Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chunauti Part 2 – Episode 638 – 19th March, 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 17th Oct 2017

Chunauti in Hindi means challenge, a challenging assignment

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….This is a blind murder case that the Mumbai police take up as a challenge to bring justice to the victim, since no clues, no identification papers, no mobile phone, nothing is found on the body. They have no clue as to the dead man’s identity. A young man is brutally murdered and his body is abandoned in a secluded place.

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Vikas’s parents and brother are in mourning on his demise. They are deep in shock and unable to understand why someone would want to kill him in Mumbai. They fail to understand the motive for the murder and wonder who the killers are.

Broken hearted and shattered, Vikas’s father returns to his home to be with his grieving wife. Atul stays back in Mumbai to assist the cops in the investigation.

His father is more distraught since the police have even cremated his body assuming he was an orphan. That is hurting him more.

The cops are now in hot pursuit of Ravi Pandey and Suraj Pandey, the two men found in the video at the bar. They too are residents of Dirugaon just like Vikas was.

The cell phone records show that all the 3 mobile phones of Vikas, Ravi and Suraj were switched off on the same day on 27th Oct, on the day of the murder, at the scene of the crime. They are hence very certain that these two men are their main suspects in the murder.

Ravi’s father and Suraj’s father are both brothers and thus, the 2 young men are first cousins.

Atul has told the cops that all the 3 were very close childhood friends but the cops suspect he was hiding something. They wonder why deep friendship suddenly turned into lethal enmity. The investigating officer says friendship and enmity are both 2 sides of the same coin. They also suspect Atul’s silence indicated he was planning revenge.

Ravi’s parents and Suraj’s parents are both worried about the whereabouts of their sons since they are not contactable. They also now know that the police are looking for them as the main suspects in Vikas’s murder.

Suraj was employed in Mumbai. During his visits to Dirugaon, all 3 would have fun together and would have a rocking time.

The cracks in their relationship appeared 3 years ago when a villager told Ravi that he had seen his sister Jyothi Pandey with some one on a bike.

On hearing this, Ravi beats up his sister and warns her to keep away from boys. She does not tell him who the boy is, despite being asked repeatedly. Jyothi’s parents are mute spectators when she is being beaten by her brother. Instead, they are worried about his uncontrollable anger.

Seething with anger, he goes to Vikas’s house, unaware that Vikas himself is the boy who was on the bike with Jyothi. He asks Vikas to keep a watch on Jyothi. They are both students in the same college. He tells Vikas that he would kill any man who would hover around his sister.

One evening, over a glass of drink, Vikas tries to drive home some wisdom into Ravi. He tells him he has old thoughts although the world has advanced and changed so much. Looking into his eyes and suspecting him, Ravi asks Vikas if he knows the guy who is roaming around with Jyothi but Vikas pleads ignorance and manages to hoodwink him.

Despite 3 years of their courtship, nobody gets to know anything. Jyothi’s brother or her family are in the dark that it is Vikas who is her boyfriend. Ravi continues to meet Vikas frequently, still unaware that he is Jyothi’s boyfriend. Vikas continues to cheat Ravi by telling him white lies.

Vikas and Jyothi are deeply in love, in true love. They had plans of marriage and settling down together.

But a lie is a lie and one day, the truth has to come out. A liar will somehow be caught, one day or the other.

Jyothi has the habit of writing the diary every day. One day, late in the night, she is writing her diary sitting in the living room, as all others are fast asleep. She puts down everything in writing, all her feelings and emotions for Vikas. With the open diary visible and half written, she falls asleep in the living room sofa.

Meanwhile, the police reach Dirugaon in search of the 2 wanted brothers. An informer tells them that they are both missing from the village since about 30 days. He also tells them that the local police have a criminal file of attempt to murder against Vikas in a Panchayat election related issue. The cops are shocked to learn about his criminal background, which they were not aware of till now.

Vikas’s distant relative is fighting the elections and Vikas is pasting election related publicity posters on a wall somewhere in the village. Just then, Ravi arrives and demands that the space in the wall was reserved by him to paste his party’s election posters. His distant relative too is fighting the elections.

Both are at loggerheads for the same space in the wall and it becomes an ego issue between them. They both assault each other and a false case of attempt to murder is filed by Ravi against Vikas. The police put him in the lock up for a night but release him the following day for want of eyewitnesses or evidence. The case gets closed.

The local police pass on this information to the investigative officers from Mumbai. The police put both the suspects’ houses under surveillance hoping to catch them or get some clues about their whereabouts.

None of the families know that it was Suraj who had made the call from Mumbai to Vikas and had invited him to his place, as Vikas had not revealed this to anyone, not even to Jyothi. He had secretly set off to Mumbai saying he would come back with some great happy surprising news. Suraj has called him over with a false promise of a non-existing job to trap him for the waiting Ravi.

None other than Suraj and Ravi knew anything about the conspiracy that was unfolding and Vikas was in the dark too. He genuinely believed there was a job waiting for him through Suraj’s help and recommendation.

Back in Mumbai, Atul is being interrogated by the officer. Atul tells the cop that the panchayat related issue died a natural death and although there was no compromise, the matter got settled and forgotten. Thereafter, Vikas had cut off his friendship with Ravi, Atul tells the officer. He then reveals to the cop that Vikas was in love with Jyothi, Ravi’s sister. This is the first time the cops get to hear this and to probe on a love angle.

Recall that Jyothi had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room with her diary lying open. During that night, Ravi comes out in the midnight to have a glass of water from the fridge in the living room and sees her asleep on the sofa. He wakes her up and sends her into her bedroom asking her to sleep in the room comfortably.

Jyothi forgets that her diary is lying on the sofa and walks away. As she leaves, Ravi’s eyes fall on the diary and he starts to read it. Jyothi is caught red handed with her affair all over the book.

Next morning, all hell breaks loose and Ravi assaults Vikas black and blue, warning him of dire consequences if he continues to meet her.

Back home, Ravi assaults Jyothi. But having faced enough, she starts to rebel. She warns her brother Ravi to keep away from her, her personal life and Vikas and threatens him that she would lodge a police complaint against him. Her father supports her this time and tells Ravi to control himself and his anger. He warns him not to interfere into Jyothi’s personal life

Ravi takes this as a personal insult and his ego is deeply hurt. He looks at Jyothi with burning rage and piercing eyes and leaves the room.

Vikas and Jyothi continue to meet and decide to fight for their rights and love, together. Their love becomes even more stronger and serious. They are now more determined to be together.

Ravi, on the other hand, tells his cousin Suraj everything that transpired at home and Jyothi’s affair with Vikas.

3 years pass by and their love continues to grow stronger. And then, an unidentified body is found by the Mumbai police, which later is proved to be that of Vikas, as we know.

An informer calls and tells the police that Suraj’s father is communicating with someone on a landline in a lodge very frequently. He gives the number to the cops. They raid the place and find Suraj & Ravi both hiding there in the lodge and apprehend them.

The police are curious to know the motive behind the murder. At the lock up, they ask the suspects why they killed Vikas.

The conspiracy was made thus: Suraj one day calls from Mumbai and tells Vikas that he really likes to see him married to Jyothi, that he likes them as a couple. He tells him he will help him get a job in his company and then help him elope with Jyothi. With a job and marriage, no one would disturb them.

He invites Vikas to his house in Mumbai advising him not to reveal anything to anyone in order to give a grand surprise of a new found employment news to everyone later. Vikas falls for the trap and lands in Suraj’s house after visiting his sister in Ahmedabad enroute.

Ravi is waiting for the kill, in Suraj’s house, unknown to Vikas.

Ravi shows up in Suraj’s rented room to Vikas’s shock and disbelief. He tells him that he is there to talk to him about his marriage with his sister Jyothi. Vikas is surprised. Ravi tells Vikas that he has finally reconciled to the fact that he cannot separate two true lovers and he will make arrangements for their marriage. Vikas believes him and they agree to have a party in a bar.

As preplanned, Ravi and Suraj get Vikas heavily drunk in the bar and take him to a secluded place for more drink. They have already hidden a meat cleaver (machette) in the place in advance. They both together kill Vikas brutally, with the machette. They take away his wallet, mobile and other identification papers and burn it to ashes, so as not to let the police identify the body.

Ravi had a challenge. He could have taken it as a challenge (chunauti) to understand his sister’s emotions and desires. He could have respected her decision. He could have taken the path to kill his false male ego and kill his false hurt pride and arrogance. Suraj could have decided not to be a party to the conspiracy. Instead Ravi became selfish and wanted to only avenge his insult.

3 families get destroyed. Suraj’s parents are shocked and cannot understand why their son got sucked into a murder with which he had no business. He was happily employed and settled in Mumbai.

Ravi’s parents are unable to understand how their son could become such a ruthless selfish killer just because he wanted to teach Jyothi or Vikas a lesson and keep them apart.

Jyothi is shattered to learn that her own brother is her Vikas’s killer and that her own brother destroyed her life and future. Looking ahead into an uncertain future, she sees only darkness all around.

Vikas’s brother Atul and parents are all also equally in deep shock and are not able to comprehend why Vikas had to keep everything so secret and how he could so easily walk into the death trap laid by Ravi.

Often, people get blinded by anger and arrogance. In that blindness, they forget the importance of wisdom, humanity and being law abiding citizens. Crime and brutality are the only 2 dark alley ways that are visible to them, rushing blindly into which, with full force, zeal, enthusiasm and consciousness, they end up committing a crime.

Having destroyed all evidence linking them to the gruesome murder or crime such people commit, they happily live in the comfort zone, mistakenly believing that the law would never catch up with them. That nobody would ever know anything about their devilish & distorted mind.

They forget that you don’t gain anything after a murder. It is just havoc and destruction of lives all around, that you see, after a murder. Not just the lives of those connected with the victim who dies but also with the lives of all those connected with the perpetrator.

A living hell for all those left alive, to grieve and mourn the death of one and the incarceration of the perpetrator, for a long long time.

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Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Chunauti Part 2 – Episode 638 – 19th March, 2016



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