116 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Part 5, Love, Sex & Dhoka – Lawyer murders Lawyer

Police file charge-sheet in Naveena murder case

She was found dead on High Court premises

The trial of advocate Naveena Srinivas case, the murder that occurred on the premises of Karnataka High Court, has officially begun with the city police filing a voluminous charge-sheet in a local court here recently.

The Vidhana Soudha police, which is investigating the incident, has filed a 200-page charge-sheet against the accused Rajappa Lakshmaiah in the VIII Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM).

The accused has been charged with under Sections 302 (Murder), 309 (Attempt to commit suicide) and 506 B (Punishment for criminal intimidation) of Indian Penal Code.

8,000 calls

Advocate S.L. Rajappa (27) allegedly stabbed his friend J.S. Naveena in the first floor of the High Court on July 9, 2010. According to him, he had decided to marry Naveena. “However, Naveena’s parents had rejected the marriage proposal when he had approached them as he belonged to a lower caste,” the Vidhana Soudha police told The Hindu.

“We have filed an elaborate charge-sheet in court. The charge-sheet contains documents, including statements and several material pertaining to the case,” the police said.

According to the charge-sheet, from February to July this year, Rajappa and Naveena had conversed at least 8,000 times on mobile phones. The mobile phone call details of the two run into 206 pages.

Charge-sheet details

Rajappa had also recorded dozens of conversations that he had had with Naveena. He had taken several photographs along with her. Besides call details and photographs, the police have collected a number of other documents such as medical reports and post-mortem report.

“We have collected several documents pertaining to their relationship. Details about the collected documents and recorded evidences have been included in the charge-sheet,” he said.

Naveena, the daughter of J.V. Sreenivas Reddy and C.L. Savithramma of Chikballapur district, was an alumnus of Kolar Degree College. She enrolled with the Karnataka State Bar Council (KSBC) in 2009.

Rajappa was also an alumnus of Kolar Degree College and a native of Sidlaghatta. He allegedly stabbed Naveena with a pen knife and later tried to kill himself. However, he survived, according to the charge-sheet. He was staying in a house in Wilson Garden.


Before killing Naveena, he recorded a cassette about his relationship with Naveena and copied several photos that he had taken along with Naveena in some CDs. He had stored some evidences in a pen drive and in his mobile phone too.

  • Charge-sheet runs into 206 pages
  • Statements of 53 witnesses recorded

Woman Lawyer Stabbed To Death Inside Karnataka High Court

Bangalore : A woman lawyer was on Thursday stabbed to death by a person wearing an advocate’s robe in the High Court premises who later tried to stab himself, police said. Lawyer J S Naveena,

PTI [ Updated: July 08, 2010 17:50 IST ] copyright indiatv.com
woman lawyer stabbed to death inside karnataka high court
woman lawyer stabbed to death inside karnataka high court

Bangalore : A woman lawyer was on Thursday stabbed to death by a person wearing an advocate’s robe in the High Court premises who later tried to stab himself, police said.

Lawyer J S Naveena, aged 25 years, was fatally stabbed in the neck and ear by a man wearing an advocate’s robe in front of court hall number 4 at 1.50 pm during lunch hours, police said.

“After stabbing her, the assailant tried to stab himself in the neck. He has been arrested and shifted to a hospital”, police said, adding, the motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained.

The attack took place in the presence of advocates and clients outside  Court No.4.  The attacker, named Rajappa, a resident of Kolar, was immediately handed over by lawyers to the police.

According to police, the accused, identified as Rajappa and the victim were colleagues and worked under a senior Mangalore-based advocate.

As per preliminary reports based on Naveena’s relatives and friends, she had rejected a marriage proposal put forward by Rajappa.

Both were engaged in an altercation on the first floor of the High Court and later Rajappa stabbed Naveena five times on various parts of her body, including neck, chest and stomach, police said.

He later rushed to the toilet located on the same floor and bolted the door from inside and tried to commit suicide by consuming poison and slitting his throat with the same knife, police said.

However, lawyers and witnesses on the floor broke open the door and pulled him out and handed him over to police who rushed him to a nearby hospital, they said. PTI


Nov 04 2017 : Bangalore Mirror (Bangalore)
Murder in high court: Trial still incomplete
 On July 8, 2010, SL Rajappa, an advocate stabbed to death another advocate, Naveena JS, in the corridors of the High Court of Karnataka. Seven years later, Rajappa’s petition for release was heard in the court hall situated on the same corridor. It is mostly advocates who are eyewitnesses in the case, but the trial has gone on and not even half of the witnesses have been examined so far. Rajappa has served seven years in jail as an undertrial. Considering the substantial delay, the High Court ordered that the trial be completed within six months.

Rajappa’s petition came up before Justice Budihal RB recently. Rajappa, now 34, approached the HC seeking bail. He had earlier filed for bail alleging that the charge sheet was not filed within 90 days from the day of his arrest, which was rejected. His new petition said that despite seven years, the prosecution was not able to conclude the trial. Out of the 53 witnesses, only 23 have been examined. Another six have been given up. From the speed it is going on, it may take much longer and, therefore, he should be released on bail.

The court said that considering the delay, it can direct the trial court judge to speed up the hearing. It ordered, “Petition is disposed of with a direction to the learned sessions judge dealing with the matter to take up the matter on day-to-day basis and to dispose of the same as early as possible.“

Woman lawyer stabbed to death in high court

TNN | Jul 9, 2010, 01.33 AM IST copyright Times of India newspaper

BANGALORE: A bloody denouement was played out at the Karnataka High Court on Thursday afternoon when a love-crazed advocate whipped out a knife and stabbed a woman colleague to death in a semi-deserted corridor. He then attempted suicide in the court’s washroom.

Eyewitnesses said the gory act took place around 2pm when S L Rajappa, 27, an advocate, stopped J S Naveena, 24, between court halls 3 and 4. They seemed to have a short, hissy conversation after which Rajappa pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the chest, slashed her head and slit her throat. A heavily bleeding Naveena collapsed right there even as Rajappa tried to stab himself.

Azeemuddin, an advocate, witnessed the macabre drama. “It was lunch hour. When I went to the washroom, I saw the two speaking with each other near court hall 4. Then, as I came out, I saw the girl fall down with blood gushing out of her wounds. The next moment I saw that senior counsel Subrahmanya Jois was trying to give her water.’

He says he had barely recovered from the sight when he turned to see Rajappa trying to stab himself. “I tried to stop him, but he pointed the dagger towards me menacingly. I shouted that I would call the police. He ran to the washroom and locked himself in. The police arrived and broke open the door. He had injuries on his chest and a bottle of poison next to him,” Azeemuddin added.

Rajappa was rushed to Mallya Hospital in a critical condition.

Senior advocate Jois recalled: “It was probably 1.52pm when I saw a man and a woman in the court corridor. Suddenly, I heard the woman scream. Blood gushed out of her wounds, and her voice was hoarse.”

The police have recovered a note from Rajappa’s pen drive. The writing suggests he was obsessed with Naveena. Police suspect Rajappa, otherwise a soft-spoken man, wanted Naveena to live the way he wanted her to, but Naveena was focused on her career. She spoke little and was a workaholic.

There are conflicting versions of the background to the bizarre murder. Some said Rajappa and Naveena were in love, but Naveena was engaged to another man. Naveena’s family rejects this. Rajappa was Naveena’s senior in the Government Law College in Kolar; they both belong to the district.

Advocate Rajappa Keeps Doctors, Police On Edge

Jul 20, 2010, 08:06 IST | Madhusudan Maney

copyright mid-day.com


Hospital authorities keep 24-hour watch to ensure lawyer does not reattempt suicide. He tried to kill himself earlier, after stabbing his lover.

Police personnel and doctors at Victoria hospital are keeping a 24-hour watch for fear that advocate
SL Rajappa, who attempted to end his life after killing Naveena JS, a lawyer like him, on July 8, might attempt suicide again.

Besides keeping a 24-hour watch, hospital authorities are taking special care to prevent any attempt on life by Rajappa, who was recently shifted from Mallya Hospital.

When Rajappa, who attempted to end his life after killing Naveena, came to his senses in Mallya Hospital, he began shouting abnormally and even displayed suicidal tendencies.

“There have been instances when Rajappa displayed signs of being terribly disturbed when he gained consciousness,” said a source at the hospital on condition of anonymity.

“This has prompted police and hospital authorities to be more cautious and check any untoward incident.”

Victoria hospital staffers who were on tenterhooks when former minister Halappa, who had to quit following a sex scandal involving his friend’s wife came to light, are on the edge again since Rajappa’s admission.

“He is being watched round the clock,” said the source. “Besides two policemen, who  constantly stand on watch, the hospital staff has been monitoring his situation round the clock.”

Doctors at the hospital said Rajappa’s situation continues to be critical.

“He is in the ICU and continues to be on ventilators. His condition is critical. He can’t speak properly and is still on fluids,” explained Dr B G Tilak, medical superintendent, Victoria hospital.

The source at the hospital said, “When Rajappa was in Mallya Hospital, he came to his senses and began shouting abnormally. He displayed suicidal tendencies.

The doctors immediately gave him sedatives and put him to sleep.”

The police are yet to start preliminary examination into the case. The cops are waiting for a go ahead from hospital authorities.

Police officers investigating the case said they did not want to comment on the subject. “He continues to be on ventilators in the ICU and he is recovering slowly.

We are waiting for a green signal from the doctors to record his statement,” said Vidhan Soudha Inspector Ashok.

July 8
The date on which Rajappa  murdered lawyer Naveena JS who turned down his proposal for marriage

Failed love story
Advocate SL Rajappa’s last-ditch efforts to win over Naveena JS (24), his ladylove and victim, by threatening to consume poison from a bottle of rum in his hand reportedly did not move her.

It was her lack of response that, bystanders who witnessed the incident, said, provoked murderous rage in Rajappa, who stabbed her to death in the high court premises on July 8.

Rajappa and Naveena studied in a law college in Kolar, an hour’s drive from Bangalore. Rajappa is understood to have developed feelings for Naveena. It is, however, not clear if Naveena reciprocated his interest.

She, is believed to have made it clear to him that she could not marry him.

“We think it is a tragic love story that ended in a murder and attempt to suicide,” said Shankar Mahadeva Bidri, city police commissioner. “He kept proposing to her and got upset when she did not respond positively.”


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