105 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Crime Patrol Satark – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Manzil Part 1 – Episode 635 – Man buries girl friend in wet cement filled drum

Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Manzil -Episode 635 – 12th March, 2016

Content writer ::: Ravikanth K.A., below content written on 18th Oct 2017

Manzil in Hindi means destination

Rating ::: 5 stars (* * * * *)………….Based on a real life true story. A married man murders his girlfriend. Inspired by film Drishyam stuffs her body in a drum. Fills it with wet concrete cement so that the rotting body’s foul smell does not emanate from the drum. Then throws the drum in a secluded place.

Like in all episodes of Crime Patrol, this episode is also based on a real life true story. This is a sensational murder case which starts actually as a search for a married woman who is missing. She leaves her home and walks away from her alcoholic husband and irresponsible grown up son, never to come back. As the search for her intensifies, it turns out to be a case of murder in reality. The body has not been found in reality but the cops suspect she has been murdered, as the suspect keeps giving evasive & contradictory answers. The killer has so cleverly disposed of the body in a no man’s land somewhere far away from civilization, making it difficult for anyone to find the body.

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A middle aged woman is busy at work in her office. She is telling her client over the phone that his material is getting ready for dispatch and would leave for his place any moment. She finishes her work and takes a bus to her home.

As she reaches her home, she finds her grown up son whiling away his time with his friends at a street corner and the mother gets upset. She asks him for the result of the interview he was to attend in the morning. He callously tells her he overslept and hence could not attend the interview. She is shocked at his irresponsibility, not that she did not know about it, but this was least expected.

She is deeply distressed with this behavior of his and reprimands him. She tells him she had lost all her hopes from his father and now he is walking in the same footsteps. She asks him when he is going to shoulder responsibilities and when he is going to grow up. She also fires him for his liquor addiction and his good for nothing friends with whom he hangs around every day.

The actress in the episode, her Facebook page:

Her husband is sitting in the bar getting heavily drunk. While serving dinner to both of them, she expresses her anger and disgust. She tells her husband and son both that they are not bothered about her at all and neither of them are earning, that she is sick and tired of giving them pocket money.

She tells them when a responsible person like her stops taking up responsibility of irresponsible people like them, only then such irresponsible people will realize the value of responsibility.

The son asks her to stop bugging them at least while having food. She retorts by angrily saying she will one day stop talking for ever and also leave the house for good one day, so that they can happily get a new woman into the house who would bear them and also take care of them.

Her husband gets worried and takes her words seriously. He shares his worry with his son, who is sitting eating beside him. The son tells him not to worry and pacifies him by saying his mother would never do such a thing, that it was just an empty threat. She would never leave them, he says.

Serving and taking care of her husband, liquor addict Ravi and good for nothing irresponsible son Ajay, being the lone earning member of the family, Kavitha has gotten tired of life and its responsibilities and miseries. She wanted a family, a normal life like all other happily married women we see in our daily lives. She did not want to drown in tears and misery, pain anymore.

Her threat of leaving the house for good was not an empty one. It was an indication of the inner pain hidden deeply inside her. It was an indication of her aspiration . She wanted to give a new meaning and to her life, a new destination.

Next day, when she gets ready fully dressed up to go to work, she finds her son still asleep. As usual, absolutely irresponsibly.

Her husband Ravi is no different. Still reeking of alcohol, he too is deep in his sleep, lost in his own sea of liquor.

She just picks up her bag and walks out of the house. For good. Never to return.

Late in the night, as usual the two useless men of the house come back home to find no food in the kitchen and no sign of the lady of the house. They are shocked to find Kavitha not yet back home so late in the night. They arrange for some food for themselves from a hotel nearby, eat and go to sleep assuming she has some extra work in the office. Her phone is not reachable, when they try.

At around 11 pm, Ravi gets a message on his phone from her which says she has left the house for good and that she would never return. She tells him in the message not to wait for her and not to search for her. It is 9th July 2015 tonight. They take her message lightly and go to bed, assuming she would be back home in the morning after she cools down a bit.

Next day, the son Ajay gets a similar message re-emphasizing and reiterating her previous message, saying she would not return. Now, they start to take her message seriously and worry, like the whole world around them has come crashing down. They are worried that they will have to take care of themselves, earn some money for themselves, cook for themselves.

2 days pass by and even the messages stop coming in. There were no signs of her returning. Her phone is continuously switched off.

They go to the police to lodge a missing complaint. The officer on duty is shocked to learn that they both don’t even know where she was working and what was the name of the company where she worked. Ravi tells the cop he has realized how much they are dependent on her after missing her for 3 days. Ravi wonders how a relationship of 22 years can end with just 2 messages over the phone. He tells the cop he is worried if she has harmed herself by taking some drastic step like suicide. The cop assures them they will launch a search for her.

On 15th July, the officer tells Ravi they have found no clue about Kavitha’s whereabouts. Meantime, Ravi has taken up a job as a security guard and Ajay has started working as a delivery boy somewhere. The officer tells Ravi it would be wrong on their part to interfere into a grown up woman’s personal life by finding her when she has left the house and gone away on her own accord and free will. Ravi says he just wants to be sure that she is safe, doesn’t want to force her back into his life or bring her back home. He tells the cop he regrets he was such a bad husband and feels remorse for all his irresponsibility. He wants to beg her for pardon.

Ravi gives one Suraj’s number, who had got Kavitha her most recent job. The call him and find out the company’s name where she was working, after Suraj had got her a placement there. He gives the cop Deepesh’s number, the man who gave her employment.

Deepesh tells the investigating officers that Kavitha had reached office on 9th July as usual in the morning. Next day onwards, she did not report for work, he tells them. When asked why he did not wonder and make enquiries about her sudden absence, he says that is because of her family atmosphere and drunkard husband etc.

The police leave it at that finding nothing suspicious with matters concerning Deepesh, her employer and boss, but by his body language, they also suspect he knows something that he is not revealing to them.

The police make enquiries with her neighbors who all vouch for the fact that her husband is a chronic alcoholic and son a useless unemployed man, because of which she would have got fed up and left the house.

Ravi is feeling deep remorse for having been a selfish, irresponsible husband who never cared for Kavitha and feels he should have been a better husband. Ajay also feels the same and tells his father he will be a better son in the future and never give any more cause for concern to his mother again.

The call records of Kavitha, Ajay, Ravi, Deepesh are analyzed by the cops and they find suspicious calls in Deepesh’s records.

On the day of her disappearance, at 10.30 pm, she has indeed sent a message to Ravi from Mumbai saying she has left the house.

But on the next day, the 2nd message has been sent from outside Mumbai. Deepesh’s mobile location was at the same place in Ganapathi Pule from where Kavitha’s 2nd message was sent. They wonder why the coincidence that both mobiles are at the same location at the same time and place. The police find it suspicious and they call him for questioning again.

Deepesh starts by saying that every person who is deep in sorrow or undergoing some tension is on the lookout for a person with whom he can share his pain, share his feelings to reduce his stress and misery. He tells them it indeed cannot be a coincidence that both mobiles were traced at the same location at the same time.

He narrates what happened that day in his office.

After finishing work at 5.30 in the evening, Kavitha enters his cabin in the office and tells him she is fed up of her life with her alcoholic husband after suffering for 22 years and got nothing in return from Ravi. Her hopes that were resting on Ajay were also shattered and now she herself is totally shattered, she tells Deepesh, which Deepesh narrates to the police.

She tells Deepesh she does not want to go back home. He tries to convince her but she is adamant and hell bent on not going back to a house of misery. He was her sympathizer, he tells the cops, but could not be involved in her decision about where she wanted to go. He tells them he could not take up her responsibility although the fact remained that she was a very good worker.

The officer asks him if he had gone to Ganapathi Pule with her directly and he agrees that he did upon Kavitha’s insistence that he should accompany her to the place to make prayers at the temple there. He says he went with her as he did not want to leave her alone when she was going through tremendous amount of trauma and seemed suicidal. He just wanted to be with her to protect her from harming herself.

They travel to the temple place on 9th July 2015 late in the night by his car and stay in a hotel. After prayers at the temple, she was at peace with herself the next day, he tells the cops. After a while, she wanted to sit on the sea front. After a while, she goes alone leaving Deepesh on the beach behind, to visit a nearby place, promising to return in 10 minutes.

Deepesh is worried and does not trust her intentions. But unable to do anything else reluctantly, he lets her go and waits for her to return.

Deepesh tells the cops she never returned even after one hour.  He runs back to the lodge looking for her but does not find her there. He then rushes back to the beach and searches for her for another 3 hours but cannot find her. Helpless, he returns alone to Mumbai, he tells the cops.

When the cops ask him why he did not lodge a missing complaint, he tells them he assumed being a grown up woman, if she had decided to go away somewhere, he had nothing to do about it, just like how the cops felt when initially Ravi came to complain to them. He tells the cops he felt perhaps she was in search of a destination in her life as she was a confused broken hearted woman who did not know what her destination was.

The cops are not convinced and strongly suspect Deepesh’s involvement in Kavitha’s disappearance.

Has something happened to Kavitha? Did she really run away from home? Is she safe? Was she really in depression because of her family atmosphere and the circumstances under which she was struggling to make two ends meet, battling in life all alone with no support from her husband and son? Has she harmed herself and committed suicide? Has someone killed her?

To know more, read the Review in Part 2 of Episode 636 of this same story.

Read the real life true story of the incident as depicted in the above episode in the below link:

Watch the episode Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Manzil Part 1 -Episode 635 – 12th March, 2016

Turbhe cops crack the case of woman’s body in cement drum dumped in Mahape nullah after 7 months
Copyright, courtesy, credits::: Times of India
George Mendonca| TNN | Jan 15, 2016, 12.02 AM IST

 Navi Mumbai: After seven months of meticulous investigation, the Turbhe MIDC police has managed to crack the case of Sunita Ahire (48) from Ghatkopar. The latter’s decomposed body was found in a nullah along the Mahape-Shilphata Road in June last year. The cops have arrested a businessman from Diva, Vikas Mhatre (42), who was allegedly in a relationship with the deceased.
Due to financial constraints, Ahire, who has two married daughters and a son, got a job at Mhatre’s business unit in Diva at Thane. Soon Mhatre and Ahire were involved with each other, said DCP (Zone-1) Shahji Umap.
But Mhatre had no plans for any long-term commitment, as he was married. But Ahire persisted, resulting in quarrels between them. “During one such spat, Mhatre allegedly strangulated her and later disposed the body in the Mahape nullah,” said the DCP.
Mhatre was earlier arrested by the Ghatkopar police on kidnapping and murder charges of Ahire, whose missing person complaint was lodged there in June 2015. While, he was in magisterial custody, the Turbhe MIDC police started investigating the case of the body, which was found in the nulllah.
Copyright, courtesy, credits:::


Man admits to ‘Drishyam’ style murder

Published : Jan 15, 2016, 1:52 am IST
Updated : Jan 15, 2016, 1:52 am IST
Copyright, courtesy, credits:::

A 42-year-old man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and disposed off her body after being inspired Bollywood flick Drishyam has confessed to his crime, the police said.

Sunita Ahire

 Sunita Ahire

A 42-year-old man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and disposed off her body after being inspired Bollywood flick Drishyam has confessed to his crime, the police said.

Vikas Mhatre, the accused, allegedly killed 48-year-old Sunita Ahire and just as portrayed in the movie, hid her body and tried to create alibis by visiting several places and trying to gather witnesses who he thought would later corroborate his claims.

However, the police nabbed him within six months of the crime taking place.

On June 24, 2015 Navi Mumbai police found the decomposed body of a woman at Mahape area. The body, which was buried near the roadside, was discovered after two days of heavy rain. Upon finding the body’s hands tied up with a nylon rope, the police concluded it must be a murder and started investigation. The postmortem revealed the woman had sustained head injury as well as fractures in her jaws.

The police said, “After three months when we did not get any clue of the case we printed posters of the dead body and the things we receovered around it and distributed it in all over Mumbai. In December, the Ghatkopar police told us one lady had been missing from Ghatkopar from June 3 and till then they hadn’t got any details on it. We called her family, who identified the body.”

Meanwhile, Sunita Ahire had gone missing on Jun 3, 2015. Sunita, was living with her husband and has three children, who are all married. “As her husband is an alcoholic, Sunita had to earn to take care of the family. She took up a job under Mhatre, who was in the business of making plastic visors Diva. They then fell in love with each other,” they added.

Sunita left her home on June 3 and went to Mhatre’s Diva flat to live with her lover. Police said, “Mhatre did not like Sunita’s decision and they had an argument. Then Mhatre strangulated Sunita with a plastic wire and killed her. Later, he kept the body in a big plastic drum for two days. After smell started emanating from the body he poured cement in the drum and sealed it. When he came to know that Ghatkopar police interrogating his friend Ghadi and they would call him too, he took Sunita’s mobile phone and went to Shirdi, then Sinnar and specifically stayed at one hotel by mentioning the names of Sunita and him. He spent a long time in a temple, telling the priest there he was waiting for Sunita, so that the priest would later tell the police he had been waiting for Sunita.”

After he returned to Mumbai, he took the drum to a place near Mahape and buried her body. Mhatre confessed to his crime on January 10.


Read the true story of the above episode in the below link:::

Inspired by film, Diva man murders lover

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
By Nitesh Poojari

In a shocking incident, a 42-year-old man plotted the murder of a woman after being inspired by the movie ‘Drishyam’ starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu. Her body was found in a sewerage near Kalyan-Shilphata road in Mahape on June 22, 2015. However, Vikas Mhatre’s seven-month run finally came to an end as he was arrested first by Thane police and later handed over to city police.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Shahaji Umap (zone-1), they had found an unidentified body of a woman in a sewage in Mahape. “We conducted a search assuming it was a case of a missing person. We checked with police stations across Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane and Pune commissionerates, including the rural area of Thane, Raigad Palghar and Pune,” said Umap.

Meanwhile, Ghatkopar police shared a photograph and details of a woman with Rabale MIDC police and identified her as Sunita Prakesh Ahire, 48. According to Ghatkopar police, Ahire went missing on June 2. “During investigation, we also learnt that Ahire’s mobile was showing her location in Sinnar, Nashik. Since we did not have any concrete evidence against Mhatre, we hatched a plan with the help of assistant police inspector Pradeep Sarfara and police naik Prakesh Salunka. They traced the accused, took him into confidence and he spilled the beans,” added Umap.

Copyright, courtesy, credits:::


Mhatre is a resident of Chimatpada in Andheri and manufactures plastic wire and sells to companies. Since April 2015, he had been running his business from his Diva residence. “Mhatre had been looking for a worker and he was introduced to Ahire by one of their mutual friends, Pravin Dhadi. The duo got into a relationship,” said Umap.

“Ahire had regular fights with her family, so she moved into Mhatre’s flat. On June 3, Ahire permanently shifted to Mhatre’s flat, but Mhatre did not approve of Ahire’s decision. The next afternoon, they had a heated argument and in a fit of rage Mhatre punched the woman on her face. She fell on the floor, so Mhatre strangulated her using a plastic wire,” added Umap.

Mhatre then wrapped her body in a plastic drum and sealed it and kept it in his home. After two days, Mhatre mixed cement in the drum so that there was no foul smell.

When the Ghatkopar police interrogated Dhadi on June 11, they learnt about Mhatre and launched a manhunt. His modus operandi was inspired by the film ‘Drishyam’.

“On June 12, Mhatre travelled to Nashik and was using Ahire’s mobile. There he registered a fake entry in a lodge in her name in Shirdi after checking that no CCTV was installed. The mobile showed that he had travelled from Shirdi, Nashik-Mumbai naka and Sinnar. After reaching Sinnar, he turned the mobile off and returned to Diva,” said the officer.

He disposed of the body in an isolated place on Shilphata-Mahape road and fled. Mhatre has been booked under sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code with Turbhe MIDC police.

Read the true story of the above episode in the below link:::

“As we had distributed photos of the body to all police stations, a Ghatkopar constable found resemblance of the body in the photo with Ahire. The woman’s relatives later identified her,” added Umap.
Read another true, real life murder story inspired by the same movie Drishyam in below link:::

Movies that inspired real world mishaps

credit, courtesy, copyright :
Movies lo nunchi manam chaala things ni mana lives lo ki teeseskuntam. Dialogues, songs, costumes, swag, punch dialogues, dance moves and many more untay. Movie lo bad character as well as good charcters untay but we see that most people get fascinated by the bad and very few feel the good in it. Here are some unexpected events that have happened in around us which were inspired from movies and their plots. This article doesn’t have a sole purpose of entertainment. We are trying to show you what mess has already happened and we would request all of you to take the good side of films and treat it as a source of entertainment.

1. Last year, a 15 year old was kidnapped and murdered. They have confessed that after watching the Tollywood film Oka Romantic Crime Katha, an idea struck to their minds to kidnap someone and make money.1film-inspired

2. In 2015, a 13 year old was murdered by 2 of his seniors who said that they have taken inspiration from the Telugu movie Don and aspired to become local goons. They have ironically taken inspiration from the villain of the movie rather than the better hero.2film-inspired

3. Many surveys that have been conducted after the release of Mahesh Babu’s Business Man whose results told that a large number of arrests of criminals have taken place where most of them have taken inspiration from the movie Business Man.3film-inspired

4. Bodyguard inspired the Kochi blackmail case, where two women, Ruksana and Bindiya, would honeytrap NRI businessmen, capture them in compromising positions on hidden cameras and blackmail them. The voice changing software Trisha uses to fool Venkatesh in Bodyguard, was used by these women when they had to blackmail the businessmen. Before being caught, the duo left their phone in a KSRTC bus to mislead the cops, while they themselves travelled to Trivandrum, just like in Drushyam.4film-inspired

5. A man targeted a businessman in the Maharashtrian city of Bhayandar, and threatened to kidnap and kill his five-year-old son. The plan of the accused was just like the sequence in Singham, where the victim is directed to place the ransom amount in the car’s trunk.5film-inspired

6. A number of crimes inspired by Drushyam, but the murder of Sunita Ahire by boyfriend Vikas Mhatre had the most similarities to the film.6film-inspired

7. A few cyber-incidents have reported to take inspiration from film Ladies and Gentleman.7film-inspired


Tue 22 Mar 2016, 20:14:01

The list of movies inspired by real life events might be a long one, but the list of crimes that take inspiration from the celluloid is, surprisingly, a larger one! The recent kidnap and murder of 15-year-old Abhay Modhani, who was abducted from the Ghode ki kabar area, also had a Tollywood connection.

The abductors confessed to having been inspired by Oka Romantic Crime Katha.

Hyderabad Times takes a look at how criminals have taken inspiration from films.DonIn July 2015, a 13-year-old school-goer, Nilesh Tiwari was murdered by two seniors from school in the Nalasopara area of Mumbai.

On interrogation, it was learnt that the kids were hugely inspired Nagarjuna’s movie Don! The juveniles had watched the dubbed version of the film multiple times on TV and aspired to become local dadas, much like the underworld kingpins in the film.

The two had a history of terrorising other kids on their short-lived journey to dadagiri.

Curiously, the boys were more inspired by Kelly Dorjee’s malicious act rather than Nag’s portrayal of the ‘good’ don.BusinessmanMahesh Babu’s character Vijay Surya had both a good side as well as a grey side in Businessman, but aspiring criminals seemed to take inspiration from the latter.

National Crime Bureau’s survey in 2012 revealed that of around 2,11,256 criminals arrested that year, nearly 85% of them were youngsters from urban areas, yearning for a lavish living.

And the interesting revelation came when the police said that Businessman was cited as an inspiration by many.

“Crime rate has increased post the release of Mahesh’s Businessman,” claimed a cop.BodyguardThis film inspired the Kochi blackmail case, where two women, Ruksana and Bindiya, would honeytrap NRI businessmen, capture them in compromising positions on hidden cameras and blackmail them.

The voice changing software Trisha uses to fool Venkatesh in Bodyguard, was used by these women when they had to blackmail the businessmen.

Before being caught, the duo left their phone in a KSRTC bus to mislead the cops, while they themselves travelled to Trivandrum, just like in Drushyam.Black Dog Easy Evenings with Colin & BradBDEEKotak’s all-in-1 online trading accountKotak SecuritiesRecommended By ColombiaOka Romantic Crime KathaThe plot of this film which revolves around youngsters who make money snatching chains and kidnapping people, has inspired a slew of crimes, the latest one being the murder of a 15-year-old boy, Abhay Modhani, who was kidnapped for ransom.

His kidnappers, all aged between 20 and 23, confessed to being inspired by the kidnapping scene in Oka Romantic Crime Katha, after watching which, they plotted to abduct Abhay.

In fact, right after this film released, nearly 26 chain snatching cases were registered in the vicinity of Warangal alone! The girls in the movie are seen covering their faces with a scarf while perpetrating these crimes — something that many women as a cue to make quick money.

An instance was reported where two girls with veiled faces entered a grocery shop, asked for a packet of chilli powder, which they used to blind the shopkeeper, before running away with Rs 50,000.SinghamLatest CommentIdiotic directors and so called heroes ……

pls think ……….produce some good movies …….Harikrishna MuppallaInspired by the kidnap plot in Ajay Devgn-starrer Singham, a man targeted a businessman in the Maharashtrian city of Bhayandar, and threatened to kidnap and kill his five-year-old son.

However, his plan went kaput when the local Crime Branch — the Kashimira unit — caught the man, identified as Harish Mohan Purohit, red-handed when he came to collect the second instalment of the ransom Rs 10 lakh, which was negotiated from the initial demand of Rs 10 crore! The plan of the accused was just like the sequence in Singham, where the victim is directed to place the ransom amount in the car’s trunk.DrushyamDrushyam, first made in Malayalam, is one film that has been quite inspirational, courtesy the remakes in at least five other languages, including Telugu, starring Venkatesh.

The number of crimes inspired by the film are many, but the murder of Sunita Ahire by boyfriend Vikas Mhatre had the most similarities to the film.

Vikas killed Sunita, hid the body and tried to create alibis by visiting multiple places gathering witnesses, who he thought would later corroborate his claims.


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