anil and Ekanath are still hiding in the bushes as the cops surround them under the early morning sun. Shinde and Radheram are the 2 others who have escaped.

Initially, all the three are tightlipped and refuse to answer any questions. When the officer threatens to shoot them dead in an encounter, one guy, Anil, opens up and reveals that the other two had escaped to Aurangabad. Dilip is the gang leader and he starts talking after 2 days of torturous and intense interrogation. During those 2 days, the Aurangabad police apprehend Shinde and Radheram too from their place of hiding, which was given by Anil to the police.

The officer is now more interested in knowing how they would identify which house to rob and who was passing on the information to them.

The first house they robbed was a chance target for them. One from the team had seen the entire family carry a lot of luggage and suitcases to a taxi, which looked like they were going on a long holiday. After the family locked the house and left, they raided it in the night to find real good loot, Dilip tells the cops.

The second house, in which a young couple were robbed of about 9 lakhs was cake walk for them, Dilip tells them.

Dressed smartly as a Sales Executive, Dilip had himself visited the woman’s house 2 days before the robbery, displaying sanitary and bathroom utilities like Phenyle, soap etc. The woman looked very naïve and gullible, opening the door to a stranger, in an apartment complex where usually door to door salesmen are not entertained anywhere. Besides, she was alone, he had noticed.

He had also observed that the watchman is always fast asleep not only during the night but also during the day. With the usual excuse of asking for water to quench his thirst, he looks around the house when she goes in to fetch the water for him. He decides there should be enough valuables to rob as the family looked above average middle class.

Next day, for even better observation, Anil visits the same lady’s house as a salesman. This time, he is a computer spare parts and accessories salesman. He offers her pen drive to purchase. When he forces her, she tells him that her husband uses the laptop and that he comes home late in the night. Next, he forces her to buy a calculator for children at home when she again reveals unnecessary information and tells him that she has no children.

The same night, they raided the house and looted it of 9 lakhs worth of valuables.

Then they went underground for 3 months to hide in their holes in Aurangabad, he tells the officer.

The Model, whose house they looted next, her name is Kashish.

Dilip visits her complex before the robbery and asks the security guard if he wishes to get his ears cleaned, acting as an ear cleaner. He had been noticing for quite some time that the beautiful young lady Kashish used to jog around the building.

The guard sits down to get his ears cleaned with Dilip when this woman approaches the guard and tells loudly that she needed the services of a plumber and if he could arrange one for her. Dilip was waiting for just this kind of an opportunity. He hears the conversation as it happens in front of him.

She innocently tells within hearing distance of this stranger Dilip that she stays alone at home and that since she has a modelling assignment and shooting schedule that night, the plumber needs to come over immediately.

When the guard says he would arrange a plumber immediately and asks her for her flat number, she mentions it along with the floor number which Dilip eagerly hears.

This is exactly what Dilip was waiting to hear.

The same night, their gang looted Kashish’s flat.

When the cop asks him why they attacked and stabbed an old couple, he tells the officer they were waiting to enter a building to loot 2 flats which they had identified at which time, the auto arrived with the old couple. Since the cops were hovering around everywhere with tight security due to the frequent robberies in the area, they could not enter the building to loot and since they decided not to go empty handed, they decided to loot the old couple who happened to alight from the auto just by chance in front of them.

When the cop tells Dilip that they were helpless and old, aged couple, the gang leader argues and says that he too is a helpless man with his gang members coming from a very poor background struggling to make ends meet in utter poverty. The officer tells him there are millions more like him across the country who are also poor and helpless like him but they work hard to earn a living and have not taken to crime to earn a fast buck. The cop tells him millions have the desire to work hard and they have a conscience which is missing in him and his gang members.

The team recovers a part of the loot from all the houses put together.

The dreaded chaddi baniyan gang is finally behind bars, where they rightly belong.

In hot pursuit of the dreaded gangsters risking their own lives, the daredevil cops displayed exemplary courage to finally apprehend them and succeed in taking the menace out from society.

Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode’s dacoity case in the below link:

Watch the episode

Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Dahshat – Episode 639 – 25th March, 2016


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