219) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Muslim man burnt alive in love jihad, Hindu girl stabbed to death by rejected Muslim lover

In video from jail, accused justifies murder

Rajasthan home minister says probe on to find out how Raigar accessed cellphone


Two videos purportedly shot inside a jail by the man, who had allegedly hacked a labourer from West Bengal over “love jihad”, have gone viral, wherein he claims threat to his life from a fellow inmate and justifies the murder he committed.

Shambhu Lal Raigar, lodged in the Central Jail in Jodhpur after he hacked and burnt to death Mohammad Afrazul from West Bengal in December last year and recorded the act, named the inmate as Vasudev, an accused in the NDPS Act. Vasudev hails from West Bengal, claimed Raigar.

In one of the videos, Raigar claims that the issue of “love jihad” has become “serious” and accuses the West Bengal government of not doing enough about it.

Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria said they were investigating how Raigar got access to a mobile phone inside the jail. “We have lodged an FIR and are investigating the matter,” he said.

Raigar had killed Afrazul while, in a video, ranting against “love jihad”, a term used by sections of Hindu activists to describe marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men.

In the latest video, Raigar said he was “infuriated” over a “jihadist comment”, targeting Hindu women, and that was why he had killed Afrazul.

According to a preliminary investigation, Raigar could have used the cell phone of another inmate. PTI

Grab from a video made by Shambhu Lal Raigar in jail

UP youth beaten in court for ‘love jihad’ as cops watch

Meerut: A Muslim youth and his two brothers were allegedly beaten up by members of Hindu Yuva Vahini and Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Saturday afternoon at a Baghpat court for carrying out ‘love jihad’, as the youth was set to marry a Hindu woman from Punjab there.

A video of the physical assault — in which the rightwing men beat up the three brothers while dragging them from the court to the police van, even as the police can be seen watching — went viral on Sunday. While the woman was not beaten up, another video showed the attackers abusing her for not being able to “find a better match for herself” even as a woman cop is taking her to the police van. The couple had met in Punjab, where the man, Kaleem — a resident of Saharanpur — runs a salon near the girl’s house. They had started a relationship in 2016 and had been in touch through Facebook and WhatsApp after that. As their families were against the relationship, the couple had fled from Punjab to get married in the Baghpat court.

SP Jai Prakash said, “On Saturday, it was reported that a couple in their late twenties had reached the Baghpat court to meet an advocate to get married. Even as they were discussing about the procedure to get married, a crowd barged into the advocate’s chamber and started a scuffle with the man. Police reached the spot in a few minutes and then took the couple and the man’s two brothers into custody to save them from the mob.”

A case has been filed . Police are in the process of identifying the men seen in the video so as to push the investigation further, the SP said.

While police said that the brothers were thrashed by a “crowd” of people and that they are “unaware” if the assailants were members of Hindu organisations, the men seen in the video are locally known faces of Hindu Yuva Vahini and VHP. In fact, members of both organisations told TOI on the record that they were present at the spot, but also claimed that nobody was beaten up.

Raj hate killer tried to divert attention from affairs: Cops

Jaipur: Rajsamand hate crime accused Shambhulal Raigar has committed the gruesome murder of a migrant worker from West Bengal to divert attention from his extramarital affairs and show it as an act of revenge against migrant labourers involved in ‘love jihad’, the Rajasthan police have said in its chargesheet.

The 400-page chargesheet, filed before the Rajsamand district court on January 12, have named Raigar’s wife Seeta and a nurse, with whom Raigar had an affair also, as witnesses.

On December 6 last year, a chilling video of Raigar hacking 50-year-old migrant worker, Afrazul, to death and burning his body went viral and shook the nation’s consciousness. Raigar was booked under various IPC sections and the IT Act.

At least one year before the murder, Raigar used to cut chickens and goats in front of his 15-year-old nephew, who recorded the video, to give it a “communal overtone”, the chargesheet has said, adding that the accused had taken the teenager to the crime spot six times before the killing.

Raigar began watching videos of Hindu fundamentalists, terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and hate videos against Muslims before the murder, the chargesheet has said. “The four pages written by the accused to justify the murder were in English. He used Google translator to convert his hate speech into English,” it adds.

Returned of my own will, says girl in love jihad case

Mangaluru: The daughter of a saffron outfit leader, who had eloped with a man from another community and married him in Mumbai, on Monday reportedly told the Bombay High Court that she had come back home of her own free will.

Based on a complaint by Mohammed Iqbal Chaudhury, who the girl had married, Mumbai police had a few days ago arrested Bajrang Dal member Sunil Pumpwell after it was alleged that he had forcefully taken the girl and her parents from Mumbai to their home in Mangaluru. The husband had also filed a habeas corpus petition seeking directions to jurisdictional and other respondents, including Mumbai commissioner of police and Mangaluru city police, to produce his wife in court and decide if she wanted to stay with him or her parents.

A statement by Sanjiv Punalekar, Mumbai, an advocate handling the case for the girl’s parents, read that the girl told the court that she had gone back home on her own and she wasn’t harassed in any way. She also said she would like to stay with her parents for now.

The court has stayed the investigation of the FIR filed by Chaudhury against the girl’s parents. Advocate Punalekar told TOI that while the FIR has been stayed, the habeas corpus petition will be kept in the open court after a week. TN

Love jihad slander’ drives girl to suicide


Following the suicide of a 20-year-old, first B Com student in Mudigere of Chikkamagaluru, the police have arrested one person associated to the BJP and are on the lookout for four others, who harassed her and forced her to take this extreme step on January 6.

Chikkamagaluru district Superintendent of Police Annamalai K told reporters they received a complaint at the Mudigere Police station that the girl, Dhanyashree, had committed suicide. The local police recovered a suicide note from her home.

It has been revealed that a group of five people had visited the girl’s home in the evening and they picked a fight with the girl and her mother, accusing the girl of roaming with a person of some other community and thereby creating issues of love jihad.

The girl committed suicide by hanging herself around 10 pm and had written a suicide note accusing certain people of harassing her and creating issues of which she is not even a part of and tarnishing her reputation. A case has been registered under 306 (Abetment to suicide) of the IPC. “Initially, about five accused have been identified who we think had gone to her home in the evening, and fought with her mother and her. We have also recovered the girl’s phone and are getting access to all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. There was a photo of the girl with a boy from a different community and several people have circulated this photo creating aspersions on the girl. We are trying to find who had sent the photo to the girl and made a comment, which would have forced her to take this extreme strep. We are taking this case seriously and have already formed two teams one under the Mudigere sub inspector and Mudigere inspector. Any person who we think has played a part in the girl committing suicide; we will make sure that they face justice,” the SP asserted.

Sources said the accused arrested has been identified as Anil from Mudigere, who is linked to the BJP’s Yuva Morcha.

Rajsamand murder: Accused cooked up love jihad story to hide affair with minor, hit the wrong target

Police said that Raigar was romantically involved with a minor girl and he committed the murder fearing that he might get exposed.

December 27, 2017

The blood-curdling murder of a Muslim labourer from West Bengal at Rajsamand in Rajasthan is turning out to be more intriguing after the police claimed that the accused was cooking up the ‘love jihad’ story to cover up his own affair with a minor Hindu girl.

What is even more perplexing is that the accused, Shambhu Nath Raigar, got his target wrong and killed the wrong man.

Police said that Raigar was romantically involved with a minor girl and he committed the murder fearing that he might get exposed.

According to a NDTV report, the police said that the accused, who is married, was the one who was in a relationship with the minor and killed the Muslim man to hide the affair.

However, there seems to be another dramatic twist in the incident.

Raigar seems to have burnt to death the wrong man, as he did not identify the person by the face whom he was searching for.

Raigar killed to hide extramarital affair

According to Raigar’s version, the 13-year-old girl with whom he is reportedly involved, had been taken away to Malda in West Bengal by an “illegal Bangladeshi” and had been forcefully converted to Islam. He had said that he went to get the girl back from Malda.

The television channel reported that the teenager had eloped with a labour from Bengal called Bablu Sheikh.

“Her mother and uncle got her back, but she ran away again in two months. This time a guy called Ajju Sheikh helped her get to Bengal,” the police was quoted as saying by NDTV.

When the girl ran away the second time, Raigar went to get her back as he liked the minor.

“It is true that Regar (Shambhu Nath Raigar) had feelings for her and he went to Bengal to get her,” Rajender Singh Rao, Circle Officer, Rajsamand told NDTV.

Even the minor’s mother confirmed that the accused had gone to fetch her daughter from Bengal, but Raigar took her away when her family refused to accept her.

“He (Raigar) came to me asking for money to go to Bengal and get my daughter. He told me that she was being ill-treated there. So I gave him Rs 9,000,” the girl’s mother said.

“But when she came back, I refused to accept her, so Regar took her on a bike somewhere. I don’t know where she is now,” she added.

However, the minor’s side of the story is not known as she refused to talk to the news outlet.

Wrong person was burnt to death

The cops have also revealed that Raigar wanted to search for Ajju as he suspected he was still in contact with the minor and might help her to run away again.

In fact, the accused went to Jhalchaki Chauraha in Rajsamand, where there are many labourers from Benagl to look for Ajju. Unfortunately, a person gave him Afrazul’s number instead of Ajju’s.

As Raigar did not know Ajju by face, he mistook Afrazul as the man who had helped the minor run away the second time.

Meanwhile, the family members and his lawyer of Raigar have said that the accused is mentally unstable.

The police have rubbished these claims and have asserted Raigar is a “cold-blooded murderer”.

The Rajsamand murder came to light in the first week of December when two shocking videos of the coldblooded act went viral. In the video Raigar was seen claiming that he was taking revenge for love jihad.

Love Jihad incidents in 2017 which went beyond religion to alleged terrorist links

The year 2017 witnessed some major controversies around love jihad. Read to know more.

December 30, 2017 
Love jihad-2017
People involved in love jihad cases of 2017

From the case of the 25-year-old Akhila Asokan/Hadiya in Kerala to Mumbai model Rashmi or the latest case of Shambhu Nath Raigar from Rajasthan and the case of Ghulam Mohammed from Uttar Pradesh, love jihad grabbed headlines .

While we are yet to discover that the alleged Love Jihad finds its origin in the minority section of India, several sectors from India in 2017, from vigilantes and self-proclaimed groups to commoners or politicians— the two word phrase has been used as major propaganda tool to attack their respective opposition.

India witnessed a series of controversies this year in line with the alleged Love Jihad, the one involving Hadiya from Kerala grabbed major attention from media and masses.

Kerala: Hadiya/Akhila Asokan

This case may be from 2016, but it garnered headlines mostly in 2017. The 25-year-old Akhila Asokan, who coverted to Islam and is Hadiya today, has been placed under the custody of her college Dean in Salem, where she is continuing her studies, as ruled by the Supreme Court on November 27.

Also Read: NIA reveals Hadiya’s husband was in touch with ISIS before marriage, says couple didn’t meet on matrimony site

While her father Asokan KM claims that she was forcefully converted, Hadiya has maintained that she converted to Islam and married Shafin Jahan last year on her own.

Hadiya in Salem
Hadiya was brought to Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College in Tamil Nadu’s Salem under tight security on Tuesday, Novemeber 28Twitter

Jahan, whose marriage with Hadiya was annulled by the Kerala High Court, is under the NIA’s scrutiny over his alleged links with the Islamic State group. [Read more]

Rajasthan: Rajsamand love jihad

In a shocking incident that took place in December in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand, a man Mohammed Afrazul was allegedly burnt to death over allegations of love jihad by one Shambhu Nath Raigar.

The video of Raigar thrashing Afrazul and setting him ablaze went viral on social media. The accused, who is currently in police custody, received support from many in Rajasthan.

In fact, people also deposited a sum of Rs 2 lakh in his wife’s account to fight his court case.

However, it has turned out that Raigar was apparently trying to hide an affair with a minor, and the love jihad angle is entirely cooked up. [Read more]

Mumbai model’s forced conversion

A former model named Rashmi, based in Mumbai, alleged that her husband had been continuously assaulting her and forcing her to convert to Islam. The incident made headlines in November when Rashmi approached the police.

She alleged that her 47-year-old husband Asif not only tortured her but had also married another 28-year-old woman, who had converted to Islam and was residing in their house.

love jihad
Rashmi was physically assaulted to get herself converted to Islam

The victim also claimed Asif’s family had brainwashed their seven-year-old son by saying that his mother was a monster as she was not a follower of Islam. [Read more]

Uttar Pradesh: Man thrashed to death

A 45-year-old man identified as Ghulam Mohammad was allegedly thrashed to death by members of Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV) in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr in May this year.

The HYV is a right-wing group founded by Yogi Adityanath, who is currently chief minister of UP.

The activists from the outfit brutally thrashed Mohammed in a bid to learn the whereabouts of his relative Yusuf, who had allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old Hindu girl from Fazalpur village on April 27, said reports. Mohammed had apparently helped Yusuf elope with the girl. [Read more]

Kerala: Woman moves Supreme Court

A 25-year-old woman identified as Akshara Bose moved the Supreme Court in November requesting an NIA probe, alleging that she was forcibly converted to Islam after one Sajjad Raham lured her into a sexual act in 2014 and recorded it on his phone.

Bose had further claimed that Raham blackmailed her through the video, and took her to Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah in August 2017.

She managed to escape from Jeddah on October 4 with the help of her father in India, who sent her the air tickets to travel to Ahmadabad. She reached India on October 5.

The 25-year-old also said she was subjected to sexual exploitation and harassment, adding that Raham had plans to take her to Syria and sell her to ISIS. [Read more]

Uttar Pardesh boy and girl lynching

In April this year, a boy and a girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district were dragged out of their home by the HYV activists over alleged forced conversion.

The HYU activists then took the Musilm boy to the police station where they had accused him of romancing the “Hindu girl” and trying to convert her.

They also asked police to take strict action in the matter. However, the boy complained that the HYV activists were indulging in “moral policing.”

R’sthan killing: India on a perilous path

The killing of Mohammed Afrazul, a migrant labourer from West Bengal, in Rajasthan’s Rajasamund district last week is the latest in the series of hate crimes the country has seen in recent months, and perhaps the most gruesome. The killer, Shambhulal Regar, pushed Afrazul down on the road, beat him up, stabbed him repeatedly to death, shouting “love jihad, love jihad” and abusing Muslims. He even got the terrible action filmed and circulated it on social media. The murderer was not known to have any personal enmity with Afrazul. And the ‘love jihad’ conspiracy theory has since been found to be false in this case. There is only one answer to why Regar did what he did: pure religious hatred.

The killing of Afrazul was no ordinary crime and happened in an environment where a man could be killed just for being a Muslim. Shambhulal Regar was not a man of unstable mind and knew what he was doing. He wanted the murder to be seen across the nation and so made a spectacle of it. And he was remorseless afterward. Many such hate crimes have taken place in BJP-ruled states, especially in Rajasthan. The social and political milieu in these states have become conducive to the oppression of and violence against minorities, and this is squarely because of the ideology espoused by the ruling party for decades, and the policies and actions of its governments today, including the Central government. Most importantly, it is due to the signals they have sent to people such as Regar after each such murder. A dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan, was killed by gau rakshaks in April this year. Charges against some accused in that case have been dropped and others are on bail. Senior leaders of the BJP and ministers at the Centre have supported such vigilante actions. Caste and communal groups openly resort to threats and intimidation, and BJP governments support them, as is seen in the case of the film Padmavati.

The reaction of a section of society to the killing is perverse and reprehensible, and indicative of the path down which India is headed.
Some WhatsApp groups in the state, including one in which a BJP MP and an MLA were members, have hailed Regar for the murder. Over 500 people from various states have transferred about Rs 3 lakh in the past one week to the bank account of Regar’s wife in his support. Have we then become a society that rewards murderers, simply because the victim is a Muslim? This new culture puts the country’s human and constitutional values and its best traditions in grave danger.

Lynching: Shocking Images

Nationalism is turning into a tool to kill

Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 21 2017

 Nationalism is turning into a tool to killThe lynching of Muhammad Afrozul – a labourer from West Bengal – by a hate-filled man in Rajasthan, and the subsequent filming of the horrendous crime on a cell phone can’t be brushed aside as a routine criminal act. While it is just another stark reminder of the pathological hatred against Muslims on the rise in India, it also symbolizes the extent of emboldening of bigots in post 2014-India.

Mohammad Afrazul (47), a migrant labourer from West Bengal, and a father of three daughters had been working in Rajasthan for past two decades. He was hacked and then burnt alive. The main accused, Shambhulal Regar, even roped in his 14-year-old nephew to film the killing – an act only those with reach to power corridors can only imagine.

The State Police Chief has called it a “brutal crime” and even claimed that the accused was not a “normal human being”. But the videos of the gruesome murder, as well as the killer’s speech trying to justify the heinous act, point to a deep-rooted conspiracy being hatched against Muslims. The statements made by the killer in the video are similar to those made by the members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, clearly suggesting where the killer is getting his inspiration from. Through his statements, Regar also deflated the police chief’s remark that he is a crazy person.

Prohibitory orders were imposed in Udaipur and Rajsamand after right wing activists rallied to support the killer. Vitriolic speeches were made during these speeches, according to news reports. They also said that Rs 3 lakh were deposited into the bank account of Shambulal Regar’s wife by 516 people, clearly pointing out towards the presence of a conspiracy – also pointed out by the niece of Afrozul.

Regar bringing up the bogey of ‘love jihad’ and threatening Muslims by saying that “this is what will happen to you if you do ‘love jihad’ in our country” came just weeks after the courts and India’s premier investigating agency NIA tried to separate an adult woman, Hadiya from her rightful husband.

24-year-old Akhila converted to Islam and took a new name, Hadiya, and married to a Muslim Shafin Jahan. Her father, an ex-serviceman and an atheist, upset with her conversion filed a police complaint. Kerala High Court annulled her marriage calling it ‘sham’. Her husband moved the Supreme Court against the annulling of their marriage, stoking debates on the jurisdiction and power of the courts in the personal lives of adults.

While the young woman minced no words in expressing her desire to be with her rightful husband and keep her faith, the law seem to have failed to honour her personal freedom and instead, treated her like a chattel. Hadiya vehemently discredited these allegations and said she chose Islam voluntarily along with her marriage.

A group of social organizations said that the killing of Afrozul was the fourth in past nine months. In April this year, a cattle trader Pehlu Khan was stopped and assaulted by self-styled cow vigilantes who claimed that he was illegally transporting cattle. Khan had even told them that he had the required permit. However, Khan, along with five other men was ruthlessly beaten by the vigilantes. He was admitted to a district hospital where he died two days later.

The clean chit to the accused in Pehlu Khan’s lynching and the rally in support of Afrozul’s killer shows that right-wing mobs are roaming around and killing innocent people with impunity. “Since 2010, 78 cow-related hate crimes have been reported across India, 97 per cent of these after 2014,” reported IndiaSpend, an online portal that builds on data to report on and analyse a wide range of issues.

Not only have the killings seen a spurt, but the impunity is encouraging the killers to carry out the gory crimes without any fear. Instead of hiding his identity, Regar was flaunting it on social media. That kind of impunity won’t come unless rulers embolden you. Several top leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have publicly bragged about the killings. Regar just followed one of them.

In a similar encouragement for these crimes, the body of Ravi Sisodia, accused of killing Mohammad Akhlaq over allegations of killing and eating cow in 2015 in Dadri area of Uttar Pradesh, was wrapped in the Indian National flag. Sisodia had died of a lung infection in 2016.

The undertones of draping him in the national flag was very well understood by people like Regar, who chose to carry forward the legacy of Sisodias! Now, nationalism was a tool to kill. The silence of the political leaders on the growing peril of lynching across India was also seen as an endorsement of the fanatical ideology, especially at the time of elections when it conveniently polarizes the voters.

This giant leap taken by this country from setting the guilty free to rewarding them looks like a “new right” for “new India” where Hindutva politics has unleashed its ugly face.

Love jihad: Lawyers, drivers, waiters in Bajrang Dal & VHP’s spy network

Meerut: AMuslim youth and his two brothers were beaten up by members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini and Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Saturday at a Baghpat court complex when the man was to get married to aHindu girl from Punjab. Every time a case of ‘love jihad’ comes up, what leaves locals and police puzzled is how Hindu organisations get to know about it even before police. The secret may be out now.

Bajrang Dal and VHP members told TOI that they depend on a large and intricate mesh of informers, from bus drivers to waiters, advocates, farmers and sometimes even labourers to alert them on inter-faith affairs. They said thousands of people become a part of their organisation, but since not everybody can be given a designation, they are given the role of informers.

“Not everyone can come to the front and protest, but nobody shies away from providing information. This is why we have a network of people who are members and who work silently on the ground. These are mainly farmers, labourers and even advocates, who inform us about inter-faith marriages or relationships,” said Balraj Dungar, West UP convenor, Bajrang Dal.

He may have a point. Last year in April a couple in Meerut were dragged out of a room and paraded through the streets. The boy later said he was shocked how so many people got to know of his discreet meeting with the girl he claimed to be in love with.

Information about the inter-faith couple in Baghpat, too, reached right-wing leaders through one such informer. Vicky Chaudhary, Baghpat city president of VHP said, “I cannot disclose who gave us this tip-off, but we got the information from somebody within the organisation who had in turn received this information from a local source.” He said paan and cigarette shops were the most helpful source among all.

“From Nov to Dec 2017, an enrolment drive was conducted in Shamli. At least 8,000 people joined the organization, but since not all of them can be given a designation, some have been given the role of informers. In fact, we have WhatsApp groups in place which have all these people. I monitor all of them and if any case of love jihad comes to the fore, I inform the people concerned so that we reach the spot to check the matter and seek police intervention,” said Vivek Premi, Bajrang Dal head for Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat and Sardhana and also the student head of Meerut zone.

Love Jihad murder: Internet services in Rajsamand restored as day passes peacefully

Curbs on internet services were put after the protests on communal lines took place in and around Rajsamand.

Edited By Manas Joshi
Jaipur, December 16, 2017
The accused in Rajasamand killingThe accused in Rajasamand killing


  • 1
    Post the so called ‘love jihad’ killing, protests had erupted in and around Rajsamand on communal lines.
  • 2
    Internet services were suspended by the authorities to check the spread of rumours.
  • 3
    The services were restored as a day passed peacefully without any protests.

Authorities in Rajsamand in Rajasthan have removed prohibitory orders and ban on internet services after the day passed off peacefully.

The internet services were suspended following protests on communal lines following the murder of a Muslim man by a Hindu who claimed this was a retribution for so called ‘love jihad’ committed by the deceased

The accused Shambhunath Raiger brutally killed and burnt hapless Ashraful and had his minor nephew videograph the entire episode. Shambhu presented himself in a series of videos as a hardcore Hindu fanatic and anti-Muslim.

The police have booked 75 for making inflammatory speeches and they include most Hindus and some Muslims. If Hindus have been saying that only those who chant Ram can live in India, Muslims have been saying that only those who say Allah ho Akbar have a right to live in India. This is a departure from most Muslim protests elsewhere where pro-Pak slogans find a way.

Police have seized a bank account in which people from across the country have contributed small amounts totaling about Rs three lakhs.  Police have been trying to look for any clue that may indicate that Shambhunath was instigated or hired by someone for this act but so far, there has been no such indication.

The murder of Ashraful has shocked many but its impact has been multi-fold with different groups trying to take advantage of in its aftermath.

It is shocking to find a lot of people justifying the murder on social media.

A terrorist crime aimed at turning India into a Hindu Pakistan

A terrorist crime aimed at turning India into a Hindu Pakistan
Screen grab

On December 6, a 50-year-old migrant labourer, Mohammed Afrazul, was brutally murdered and burnt alive (apparently due to suspicions that he was in a relationship with a Hindu woman) by Shambhulal Regar alias Shambhu Bhavani in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The entire incident was recorded on video and published on social media in an attempt to incite hatred and violence. The police arrested the attacker and his nephew, who recorded the video.

The barbaric act captured on video has shaken to the very core every peace-loving citizen who watched it. The murder has been strongly condemned from every quarter, except the fanatic Hindutva brigade on social media which not only supports this inhuman act but has made attempts to establish it as a lesson for all “love-jihadis“.

Since the murderer belongs to the Scheduled Castes, the Dalit community has also reacted by strongly condemning the act.

The killing of an innocent citizen is a ploy of the same ideology which views the act of murder as a symbol of bravery and masculinity, and encourages it.

Not only is the murder an attack on humanity and the constitution of India, it is also an attempt to push the Hindu religion towards a state of war where followers of other religions are portrayed as dangerous enemies. It is also against a civilisation that advocates goodwill amongst its people. Such actions can be equated with the actions of ISIS and the Taliban.

This marks the beginning of attempts to turn India into a Hindu Pakistan. There seems to be no end to this series of murders. It will go on and ultimately the Hindu religion itself will fall prey to the violence, with Hindus killing each other.

The attacker had no personal rivalry, no financial dispute with the victim. They were not neighbours. The deceased Afrazul had neither molested nor married any of Shambhu’s female relatives. It was neither a matter of “love jihad” nor an honour killing. In fact, the killer did not even once address Afrazul by name in any of the videos. Perhaps he did not even know the victim’s name. But he knew for certain that the man he targeted was a Muslim.

Those who know Regar claim that he was unemployed and a drug addict. He enjoyed watching videos promoting Hindutva content and on Facebook, liked posts carrying the Hindutva message.

Regar shared a total of five videos on his social media account, of which three were recorded a day before the murder, one during the murder and another afterwards. He also posted a three-page handwritten letter. The script of the letter was Devanagri and the content was English, though he has studied only till class X and cannot even read or write a proper sentence in English.

The police claim that there is no evidence suggesting that the attacker had links with any right-wing groups. Since he is not associated with any organisation of the Sangh ideology, they say, he cannot be linked to Hindu extremism. Yet the murderer’s language, behaviour and actions all seem inspired by that very Hindutva ideology.

Nowadays, shakhas are no longer restricted to physical public spaces but are organised through WhatsApp as well. The project of engendering fanatic Hindus is now being carried out in an organised manner on the internet. It is ideological terrorism of a dangerous kind of Hindutva which has infiltrated people’s minds like poison. For it to work, there is no need to directly become a part of any Sangh organisation.

Using traditional means of political propaganda and later through social media, the process of making Hindus not only anti-Muslim but also extremist gained pace post the Babri Masjid demolition. In the garb of nationalism and patriotism, the Hindutva brigade in India has functioned the way extremist elements across the world do – recruiting unemployed, ill-educated and ambitious youth, and brainwashing them. They target young men who are broke or are drug addicts for recruitment to violent activities and push forward their agenda through them.

Afrazul’s killer is also a human bomb created by the Taliban-like Hindutva ideology. Thousands of such youth have been prepared who are ready to kill or die in the name of religion. These brainwashed men are incited to carry out riots and gang rapes. They commit arson on shops and homes belonging to members of different communities and engage in other such terrorist acts.

In the video, the murderer is seen echoing a language no different from the one being used from Nagpur to the Red Fort in Delhi. The attacker chose the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition as the day to commit his murder, a day being celebrated by the Hindutva brigade as ‘Shaurya Divas‘. In the video clip, he can be heard talking about fake currency and how it has destroyed the Indian economy. He also speaks of abolishing Article 370 while referring to Islamic jihad and Pakistan. He claims that reservation divides the Hindu community, talks about love jihad and calls India ‘Ma Bharti‘. He also demands that a Ram mandir be built soon, presumably in Ayodhya. Behind him flutters the same saffron flag hoisted at Sangh shakhas, offices and functions. A chandan mark can be seen on his forehead.

But despite his attire, language and attitude, he is not being referred to as a ‘Hindutva terrorist’. When the Taliban and ISIS release videos of such cruel killings, it is the same Hindutva brigade that labels them as barbaric, Islamic jihadists and terrorists. The Rajsamand incident is neither about love jihad nor honour killing. It is not the result of personal enmity, nor can it be brushed aside as lunacy. It is clearly terrorism. It is the result of a decades-old poisonous extremist ideology which not only praises the actions of Nathuram Godse – the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi – but also does not even hesitate in erecting shrines for the vicious murderer.

This kind of terrorism has been nurtured over a long period of time: when the killer of former MP Phoolan Devi, Sher Singh Rana, was made a national hero; when Dara Singh, the man who burnt alive Graham Staines and his two boys, is extolled as a Hindu warrior; when the BJP-Sangh leader Kamal Didi goes to meet the murderers of Pehlu Khan, who was killed while transporting cows from Jaipur, in jail and equates them with Bhagat Singh.

Glorifying murderers as national heroes encourages others to commit such violent acts – and criminals like Regar are born.

Hindutva terror is a reality today. The poisoning of Hindu minds is going on at a massive scale. Both physical and ideological nourishment and training is being imparted to nurture violent murderers.

Expressing regret over the ruthless murder of Afrazul, Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje spoke of strict action, but nothing has been done so far. Had the Raje-led BJP government taken swift action in the matter of Birloka’s Ghafoor Khan, Nuh’s Pehlu Khan and Pratapgarh’s Zafar Khan, Afrazul’s killer could not have gathered the courage to commit the crime.

It is the government’s responsibility to put a check on organisations that spread hatred in the society. It is common knowledge that the BJP contests elections on the back of the Hindutva brigade and other such groups that spew venom, benefitting from communal polarisation and enmity. Common citizens and especially the Hindus of India need to stand guard against such communal forces.

In this terrorism laboratory, Dalit, tribal and backward youth are being massively manipulated. They are glorified as Hindu bravehearts and religious warriors. Distorting historical facts, the Mughals, Turks and Muslims are held responsible for the adverse condition of Dalits and lower castes. The two are being pitted against each other in such a way that hatred and rivalry will persist for centuries to come. This terrorist project is leading Bahujan youth on the path of self-destruction, the final result of which will be total surrender to slavery.

The Sangh’s conspiracy of overturning awareness among the Dalit community seems to be succeeding. The Dalit, backward and tribal youth have been brainwashed into believing that Muslims are their biggest enemies. In turn, these newly-created religious heroes are taking innocent lives.

This kind of terrorism is bound to turn self-destructive – consuming the country, as well as the Hindu religion.

Bhanwar Meghwanshi is an independent journalist and Dalit activist based in Rajasthan.

Courtesy: The Wire

Communal violence hits peak in Rajasthan


PublishedDec 22, 2017, 12:40 am IST
UpdatedDec 22, 2017, 4:23 am IST
Hate crimes have become more one-sided: Experts

Representational image

 Representational image

Jaipur: It is not only ironic but also hard to believe that Rajasthan where not a single major incident of communal violence took place at the time of partition, is today among the eight states which account for 85 per cent of communal incidents in the country.

The transition from a quiet and peaceful state to the one having several flashpoints of communal polarisation began in the late 80s with the Ram Temple movement that left behind a trail of hatred, distrust and fear and setting off a chain of communal incidents in last three decades.

However, the ugly face of present day communal violence is vicious, venomous and one-sided.

“Earlier, the other side was also at fault sometimes but now there is only one aggressor and the other one is a victim,” said Kavita Shrivastava, state president of PUCL who has done several case studies of communal incidents in Rajasthan.

A senior IPS officer who has served in sensitive areas at the time of communal frenzy in the 90s agreed. “Usually, two sides are involved in what we call communal clashes but what is being seen now is that attacks are happening only by one side on flimsy ground,” said the officer who did not wish to be named.

According to him, during the Ram temple movement and post-Babri mosque demolition people got influenced by national events but now they are giving into false propaganda of ‘love jihad’ while there is data to support this trend.

Dalit social activist Bhanwar Meghwanshi, who was at one point of time active member of RSS, warns about ignoring murder of Pehlu Khan and Afrazul as mere hate crimes. “It is a planned terrorism by the majority community. It is part of a much larger conspiracy to instill fear among the minorities to make them submissive and nonchalant,” he said.

What is worries some is that unlike in the past when at least those in the government would condemn such incident even if they had tacit understanding with the perpetrators, they now openly support from those responsible to maintain law and order, he alleged citing statements by home minister Gulab Chand Kataria. When Pehlu Khan was killed, Kataria said that both sides were at fault.

The home minister along with her cabinet colleague Kiran Maheshwari and Rajsamand MP Hariom Singh Rathore was member of a WhatsApp group that hailed the murder of Afrazul.

Social scientist and former professor in Rajasthan University, Dr Rajiv Gupta said that it reflects decay of progressive intellectualism in the society. “We are becoming reactionary and religious intolerant. The social divide is widening. The sustained campaign of polarising on communal lines is paying off for the present dispensation,” he said.

It is true because earlier whenever there was an incident elders used to help cool down tempers but that is now missing. “Sensing mood of politicians who are ganing from the communal divide, police are now reluctant to take such initiative, which is unfortunate,” the IPS officer said.

Major communal incidents
1990: Following L.K. Advani’s arrest during Ram rath yatra, a bandh was called in Jaipur. A rumour that kids were held captive in a mosque sparked off riots. The violence claimed around 50 lives.

1992: communal violence in the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition claimed 60 lives throughout the state with the capital, Jaipur (28 deaths) and Malpura (22 deaths) being worst affected.

2011: Police inspector Phool Mohammed was burnt alive by a mob after a man jumped to death to protest alleged police inaction in a murder case in Sawai Madhopur.

Hate Crimes
2015: A mob angered by the pictures of carcasses of cows attacked Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, owner of a meat shop assuming that he might start selling beef in Birloka village in Nagaur district.

2017: Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer, was accused of smuggling cattle and was lynched by a large mob on the national highway in  Alwar district.

2017: Folk singer Ahmed Khan was killed by village priest and his brothers for “not singing well” to enable him to “invoke the supernatural powers of healing”.

The Afrazul Killing Video as a Perfect Anti-Muslim Crime

Maaz Bin Bilal is an Indian academic and holds a PhD in literature from Queen’s University Belfast.

The video with the killing of Mohammad Afrazul by Shambhunath Raigar in cold blood, without any immediate motivation or excuse, is a watershed moment in the new-age social-media-driven communal crime in India. Where all such hate crime shared on social media, especially lynchings, builds an ever-present sense of fear for the Muslim, this video does away with all padding, any semblance of rationale, the use of passion as motivator, and mob as executive. This is a radical break from the past where the Hindu right felt a need to justify itself even to the rest of the country.

Even as the facts of the case are yet to fully come to light, I write this piece as an Indian Muslim and an academic in response to the video of the brutal and cold-blooded killing of Mohammad Afrazul, posted by its perpetrator, Shambhunath Raigar (the 48- year-old migrant worker from West Bengal was brutally hacked and the killing filmed by a teenager in Rajsamand district on 6 December). As an Indian Muslim I have grown used to various types of violence against Muslims and other minorities in India not just by being exposed to them through the media, but also experiencing them first-hand, through telling of their dire experiences by friends and family, or even reading the near-lynching experience of a former student in a magazine that combines the two.1 However, this particular video has shaken me to the core, is unlike anything I have ever seen before and gives me a sense of great foreboding for Indian civilisation, if there is such a thing.

Since independence and partition and with the formation of the Muslim state, Pakistan, as its enemy-state neighbour, secular India has struggled with its Muslim minority with regard to its national identity. With a notional idea of a secular India and the opposing idea of India as a Hindu nation, Muslims have often been direct electoral pawns of the centrist party, or the targeted and excluded other of the Hindu right, which seeks to unite and consolidate not just upper caste, but even Other Backward Classes (OBCs), and lately tribal and lower-caste Hindu votes. Violence against Muslims has been part of electoral politics in different ways. Protection against it is the secular party’s claim and appeals to the Muslim or limited secular vote. An instrumental use of the riot itself to advance ideas of Hindu pride serves the Hindu right. This is my academic understanding of the situation.

Mob Mentalities

As a child growing up in the 1990s, I have personally experienced the ideologically brainwashed ire of Hindu children against Muslims in verbal duels, physical skirmishes, and social shamings. At the same time, I have experienced both the demolition of Babri Masjid and the Godhra riots on TV, while I was still a school student, and lived through curfews in Delhi. What was common in these chains of violent events was that they would often arise and work through mob mentalities. The mechanism of the riot is often understood to be started with a particular rumour/incident after the initial build-up through propaganda and organisation that laid the ground. This has continued in the more recent beef-related lynchings. The perpetrators of the violence have operated in large groups, instigated by leaders, motivated by each other as part of mobs.

With the Babri demolition, Gujarat 2002 riots, and the recent beef-lynchings, notions of pride of the Hindu community being hurt were advanced as reasons for violence against Muslims. The violence that was perpetrated was almost uniformly undertaken by mobs. A mob has its own mentality that can override natural principles of moral justice and humanity. Led by a leader–instigator utilising an immediate occurrence as provocation, powered by ideology, armed by weapons such as trishuls or tridents often distributed in an organised fashion by political parties, these mobs serve larger electoral goals, but also maintain smaller gains for their members. Promises of political office, monetary gains offered by parties, material and sensual profits through thieving and rape during the actual rioting, cattle–thieving in beef killings, settling of petty scores, are all gains to be made off the violence for the mob participant.

With Gujarat 2002 began the age of camera mobile phones and social media. We have now come to terms with videos of mob violence and lynchings by large groups of Hindu men against one or a few Muslim men, and sometimes also women. There are almost always putative reasons accorded to the violence, and often, immediate material gains for the perpetrators are visible. With the Gujarat videos there was the background of the Godhra train burning. With Muzaffarnagar, there were claims of gender violence across communities to begin with. In beef-killings there are Muslims who are supposedly caught red-handed with cattle/beef. Even with the killings of four men in Jharkhand, allegations of child kidnappings were cited.

The video with the killing of Afrazul by Raigar in cold blood, without any immediate motivation or excuse is a watershed moment in the face of this new-age social-media-driven communal crime in India. Where all such hate crime shared on social media, especially the sporadic but geographically widespread lynching, is to build an ever-present sense of fear for the Muslim, this video does so in a far more generalised manner. It does away with all padding, any semblance of rationale, the use of passion as motivator, and uses the mob as executive. This is a radical break from the past where the Hindu right felt a need to justify itself even to the rest of the country.

Stereotype as Absolute

In this video, ideology and stereotype seem to have become absolute. There is a complete abstraction of the Muslim that is made at the cost of the personal and the individual. The victim in question, Afrazul, may not have been guilty of any crime whatsoever. Neither was he killed in response to any particular incident in the vicinity where other Muslims are under suspicion. Still, his name is reason enough for his brutal and unwarranted execution.

While the Rajasthan police are already trying to investigate the motive, and various reports have come up of different love jihad histories, some claiming Afrazul’s own involvement and others of the older Bengali–Muslim–labourer and a Rajasthani woman’s connections, Raigar in his own video is not admitting that this is the case. He may say something else under interrogation. In the case of beef-killings too, the immediate investigations were often about the nature of the meat found. None of the beef-killings, or for that matter, recent caste-violence incidents, have found a strong conviction.

However, this is an aside, only to emphasise the impunity with which a Raigar is now operating. And this too is why this particular video is one step forward in our history of communal blood-spilling in independent India. Whereas, earlier, the mob was also defence against conviction as often there was difficulty claimed in actual identification of culprits, surely here nothing is left to doubt or imagination. And still does one hope for a hanging in this rarest of rare crimes? Or is this the new normal and not rare at all?

It is this absolute rarefication of the murder of the Muslim that is most chilling. No mob was inciting this apparent lone wolf. A 14-year-old boy, his nephew, is filming the act with a steady hand. One can only imagine the dehumanisation of the child.

No immediate or personal motive relates Raigar to Afrazul. There is no passion, this is no hot-blooded act, but cold-blooded and planned in the extreme. Raigar carries at least two implements to bludgeon Afrazul. The killing is not clean, it is messy. And then, carrying on with anti-Muslim-burial-of-the-dead notions of violence, Raigar sets the dead Afrazul on fire.

As Raigar declares, proudly, in the video, the message for Indian Muslims is clear: this is what will be or can be done to you with great impunity. The stereotype, love jihad or any such, attached to your name is enough to target you, without any immediate or individualised cause. This is the perfect anti-Muslim crime. Not in the Hitchcockian sense that it cannot be detected, but that it is brazen and rarefied in the extreme. No scope for any ambiguity. The message is loud and clear. Individual acts such as cattle slaughter were always casual reasons by ways of excuses; now even those are not required. A mob, its diffusion of culpability, and its passion were required to motivate men to inhumanity and allow impunity, now these can be dispensed with.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the overwhelming Bharatiya Janata Party majority in 2014 was the result of the work of generations. This violent and chilling video too must be seen to arise from the ideological propaganda and groundwork of generations. Different media reports tell us that there was a Bajrang Dal pamphlet about so-called love jihad that was distributed days before Raigar undertook this act. It has also come to light that Raigar was out of business for about a year, or that he was substance addict and consumer of hate videos. It is yet to be determined whether he was directly indoctrinated by any person or organisation. Still, it must be established that such videos or media or hate speeches that may incite a person to commit such an act are clearly not being sanctioned, at a time when a film director is questioned by Parliament, and a number of individuals have been arrested and kept in jail for a number of days for what have been seen as derogatory comments on a chief minister or the Prime Minister on Facebook.2

This complex nexus of various forces has established a period in Indian history where already the perfect anti-Muslim crime has been realised. Now it is for us to see what the next step is. Will there be holocausts? Or, will it be as the Tripura governor Tathagata Roy quoted Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s diary entry of 1946: “The Hindu–Muslim problem won’t be solved without a civil war”? For now, we live with the aesthetic of the absolute and distilled murder of not merely M Afrazul but the Muslim

R’sthan murder: bank a/c of accused killer frozen

 Jaipur, DHNS: The Rajasthan Police has frozen a bank account of Shambulal Regar, the man accused of hacking and burning alive a migrant labourer and filming the barbaric act in Rajsamand district last week.

Regar is in custody for killing Mohammad Afrazul. About Rs 3 lakh was deposited in the account being operated by his wife Sita.

Regar claimed that he killed Afrazul as his associate, also a Muslim man from West Bengal, had eloped with a Hindu girl from his village a year ago.

Anand Srivastava, Inspector General, Udaipur range, said, “Money was donated by 500 people from across the country. We have frozen the account as of now and we will make a list of donors who have contributed.”

Messages were circulated on social networking groups with the account number and IFSC code of Raigar’s wife asking people to contribute to help the killer to pay for legal expenses.

The police also arrested two businessmen for reportedly circulating images on social media of receipts acknowledging their donations to the account.

In Udaipur district, the police has also imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC and suspended internet services, following reports that some Hindutva organisations were planning a rally on Thursday in support of Regar.

Another case of love jihad?

Rajasthan: Man hacked, burnt alive in viral video – Accused, seen next to the burning body making threats on ‘love jihad’, arrested


I n a shocking incident, a labourer was hacked and burnt alive in a video that was uploaded on social media in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district, police said.

The slain labourer, who hailed from West Bengal’s Malda, was identified as Mohammad Afrazul. According to the police, the gruesome murder seemingly took place on Wednesday in Raj Nagar.

And the accused Shambhu Lal, a resident of the area, has been arrested and is being interrogated, SP Rajsamand Manoj Kumar told PTI.

Reports said, in the video, Shambhu Lal was seen hitting the victim with an ‘axe’ and later setting him on fire. He was also seen next to the burning body making threats on “love jihad” saying that those who indulge in ‘love jihad’ would meet the same fate. “The labourer died on the spot,” police said.

According to the IG Udaipur Anand Srivastava, the accused, clad in a red shirt and white trousers, was also seen shouting at the victim in the video.

According to the victim’s family in Malda, he had been working in Rajasthan for the last 20 years.

Family demands justice

The 46-year-old labourer’s family was visibly shaken when we met them, but has demanded optimum punishment for the killer.

His wife Gulbahar Bibi said, “We saw the man hacking him again and again. We were shocked that he was burnt alive. I spoke to him last on Sunday. I cannot believe that my husband could have been killed brutally like this.”

Asked if Afrazul had married a Hindu woman in Rajasthan, Gulbahar denied it and said, “It is absolutely baseless that he was married to a woman of a different religion.”

Daughter of the deceased, Habiba, who was crying inconsolably, demanded that the accused should be hanged. “The accused should get the highest punishment for killing my father in such a way.”

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted: “We strongly condemn the heinous killing of a labourer from Bengal in Rajasthan. How can people be so inhuman? Sad.”

CPI(M) Member of Parliament Mohammed Salim said, “This incident is hellish. Shameful that such incidents happen in civilized society.”

Although Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria condemned the incident and said that the case has been handed over to SIT for investigations, there was no word from Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje .

The accused Shambhu Lal; (right) the victim Afrazul Khan

video : ‘If i hadnt done this, he would have killed my entire family’

Man who  burnt labourer alive, arrested in Rajsamand

Udaipur : Police has arrested on Thursday Shambulal Regar,a 38-year-old man for slaining and burning alive a labourer inRajsamand city,a day ago. The accused  is without remorse and bears no guilt for the heinous act he committed. ” Had I not killed him, he would have killed my entire family because he wanted to take a revenge” the accused said before media persons at Delwara police station. The victim Afrazul (45) was a resident of Malda district in West Bengal and had lived in Rajsamand for 20 years. He undertook labour work for buildings, police said. On Wednesday, Shambulal  had taken Afrazul to his field on pretext of  some building work and axed him down. He burnt thebody with kerosene oil and made video clips of the murder that spread  like fire on the social media.

Shambulal was arrested around 9 am on thursday at Kelwa in Rajsamand when he was on his way to the temple where he had announced a day ago to surrender. However, police rounded him up and took to Kelwa police station. Later, sensing the tension brewing among the victim’s community, police took him to Delwara police station for interrogation. When asked for thereason behind the murder, IG Anand Srivastava told reporters that the accused said the reasons were the same that he had cited in two video clips he had released soon after killing Afrazul. Shambulal was brought masked before the media and when he was asked for the reason, the accused said that he was left with no other option. ” I had gone to West Bengal an year ago to rescue a girl who was my neighbour. Afrazul made her a prey by making her believe his false love and she eloped with him to his native place. I brought her back to Rajsamand and since then Afrazul have been bearing animosity. He had threatened many times to kill my daughters,other family members and so I had no other way out” the killer said.

Unemployed for an year

The accused have been unemployed for some time. He worked with a marble unit earlier but had notbeen working or earning anything since an year, family members told police. He has wife, three daughters and two brothers in his family. One of his daughter who is also seen sitting with him in the video clip,is said to be mentally challenged and receiving government aid. Regar had left a 3-paged murder note at the crime spot which the police had recovered. ” Hello friends, my name is Shambu Bhavani” the accused had written in English at the beginning. In the later parts he had expressed severe feelings on Islamic way. Concluding the letter, the accused had asked the police to keep his daughter  in the prison with him. After his arrest too, his daughter was seen with him inside the police station and sources said that the girl was too much attached with her father and looking at her mental condition, she was allowed there.

15-year-old nephew shot the video clips

The four video clips that had gone around in the social media hadbeen shot by a 15-year-old boy Uttam Regar  who is nephew of Shambulal. Every one including the police is shocked to know how the accused got a minor too involved in a murder case and made him shoot live murder scenes that could disturb any normal person.

Internet services suspended, additional forces deployed

Tension had prevailed in Kelwa and Rajsamand city as the video clips went viral. The victim’s relatives and community members gathered at Hussaini Chowk and protested against the incident. Police forces have been deployed at several parts of the city to prevent any untoward incident. Internet services were suspended from 3 am so as to stop unwanted speculations and comments making rounds. The internet services is expected to resume by friday evening, sources said.

Rajasthan murder caught on video: Victim’s family wants accused to be publicly hanged

Afrazul, a labourer from West Bengal, is seen being stabbed and burnt by a man in a video that has gone viral on social media. The attacker was arrested on Thursday.

INDIA Updated: Dec 07, 2017 20:22 IST

Sreyasi Pal
Hindustan Times, Malda

Family members of Afrazul at their home in West Bengal’s Malda district.(ANI Twitter)

Family members of a 50-year-old labourer from West Bengal who was allegedly axed and burnt in Rajasthan have demanded a public hanging of the accused, who was arrested by police on Thursday.

Sorrow has turned to anger in the native village Afrazul Islam, who has been working as a labourer in Rajasthan for the past 12 years and regularly sends money to his mother, wife and daughter.

Afrazul’s native village — Saidapur in Kaliachak of Malda — is more than 310 km from Kolkata.

An unemployed man, Shambhu Lal Regar, is purportedly seen in the video hitting Islam, pouring petrol over him and setting him on fire. Regar, and his nephew who shot the videos, have been arrested.

“I spoke to my son in the morning before he was killed. I don’t know the reason behind his murder. I have seen the video, the guilty should be punished,” Islam’s mother said on Thursday.

Islam’s wife alleged that her husband was lured to the site of the murder.

“They (the accused) called him on the pretext of offering a job, and asked him to follow to the site. The man was following my husband, and attacked him from behind to go to a site for giving some work,” said Gul Bahar Bibi.

Their daughter was supposed to get married in two months.

“Yesterday (Wednesday), we got the news that he was murdered. I am sure he had no love affair with anyone. I want the culprits to be hanged publicly. I don’t know how I will arrange money for the marriage of my daughter,’’ said Islam’s wife.

The incident also led to a political backlash in the state.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the killing on Twitter.

“We strongly condemn the heinous killing of a labourer from Bengal in Rajasthan. How can people be so inhuman. Sad,” she wrote.

Lok Sabha MP and CPI(M) politburo member Md Salim demanded “strong action” against the guilty

“The incident goes to prove how BJP has spread poison across the country,” said Md Salim.

Hundreds of neighbours and villagers reached Islam’s home in the remote village on Thursday after the news of the killing spread.

(With ANI inputs)

Rajasthan ‘love jihad’ case: Family of man burnt alive demand death penalty for accused, allege conspiracy

Dec, 07 2017

copyright firstpost.com

The family of a Muslim labourer who was burnt alive in Rajasthan for alleged “love jihad” demanded the death penalty for the accused and claimed that there was a conspiracy, The Indian Express reported. The victim Mohammed Afrazul’s family is reportedly in disbelief, saying, “Those who killed him like an animal and showed his pictures to the world should be hanged.”

“We even spoke to him on Tuesday. He used to call us everyday. We do not even know what love jihad is. He has grandchildren. They butchered my father like animals before setting him on fire. I want them to suffer in the same manner. I have seen the video and heard the cries of my helpless father while he was being killed,” Rejina Khatun, Afrazul’s daughter, told The Indian Express.

“There is a conspiracy and big people are involved. What can a labourer do? The manner in which the crime is highlighted on social media shows that there is a deep conspiracy and big people are involved. We have relatives in Rajasthan who are at the police station now,” Zeenat Khan, Afrazul’s niece, told The Indian Express.

Afrazul, who hailed from West Bengal, was burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district. The video of the gruesome incident went viral on social media.

The accused, identified as Shambhu Lal Regar, has since been arrested, SP Rajsamand Manoj Kumar told PTI. He said that Regar, a resident of Raj Nagar, was being interrogated.

State home minister Gulabchand Kataria condemned the incident and said that the investigation has been handed over to SIT for further investigation. “The labourer died on the spot,” police said.

According to the inspector general of Udaipur, Anand Srivastava, the accused was also seen shouting at the victim in the video. An investigation is on and matter is being probed for further details, he added.

On 19 November, a controversial booklet and a pamphlet warning Hindu girls about love jihad were allegedly distributed at a stall in an Hindu spiritual and service fair in Jaipur, prompting the police to order an inquiry.

The pamphlets, carrying a picture of a Bollywood actress, warned the people against love jihad and also claimed that two Muslim actors had left their Hindu wives.

Amid claims that the material was handed out at a stall of Bajrang Dal, its coordinator Ashok Singh denied that it was distributed from their stall.

Man burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district over ‘love jihad’; police arrests accused, detains eight others

A Muslim labourer from West Bengal was allegedly burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district for allegedly committing “love jihad”, said media reports.

The accused — who was arrested, according to News18 on Thursday— had shot a video of the act and uploaded it on social media. The police has also detained eight of the accused’s aides and a woman, said the India Today report

In the video, the accused, identified as Shambhu Lal Regar, was seen beating the victim and later setting him on fire. The accused was also seen next to the burning body making threats on “love jihad”. Regar was seen saying that those who indulge in ‘love jihad’ would meet the same fate, said Times Now report.

The half-burnt body of the victim was found near a hotel in Rajsamand on Wednesday, said The Times of India report. The police later confirmed that the body was the same as seen burning in the video, added the report.

Agricultural tools used in the murder and the victim’s bike were found from the location of the murder, said an India Today report. The victim has been identified by some as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh, the report added.

Representational image. AFP

Representational image. AFP

However, The Indian Express report said that the police identified the half-charred body as that of Mohammed Afrazul.

“During preliminary investigations, we have come to know that one of the videos in which Regar makes the inflammatory statements was shot in a local temple a little while after he murdered Afrazul,” Additional Director-General of Police, crime, Pankaj Kumar Singh was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

On 19 November, a controversial booklet and a pamphlet warning Hindu girls of ‘love jihad’ were allegedly distributed at a stall in an Hindu spiritual and service fair in Jaipur, prompting the police to order an inquiry.

The pamphlets, carrying a picture of a Bollywood actress, warned the people against ‘love jihad’ and also claimed that two Muslim actors had left their Hindu wives.

Amid claims that the material was handed out at a stall of Bajrang Dal, its coordinator Ashok Singh had said that it was not distributed from their stall.

With inputs from PTI

Rajasthan hacking: Shambhulal Regar is ‘Jihadi John’ of India, a product of Hindutva brigade’s caliphate of hatred

Shambhulal Regar, the latest warrior against love jihad, a self-proclaimed foot soldier of Hindutva and recruit to the cause of Rani Padmini, is a perfect specimen of a culture of hatred, permissiveness, and divisiveness.

He is a product of the toxic environment that breeds the likes of Islamic State executioner Jihadi John, Norwegian shooter Andres Breivik, the Abdeslam brothers who bombed Paris in 2015 and others who kill in the name of faith. Like them, he is a reminder of the perils of mainstreaming a twisted perversion of religion, in this case, that of Hinduism.

Scratch the surface and you will invariably find striking similarities between radicalised killers. The Regars, Jihadi Johns, Breiviks, Abdeslams — essentially all extremists marching under the flag of religion — are deeply flawed characters with criminal tendencies. Since all of them are narcissists, they look for a higher meaning to justify their terrorism, murderous zeal and hate. So, they perpetrate it in the name of religion, justify it in the name of cultural superiority, and wage their petty personal war in the name of defending their faith and nation against imaginary enemies and threats.

File image of Shambhulal Regar. Image courtesy:

File image of Shambhulal Regar. Image courtesy: YouTube

Consider the anatomy of this defender of “Hinduism”, protector of the honour of women like “Rashtramata” Padmini Devi and self-proclaimed sentry guarding Kashmir and Indian borders against external threats.

Initial investigations reveal he was an alcoholic who would remain intoxicated throughout the day. For almost three years he had been living off the earnings of his wife. On his head was a debt of Rs 1.5 lakh, which he was refusing to pay. Yet, this deeply flawed man had a sense of superiority merely on the basis of his religion and nationality. Ironically, in the poisoned interiors of his mind, this failed man with no sense of responsibility for himself and his family was carrying the burden of an entire faith and a nation of 125 crore.

Contrary to Regar’s claims, there was absolutely no personal motive behind his murderous rage. He did not hack and burn Malda labourer Afrazul because he or his family were in any way victims of love jihad. Afrazul had done absolutely nothing to incur Regar’s wrath.

Regar was, in fact, so radicalised that he would have killed anybody. He was a beast in search of prey. Like the maniacs who these days roam the streets of US with loaded guns to fire at random people and like the Islamic State terrorists who plough their vehicles through busy roads, Regar too was looking for anyone to satiate his hatred. He was on the prowl for a target to showcase his bigotry, a victim to announce his cultural superiority.

Who is to be blamed for the radicalisation of people like Regar? There are two major factors at work here. One, a dangerous cocktail of petty politics and perverted religion. Two, the tacit support from the mainstream to such acts of terrorism in the name of faith.

Cops investigating his barbaric crime reveal that he was indoctrinated by inflammatory videos. He was influenced by speeches that call for action against inter-faith relations, mobilise people in the name of community and nation, and incite violence on the pretext of “balancing the past” and avenging imaginary grievances. The drumbeats of war in his mind were similar to the ones that mobilise Islamic State fighters, al-Qaeda terrorists and provoke men like Jihadi John to execute innocent people, burn them alive and film their barbarism to foment a culture of threat and fear.

In societies where the law instills fear of punishment, the polity promises justice without discrimination and the state doesn’t mix politics and religion, such fanatics generally can’t muster the courage to execute the violence in their mind. But, a gradual erosion of such intuitional and moral checks and balances is visible in today’s India.

We live in times where religion has become a justification for violence, murder and shackling individual freedoms and liberties. Also, the perception that all this has the approval of the majority and the blessings of the state is gaining ground.

What message does a terrorist like Regar get when he sees a virulent defence of the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq, the murder of Pehlu Khan or the illegal imprisonment of Hadiya? What does he think when he watches the rampaging armies of Hindutva police the streets as anti-Romeo squads and warriors battling love-jihad?

What dreams of heroism does he see when killers of Dadri are draped in the tricolour? What encouragement does he get when killers of Pehlu Khan are let off and when not a single person is convicted of a murder that was committed in broad daylight?

Regar isn’t the only one responsible for killing Afrazul. An entire battalion of hate-mongers, their cheerleaders, benefactors, and protectors are guilty of this assault on Hinduism, India, and humanity.

Regar is just the Jihadi John of this perversion of faith and culture. The real culprits behind the veil are polarising politicians, quiescent institutions and bigots in the media who are gradually turning India into a Caliphate of hatred.

Rajasthan ‘love jihad’ murder video : “Want the culprit publicly hanged,” says victim’s family

Updated: Dec 07, 2017 | 21:42 IST | Times Now Digital

rajasthan live jihad

Screengrab from the video

Malda: Even as the nation reeled in shock over the barbarity showed by the man who lynched and burnt alive a Muslim labourer from West Bengal in Rajasthan, the family of the victim has demanded that the culprit should be “hanged to death in public”.

The man, who committed the horrendous crime on Dev heritage road in Rajnagar area, uploaded the video of the shocking act on the social media.

SHOCKING Rajasthan ‘love jihad’ case: Man kills, burns labourer in Rajsamand – WATCH CHILLING FOOTAGE

In the video, the man is heard giving “love jihad” as the reason behind the gruesome act and also says, “Jihadis, leave our country, else you will meet the same fate”.

Police have arrested the main accused, Shambhu Lal Regar, an unemployed man from Rajasthan, along with his 14-year-old nephew who shot the video.

Meanwhile, the disconsolate family of the victim, identified as 50-year-old Afrazul Islam from Malda, has demanded that strictest punishment should be meted out to the accused, Hindustan Times reported.

Afrazul Islam, who hails from Saidapur in Malda’s Kaliachak, had been working as a labourer in Rajasthan for the last 12 years and had been regularly sending money to his mother, wife and daughter, HT reported.

“I spoke to my son in the morning before he was killed. I don’t know the reason behind his murder. I have seen the video, the guilty should be punished,” the victim’s mother said.

Islam’s wife, Gul Bahar Bibi, alleged that her husband was lured by the attackers to the site of the incident under the pretext of a job and was confident that he had no affair with anyone, as hinted by the murderer in the video.

“They (the accused) called him on the pretext of offering a job, and asked him to follow to the site. The man was following my husband, and attacked him from behind to go to a site for giving some work,” said Gul Bahar Bibi, according to the HT report.

She further added, “I am sure he had no love affair with anyone. I want the culprits to be hanged publicly.”

Speaking to the Indian Express, Gul Bahar Bibi said that Islam was only killed because he was a Muslim.

Their youngest daughter was supposed to get married in two months. H

 “I don’t know how I will arrange money for the marriage of my daughter,’’ Islam’s wife lamented. The couple had two other daughters.

We do not know what love jihad is. He has grandchildren. They butchered my father like animals before setting him on fire. I want those who did that to suffer in the same manner. I have seen the video and the cries of my helpless father while he was being killed,” The Indian Express quoted Rejina  Khatun, daughter of the victim, as saying.

Meanwhile, a political storm has erupted over the brutal killing, with CPM’s Brinda Karat blaming the “BJP-RSS ideology” for the murder.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee also condemned the heinous murder and wrote on Twitter, We strongly condemn the heinous killing of a labourer from Bengal in Rajasthan. How can people be so inhuman. Sad.”

Rajasthan Director General of Police (DGP) OP Galhotra on Thursday termed the incident as a ‘brutal crime’ and said the prima facie reports cited the man seen in the video was not a ‘normal human being’.

“This is a brutal crime. Prima facie it does not look like this is done by a normal human being,” DGP Galhotra told the reporters.

Earlier in the day, Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria termed the video as gut wrenching and assured stringent action against the perpetrator.

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Video: Man burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand after being axed for alleged love jihad

A man was burnt alive in Rajasthan”s Rajsamand district after being axed in an alleged case of love jihad

New Delhi | Updated: December 7, 2017
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The man in the pic axed a Muslim labourer and burned him alive (Source: Video grab/ CNN-News 18)

Crossing all limits of barbarism, a man axed a Muslim labourer from West Bengal and then burnt him alive over an alleged love jihad case. The horrific incident, which took place in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand, was filmed and put on social media with a message that anyone involved in love-jihad will meet a similar fate. The video, which has blown up the social media, shows the man being brutally hacked to death. As per various media reports, the half-charred body has been identified as that of 48-year-old Mohammed Afrazul, who hailed from Malda and the man seen as the attacker in the video has been identified as Rajsamand-resident Shambhulal Regar. The authorities swiftly came into action after the incident came to light and arrested the accused. Rajasthan Home Ministry confirmed the arrest to CNN-News18.

In the video, initially, it can be seen that the perpetrator hits the man with an axe and then repeatedly rains blows with another weapon that looks like a cleaver. After the victim is immobilised, he then proceeds to pour kerosene on his body and burns him alive. The killer even got a friend along to record the video that shows the entire incident in vivid detail. Afrazul is seen pleading with his murderer and crying for help while the accused keeps clobbering him with an axe and later burns him alive. After committing the inhuman deed, the accused Raigar, released another video online in which he can be seen justifying his actions. Raegar, in the video, claims he committed the act in a bid to save a girl from ‘love jihad’.

The police have recovered the half-burnt body from the spot along with other items such as an axe, and a scooter. The Rajasthan police are conducting an investigation into the case. In the latest update, Gulab Chand Kataria, Home Minister has reacted on the case saying, “It is shocking how he killed the man and made a video of it. Accused has been arrested and a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up for investigation in the case.”

Another ‘love jihad’ case that has been in the news lately, is of a Kerala girl Akhila alias Hadiya. She married a Muslim man named Shefin Jahan after which her family went to the court saying that their daughter has been blackmailed and converted to Islam. After a detailed hearing, the court granted Hadiya’s custody to the father. The High Court also annulled the marriage on May 24 after which Jahan (27) challenged the verdict in the Supreme Court

‘They Butchered My Father Like An Animal’, Says Daughter Of Muslim Labourer Who Was Hacked And Burnt Alive

Horrific beyond words.

 07/12/2017 12:18 PM IST | Updated 07/12/2017


“This is a brutal crime. Prima facie it does not look like this is done by a normal human being.”

This is what the Rajasthan DGP, O P Galhotra, had to say about the brutal murder of a Muslim labourer from West Bengal who was hacked with a cleaver and then set on fire in Rajasthan by a man who has now been identified as one Shambhu Lal Regar, a resident of Rajsamand, over a suspected case of ‘love jihad’.

The brutality of the crime, that Regar filmed, has left many shocked.

A day after his half-charred body was found, his family wants his killer to be hanged.

“We want those who killed my husband so brutally and showed it to the world be hanged…. We do not know what love jihad is. He has grandchildren. They butchered my father like animals before setting him on fire. I want those who did that to suffer in the same manner. I have seen the video and the cries of my helpless father while he was being killed,” Rejina Khatun, the daughter of 48-year-old Mohammed Afrazul, told Indian Express.

In a social media post the suspect said it was a “warning” to those who commit ‘love jihad’ – a term many Hindu activists use to describe marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men they claim are converting women to their faith to propagate Islam.

Police recovered the body of Afrazul, a labourer from Malda, who is seen crying and pleading for help in the disturbing video that Regar used the help of an accomplice to shoot.

He is seen hacking at the labourer, as he tries to escape. When the victim falls to the ground, he pours kerosene on him and sets him on fire.


Rajasthan police is investigating the case after the video went viral.

“During preliminary investigations, we have come to know that one of the videos in which Regar makes the inflammatory statements was shot in a local temple a little while after he murdered Afrazul,” additional director-general of police, crime, Pankaj Kumar Singh, told the Indian Express.

Afrazul’s neighbours, who are rallying around his family, told the Express the victim had no record of wrong-doing. Most villagers are still coming to terms with his horrific murder.

Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria told News18 that a Special Investigation Team has been set up today to investigate the killing. Regar has been arrested.

Though police are yet to confirm the motive of the murder, the “love jihad” claim surfaced after Regar posted a video on social media justifying his action. He said he killed Afrazul to save a woman from ‘love jihad’. The cause of murder could be old enmity between the two men, police have said.

The most famous case in recent times of the so-called ‘love jihad’ is that of Hindu woman Akhila Ashokan from Kerala whose parents moved court to annul her marriage to her Muslim husband. She took on the name of Hadiya after converting to Islam. She’s been directed by the Supreme Court to stay at a hostel and complete her education.

Man Hacks Labourer, Burns Him Alive and Records Video Over ‘Love Jihad’

The killer got a friend along to record the video that shows the entire incident in vivid detail. Afrazul is seen pleading with his murderer and crying for help while the accused keeps clobbering him with an axe and later burns him alive.

copyright News18.com Updated:December 7, 2017

Rajsamand (Rajasthan): A Muslim labourer in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district attacked and then burnt alive over alleged ‘love jihad’. The man accused of the murder can be seen in a viral video beating up the victim and then setting him on fire.

Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria set up a Special Investigation Team on Thursday to investigate the killing and look at a possible communal angle. Kataria said, “The main accused Shambhulal Regar has been arrested.”

The victim, identified as Mohammed Afrazul, was a migrant from West Bengal’s Malda district and was working in Rajsamand as a contract labourer. The man seen as the attacker in the video has been identified as Shambhulal Regar, a local.

According to police, Regar, had first lured the victim to the spot promising some work, only to kill him brutally.

The killer got a friend along to record the video that shows the entire incident in vivid detail. Afrazul is seen pleading with his murderer and crying for help while the accused keeps clobbering him with an axe and later burns him alive.

The presence of a young girl in the video has fuelled rumours that it could be a case of love jihad and that the labourer was in an alleged illicit relationship with the accused’s sister.

The police have recovered the half-burnt body from the spot along with other items such as an axe, and a scooter.

The Rajnagar police have registered a case under Sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearing of evidence) of the IPC.

“Afrazul worked in Rajsamand as a labourer and his family also lived with him. While the motive behind the murder is not clear, we will get there as soon as we apprehend Regar. Several police teams are on the lookout for him,” said Ramsumer Meena, Station House Officer of Rajnagar police station.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Pankaj Kumar Singh added, “We are trying to arrest the accused. We are also questioning the family members of Shambhulal Regar. The alleged communal angle is also being probed. We will have more information after the arrests.”

However, sources suggest that prima facie it is a case of rivalry between the two, which could have a possible ‘love jihad’ angle.

‘More to it Than a Loan Dispute’: Brother of Muslim Labourer Brutally Killed in Rajasthan

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has demanded a high-level inquiry in the case and met home minister Rajnath Singh.

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Updated:December 7, 2017

Kolkata: The brother of the Muslim labourer from Bengal who was hacked and burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district said on Thursday that there appears to be more to the brutal murder than just a monetary dispute.

Mohammad Kausar, who live in Malda district, said, “I don’t think my brother was killed only because of monetary issue. There is something more in to it and we want death penalty of the accused for such a heinous crime.”

He suspected that his brother Mohammad Afrazul may have learnt about some dubious dealings involving the accused, Shambulal Regar, and was killed for it.

Shambulal had made a video of the murder that has since gone viral. In the video, which was recorded by a friend, he clobbered Afrazul with an axe and later set him on fire. Afrazul was crying for mercy throughout the video. Shambulal has been arrested and charged under section 302 (murder).

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has demanded a high-level inquiry in the case. “We strongly condemn the heinous killing of a labourer from Bengal in Rajasthan. How can people be so inhuman? Sad,” she tweeted.

Sources said she also took up the matter with union home minister Rajnath Singh during her meeting with him at the state secretariat on Thursday.

Speaking to News18, DSP Rajsamand, Ratan Lal said the Bengal police will investigate the matter. He said a preliminary inquiry revealed the victim allegedly took some money from the accused and was killed after he failed to repay the amount.

The Rajasthan government, on the other hand, has set up a Special Investigation Team after reports that there could be a communal angle.

The presence of a young girl in the video has fuelled rumours that it could be a case of love jihad and that the labourer was in an alleged illicit relationship with the accused’s sister.

Labourer hacked, burnt alive in Rajasthan: Political leaders condemn killing, express shock

Rajasthan: Mohammad Afrazul was burnt alive and a video of the gruesome incident was uploaded on social media in Rajsamand district. In the video, the laboured was seen hacked and burnt to death.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 7, 2017 7:55 pm

Rajasthan: According to SP of Rajsamand Manoj Kumar, the accused, who allegedly committed the crime on Wednesday, has been arrested and being interrogated.A day after a Muslim labourer hailing from Malda in West Bengal, Afrazul Khan (47), was hacked and then burnt alive in Rajasthan over an alleged affair, leaders from several political parties condemned the inhuman and heinous murder. A video of the gruesome incident was uploaded on social media in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district.

According to SP of Rajsamand Manoj Kumar, the accused who allegedly committed the crime on Wednesday has been arrested and is being interrogated. The accused was also seen shouting at the victim in the video, IG of Udaipur Anand Srivastava said.

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the killing and termed the incident “inhuman”. Banerjee took to Twitter saying, “We strongly condemn the heinous killing of a labourer from Bengal in Rajasthan. How can people be so inhuman. Sad.”

‘How can people be so inhuman’: Mamata Banerjee on Rajasthan murder

In another tweet, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury said, “This killing is a result of the atmosphere of hate and communalism fostered by the ideology of the Sangh Parivar. Modi govt and BJP state govts refuse to act and their inaction patronises such barbarity.”

His party also tweeted saying, “CPIM strongly condemns the horrific incident of a Migrant worker from Bengal burnt alive in Rajasthan yesterday in the name of Love Jihad. Killing is a result of the environment of hate & communalism fostered by Hindutva forces. RSS-BJP answerable for such shocking hate crimes.”

President of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, Asaduddin Owaisi‏ tweeted, “He was only killed because he was a Muslim” wife of poor labourer who was hacked and burned who was to return to his village to get his daughter married.”

Expressing shock lawyer Prashant Bhushan tweeted, “Shocking! Another Muslim burnt alive in Rajasthan. These ghastly murders in the name of ‘Gauraksha’ & ‘love Jihad’ by goons are abetted by a complicit State machinery, esp in BJP ruled States.”

38-yr-old held for horrific ‘love jihad’ murder in Raj – 15-Year-Old Nephew Shot Video Clips

Rajasthan police on Thursday arrested 38-year-old Shambhulal Raigar for hacking labour contractor Mohammed Afrazul from Malda in West Bengal and setting his body ablaze, a day after he took a video of the horrifying crime and posted it online.

Raigar was arrested around 9am from Kelwa in Rajsamand, while he was on his way to a temple. On Wednesday, in two chilling videos — shot by his 15-yearold nephew — that went viral online, he was seen attacking Afrazul, who was begging for his life, with a pickaxe until the labourer died. He then set the body ablaze and raved about “love jihad”. He had also said that he would surrender at a temple on Thursday. The cops caught him before he could reach the temple.

Raigar has shown no remorse for the heinous crime, the Rajasthan police said. “Had I not killed him, he would have killed my entire family because he wanted to take revenge,” he told reporters at Delwara police station, where he was taken for interrogation after the police sensed tension. When asked about his motive, Udaipur range IG Anand Srivastava said he had cited the same reasons in the video he had released after the killing.

“I had gone to West Bengal a year ago to rescue a girl who was my neighbour. Afrazul made her a prey by making her believe his false love and she eloped with him to his native place. I brought her back to Rajsamand and since then, Afrazul had been bearing animosity against me. He had threatened many times to kill my daughters and other family members. So, I had no other way out,” he told the reporters.

“Rajgar does not appear to have a normal mind,” Rajasthan DGP O P Galhotra told the press in Jaipur. “It is a heinous crime and we will seek capital punishment for the accused in court.” He added that the accused’s nephew would be prosecuted as co-accused according to the juvenile justice board’s provisions.

Rajgar, who used to work with a marble unit, has been unemployed for over a year. He has a wife, three daughters and two brothers.

Police arrest man for ‘love jihad’ murder on video

Jaipur, dhns: Rajasthan Police on Thursday arrested a 36-year-old man for allegedly killing a labourer and burning his body in Rajsamand district, 280 km from here.

The arrest took place after a horrific video of a man burning another man to death and then torching the remains, while keeping up an inflammatory communal rant warning against “love jihad”, went viral on social media.

According to the police, the half-burnt body found on Wednesday near a hotel on 100 Feet Road in Rajsamand is of 46-year-old Afrazul, a native of Malda in West Bengal, who worked as a daily wage labourer and lived with his family in Rajsamand.

State Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria confirmed to DH, “The body recovered is the same as shown burning in the video. The killer has been identified as Shambhu Lal. A special investigation team (SIT) has been set up to probe the case.”

In one of two clips posted online, Shambhu Lal, dressed in a red shirt and white trousers, is seen leading Afrazul to the spot of crime. Shambu Lal attacks him repeatedly with a weapon and the victim shouts for help. Shambhu looks into the camera and declares on record that he killed to save a woman from “love jihad”.

Man was on drugs

The accused’s wife claims that Shambu Lal was under the influence of drugs. Sita Devi, accused’s wife told DH, “My husband was into drugs. He literally used to do nothing and was mentally disturbed. I can’t understand if the incident has something to do with love jihad. But my husband was affected after a Hindu girl from our village married a Muslim boy from West Bengal one year ago.”

The video was shot by Shambu Lal’s 15-year-old nephew. Rajsamand police have detained his daughter and nephew. District SP Manoj Kumar said, “Both the minors have been detained. When the incident took place they were accompanying the accused. Shambulal has been booked under Sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence)”.

Social activists demand the arrest of those who instigated him to commit this heinous crime. “Although the police have arrested Shambhu Lal Regar and the nephew who had shot the video, it is important to reach the people who motivated him to carry out this murder,” People’s Union for Civil Liberties general secretary Kavita Srivastava told DH.

Internet has been suspended in Rajsamand to stop the circulation of the two clips on WhatsApp.  Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the murder on video proves that there is poor governance in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan hacking: As accused killed and burnt, his teen nephew filmed hate-murder, say cops

Family of accused claims he is a drug addict, police in Rajasthan deny. “It appears that Regar meticulously planned the crime. We have found videos on his cellphone which were shot a day before the crime, in which he has made more inflammatory statements,” police said.

Written by Deep Mukherjee | Rajsamand | Updated: December 8, 2017 8:33 am

Police also believe that the crime was pre-plannedA screengrab of Shambhulal Regar, the main accused in the case. The victim Afrazul (inset) was hacked and burnt alive in Rajasthan allegedly over an affair.Inside a damp and unusually quiet house in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district, Sita Regar sits with downcast eyes, occasionally pulling her veil, trying to ward off questions about her husband, Shambhulal Regar. A day after Regar, 36, killed a migrant labourer, Mohammed Afrazul, burnt his body, and circulated videos of the incident — purportedly recorded by his 14-year-old nephew — Sita has no answers. “I don’t know why he did this… My husband didn’t have a job… Most of the time, he would smoke marijuana and just roam the streets. But I never thought he was capable of murder,” said Sita.

The victim, Afrazul, 48, was a resident of Malda in West Bengal. In one of the videos, Regar is seen attacking Afrazul with an axe-like weapon, before burning the body. His other videos have communal rants against “love jihad” and Islam. Regar, who was absconding after the murder along with his minor nephew and 12-year-old daughter, was arrested on Thursday morning, from the house of a relative in Kelwa. Inspector General of Police, Udaipur range, Anand Shrivastava, said his nephew had also been detained.

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Sita claimed that Regar, a father of three, was mentally unstable, and they hadn’t heard from him after he left home on Wednesday morning. But IG Shrivastava said after preliminary investigation, they “found no reason to believe that Regar was mentally unstable”. He also contradicted the wife’s claim that Regar was a drug addict. “At present, it doesn’t look like Regar was addicted to drugs. Till a year ago, he had a fairly successful marble trading business,” he said. “We have also detained his minor nephew as it was he who shot the videos, including that of the murder,” he added.

While the police are yet to confirm the motive, Regar’s family claimed that a Hindu girl from their area had eloped with a Muslim man from West Bengal a few years ago. “The man used to be an associate of Afrazul. Her mother asked my brother to bring the girl back, and he did that. Since then, he had been receiving threats,” alleged Regar’s sister.

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Speaking to mediapersons after his arrest, Regar claimed he had committed the murder because he felt “threatened”. “They ran away with a girl from our colony… I helped her, after which I got death threats. I knew the girl since childhood as her brother used to study with me. They gave me an ultimatum, that I would have to die,” he alleged.

But Afrazul’s cousin, Mohammed Salik Sheikh, denied this. “My brother had nothing to do with any such incident and all these allegations are baseless. He has three daughters back home and was nearing 50. Why would this incident from many years ago be the reason for his death,” he asked. In one of his videos shot after the murder, Regar has “warned” “Hindu sisters” not to fall into the trap of “love jihad”. He has made several inflammatory remarks, and also alleged that history was being “changed” under the influence of Islam, mentioning films like Padmavati and PK as well.

In one clip, he says that Babri Masjid was demolished 25 years ago, but “nothing has happened” in the subsequent years. He also launches a long diatribe about “Islamic jihad” in the country. “It appears that Regar meticulously planned the crime. We have found videos on his cellphone which were shot a day before the crime, in which he has made more inflammatory statements,” said IG Shrivastava.

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Afrazul lived in Dhoinda, a village near Rajsamand town. According to his friends, Afrazul came to Rajasthan as a labourer 12 years ago, and had gradually established himself as a private contractor in Rajsamand. “We are around 150-200 people from West Bengal who live here in Rajsamand and earn our living by working as construction labourers. Afrazul never had enmity with anyone here,” said Mohammed Mosharraf Khan, his son-in-law.

“A man had been calling Afrazul since 5 am on Wednesday, asking him to come to a construction site for inspection… We last heard from him around 11 am, when he left for the place,” said Mohammed Aliul, his neighbour.  “We are sure that this is not the work of only one man and is a conspiracy to create panic. We want the police to arrest all the perpetrators at the earliest and will submit a memorandum to the district collector on Friday,” said Iqbal Khan, secretary, Anjuman committee, Rajsamand.

Meanwhile, with Regar’s video clips being circulated on social media, Internet was blocked in Rajsamand on Thursday as a precautionary measure.

Man Burnt Alive Over ‘Love Jihad’, Accused Arrested

Dec 07, 2017, 14:47 IST | IANS

Superintendent Of Police Manoj Kumar Said, Adding The Victim Has Been Identified As Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh

A man was arrested in Rajasthan on Thursday for thrashing a person before burning him alive to “save a girl from ‘love jihad'”, officials said. The accused, Shambunath Raigar, also recorded the horrific act which was uploaded on the social media. The incident took place in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district and the video has gone viral.

Raigar has been sent for interrogation in the matter, Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar said, adding the victim has been identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh.

Surprisingly, in another video, which is also going viral, Raigar, is seen justifying his act. He is seen claiming in the video “the act is an endeavour to save a girl from ‘love jihad'”. Speaking to IANS, Manoj Kumar said police were informed about a half-burnt body lying in Rajnagar in Rajsamand district.

He, along with Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Manish Tripathi and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rajendra Singh reached the spot where they found a badly disfigured body. Immediately, the Forensic Scientific Lab (FSL) team and dog squad was summoned.

The video which has gone viral, shows the perpetrator hitting the man with an agricultural tool, pouring kerosene oil on his body and burning him alive. Raigar also warned “those indulging in ‘love jihad’ will meet the same fate”.

The tool used for murder, the victim’s motorbike and his slippers were found in the crime scene.According to Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria, a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up to probe the case.

Chilling Murder In Rajasthan On Video. Man Hacks Labourer, Burns Him

In one of two clips posted online, Shambhu Lal, in a red shirt, white trousers and a white muffler, is seen leading Ifrazul to a spot in the woods. The police say the labourer may have been led to believe he was there for a job. The administration is watching out for trouble in Rajsamand, a district around five hours from state capital Jaipur.

All India | Reported by Harsha Kumari Singh, Edited by Deepshikha Ghosh | Updated: December 07, 2017

Video shows Shambhu Lal repeatedly attacking Afrazul with a weapon
Police believe a third person could’ve been involved
Internet suspended in Rajsamand where the incident took place
In a stomach-turning video that is viral, a man in Rajasthan hacks another man to death and burns the body while keeping up an inflammatory communal rant against “love jihad”, the term used by right-wing groups who accuse Muslim men of drawing Hindu women into relationships and converting them.

Internet has been suspended in Rajsamand to stop the circulation of two video clips that were posted on WhatsApp, allegedly by the killer. State Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria says the accused man, identified as Shambhu Lal, has been arrested. His family says he is mentally unhinged, according to the police.

The police believe a half-burnt body they found this morning near a road in Rajsamand could be that of the victim in the video – 45-year-old Ifrazul, a daily wage labourer from West Bengal.

In one of two clips posted online, Shambhu Lal, in a red shirt, white trousers and a white muffler, is seen leading Ifrazul to a spot in the woods. The police say the labourer may have been led to believe he was there for a job.

Shambhu Lal follows him and attacks him repeatedly with an axe. Loud wailing and screams for help are heard as the video becomes increasingly difficult to watch.

When the victim falls silent, Shambhu Lal looks into the camera and launches into a deranged hate speech, declaring that he killed to save a woman from “love jihad”. He takes the blood-soaked axe and strikes at the prone figure once more before setting it on fire.

“If I have to die, I will kill some and die,” he says, making references to Ayodhya, the “Padmavati” film controversy and the Hindi film PK, which featured a romance between an Indian and a Pakistani. Apparently referring to Hindu-Muslim relationships, he threatens to “find each one of them and kill.”

The police believe a third person may have filmed the murder.

The administration is watching out for trouble in Rajsamand, a district around five hours from state capital Jaipur.

“It is shocking how he killed the man and made a video of it. The accused has been arrested and a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up…Any person will be disturbed by the video,” Home Minister Kataria said.

Senior police officers have been sent to Rajsamand to prevent any flare-up.

The opposition Congress said the murder on video proves there is no governance in Rajasthan.

“There is no fear of law here, no fear of police… there is no government,” said Congress leader Sachin Pilot, adding, “We must set an example where people must fear that there is a government that will set certain rules.”

Delhi : Aspiring air hostess stabbed to death by jilted Jihadi lover.

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Is Delhi, a safe heaven for Muslim culprits?

Aspiring Hindu air hostess stabbed seven times to death by jilted Muslim lover.

Deceased Riya Gautam.

Sumedha Bist | HENB | New Delhi | July 8, 2017:: 48 hours after Riya Gautam, a 21-year-old aspiring air-hostess, was stabbed seven times by a ‘Love Jihadist’, just meters away from her Ram Nagar Extension house in Shahdara area Wednesday, her brother said she had lodged a complaint against the accused in April. “About three months ago, she told us that a Muslim man was harassing and stalking her. We had lodged a complaint at the Mansarovar Park police station. Police told us that he was in Gujarat and that they would investigate,” Ashish, the victim’s elder brother, said.

Riya succumbed to injuries at GTB Hospital early Thursday. CCTV footage from Wednesday shows her being slapped by the accused, Adil alias Munne Khan, in the presence of passersby. It also shows her trying to escape by entering a photo studio even as Adil runs behind her wielding a knife. “She was stopped by the accused. Minutes later, he started slapping her and then stabbed her seven times inside the shop,” police sources said.

Special Commissioner and chief spokesperson of Delhi Police, Dependra Pathak, said an officer of the rank of Additional DCP has been appointed to look into why action was not taken after the complaint was received three months ago. Pathak told the press that raids were being conducted to track Adil, a private taxi driver, and that he would be arrested soon. “After scanning call data records of the victim and CCTV footage of Wednesday’s incident, we came to know she was talking to the accused before the incident,” Pathak said.





Police sources said, “In January, Adil came to the institute where Riya studied in Nirman Vihar. The two got into an argument. He misbehaved with Riya and she allegedly slapped Adil. After he threatened her, she told her family about him.” Police added that she had changed her mobile number two days ago. After the complaint was filed in April, Adil was asked to join the investigation but he allegedly fled to Gujarat. “He came to Delhi on Tuesday and approached Riya again,” police sources said.

Adil asked family to leave : Police

Minutes after stabbing Riya, the accused called his mother and younger brother and asked them to leave the city and go their village in Aligarh. Several teams have been sent to Aligarh and Ghaziabad to nab the accused, police said. Sources said police conducted raids at his home but found the door locked. “Police managed to trace their location and are questioning them,” the sources added.

The brutal 7 times Islamic stabbing on Riya to death is reminiscent to Nirbhya (Jyoti Pandey) gang rape case where a Muslim juvenile inserted an iron rod in the vaginal track of the victim and took out the uterus with exaltation!




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