Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chunauti Part 1 – Episode 637 – 18th March, 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 16th Oct 2017

Chunauti in Hindi means challenge, a challenging assignment

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a blind murder case that the Mumbai police take up as a challenge to bring justice to the victim, since no clues, no identification papers, no mobile phone, nothing is found on the body. They have no clue as to the dead man’s identity. A young man is brutally murdered and his body is abandoned in a secluded place.

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The autopsy doctor is explaining to the Police that the face has been crushed beyond recognition by a heavy object like a boulder or a big stone. The body is that of a young man about 23 years of age.

Each time a criminal tries to hide the identity of the victim by destroying the face or separating the head, the killer thinks that the law enforcement authorities can never reach him. In reality however, he is trying to hide his face and is making a futile attempt in that regard. Because the police always do finally reach him, although it becomes a challenge for the police to establish the identity of the dead person and eventually reach the killer.

In today’s case however, all limits had been crossed. The cruelty, brutality & inhumanity by the perpetrators of the crime in this case and episode, knew no boundaries. The length to which they went to cheat and defraud knew no frontiers.

An young man in Dirugaon, Fatehpur, UP gets a call from his friend in Mumbai. The caller is inviting him to stay with him in Mumbai for a few days.

He is a 23 year old young man. After two days, his dead body is found by the police, somewhere in Mumbai.

For days together after his visit to Mumbai, his girlfriend is making attempts to reach him on the phone but is unable to, as his phone is switched off continuously.

For a number of days after his death, even his parents and his younger brother back home in Dirugaon are not even aware that their loved one is already dead in Mumbai.

For days together after the murder, the killers are roaming free in the city, confident that their crime will never be discovered, that the cops would never find them, that their identity would never be discovered.

The police were wondering who the dead man was, where had he come from and why was he killed, who were his killers.

The Bagdoli police station in Palghar District in Maharashtra, gets a call from a constable who says he found a dead body in Malergaon, Palghar District. It is 28th Oct 2015. The face has completely been smashed beyond recognition.

There are no identification papers on the body. The police find a liquor bottle and a machette, blood soaked one, near the body. The only thing they find on the body is a locket in a necklace with a baba’s picture in it.

The autopsy report says the man had consumed a lot of liquor before dying.

Had the killers deliberately left some false clues at the crime scene to mislead the police or were the liquor bottle and the machette the genuine ones? The batch number details and of the manufacturer is clearly visible on the liquor bottle.

Was the dead man killed elsewhere and his body transported and dumped here or was this the place where he was done to death?

These were the thoughts that were crossing the officer’s mind.

Enquiries in the nearby villages for any missing person around Malergaon where the body was found end with no results.

Enquiries with the entire state’s police network also yield no results with all stations confirming that they do not have any case on their hands, as a “missing person’s case” matching the profile of the dead man. The police hence conclude perhaps the man belonged to a state other than Maharashtra.

The flashback into the dead man’s life shows us that his girlfriend Jyothi is pestering him to reveal to her why he is going out of station for a few days. But the man is reluctant and does not want to reveal anything to her.

After he has disappeared, she goes to meet his younger brother Atul, to find some news about him but he is equally in the dark and has nothing to tell her. Both are depressed and despondent unable to understand what happened to him and where he has gone.

Despite his phone being switched off for a number of days continuously, neither Atul’s family nor Jyothi have filed a missing persons complaint.

The police are putting in all their efforts to establish some connection of the dead man with someone alive in this world. Towards that end, they achieve some success when they manage to find the pictures of the baba found in the locket, on the internet search results too. The baba’s name is Yagnesh Maharaj from Prabhu Niketan Ashram in Kanpur, UP. A team immediately leave for Kanpur to meet Yagnesh and make enquiries about the dead man’s identity.

Meanwhile, another cop manages to identify the Liquor Bar which sold the bottle found near the body, upon matching the Batch Number found on the bottle with the stock sold by the shop. This, after checking with 100’s and 100’s of liquor shops in the city for the batch number identification. The bar has CCTV Cameras installed and they pass on the video footage to the cops, of the day when the bottle was purchased at their outlet. The footage is of 27th Oct 2015, when they are consuming liquor in the bar and also buying the parcel bottle, which was later found at the crime scene.

The police observe that in the bar’s footage, the victim who was killed, is having fun and liquor at the bar with 2 of his friends, unaware that he would be killed at the end of the session.

A man in the footage is wearing the same dress that was found on the dead man’s body. The faces of all the 3 are clearly visible in the footage.So the cops are able to give a face to the dead body found by them. The police feel the other 2 could be his killers.

The police now have their most important lead to work on the case. A face of the dead man’s body.

The Ashram staff tell the cops that they have a branch in Borivali in Mumbai where congregations are held for devotees. The cops suspect the dead man had some connection with this ashram because of which he was wearing a locket with the picture of the baba Yagnesh.

The Ashram official gives the cops the Borivali branch’s congregation’s organizer’s contact details.

The organizer meets the cops but is unable to identify the dead man. Neither does he recognize the 2 other men in the footage found in the bar consuming liquor.

The police launch a massive search operation in Palghar to identify the whereabouts of the 3 persons found in the video footage by alerting all their informers network. They personally visit markets, shops, houses and enquire door to door, asking and showing the photographs of the 3 men. The search goes on for many days.

The body is laid to rest as per Hindu customs as an unclaimed, unidentified body by the police themselves but the investigation continues.

This young man has left his house telling his parents and brother back home in Dirugaon that he is leaving for Mumbai and would see his sister in Ahmedabad on the way in Gujarat. He tells them his phone would be switched off for most of the time due to network problems in the particular area.

His parents, brother and girlfriend Jyothi are very anxious, very worried for his safety and wellbeing, since they have not heard from him in several days.

With no breakthrough and no leads, the Bagdoli police station in Palghar District of Maharashtra who found the body and who were handling the murder investigation, decide to pass on the information to UP police, as they now suspect the man perhaps belonged to UP. They feel so because the Ashram authorities had told them that most of their devotees were from UP and all of them wore a locket with Baba Yogendra’s picture. You may recall that they had found a locket with baba’s picture on the dead body.

The news & body’s picture is shared with all television and print media networks and published everywhere.

Atul in Dirugaon, Fatehpur, UP, sitting in his father’s shop, sees the unidentifiable body’s picture in the newspaper and calls his sister in Ahmedabad to check when their brother met her and when he left her house. Atul’s suspicions are raised as he recognizes the T-Shirt as his brother’s, the one he sees in the paper advertisement. She tells Atul their brother met her on 25th October and left for Mumbai on 27th October.

The body was found by the Bagdoli police station in Palghar District in Maharashtra on 28th Oct 2015. Atul tries to make a connection but is too scared to tell his sister over the phone or share the suspicions or the newspaper information with his parents.

He eventually gathers enough courage to show the police advertisement to his father. As the father is too shocked to talk, Atul immediately calls the given police numbers in Mumbai and tells them that all the information given in the advertisement match with his brother Vikas Rajput’s description and identity and that he suspects it could be his brother Vikas.

The police in Mumbai finally have a name and a family that belongs to the dead unidentified man.

The inspector collects Atul’s mobile number and sends the image of the man they suspect is the dead one in the CCTV video footage (taken from the liquor bar) for confirmation that it is indeed his brother Vikas in the video. The man in the footage is wearing the same dress that was found on the dead body.

Atul gets the picture on his mobile, of the man from the bar’s video and sees that it is his brother Vikas’s. His father freezes and is shattered in his chair as Atul confirms to him that it is their dead Vikas who is in the paper advertisement.

Atul and his father leave for Mumbai to meet the police handling the case and to assist in further investigations. As you know, Vikas’s body has already been cremated by the police.

On 24th Oct 2015, Vikas had left Fatehpur for Ahmedabad to visit his sister’s family. On 27th Oct, he reached Mumbai. Nobody knew why he went to Mumbai. It was a secret he had not shared with anyone. His sister, his girlfriend, his brother and his parents – nobody knew why he was going to Mumbai and who he was meeting. His mother is shattered with the news of his death. So is Jyothi.

The police had found the body on 28th Oct.

Once in Mumbai, with the police, Atul identifies the 2 other men in the photograph as Ravi Pandey and Suraj Pandey, both related to him, as cousins.

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Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode in the below link:

Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode in the below link:

Watch the episode Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chunauti Part 1 – Episode 637 – 18th March, 2016


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