137) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: College girl shot dead on foot overbridge at Dhaula Kuan in Delhi

Radhika Tanwar murder case: Court lauds Delhi Police’s role in investigation

Radhika, a second year student, was shot from behind by convict Vijay Saini near a foot overbridge outside Ramlal Anand College near Dhaula Kuan here on March 8, 2011

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 8, 2017 3:06 pm

The court while convicting all the accused, relied on the forensic report, post-mortem report, testimonies of eye witnesses and other prosecution witnesses.

A Delhi court has lauded the city police for its “serious efforts” to bring to book a stalker who shot dead a 21-year-old Delhi University student outside her college in 2011.

Additional Sessions Judge Vivek Kumar Guliya, while awarding life term to the killer for the offences of murder and illegal possession of arms, praised investigating officer (IO) Inspector Balram and his team for collecting concrete evidence in the case without delay.

“The court deems it necessary to record appreciation for the serious efforts made by IO Inspector Balram and his team to arrest real culprits without any delay and in collecting concrete evidence, in absence of which it would have been difficult to establish the charges and to provide justice to the victim,” the judge said.

Radhika, a second year student, was shot from behind by convict Vijay Saini near a foot overbridge outside Ramlal Anand College near Dhaula Kuan here on March 8, 2011. According to the police, Saini used to stalk Tanwar regularly, but when she rejected him, he shot her dead.

Three other men – Tabrez Ahmed, Sheikh Shekhu and Ashraf Ali – were also involved in the incident. They were held guilty of the offences of harbouring as they gave shelter to Saini after he killed the woman but sentenced to the period already spent by them behind bars.

The court, while convicting all four men, relied on the circumstantial evidence and noted that Saini was thrashed earlier after Tanwar made a complaint of stalking against him. “There was fairly strong motive for Vijay Saini to commit the murder of Radhika Tanwar,” it said.

The sentence was welcomed by the victim’s parents and uncle whose six-year long battle for justice finally ended. They thanked the judiciary, Joint Commissioner of Police H G S Dhaliwal and the investigating officer, who were present in the court room. “We are grateful to the judiciary and the police officers for the support and delivering justice. The killer has been brought to book,” said Satish, Radhika’s uncle.

The court while convicting all the accused, relied on the forensic report, post-mortem report, testimonies of eye witnesses and other prosecution witnesses. It also observed that the killer gave a false statement that he did not know the co-accused and could not explain why he had abruptly left his job in Delhi and immediately fled to Mumbai after the incident, which went against him.

According to the prosecution, Saini had been stalking Radhika for 2-3 years and was even beaten up by her father and friends for bothering her. When he did not get a favourable response, he shot her dead to wreak vengeance.

Killer deserved death, say Radhika’s parents

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Raj Shekhar| TNN | Updated: Nov 14, 2017

Radhika Tanwar's mother and uncle (in navy blue shirt) with policemen
Radhika Tanwar’s mother and uncle (in navy blue shirt) with policemen

NEW DELHI: Radhika Tanwarwill turn 27 in four days. Every birthday of the former Delhi University student has been a day of distress for the family of the girl who was shot to deathby a man who had hoped to win her love. But this year will be different because the court has sentenced the murderer to life and the six-year-long legal battle has finally ended for her ageing parents.

Life changed for the Tanwars on March 8, 2011. Even as the world celebrated International Women’s Day, they got a call at 11.15am saying ‘aapki beti ko goli maar di hai’. “She had left for her college with her friend around 9.20am,” recalled her mother. At first we thought there might have been firing incident in the university elections, but we then saw her lifeless body in the hospital.”

Radhika had been shot dead on the foot overbridge at Dhaula Kuan in broad daylight by a man who had been pursuing her and had been rebuffed. There were many who witnessed the horrific crime, but to the Tanwars’ woe, not one turned up to depose before the court.

The parents shifted house after their daughter’s killing. The father has undergone bypass surgery and is bedridden. He barely talks, but was teary-eyed after hearing of the conviction. It was he who had reprimanded the killer, Ram Singh alias Vijay Saini, a year before the murder, little realising that he would return to kill his daughter.

Police scanned every establishment in the area to identify the suspect. When the accused was finally identified, he had already fled to Mumbai. A day before the murder, he had cleared his dues with his employer. Three days later, he was arrested from Mumbai along with his associate and the murder weapon recovered.

The conviction by the court is in many ways unique because crimes committed with country-made guns are difficult to prove. Often, in the case of desi katas, the forensic match of the weapon and the bullet it fired remains inconclusive. In this case, the cops were able to match\ the bullet portion found lodged in Radhika’s body with the pistol recovered from Saini.

The case was monitored closely by then joint commissioner Amulya Patnaik. It was no surprise that unlike other cases where police have come under criticism, Radhika’s parents had some kind words for the cops, who, they said on Monday, remained in constant touch with them

They spoke of the police officers involved with gratitude. “Even after being transferred as DCP of south Delhi, Mr (H G S) Dhaliwal often spoke to us and offered help. Inspector Balram, the investigating officer, would update us on every development. It was due to them that we never lost hope and were certain that the guilty would be brought to justice,” the mother said.

The court too appreciated the efforts made by the investigating team

“It was one of the most challenging cases as there were no leads initially and there was immense pressure on the police to catch the killer. That the case has reached its logical end is a matter of immense satisfaction for us,” Dhaliwal told TOI.

The killer should have been given capital punishment, feel the parents, who they fear will attack them if he was granted parole. Radhika’s mother also had this message for the masses: “Next time you see a girl being attacked, please step forward to help. Had the people on that crowded bridge reacted, my daughter could have been saved. But they did not even agree to attend court as witnesses.

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