107 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Techie Murder Stories of Prestige Shantiniketan Apartments

Techie stabs wife to death,kills himself

A 36-year-old software engineer killed his wife and then jumped to death from the 13th floor of an apartment building in JP Nagar Friday.

Madhusoodan,who was employed with a private company,stabbed to death his wife Roopa,32,also a software engineer,over a marital dispute,deputy commissioner of police H S Revanna said. Then around 9.30 pm,he jumped off Shobha Apartment.

The police were informed and they rushed to the scene. “We want to ascertain the reason for the incident,” Revanna said. The couple have a daughter Surabhi,6. She was with her grandparents when the incident happened

Bengaluru techie murder: Accused Sukhbir Singh hid marital status from victim

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 DNA WEB TEAM | Updated: Jan 23, 2016, 10:15 AM IST, DNA webdesk

Sukhbir was reportedly employed as a computer network technician and married.

IBM techie Kusum Rani Singla (31) was murdered on Tuesday in Bengaluru. She wads found dead in her flat that she shared with another woman. Police have arrested Sukhbir Singh (29), on the charge of killing her. He was taken into police custody for five days reports The Hindu.

Police sources say that Sukhbir was arrested from his native village in Haryana and brought down to Bengaluru late on Thursday. Sukhbir was reportedly employed as a computer network technician and was married. But he had hidden his marital status from Kusum who was looking to get married again after getting divorced.

According to the daily, Sukhbir had connected with Kusum through a matrimonial site. Later they became friends on Facebook and exchanged phone numbers as well. It was on Tuesday afternoon that the duo met and he went to Kusum’s apartment. Police officials have told the daily that when he was arrested in Haryana, the police also recovered valuables that belonged to Kusum from him. On Friday, Sukhbir was produced before the magistrate and is now in police custody for five days.

A police officer was quoted in the report as saying that they are investigating whether the murder was committed in a fit of rage or was pre-planned. They are also looking at why he was registered on a matrimonial site when he was already married.

Dark side of e-commerce: Buyer murders techie, steals bike

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By Team Asianet Newsable | 03:00 PM August 11, 2016


The 35-year-old software engineer from West Bengal was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his flat in Whitefield on August 5

For 35-year-old Sohan Haldar, bikes were his first love. In one of his Facebook posts, he had even put up a picture of a bike in which a guy stares at the two-wheeler while the accompaning text reads – “I love you. But look into my eyes, and promise me you will never kill me.”

Sadly for him, it was an attempt to sell off his bike on Facebook that led to his murder.

The 35-year-old software engineer was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his flat in Whitefield on August 5.

Sohan Haldar, who hailed from West Bengal, was working at a private firm and shared an apartment in Prestige Shantiniketan with three of his friends.

The incident came to light when neighbours noticed a foul smell emanating from the Sohar’s flat – which was locked. They then alerted the police, who broke open the door to find Sohar’s highly decomposed body. There were no external injuries on the body and the police suspected that he might have been smothered to death.

However, in a shocking development, now police have found discovered that Sohan was killed by a 30-year-old man from Rajajinagar, who had responded to an ad put up by the techie to sell his two-wheeler – a KTM Duke.

An ad put on Facebook by Sohan.

According to a local report, Karthik, an engineering graduate, murdered Sohan by lacing his drink with a sedative and later covering his face with a cloth, due to which Sohan died of asphyxiation.

Karthik had met Sohan a few times after the latter put up a post on the Facebook group ‘Second to None’ on July 27. The two finally met for the last time on August 1 and decided to have a small party, during which Karthik laced the victim’s drink.

He later fled the apartment after taking the bike, a helmet and Sohan’s wallet. Since Sohan had written his ATM PIN number on his card, Karthik also withdrew a large sum from his account.

The police were finally able to track down Karthik based on the last call on Sohan’s number.


copyright Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Updated: Aug 12, 2016, 04.00 AM IST

Sohan Haldar

Accused, an engg grad, spent a night at the victim’s house; laced his drink with poison

The mysterious death of 35-year-old techie Sohan Haldar at his flat in Prestige Shantiniketan has turned out to be a murder. Haldar, a native of West Bengal, was residing at a 4-BHK flat in Prestige Shantiketan apartments in Whitefield, on sharing basis. Three other techies from Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai and Chennai who were residing in other rooms are said to have not bothered about his death despite a foul smell emanating from the victim’s room. A 30-year-old habitual offender, identified as Karthik M Doulath, 30, from Rajajinagar, has been arrested by the Kadugodi police in this regard. Haldar, who owned a KTM Duke 390 bike, wanted to sell it and had posted an advertisement on ‘Second to None’ Facebook page. The victim had also put his mobile number for prospective buyers to approach him directly. The accused saw the advertisement on August 1 and called Haldar claiming to be interested in the bike. Haldar asked Doulath to meet him directly near his apartment.

Haldar had applied for leave on Tuesday saying he needed to complete paperwork since he was selling the bike. The accused went to Haldar’s flat on Tuesday. He even test rode the bike and expressed his interest in purchasing it. Doulath claimed to have studied engineering and stayed over at Haldar’s flat on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, he left on the pretext of drawing money but purchased 100 grams of silver potassium cyanide powder from a goldsmith’s shop in Peenya. Since the powder is allowed to be sold legally, the accused even got a bill for it.

“On Wednesday, Doulath reportedly consumed alcohol with the victim. While Haldar was resting, the accused put a spoonful of cyanide in the victim’s mouth. When Haldar started vomiting, the accused rushed to the kitchen to get ‘glucose’ for the victim. Instead, the accused had brought a glass of water mixed with cyanide and a spoon of sugar. Haldar consumed the liquid and started to struggle. The accused covered the victim’s face with a bedspread, and also held his hands and legs tightly. After the victim died, the accused pulled the room doors behind him, and fled with his mobile phone, ATM cards, cash and the bike which was parked in the basement,” said an officer who is part of the investigations.

However, the incident came to light on Friday only after Haldar’s colleagues came in search of him as he did not report to work. The accused had taken the bike to his residence and was trying to sell it to somebody. The Kadugodi police, who had registered a case, initially suspected that the victim may have died of excess drinking.

“While talking to his colleagues, we learnt about the reason Haldar had taken leave. We went in search of the bike at the basement but it was missing. We then checked the CCTV footage and found the accused leaving on the bike. We obtained the Call Detail Record (CDR) of the victim and found that he had spoken to the accused extensively. Then we tracked the accused and arrested him on Wednesday. After questioning him, he confessed to having killed Haldar. The stolen valuables have been recovered intact,” the officer said.

Doulath: a habitual offender

The accused has worked in a few BPO companies, and did not stick to one place for more than six months. Since 2013, he was involved in various incidents; he once tried to drill a hole into a private MNC bank premises to commit theft, but he gave up midway due to police patrolling. The same year, he was caught red-handed while trying to steal gold chains from a jewellery show room in Malleswaram. After his release in 2015, he sedated his friend’s aged parents and stole their laptop. Again after his release, he stole a bike from Cubbon Park limits

Techie found dead in his Whitefield apartment

Copyright The Hindu newspaper

BENGALURU:, AUGUST 06, 2016 15:53 IST

UPDATED: AUGUST 06, 2016 16:12

A 35-year-old software engineer was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his flat in Whitefield on Friday.

The deceased Sohan Haldar hailed from West Bengal and was working at a private firm. He shared the apartment in Prestige Shantiniketan with three of his friends.

The incident came to light when neighbours noticed foul smell emanating from the Sohar’s flat which was locked. They then alerted the police, who rushed to the spot and broke open the door to find Sohar’s highly decomposed body. There were no external injuries on the body and the police suspect that he might have smothered to death.

Inquiries with the neighbours revealed that Sohan and others had a party on Wednesday night, following which they had a heated argument.

The Kadugodi police who have taken up a case are on the lookout for his flat mates.

Techie falls to death from 17th floor flat

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MAY 17, 2013 11:02 IST

UPDATED: MAY 17, 2013 11:02 IST

A software engineer slipped to his death from his 17th floor apartment after clambering over the railings to reach a window when he found he couldn’t open the door.

Satya Ramachandra (31) had just returned with his family from Tiruchirapalli after attending a funeral of a relative to his flat in Prestige Shantiniketan in Whitefield on Wednesday morning.

When he tried to open the door, it was stuck. He then tried to reach a window through which he could get in by clambering over the railing and edge towards the window, despite his wife’s protests.

Even as she watched in horror, he slipped and plunged into the parking lot area. Kadugodi police said that family had faced the jammed door problem in past and the security personnel had employed a similar modus operandi to get into the flat. Ramachandran — father of two sons, one four years and the other eight months — tried to do likewise, with tragic consequences.

Bengaluru: Techies in love spat, 1 dies


PublishedJun 17, 2017, 2:59 am IST

Woman pushed down stairs, injured. Man jumps to death.

The deceased is 28-year-old Shravan Kumar and the woman is Monisha Patil (name changed). (Representational image)

Bengaluru: After his girlfriend refused to marry him, a dejected techie pushed her from the 13th floor of an upscale apartment, after which he jumped to his own death. The 27-year-old woman sustained multiple injuries and is being treated at a city hospital.

The deceased is 28-year-old Shravan Kumar and the woman is Monisha Patil (name changed). Brought to light on Friday, the incident took place at Prestige Shantiniketan on ITPL Main Road, in tower 12 where Monisha allegedly lived. Shravan stayed in tower 22. Police said the couple both hailed from Belagavi and worked here as software engineers.

The couple had known each other from the last seven years and had been in love, with their parents consenting to the marriage. However, Monisha had been avoiding Shravan, for the last few months, Shravan which upset him.

“On June 9 around 10 am, he went to Monisha’s flat to persuade her to marry him. She refused and the couple argued. Later, they went out and at top of 13th floor staircase, Shravan pushed Monisha and jumped after her. Hearing the thud, the security staff rushed to the scene and shifted them to a private hospital, where Shravan was declared brought dead. Monisha sustained multiple injuries and has had surgery. She’s still in the ICU,” an official said. Both Shravan and Monisha were living alone, he added. It is said that Shravan’s behaviour changed drastically after the death of his father. “Monisha had noticed this and decided to cut ties. Her parents had also told Shravan’s family they weren’t interested in the alliance,” the official added.

Police are investigating the case from all angles. “There was no one at Monisha’s flat when the argument took place. Thus, we are not sure about how the incident occurred and the complaint is based on the statements made by the security staff. We will get clear picture only after Monisha is able to give her statement,” the official said.

Killer’ had befriended techie on Facebook a month ago, offered to buy his motorbike

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By Express News Service  |   Published: 12th August 2016 04:35 AM  |

Last Updated: 12th August 2016 04:35 AM  |   A+A A-   |

BENGALURU: About a month before he was killed, 35-year-old Sohan Haldar had posted a message about his intention to sell his bike, and accepted a friend request on Facebook.

Little did he know his new ‘friend’ would visit his house on the pretext of buying the bike, and poison him to death, police said.

The background came to light on Wednesday, with the Kadugodi police arresting 30-year-old Kartik, an engineering graduate and habitual offender.

In a tragic irony, Haldar’s Facebook cover photo shows a man looking ardently at his bike and telling it: “I love you. But look into my eyes and promise me you will never kill me.”

A native of West Bengal, Haldar was found dead at his Prestige Shantiniketan apartment near Whitefield on August 5.

Kartik has confessed he was out to make easy money and live it up, police claimed on Thursday.

Son of Manjunath and a resident of Rajajinagar, Kartik is implicated in three other criminal cases in the city.

Kartik would routinely befriend people on social networking sites. Once he had gained their confidence, he would visit their houses to observe their circumstances, police said.

Haldar had posted on his Facebook friends’ group his plan to sell his posh KTM Duke bike. Kartik showed interest in buying it. He then went to Peenya Industrial area and allegedly bought silver Potassium cyanide (SPC).

He told the vendor he would use it for electroplating, and paid `2,700 for it. (Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to form a coherent metal coating).

Kartik visited Haldar’s house on two days to negotiate the price. On Wednesday, he asked him to stay back and walked into his apartment in the afternoon. After speaking to him for a few minutes, he pushed Haldar and allegedly forced the cyanide into his mouth.

When he saw Sohan fall unconscious, he allegedly picked up his valuables and left, pulling the door shut. The door has an automatic lock.

“We obtained CCTV footage which shows Kartik’s visits to Sohan’s house. We formed a special team to nab him. Kartik had taken away Sohan’s bike, wallet, bank cards and mobile,” a senior officer said.

Kartik withdrew `27,000 from various ATMs. After the murder, he allegedly tried to sell the bike.

Techie found dead in Bengaluru flat

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Police said Haldar came to Bengaluru eight months ago after landing a job with ATOS. He shared a flat in Prestige Shantiniketan complex with three others.


A software engineer from West Bengal, who was employed with the Indian unit of an MNC, was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Friday night in an upscale apartment he shared with a few friends in Bengaluru’s Whitefield area.

DCP (South-East division) M B Boralingaiah said Sohan Haldar (35), an employee of ATOS India, was found dead by his colleagues when they reached his place Friday to find out why he did not turn up at work for three days. Finding his room locked from inside, they broke open and found him dead, he added. “Prima facie it does not look like a case of murder as there is no sign of a fight or injuries. We have lodged a case of suspicious death and are waiting for an autopsy report,” he said.

Police said Haldar came to Bengaluru eight months ago after landing a job with ATOS. He shared a flat in Prestige Shantiniketan complex with three others. Each occupant had a key to the flat and would come and leave at his own time. “His flatmates said they did not know much about him,” a police officer said. According to police, Haldar, a bachelor, was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Several liquor bottles were seized from his room, they said.

Police said the body had not decomposed and he could have died around Thursday. “After a postmortem at VIMS hospital, doctors said there was a clot in his liver and he could have died due to health issues. We are awaiting a final postmortem report,” a police officer said.

The Class 12 student fell to his death from the 18th floor of Prestige Shantiniketan Apartments.


copyright newsminute.com

Early on Wednesday morning, a Class 12 student fell to his death from the 18th floor of Prestige Shantiniketan Apartments in Bengaluru’s Whitefield.

Palash Chaudhry, the older son of a techie with a private company, had gone to visit his friend in Whitefield when the unfortunate incident occurred.

A student of The International School Bengaluru, Palash is survived by his parents and his younger brother, who studies in the same school.

According to an investigating officer, who visited the spot after being alerted, Palash had not left behind a suicide note.

Palash lived in Adarsh Palm Meadows and regularly visited his friend who resided in tower number 15 in Prestige Shantniketan.

“Around 3.30 am, Palash went to Prestige Shantinikethan. The security guard at his house confirms this. Also, when he entered Prestige, the security guard asked him to make an entry. They knew Palash very well as he visited regularly. He told them that he wanted to go to the 18th floor. It was around 6 am when he fell,” the IO said.

According to the Kadugodi Police, the statements of Palash’s parents have not yet been recorded.

“The family is in a state of shock and they were angry when we approached them yesterday afternoon, we will register a case once we get their statement as it is not known if the boy jumped off or if he was pushed,” the officer added.

The Kadugodi Police said that they will take the parents’ statement by Friday.

“Parents feel that the boy fell down by accident. We have to retrace his steps to find out what happened between 3.30 am and 6 am. Why was he on the terrace and why he went straight up, these are still unanswered questions. The neighbours also said they heard some noise in the early hours,” DCP Whitefield Abdul Ahad said.

Meanwhile, the school has declared a holiday on Thursday and will hold a memorial service in memory of Palash on Friday.

The school has requested all the parents to not reveal the identity of the family members or believe any false news about his death.

“A byproduct of our very connected world is that sometimes inaccurate information is disseminated and I am keen to ensure that this does not happen. I would ask you please to respect the privacy of this family at this extraordinarily difficult time,” an official spokesperson of the school told parents of all students, on behalf of the principal

Girl jumps to death after failing in PU exam

Copyright Deccan Herald newspaper

May 22, 2015, Bengaluru, DHNS 0:40 IST

Dejected over failing in the second PU exams, Swathi D, a 17-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of an apartment in Whitefield under Kadugodi police limits on Thursday.

Swathi was a resident of Prestige Shantiniketan apartment and a student of Gopalan PU College in Hoodi. The security on rounds noticed Swathi lying in a pool of blood and informed her mother.Police said the family hailed from Tamil Nadu and was residing in the apartment for the past one year. Swathi’s father is a software professional in a private company, while her mother is a homemaker. A case has been registered at the Kadugodi police station.

Trying to enter his 17th floor flat from balcony, techie falls to death

May 16, 2013

copyright Times of India newspaper

Sharath Sharma Kalagaru sharath.sharma@timesgroup.com
A mother of two watched helplessly as her 31-year-old husband fell from the 17th floor while trying to enter their house through the balcony as the front door was jammed. The deceased, Satya Ramachandra, had returned to the city on Wednesday morning after a trip to Trichy in Tamil Nadu with his wife and children — a fouryear-old son and an eight-monthold son.
They reached their home on the 17th floor, D Block of Prestige Shantiniketan apartments, International Technology Park Limited (ITPL) around 6 am.
An officer from Kadugodi police station, who visited the spot, told BANGALORE MIRROR, “Ramachandra could not open the front door.”
But instead of calling a keymaker or seeking help from authorities of the complex, he decided to reach the balcony via the railings despite the protestations of wife Divya, 29, a police source said.
Divya told police that Satya had almostreachedthebalconywhenhe slipped due to his shoes. She and their four-year-old son screamed for help. “According to Divya, even after slipping from the railing, Satya managed to hold on to the railing with one hand for almost 10 seconds before he lost his grip. He died on the spot,” one of the police officers said.
Deputy commissioner of police (south east) Dr P S Harsha told BANGALORE MIRROR, “Satya Ramachandra,wasasoftwareengineerworking with Microsoft. He is from Trichy and had been residing in Bangalore for 10 years. It is a clear case of unnatural death (accidental death).”
A postmortem was conducted before the body was handed over to his family.

Man kills techie using cyanide to steal his costly motorcycle

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  •    Fri, Aug 12 2016 10:54:28 A
Bengaluru, Aug 12 (DHNS): To own an expensive bike, a man with criminal antecedents murdered a techie by forcing him to consume cyanide at his posh flat near ITPL recently.

According to the police, Sohan Haldar, 35, an employee of an IT firm in ITPL, had advertised on the Facebook page ‘Second to None’ that he was selling his KTM Duke bike. A KTM bike costs anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs. 2.20 lakh. On seeing the advertisement, Karthik M Daulat, 30, called Haldar to negotiate a deal. Subsequently, the two met a few times over lunch.

On August 2, Karthik went to Haldar’s flat at Prestige Shantiniketan apartment near ITPL and stayed with him. The two had liquor and hit the sack late in the night.

The next morning, Karthik forcibly made Haldar consume Silver Potassium Cyanide (SPC). Suspecting that Haldar may still survive, Karthik smothered him with a towel and made away with his KTM Duke bike, credit card, wallet and a mobile phone. Karthik withdrew Rs 27,000 using Haldar’s credit card, said the police.

However, Karthik ran out of luck as the Kadugodi police arrested him on Wednesday after a thorough probe. The police verified the footage from CCTV camera at the gate of the apartment and also the call record details of Haldar’s mobile phone.

“We found Karthik’s number in the call list and verified the details. The CCTV footage also showed Karthik entering the apartment. His Facebook account was also examined and it seemed that he had a role in the murder. On August 10 night, Karthik was found roaming in Rajajinagar, trying to sell the expensive bike. The police picked him for questioning and he confessed to the crime. He claims to have completed his BE,” said DCP (Southeast) Dr Boralingaiah.

On August 5, Haldar’s friends and colleagues came to his flat as he had not attended work for two days. They opened his bedroom door and found him lying dead on the floor. They immediately informed the Kadugodi police. Haldar, a native of New Alipore in West Bengal, had come to Bengaluru a few months ago.

The police said Karthik, son of a retired private bank employee, is a resident of Rajajinagar 3rd Block. There are cases against him at Rajajinagar and Malleswaram police stations. Two years ago, Karthik attempted to rob a private bank in Rajajinagar by drilling a hole in the wall.

He is also a suspect in the Lakshmi Jewellers theft case in Malleswaram, from where he made away with a few gold chains. Karthik used to commit crimes to make a quick buck to lead a lavish life, said a police officer.

A rare case

Karthik had bought Cyanide by paying Rs 2,700. It is being investigated from where he sourced the dangerous chemical. It is a rare case where in some one has been murdered using Cyanide, the police said


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