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Belagere charged with murder bid

Bengaluru: The Central Crime Branch charged Kannada tabloid editor Ravi Belagere with allegedly giving a supari (contract) to kill fellow-journalist Sunil Kumar Heggaravalli.

Belagere was arrested in December last year after Shashidhar Mundewadi, a sharpshooter, told police he had been paid Rs 5,000 as advance by the editor to kill Heggaravalli.

Belagere, who was booked under the Arms Act, has been out on bail. Charged with criminal conspiracy and attempt to murder, Belagere is named accused no. 2; Mundewadi is accused no. 1. Police have also attached Belagere’s confessional statement to police.

In his alleged statement, Belagere said he suspected Heggaravalli to be in a relationship with his second wife. He said he called Mundewadi, who had worked as a security supervisor in his office, and gave him supari to kill Heggaravalli. Belagere claimed to have given his licensed revolver and four rounds of ammunition to him. But when Mundewadi failed in his mission, the revolver was returned. TNN

CCB files chargesheet against Ravi Belagere

By Express News Service  |   Published: 13th March 2018

BENGALURU:   The Central Crime Branch (CCB) police have filed a chargesheet in connection with the case involving journalist and editor of ‘Hai Bangalore’ Kannada weekly tabloid Ravi Belagere, who was arrested in December last year on charges of allegedly giving supari to kill his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli.Police said that the chargesheet was submitted to the 1st Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) court, around a week ago.

Ravi Belagere

“The chargesheet has statements of supari killer and sharp shooter, Shashidhara Ramachandra Mundewadi, to whom Belagere had allegedly given the supari, Belagere, his second wife Yashomathi, Sunil Heggaravalli and others involved in the case. We have also enclosed the details of the weapons seized in connection with the case and the cricumstantial evidences to prove that Belagere had given supari to Mundewadi to eliminate Heggaravalli, suspecting that the latter had an illicit affair with his second wife. The chargesheet is more than 400 pages,” an official said.

Based on sharp shooter Mundewadi’s confession that Belagere had given him a .32 revolver, two bullets and a knife, asking him to gun down Sunil Heggaravalli, on August 28. He had also reportedly told that he was paid Rs. 15,000 as advance. The same day Mundewadi along with his associate, Viju Badiger, had gone near Sunil’s house, but could not finish him. Based on his statement, the CCB police had registered an FIR in Subramanyapura police station booking Mundwadi, Belagere and Badiger for attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy, acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention and other provisions of the Arms Act.

SIT takes man into custody in Gauri Lankesh killing

Published : Mar 3, 2018

A man wearing a helmet to conceal his face was recorded on security cameras as he shot her in the chest.

Gauri Lankesh

 Gauri Lankesh

Bengaluru: A special police team probing journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder took a man into custody for questioning on Friday, nearly a fortnight after his arrest on a charge of possessing a pistol and live bullets here.

KT Naveen Kumar, reported to be in his late thirties, was caught by the organised crime wing of the state police’s central crime branch on February 18.

A native of Mandya district about 100 km from Bengaluru, Naveen Kumar was suspected to be on his way to sell the firearm.

Senior police officer MN Anucheth said the Special Investigation Team had taken Naveen Kumar into custody for interrogation on Friday. He, however, declined to give any more details. Reports in local media have described Naveen Kumar as someone with links to extreme right-wing groups.

Gauri Lankesh, 55, a critic of right-wing ideology and a fierce advocate of secularism, was shot dead at close range by unidentified men outside her home in Bengaluru on the night of September 5 last year. She edited Lankesh Patrike, a weekly newspaper.

The probe team was set up by the Karnataka government after the police was sharply criticised for failing to make any progress in the murder of the senior journalist shot dead outside her Bengaluru house.

A man wearing a helmet to conceal his face was recorded on security cameras as he shot her in the chest.

Court refuses to release supari killers

The High Court has refused to release three supari killers accused in the murder of RTI activist Lingaraju Devaiah. The alleged supari killers claimed that in the last five years, only 50 of the 137 witnesses have deposed in the trial and the rest of the trial is expected to go on for much longer.

The murder had caused quite a sensation as C Govindaraju, the husband of BBMP corporator Gowramma, was alleged to have given the supari to eliminate Lingaraju, his one-time friend. The HC had taken suo moto cognisance of the murder and heard the case as a PIL forcing the police to speed up investigation. A division bench of the HC is still monitoring the trial in the lower court. Considering these aspects, the single judge bench of the HC refused to release Rangaswamy, R Shankar and Raghavendra J, the three alleged supari killers.

In November 2012, the house of Gowramma and Govindaraju was raided by the Lokayukta police. Govindaraju is said to have suspected Lingaraju of providing details of his wealth to the police, which he had obtained through RTI. The police allegedly found unaccounted wealth of over Rs 14 crore in the raid. Lingaraju had been hacked to death in front of his house while he was filling water from a public tap. Govindaraju allegedly paid Rs 15 lakh supari to Velu, Chandra, Shankara to kill Lingaraju. Four others ,Umashankar, Rangaswamy, Raghavendra and Shankara, joined that gang for the murder.

The advocate for the three main accused argued in the HC that they have been in custody for five years now and the alleged eyewitnesses in the case have been examined and all of them have turned hostile and not supported the case of the police.

The government advocate submitted to the court that in an order in October this year, a division bench of the HC gave six months for completion of the trial, which will expire in March 2018. Important witnesses like the doctor and investigation officer are yet to give their statement. Also witnesses who identified the accused in the test identification parade are to be examined.

The HC said that a speedy trial of the case is a fundamental right of the accused, but looking at the magnitidue of the case and the number of witnesses the division bench had given six months for completion of trial. Dismissing the petition, it said, “The learned Sessions Judge can come to a definite conclusion regarding the guilt or innocence of the petitioners and other accused persons only after conclusion of trial and after examining other important material witnesses in the case.”


No link between Belagere’s shooter and Gauri’s murder
(Left) The 7.65 country-made gun, which is popular among supari killers; (Right) Shashidhar Mundewadi

By: Binoy Valsan 

Mundewadi has an alibi and it checks out — he was celebrating his daughter’s birthday at the time

Shashidhar Mundewadi, the Vijayapura-based supari killer, who is cooling his heels at the Parappana Agrahara prison, is thanking his nine-year-old daughter for getting him off the police radar in the Gauri Lankesh murder case.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing Lankesh’s murder was initially interested in Mundewadi after he was arrested in the city on December 7 for allegedly accepting supari from tabloid editor Ravi Belagere to kill his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli over personal enemity.

However, Mundewadi’s alibi to claim innocence was that he was a doting father to his daughter and was at his home in Chadchan village in Vijayapura from September 5 to 7 to celebrate her birthday. The SIT sent a team to Chadchan to check this and it was confirmed that Mundewadi was in the village during those days and not in Bengaluru. “We were interested in him after he was arrested here in connection with the Belagere case. He has been operating in Vijayapura and nearby areas. But, as of now, we believe he was not in Bengaluru on September 5 when Gauri was killed,” said sources.

According to sources, Mundewadi (34) from Chadchan near Indi Tehsil in the district has two wives and a daughter from his first wife. The Bengaluru police team that went to his village has recorded multiple statements of villagers confirming that on September 5, Mundewadi visited his second wife and then went to join his first wife and nine-year-old daughter who stay in a separate house nearby. “He went shopping with his daughter on September 6 to make arrangements for his daughter’s birthday on September 7. It has been confirmed that he was not in Bengaluru on September 5,” sources added.

Mundewadi has been active in Maharashtra and has a case registered against him in Gandhichowk police station of Miraj in Sangli district there after he was arrested along with four others for the alleged attempt on the life of a Kolhapur-based fire cracker unit owner later in September 2017. He was in Kolhapur prison for a couple of weeks.

Vinay Pawar, one of the main suspects in the murder of rationalist Govind Pansare also hails from Miraj and was active in the region. “The Miraj link was one of the main reasons why we were interested in Mundewadi,” said another police official.

Mundewadi and Tahir Hussein, the illegal gun runner also arrested in Bengaluru on December 4 were acquainted with each other in Kolhapur prison and used to operate together. Maharashtra police had seized two country made 7.65 mm guns from Mundewadi when he was arrested in Miraj and FSL reports are awaited on that. In addition to this, the Bengaluru police have seized three guns from Tahir and another one from Mundewadi. A police official said they were awaiting an FSL report on all six guns from forensic laboratories in Bengaluru and Maharashtra.

Four decades of gang wars on the banks of Bheema river

CRIME HUB: Ravi Belagere’s Recent Arrest Has Turned The Spotlight On Supari, Gunrunning Rackets In The Region

Bengaluru: Once you stain your hands with blood, there will always be more blood; only death can wash it off. It is an old adage that is told and retold by inhabitants of halfa-dozen villages on the banks of the Bheema river, a large swathe in north Karnataka that borders Maharashtra, about 800 km from Bengaluru. These inhabitants know a thing or two about blood — they have seen plenty of it being spilled. After all, theirs is a land infamous for its gang wars and supari (contract) killers.

For over four decades, six villages — Chadchan, Umrani, Almel, Devanagaon and Afzalpur, extending over Vijayapura and Kalaburagi districts — has been witness to a number of killings that have been defined by revenge, rivalry and ruthlessness. It, inevitably, led to the rise of gangs that unleashed mayhem in the districts. They ran an illegal arms trade and groomed supari killers with impunity. The recent arrest of tabloid editor, Ravi Belagere, has brought these gangs into the spotlight now. Belagere was arrested earlier this month for allegedly conspiring and attempting to murder a former employee, Sunil Heggaravalli. Belagere is believed to have roped in Shashidhar Mundewade, a supari killer and gunrunner from the Bheema river basin.

Paradoxically, Belagere himself had made these gangsters famous by penning a crime-fantasy series on the life of Chandappa Harijana, a notorious gangster, a book titled Bheema Theerada Hantakaru. It was followed by a Kannada biopic Bheema Theeradalli, starring Duniya Vijay, released in 2012. The film was all about moustache-twirling faction lords from the region, who freely killed or were killed. Some believe the gruesomeness which was replete throughout the film was perhaps understated. On the ground, it was far more bloodier.

“It began in the late 1970s when a row broke out between two wealthy families over an illicit relationship. But it’s beginning to end now,” said Vijayapura SP, Kuldeep Kumar Jain.

The bad blood between the rich feudal landlords — the Bhairgonda Sahukar families on the one side and the Chadchan families on the other — resulted in the killings of at least a dozen family members from both sides. “I was witness to the barbaric killings of five members of a Bhairagond Sahukar family at the Chadchan bus stand when I was on my way to school in the late 1980s,” said Manoj Vishwanath Katgeri, an English lecturer at Sangameshwara College in Chadchan. “The victims were waylaid before they were lynched and stabbed. It was supposed to be revenge for killing one member of the Chadchan family.”

Bodies go missing

Others say the gangs sprung up some 45 years ago, after one, Kashappa Tavarkhed, launched a gang in Devangaon in Sindagi taluk to take on the feudal landlords. According to retired police officer A S Patil, who served in the region in the 1990s, both gangs turned Chadchan village into a killing field.

“At least 50 to 60 supporters or gang members owing allegiance to the two families have been killed between 1970s and 2000 alone,” Patil said. “But only half the crimes were reported. Many bodies simply went missing. Bheema Theeradalli is not a sobriquet the gangsters earned because they were from villages bordering the Bheema river, but for the chilling brutality with which both sides hunted each other down at regular intervals and dumped the dead bodies in the river.”

The rival families had also attempted to enter politics in their fight for one-upmanship, but that foray died a quick — and typically gruesome — death. Putrappa Bairgond Sahukar was shot dead during the 2008 assembly elections, allegedly by the Mallikarjun Chadchan gang. Bairgond was canvassing for Congress candidate Raju Alagur in Nagtan assembly constituency when he was killed.

Police had then suspected the murderer to be Dharmaraj Chadchan, son of Mallikarjun Chadchan, who was just 17 years old. Dharamraj, who was accused of killing two persons, Putrappa Sahukar and Fayaz Musharraf, was killed in a police encounter earlier this year.

Police sources say Dharamraj’s mother has reportedly pledged to eliminate the killers of her son, as she believes Mahadev Bairgonda, younger brother of Putrappa Bairgonda of Umrani village, had given Rs 5 crore supari to the police to kill her son.

A police officer, who was part of team that killed Dharmaraj, refutes that. “We had no intention of killing him,” the officer said. “We received information on the place he was hiding and we did our best to nab him. But he fired at a subinspector in our team and injured him. We had no choice but to kill him. The mother’s charges are baseless.”

WATERY GRAVE: Police say they could do little since the gangsters simply dumped the bodies in the Bheema river. The area is also known for illegal sand mining

Dharmaraj Chadchan


A family which groomed killers

Bengaluru: The rivalry that was initially limited to Chadachan in the 1990s, eventually spread to neighbouring Umrani, Almel, Devanagaon (Bijapur) and Afzalpur (Kalaburagi) villages along the Bheema river basin as more deadly gangsters emerged. Prominent for their notoriety among those were the Harijans.

Chandappa Harijan, who was associated with the Chadachan family, terrorised the people in Vijayapura and some parts of Kalaburagi before he was killed in a police encounter in May 2000. Chandappa’s relative, Bhagappa Harijan, then took over the gang, but that succession was also marked with more bloodshed.

Bhagappa murdered Chandappa’s brother, Basavaraj Harijan, a killing that was executed in filmi-style in 2014 at Bommanahalli in Sindagi taluk. It was carried in front of a huge gathering of villagers. The violence only grew under Bhagappa and he also began dabbling in arms to expand his underworld footprint in the region.

“Bhagappa was the one who made the Bheema river banks a happy hunting ground for those looking for a supari killer or an illegal firearm,” a Vijapura police officer, who did not wish to be named, said. “The underworld hired his men for as little as Rs 20,000 to execute supari killings.

Many came to him to buy country-made pistols which he illegal trafficked from Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Some of his gang members were recently arrested by the police for selling country-made pistols openly at an annual fair in Indi taluk.”

How were these gangs allowed to run wild? Some say local politicians and police officials patronized the gangsters and allowed them to operate with impunity.

In 2007, Bhagappa’s run finally ended after he was arrested by Kalaburagi police in Pune. On August 8 this year, he escaped death narrowly after he was attacked by a relative of a slain gangster at the Vijayapura district court premises. The attack took place when Bhagappa was brought to the court to attend the trial of a murder case. Five bullets were pumped into him, but Bhagappa still survived.

From then on, an uneasy calm prevails on the banks of the Bheema river. Some suggest it is only an indication that another bloodbath is on cards.

But Jain said: “There cannot be any more bloodbaths and murders considering that most of the gangsters have been either killed or jailed. We don’t see any more gang wars happening.”

Bhagappa Harijan

Will remain in Parappana Agrahara till Dec 23, unless lawyer can bail him out

Ravi Belagere, the editor of regional tabloid ‘Hai Bangalore’ who was arrested on charges of giving supari to kill his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli, has been remanded in judicial custody till December 23. The Central Crime Branch police produced him before a judge of first additional chief metropolitan magistrate court on Monday afternoon.

Belagere may be taken into police custody again in another case that has been registered against him.

Belagere was arrested on Friday based on the statement given by supari killer Shashidhar Mundewadi.

He has been moved to the hospital ward in the jail and given a separate room. His daughter, Chetana, said she was not allowed to meet her father.

Another plaint against Belagere

Heggaravalli has filed a complaint against Belagere at Subramanyapura police station, alleging that Belagere had called him from police custody on Sunday night. Heggaravalli told the police that that he feared for his life since Belagere could call up some anti-social elements too if he called him so easily.

DCP (Crime-2) Jinendra Kanaghavi is conducting an enquiry against police inspector Yathiraj BR, an ASI, a head constable and a police constable who were on duty on Sunday night. It is alleged that these four policemen allowed Madhu, who brought food, and also permitted Belagere to make calls.

On cigarettes

The home minister, who saw visuals of Belagere being provided a cigarette in the police vehicle while being escorted to the CCB office, has asked for a report on this too.

More trouble

The CCB police will give a report on finding deer skin and tortoise shell in his office when they raided it on Friday. The forest department officials may take up a fresh case against Belagere under Wildlife Act and investigate. If they register the FIR, they may go to court and take him into custody.

Subramanyapura police may also take him into police custody on body warrant for investigation in the case filed by Heggaravalli, alleging of threat. There may be more cases registered against him for having connections with other notorious criminals.

Badigar on the run

The Police team that has gone to Vijayapura to catch Viju Badigar, an associate and brother-in-law of Mundewadi, is yet to trace him.

Journalist Malagonda questioned too

The CCB police team that is in Vijayapura called journalist TK Malagonda to a hotel and recorded his statement as Belagere had reportedly taken Mundewadi’s phone number from him. He was questioned about how he became friends with Belagere and other killers of Bheema Theera for almost five hours.

Belagere being escorted from CCB office to ACMM court

Bengaluru: Ravi Belagere, the editor of a tabloid who was arrested on charges of conspiring and attempting to kill a former colleague, allegedly gave his licensed .32 revolver to the supari killers he had hired to carry out the job. Police had recovered the revolver and a double-barrel gun from Belagere’s office-cum-home at the time of his arrest on Friday. Police say the revolver will be examined by forensic experts.

Belagere’s target was Sunil Heggaravalli, a journalist who had earlier worked at Hi Bangalore which Belagere owns and edits. Belagare has a licence for both weapons, but police say he violated rules by possessing more ammunition than stipulated. Investigations revealed that he possessed 94 rounds of live bullets — far more than the prescribed maximum.

“We will send the guns to ballistic experts for verification,” a senior police officer said. “We have also seized two i-Pads and three i-Phones. These will also be examined by experts.”

Police had earlier said one of the hired killers, Shashidhar Mundewadi, had on August 28 visited Heggaravalli’s flat with the intention of killing him. Police say Mundewadi didn’t have a clean shot, so he returned the revolver and ammunition to Belagere claiming he would finish the job another day. While Mundewadi has been arrested, Viju Badiger, the other alleged hitman, is still at large.

Central Crime Branch (CCB) police produced Belagere before the First Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) court as his fourday police custody ended on Monday. K Divakar, the advocate representing Belagere, sought Belagere’s release on bail on health grounds, but the court rejected his plea. Belagere suffers from a neurological condition.

While opposing bail, the public prosecutor argued that Belagere has close connections with gangsters.

After the court remanded Belagere to judicial custody, Divakar urged the court to direct prison authorities to provide a medical assistant for his client. Prison sources said Belagere was lodged in a barrack located in the jail hospital premises. “Our doctors will take necessary steps to provide treatment for him,” a senior official from the prison department said.

Several onlookers had thronged the jail in anticipation of Belagere’s arrival. Jail officials allowed Belagere to walk into the barracks only after ordering other inmates into their cells.

Heggaravalli files complaint

Sunil Heggaravalli, the man Ravi Belagere allegedly planned to kill, on Monday filed a complaint with Subramanyapura police, claiming he had received a threat call from the tabloid editor while he (Belagere) was in police custody on Sunday night.

“We have registered a non-cognizable report (NCR) based on the complaint,” S D Sharanappa, deputy commissioner of police (south division) said. “The FIR was not registered. We will take appropriate action once we verify and investigate the plaint.”

Heggaravalli claimed a person named Madhu had called him on his mobile phone on Sunday. “Madhu told me that ‘Belagere anna (brother) wants to talk to you’,” Heggaravalli said in the police complaint. “Belagere then began speaking on the phone and asked me whether I had given any statement to the media that I had an affair with a woman who was close to him. I replied that I had not made any such statement and the call was disconnected.”

Home minister Ramalinga Reddy, who learnt about the phone call, has asked police commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, to submit a report about it.


 Is case against editor crumbly like a cookie?

Police are now trying to book him under Wildlife Act; they have nothing else against him, says lawyer

Bengaluru police seem to be going for broke in the Ravi Belagere case. They are now exploring options of booking the tabloid owner/editor under the Wildlife Act as a tortoise shell was recovered from his house. This, after the police had publicly announced that he had hatched a conspiracy to get his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli bumped off. Have they bitten off more than they can chew? What gives?

Belagere’s lawyer seems to know. “There is no material in the case registered against Belagere. Fantasies have been cooked up to arrest him,” said Diwaker K.

It is every lawyer’s duty to defend the client; but a closer look at the case so far reveals that it may be coming apart.

First, the shooter’s statement

The case against Belagere hinges on the statement of Shashi Mundewadi, the shooter from Vijayapura. The police have alleged that the editor hired his services after paying him Rs 15,000 as advance and “untold wealth” upon completion of the job. In fact, Belagere had been picked up from his office last week on based on Mundewadi’s statement. Now, sources have told Bangalore Mirror, Mundewadi has changed his statement. He has apparently told the police that while he has known Belagere for a while now, the latter had not asked him for any hit.

This puts the police in a piquant situation. No hit has been attempted on the alleged target; there has no recovery of the weapon that was to be used in the murder; there is no record of anyone threatening or assaulting the alleged target. So, Mundewadi’s statement was all that police had and that too seems to have fallen through.

Joint commissioner of police (Crime) N Sateesh Kumar refused to comment on Mundewadi’s statement but said that the police will take the legal section’s opinion and decide the further course of action as per the advice.

“The remand application states that the case has been registered against Belagere based on Mundewadi’s voluntary statement. They say that Mundewadi told them that Belagere gave him a pistol and four bullets but he returned them on August 28 saying he couldn’t kill Heggaravalli,” Diwaker said.

But later, police said that Mundewadi was arrested from near Chickpet circle at around 7.20 pm on December 7 along with a pistol, four bullets and a knife which he received from Tahir Hussain alias Anand Gowda, Diwaker added.

The defence lawyer tore into the police’s case on another technical point. “Police say two attempts were made by Mundewade — on August 28 and sometime in between December 3 and 7. No attempt on Heggaravalli’s life was made on made on August 28. Mundewadi’s statement reads that he did not meet Belagere between December 3 and 7. So how can the weapons be provided by Belagere or how is he related to the second attempt,” asked Diwaker.

All hopes on Badigar now

A senior officer who agreed to exchange notes with Bangalore Mirror on the express condition of anonymity said that in the absence of any concrete evidence, the police are hoping to catch Viju Badigar and make him an approver in the case. (When Belagere was arrested, the police said that Mundewadi had told them he took the killing contract from Belagere on the condition that he would take care of the planning and his brother-in-law, Viju Badigar, would carry out the execution.) Badigar is alleged to be on the run and the police have sent teams to Vijayapura to trace him.

So what’s the case against the Hi Bangalore editor?

Belagere had been arrested under IPC sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 307 (attempt to murder) and sections 3 and 25 of the Arms Act. Central Crime Branch (CCB) officials now say that the weapon recovered from Belagere’s office is licenced; and 47 bullets were also found even though as per the licence conditions, Belagere cannot keep more than 40 live rounds. Legal experts say that this will amount to violation of licence conditions and may attract an adverse remark during the licence renewal, but cannot be called illegal.

Will Crime Branch probe Belagere further?

Senior officers in the CCB said they will not contest Belagere’s bail petition when it comes up for hearing on Saturday (December 16) as they are done questioning the tabloid editor.

However, officials want the Forest Department to take up a separate case against Belagere under the Wildlife Act as a deer pelt (with a bullet mark) and a tortoise shell (from South Africa) were recovered from his house. The police want the Forest Department to take up the case as the DG&IGP had issued an order in 2015 asking police not to register cases under the Wildlife Act.

The police have registered an additional case against Mundewadi in Ye lahank a police station as they claim he was in Bengaluru to attack a businessman they identified as Ramesh. Another case has been registered against him in Parappana Agrahara station and the one related to Belagere at the Subramanyapura police station. Police say they have finished questioning Mundewadi in the Parappana Agraha case and will grill him in the other two cases.

When asked why he thinks Belagere is being targeted, Diwaker said that he has no clue. “I met Belagere on Sunday when he was in police custody. Even we are not aware who is behind this conspiracy and why. We will take up the issue in the next hearing,” he said.

It will be interesting to see what the police have to say in opposition to the bail plea and how long they will be able to keep Belagere behind bars.

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Sunil Hegaravalli with Ravi Belagere

Tabloid editor had a killer plan

Outrage over Gauri Lankesh’s murder may have altered Belagere’s plans of getting his employee killed

Did Ravi Belagere get inspired by the outrage over Gauri Lankesh’s murder and try to use this to his advantage while getting Sunil Heggaravalli eliminated? This is one of the line of investigations being pursued by the Central Crime Branch.

Belagere had allegedly hired hitman Shashidhar Mundewade to kill his employee Heggaravalli. Shahsi had tried to kill Sunil on August 28 but didn’t carry out the hit as he saw CCTV cameras in Heggaravalli’s building. He left Bengaluru and promised Belagere that he would return to finish the job.

Gauri Lankesh was gunned down on September 5.

“On September 14, Mundewade was arrested along with four others in Maharashtra. He was released from Kolhapur prison almost one and a half months later. Belagere tried contacting him during this period but failed. We are probing whether there was any communication between Belagere and Mundewade after he got out of prison. It would have been a major challenge for the police and state if he had executed his plan and shot dead one more journalist dead in Bengaluru after Gauri Lankesh,” said Jinendra Kanagavi, Deputy Commissioner (Crime), Bengaluru city police.

Belagere and Heggravalli, his protégé, had fallen out over the latter’s alleged affair with Belagere’s second wife. After Gauri’s murder, Belagere patched up with Heggaravalli and asked him to return to his tabloid, Hi Bangalore, an offer that Heggaravalli did not refuse. Police say Belagere may have done this to establish a solid alibi.

Belagere denies charges

The Central Crime Branch police have taken Belagere into four-day custody and are grilling him to unravel the conspiracy plot. Police claim that Belagare has been strongly denying his involvement in the conspiracy and has been continuously dismissing allegations levelled against him.

Meanwhile, the police are planning to send the deer skin and tortoise shell seized from his house to the forest department to invoke relevant sections of the Wildlife Act against him. The two firearms recovered from his Padmanabha Nagar residence, including a double barrel gun, were found to be licensed. A team of CCB sleuths also conducted enquiry at the residence of his second wife near Rajarajeswari Nagar in connection with the probe on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, CM Siddaramaiah said the law will take its own course.

Ravi Belagere’s FB wall shows he was a lover of weapons

Sharpshooter started out as a karate teacher

The hitman that tabloid editor Ravi Belagere gave a killing contract to was once a karate teacher. While teaching karate to children, Shashihar Mundewade, came in touch with Bagappa Harijan, a notorious killer of Vijayapura. Bagappa was a dreaded name in Vijayapura, Kalaburgi and Maharashtra; the name Bheema Teera (bank of Bheema River) still strikes terror in the hearts of residents of Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

As their links strengthened, Bagappa asked Mundewade to kill Basappa Harijan, his rival; Bagappa promised to pay him Rs 25 lakh for the murder and Mundewade pumped seven bullets into Basavaraj on January 2, 2013 on the banks of the Bheema River. But Bagappa did not pay up; Mundewadagi then turned to his friend Suresh Lalasangi to mediate and get him the money.

Then one fine day, Suresh was shot outside his house. The police suspected Bagappa’s hand in the killing and the case was handed over for investigations to Sindagi circle police inspector.

Mundewade was summoned to the station and asked about Suresh’s murder as he was his close friend. But they couldn’t find anything on Sashi to detain him and were about to let him go when the phone rang – the person on the other end of the line said that Sahshi was involved in Suresh’s murder. The police then turned the screws and subjected Mundewadagi to “intense interrogation” as they say in police parlance. Mundewadagi then admitted that he had indeed killed Suresh. This admission earned him his rightful place in the world of crime.

Daughter defends dad

Ravi Belagere’s second daughter, Bhavana, on Saturday rushed to her father’s defence, claiming he was innocent. She said that no FIR had been filed and police had taken up a suo moto case based on Shashi’s (the contract killer’s) statement. On Friday, Belagere’s elder daughter Chetana accompanied him in the police when he was taken to the Subramanyapura police station. She also waited outside the magistrate’s house when Belagere was produced on Friday night. Belagere’s son Karna too was with her.

No affair, says target’s wife

The arrest of Ravi Belagere has set tongues wagging in Karnataka. It is being alleged that the tabloid editor wanted Sunil Heggaravalli, his employee, bumped off as the latter was having an affair with Belagere’s wife. Heggaravalli’s wife, Suchita, on Saturday appeared before media to scotch all rumours. “My husband did not have any relationship with Belagere’s second wife. He used to call Sunil ‘his second son’,” she said in Heggaravalli village of Mudigere taluk. She demanded that the government provide security to the family. “They may cause us trouble in the future,” she said.

Shashi’s hitlist

2006: Allegedly killed Muttu Master, gangster Chandappa Harijan’s brother-in-law

2013: Basappa Harijan, a notorious killer of Bheema Theera

2014: Killed friend Suresh Lalasangi

2016: Accused in a robbery case in Indi police station limits

Ravinder Gosain shot down as his grandchildren watched

TNN | Oct 18, 2017

A relative consoles son of Ravinder Gosain.
A relative consoles son of Ravinder Gosain.

LUDHIANA: There seemed nothing unsual in the morning when Ravinder Gosain left for the RSS Shakha around 6am on Tuesday.

Morning Shakha was followed by clicking of a group picture, that Gosain had uploaded on his Facebook account. A few hours later, the broad day killing was witnessed by the family members including grandchildren who are yet to recover from the shock.

Neeru Gosain, his daughter-in-law, recalled, “He entered the house and met all three grandchildren like any other day. My son wanted to buy a pencil and I asked Papa to take him to the shop. My daughter also asked to accompany them as she wanted candies. This was routine as the children often asked him to get can dies and other stuff.”

She said, “My brother in-law’s son (younger son of the deceased) also insisted to go along.

“He was yet to wear his school uniform. So papa and the other children were waiting for him outside the house. I was near the main gate, with my back towards them when I heard the gunshot.”

“My son was standing near him and my daughter was in his lap. I saw two masked assailants of them, the pillion rider was carrying a weapon.

“I raised an alarm and ran after them but they fled.After hearing commotion, everyone rushed out of the house. Papa was lying in a pool of blood and he was dead. Children were scared.”

“My 4-year-old daughter told me the assailant asked papa to turn around in Punjabi saying, “Eder dekhi” (Look here).

After seeing their grandfather in a pool of blood, my children have been in a state of shock and have become quiet. He was more like a friend to them,” said Neeru.

Rajnath expresses concern over killing of RSS leader in Ludhiana

TNN | Oct 18, 2017

Sharma had a word with the Union home minister on Tuesday at Hussainiwala where he had come to inaugurate the visitors’ gallery at the joint check post.

 Ferozepur: Union home minister Rajnath Singh has expressed his concern over the assassination of RSS Leader Ravinder Gosain in Ludhiana by unidentified assailants early Tuesday morning, said Kamal Sharma, former BJP Punjab President and member national executive committee BJP.

Rajnath, who was accompanied by Captain Amrinder Singh, took up the matter with the Punjab chief minister. The chief minister has assured Rajnath that the police are already on the job. The police have gathered vital clues from CCTV footage and shortly the accused will be nabbed, claimed Sharma.

While expressing his worry over the deteriorating law and order in Punjab, Sharma termed the incident as “most unfortunate” and as an attempt to “disrupt the peaceful atmosphere” in the state.

NIA team visits crime spot, family of slain RSS leader in Ludhiana

TNN | Nov 18, 2017

The team will record statements of family and also examine the crime spot
The team will record statements of family and also examine the crime spot

LUDHIANA: The team of National Investigation Agency(NIA) has reached at the residence of slain RSS leader Ravinder Gosain, who was gunned down by motorcycle borne two assailants outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal area, on Saturday morning. The team will record statements of family and also examine the crime spot.

After the Punjab police claimed to have solved cases of targeted killings, including murder case of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain investigation of which was transferred to the NIA by state government, a team of NIA comprising seven officials reached Ludhiana on Friday afternoon.

Importantly the police has accused ISI behind these killings.

On Friday, the team also had a meeting with SIT formed the killing and with Commissioner of Police RN Dhoke. The local police submitted all details related to the case with NIA team. After examining the details on Saturday team reached to meet family of RSS leader.

Indian police capture alleged contract killer suspected of 165 murders

Conviction of Jaggu Pehelwan could be hindered by lack of willing witnesses, says arresting officer
copyright theguardian.com
TV report on the arrest of contract killer Jaggu Pehelwan
 TV report on the arrest of contract killer Jaggu Pehelwan in India.

An alleged contract killer believed to be responsible for the deaths of more than 150 people has been arrested in India following a manhunt lasting more than a decade.

Jaggu Pehelwan was detained by armed police in the city of Ghaziabad, in the poor and lawless northern state of Uttar Pradesh, on Monday night. Five shots were fired during his arrest but no one was hurt.

Pehelwan, the leader of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in the city, has been formally charged with 30 murders over a 15-year criminal career and police believe he is responsible for around 130 more. Victims have included his own gang members suspected of disloyalty, rival criminals and scores of others, whom Pehelwan is accused of killing for cash.

“Though he is officially wanted for 100 murder cases, he is suspected of killing nearly 165 people,” Anil Kaparwan, the police officer who arrested the fugitive, told local reporters.

The case has revealed the deep problems of India’s law enforcement and justice system, where criminals routinely intimidate or bribe witnesses and judges. Kaparwan said that obtaining a conviction and getting his detainee imprisoned could be difficult.

“There are hardly any witnesses [prepared to testify] against him,” he told the Mail Today newspaper.

Pehelwan charged between £12,500 and £32,500 to kill, officials said, and had recently done a deal for two dozen murders for £200,000. Targets included a telecoms operator, a building contractor and a local party activist.

He comes from a village near Ghaziabad and is believed to be in his mid-30s. He reportedly committed his first contract killing in 1998. The victim was a businessman in Delhi.

Pehelwan is accused of murdering a hotel owner in 2003 and two property developers and a transport contractor in 2008. Last month he is alleged to have killed a local councillor in his neighbourhood.

Officials said those who had commissioned the killings would now be tracked down and brought to justice.

Pehelwan ranged over hundreds of miles in the north-west, but his base remained Ghaziabad. Like many wealthy criminals in India, he apparently hoped to use his riches to move into politics, a favoured means of laundering earnings, bolstering power and accessing lucrative contracts.

His wife was elected – unopposed – as head of his local council. Pehelwan himself was reported to have hoped to stand in local state elections next year.

Tabloid staff taken by surprise as cops swoop down on Belagere

Family Arrives At Scene Chaos Disturbs Students

Bengaluru: It is around 11.30 am on Friday. As is usual, the office of Hi Bangalore, the Kannada tabloid, located in a threefloor building in Padmanabhanagar, is a beehive of activity. Also as usual, the chambers of the editor, Ravi Belagere, on the first floor, remain locked. A guard stands on duty at the locked door.

Fifteen minutes later, a white police Mahendra Bolero drives up to the office. Policemen climb the stairs and head straight for the editor’s chambers. The guard refuses to open the lock, but yields after police threaten to break it open.

Police visiting the office of the tabloid is not unusual, but they usually are courtesy calls. “A senior staff member came out and asked us why we were there. We showed her the search warrant and told her to call Belagere immediately,” a CCB police officer said.

Thereafter, the mood changes dramatically. Belagere, who is resting in his reading room, comes out on hearing the commotion. Senior police officials approach Belagere and explain their presence.

“At first he resisted but had to cooperate with us when we showed him the search warrant,” a senior CCBofficer said. “A little later, five senior officials began questioning him on his role in the attempt to murder case. Belagere kept denying the charges, but we placed the evidence that we had.”

Around 1.30 pm, police announce that they are arresting Belagere. “By then, Belagere’s family members, including his elder daughter, had arrived. Around 4pm, Belagere’s advocate K Divakar also arrived. Since we were equipped with the court warrant, they could do little,” the officer said.

More police arrive at the office. The road is cordoned off and this disturbs students of Prarthana School, Belagare’s school located next to the office. Parents and guardians begin arriving to pick up their wards, but they are asked to stay some distance away.

“We had no idea what was happening,” a parent told TOI. “Police were not letting us stand near the school gate. More than 40 parents were forced to stand away from the gate for more than 10 minutes and wait for their wards.”

Around 5.45pm, CCB police announce they are taking Belagere withthem for more questioning. “He seems to have many health issues,” the CCB officer said. “He found it difficult to walk freely. Even his speech is not clear. We decided to have a doctor with us while questioning him.”

Belagere was seen smoking while being taken to CCB’s offices. He launched the tabloid, which focuses on crime, politics and gossip, in 1995. Neither the tabloid nor its editor is a stranger to controversy.


As yet, police have not established links between the weapons seized from Belagere’s office and the killing of Gauri Lankesh.

Let us wait for the forensic reports. The reports will throw light on other cases where the weapons may have been used

R Ramalinga Reddy |


I am shocked over the developments. It is true that I worked with him for nearly 15 years and had quit following differences. Belagere called me later and asked me to join back. I did not expect this from him. I had noticed strangers near my Uttarahalli residence recently. Shashidhar Mundewadi, who police say was hired by Belagere to kill me, was also seen near my house. Mundewadi had worked in Hi Bengaluru earlier. Belagere recently called me one night to his office to speak to him. But I noticed that there were too many underworld elements around. I found Belagere’s behaviour suspicious and called a police officer seeking his advice. I later left the place.”


My father is innocent.

Being the editor of a tabloid that covers crime extensively, it is natural he knows many underworld elements. But that doesn’t mean he should be suspected in this way. Sunil Heggaravalli worked with my father for nearly 15 years and was like a family member. It is true Heggaravalli and my father had developed differences over professional reasons and he quit his job some time ago. But my father called Heggaravalli to return to work. He encouraged Sunil, saying he was a good crime reporter. My father stood by Heggaravalli during difficult times. Tell me, how and why will my father approach contract killers to eliminate Heggaravalli

Bhavana Belagere | DAUGHTER

Ravi Belagere arrested for giving supari


Bengaluru, DHNS: Ravi Belagere, editor of Kannada weekly ‘Hi Bengaluru’, was arrested on Friday for paying a sharpshooter to kill his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli, police said.

Joint Commissioner of Police Satheesh Kumar told reporters the supari (killing contract) had come to light when the police were interrogating Tahir Hussain, arrested on December 3 from a lodge in Parappana Agrahara.

Hussain fell into the police net when he was trying to sell a country-made pistol. He revealed that Belagere had instructed Vijayapura-based sharpshooter Shashidhar Ramachandra Mundewadi to kill Heggaravalli, Kumar said.

“We followed leads, registered an FIR, and arrested Belagere,” he announced.

The police picked up an ailing Belagere from his office in Padmanabha Nagar, after questioning him for about an hour.  They also seized a revolver and double barrel gun from him.

“We arrested Shashidhar on Thursday at 11.15 pm. He confessed Belagere had directly interacted with him and given him a supari to kill Heggaravalli,” Kumar said.

Police wouldn’t specify the motive, saying it was ‘personal’.

Journalist Belagere held for bid to murder his former employee

Suspected Affair, Hired Henchmen; Claims Innocence

Bengaluru: Barely a couple of days after he was handed a breather in a case of breach of privilege, Ravi Belagere, editor of a Kannada tabloid, found himself in the custody of the police. Central Crime Branch (CCB) officers on Friday arrested Belagere for allegedly attempting and conspiring to murder one of his former employees. Belagere claimed he is innocent.

Earlier this year, Belagere and another journalist had been handed one year in prison for breach of privilege by the legislative assembly. Two days ago, the Karnataka high court had ordered the chief secretary not to arrest them.

Belagere, who was produced before a magistrate at his Koramangala residence in the night, was remanded in police custody for four days.

The editor was arrested around 1.30pm at his officecum-home in Padmanabhanagar, south Bengaluru. Another person, Shashidhar Ramachandra Mundewadi, allegedly hired by Belagere to carry out the killing, was arrested late Thursday.

Police said Belagere had planned to eliminate Sunil Heggaravalli, who had worked for 15 years at ‘Hi Bangalore’, the weekly tabloid Belagere owns and edits. Heggaravalli had quit the publication in December 2014 and police said the two had a personal feud. Sources said that Belagere suspected Heggaravalli of having an affair with a woman close to him.

He paid contract killer advance of `15k, gave him country-made pistol: Police

Police said Belagere approached Mundewadi and Viju Badiger in August and offered them supari (contract) to kill Heggarvalli. Badiger is on the run. The editor allegedly paid Mundewadi an advance of Rs 15,000 and gave him a country-made pistol with four rounds of live bullets. Mundewadi is an accused in three murders, and one kidnap and one illegal arms case.

“As planned, we went to Heggaravalli’s residence in Uttarahalli, near Padmanabhanagar, on August 28. Heggaravalli came out of the house, and I aimed at him,” a police officer quoted Mundewadi as saying. “But he stepped back into the house. I decided to try my luck another day.”

Police said they stumbled upon the Belagere case while probing the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh. That investigation is still going on. Police were led to Mundewadi and Belagere while questioning all known contract killers and gunrunners in connection with Gauri’s killing.

N Sateesh Kumar, joint commissioner of police, CCB, said, “We arrested Chikkaballapur-based gunrunner Tahir Hussain alias Anoop Gowda earlier this week. During questioning, Tahir led our team to Mundewadi. Tahir told us Mundewadi had accepted supari to eliminate a journalist. When questioned, Mundewadi confessed to attempting to kill Heggaravalli.”

On Thursday, CCB police had registered an FIR with Subramanyapura police, accusing Belagere of hatching a conspiracy and hiring Mundewadi and Badiger to kill Heggaravalli. “We approached the court on Friday and got a warrant to search Belagere’s house,” Sateesh said. “We raided the house around 12.30pm and arrested him an hour later.” Police said they recovered a revolver with 53 rounds of live bullets, one used bullet, one doublebarrel gun with 41 live bullets, a tortoise shell and a deer pelt from Belagere’s home-cum-office. “He owns licensed weapons. We are not sure whether the ones seized are licensed, and will divulge details in a day or two,” police said.

Belagere, who suffers from a neurological condition, and Mundewadi were arrested under IPC Section 307 (attempt to murder) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) and sections under the Arms Act. Belagere was taken to the CCB headquarters where he is being questioned. His elder daughter, Chetana Belagere, accompanied him, saying her presence was needed due to her father’s health issues.


Tabloid editor Ravi Belagere arrested for hiring a killer to eliminate his employee; it is rumoured that problems on the home front prompted the desperate move

Love, sex and crime. These are the three main ingredients for any tabloid. In Ravi Belagere’s case, these three ingredients got so ingrained in him that on Friday he was arrested for plotting the murder of his colleague. Media watchers in Bengaluru say Belagere had been having troubles at home and the colleague that he wanted bumped off probably had a role to play in them.

Belagere is the editor and owner of Hai Bangalore, a popular Kannada tabloid that dishes out spicy, if often speculative, stories every week. He was recently in the news after the Assembly Speaker KB Koliwad ordered his arrest for breach of privilege.

The police raided Prarthana School in Padmanabhanagara (from where Belagere runs his tabloid) around 1.30 pm. They found a revolver, 53 live bullets, a double barrel gun and 41 live bullets. A tortoise shell of 1.5 x 1.5 ft and a deer pelt were also recovered. He was booked under IPC sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 307 (attempt to murder) and sections 3 and 25 of the Arms Act.

The love angle

Although police have officially said that Belagere gave the supari for his colleague Sunil Heggaravalli’s murder for ‘personal reasons’, others believe there is an outsider angle to it. On July 20, Belagere posted a cryptic message on his Facebook wall which roughly translates to “When the husband is away at war, will the wife be considered chaste if she sits on somebody’s lap?”

Heggaravalli says he is surprised that Belagere wanted him eliminated. He used to work in Hai Bangalore as its chief reporter but quit due to ‘some misunderstanding’ with Belagere and worked in some other media. “After Gauri Lankesh’s murder, Belagere called me and asked to come back to work. So I joined the tabloid again,” he said.

“Belagere tried to contact me for no reason earlier also and tried to get the location of my mobile phone,” said Sunil, adding that some days back, a “courier guy” had come to his house with a parcel of books from an unknown sender.

On Friday, police learnt that the “courier guy” was none other than Shashidhar Ramchandra Mundewade, a sharp shooter allegedly hired by Belagere.

Joint commissioner of police (crime) N Sateesh Kumar said that on August 28, Belagere had given a pistol, four bullets and a knife to Mundewade. He had given an advance payment of Rs 15,000 and had promised to give him “an unimaginable amount” once the work was done. “We have registered a case against Belagere in Subramanyapura police station,” he said.

How the case was cracked

The Special Investigating Team probing the murder of Gauri Lankesh detained a weapon supplier Tahir Hussein on Sunday. Police were hot on his heels since Hussein used to supply country-made firearms (Gauri was killed with a similar weapon). During interrogation, he told the police that he had given a pistol and two live bullets to a supari killer identified as Mundewade of Vijayapura.

Late on Thursday night, police arrested Mundewade from a lodge near Chickpet. Upon interrogation, he spilled the beans about the murder that he planned to commit and how Belagere had hired him.

What Mundewade told police

Mundewade has said that Belagere had called him in August to ask about the Bheema Theera gang (Belagere used to write about the dreaded gang in his tabloid). He then offered “unimaginable riches” if Mundewade killed a person (Sunil) as he had allegedly developed intimacy with Belagere’s second wife. Mundewade accepted and met Belagere at his office the week after. Mundewade allegedly told Belagere that he would take care of the planning and his brother-in-law Viju Badigar would carry out the execution.

In his office, Belagere gave Mundewade and Badigar a pistol and bullets from his briefcase. He asked the duo to kill Sunil and keep the pistol back in the briefcase.

Belagere then arranged a car for the duo to recce Sunil’s house. When the duo reached his apartment on Uttarahalli Main Road on August 28, they noticed CCTV cameras in the building and the one adjacent to it. They dropped the plan, returned to Belagere’s office and asked him for how long the CCTV footage would be saved. When Belagere informed them that normally records are kept for a month, they said they would return after 30 days. But Mundewade was caught by the Maharashtra police and four pistols were seized from him.

After his release, Mundewade returned to Bengaluru on Thursday and asked Belagere for the pistol. When police got wind of Mundewade’s arrival, they got Tahir to call him and laid a trap.

Police commissioner T Suneel Kumar confirmed that Belagere had given supari to Mundewade for killing Sunil. “We are finding out more about the personal enmity,” he said.

(From L) Police at Belagere’s school in Padmanabhanagar; with his daughter; the seized weapons

BROTHERS IN ARMS: Ravi Belagere with Sunil, the man he wanted killed

Police scramble for corroborative evidence in Ravi Belagere case

For most of Saturday, sleuths of the Central Crime Branch (CCB) scrambled for corroborative evidence to back up the confession made by a hitman who was allegedly hired by Hi Bangalore editor Ravi Belagere to kill a colleague.

The police searched Mr. Belagere’s houses in multiple locations, and a manhunt has been launched for Viju Badigar, who escorted the hitman during a meeting with the editor in August. “We are looking for the country-made gun (which was allegedly given to the hitman and which was returned when the deed could not be done) and other incriminatory materials. We have not got anything so far, but the searches will continue,” said a CCB police officer.

No footage

Obtaining CCTV footage of the hitman near the house of Sunil Heggaravalli or near the offices was turning to be a dead-end as, in most places, footage is not kept beyond two weeks.

The incident pertains to August 28, when the hitman, Shashidhar Ramachandra Mundewadi, and Mr. Badiger were allegedly given a gun, bullets and knife with the instruction to kill Mr. Heggaravalli. This was based entirely on the questioning of the hitman who was arrested earlier in December after another hitman tipped off the police team investigating the murder of activist-journalist Gauri Lankesh.

The interrogation of Mr. Belagere also did not yield much on Saturday. “He is cooperative, but denies all charges,” said the police, who added that a detailed statement from Mr. Heggaravalli would be taken on Sunday.

Mr. Belagere is in police custody till Monday, after which he will have to be produced before a judge to seek either an extension of police custody or judicial custody.

Family is shocked

Meanwhile, Mr. Heggaravalli’s family expressed shock at the events and sought police protection.

Mr. Heggaravalli’s wife, Suchita, told presspersons that she was in “shock and disbelief” that a close associate of her husband would try to kill him.

“Sunil has been in the paper for over 14 years and treated Ravi Belagere as a friend and mentor…the rumours that the hit was called because of an illicit affair is not true,” she said. Similarly, Mr. Heggaravalli’s brother Parameshwar demanded that their family be given police protection.

‘Baseless charges’

In Dharwad, Bhavana, daughter of Mr. Belagere, said the charges were baseless.

“He is a responsible father and journalist. He is not a coward to indulge in such acts. We want a thorough investigation and my father will come out unscathed,” she told reporters.

Wildlife trouble

Meanwhile, the CCB police said they would write to the Forest Department to investigate after the recovery of a deer skin and a tortoise shell from Mr. Belagere’s house.

While the editor claimed that these was given to him by acquaintances, the items could land him in more trouble. A senior forest officer said that possession of any animal skin, trophy is deemed illegal if it had not been registered with the government nearly two decades ago.

“A cut-off time had been given for declaring possession. If this deer skin was not registered, then its possession automatically becomes illegal under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972,” said the officer.

Roorkee court shooters lived in flat near Police Line in Doon

Three shooters, who showered bullets on gangster Devpal Rana in broad daylight in Haridwar district on Monday, had been living in Dehradun for the past few weeks, raising questions on the verification drive of tenants conducted by police

DEHRADUN Updated: Nov 21, 2017

Neha Pant copyright Hindustan Times

The shooters who killed Devpal Rana had been living in a rented flat in Race Course area of Dehradun. The shooters who killed Devpal Rana had been living in a rented flat in Race Course area of Dehradun.(Vinay Santosh Kumar/HT) Three shooters, who showered bullets on gangster Devpal Rana in broad daylight in Haridwar district on Monday, had been living in Dehradun for the past few weeks, raising questions on the verification drive of tenants conducted by police. Ironically, they had hired a flat in an apartment in the Race Course area, just next to the city’s Police Line. An undertrial prisoner, Rana was attacked when he had been brought to the Roorkee court from Deoband prison in Uttar Pradesh for a hearing and later succumbed to his injuries. While two of the assailants were arrested from the court premises, Dehradun police arrested the third shooter from a rented flat in the Race Course area late on Monday. The third attacker Vikas Chaudhary, a resident of Jind district in Haryana, revealed to police that the flat had been taken on rent by gangster Rishipal Rana — who had tasked the shooters to kill Devpal. “We had planned the elimination of Rana at the rented accommodation, from where we made visit to Roorkee court premises for recce, before ultimately executing the plan on Monday,” Chaudhary, who was arrested by a team of police personnel stationed near the apartment in plain clothes, told police. He was found in possession of a pistol. Police is looking for the owner of the house. This is not the first time criminals have been found living right in the heart of the state capital, despite claims of the police of holding regular tenant verification drives. Earlier this month, the Special Task Force of Uttarakhand police arrested Shahrukh Pathan, a sharpshooter who worked for the notorious interstate Jeeva Gang for the murder of Haridwar-based businessman Amit Dixit in March. The hardcore criminal, who carried a reward of ₹60,000 for his arrest, confessed to have lived in Dehradun for about a month earlier this year. In April, Jharkhand police arrested a hardened criminal Vikram Sharma – who was wanted in many cases and carried a reward of ₹30,000 – from Dehradun. He had been residing at Aman Vihar area in Dehradun since 2012 to evade arrest, with the local police having no inkling about the same. In November 2016, two aides of the sensational Nabha jailbreak mastermind were arrested from their hideout in the Raipur area of Dehradun, leaving residents shocked. The jailbreak had seen Khalistan Liberation Force chief Harminder Singh alias Mintoo along with his aide and four other gangsters escaping the high security jail in Punjab. Dehradun superintendent of police (SP) City Pradeep Kumar Rai, however, said the verification drive of tenants was an “ongoing process” which was pursued by the city police actively. “We keep holding verification drives and have penalized a large number of landlords over the months for failing to get their tenants verified,” Rai said, adding that special focus would be made on verifying tenants living in apartments.

n speak at length on functionalist and conflict perspectives. His family has 22 Bighas of cultivable land in Baghpat, UP. However, these did not stop Tomar from taking to crime and becoming one of the top 5 gangsters in NCR.


To his name are two brazen murders committed last year in May and December. One of the targets was a rival gangster whose girlfriend Tomar fell in love with. After killing him, Tomar eloped with his girlfriend and later married her. The other was a village Sarpanch who Tomar shot 50 times.


Following these, provisions of UP Gunda Act was invoked against him. This January, he was cornered in Baghpat by UP cops, but he fired upon the police team and fled. Finally, the special operations squad (SOS) of crime branch has managed to arrest Tomar.


Joint CP (crime) Alok Kumar said an informer tipped off cops about Tomar’s movements in Kanjhawala. “A special team led by ACP Shweta Chauhan and inspector Puran Pant was formed and a trap was laid at Mundka-Ranikhera road. Around 6pm, Tomar was spotted and overpowered,” Kumar said. Tomar told police he had murdered his rival gangster Arjun from Bagpat on May 7 last year. Their rivalry had started after one of Arjun’s aide, Pankaj, passed a lewd comment about Tomar’s then girlfriend. Tomar thrashed him but Arjun — who was in jail then — vowed revenge.

Dreaded gangster among 6 held in Jalandhar

TNN | Sep 4, 2017

JALANDHAR: The Jalandhar commissionerate of police has nabbed six members of a dreaded gang, including its kingpin, involved in several heinous crimes in the district. Commissioner of police Praveen Kumar Sinha said notorious gangster Gursharan Singh alias Bhalu, who was wanted in around 15 serious cases, was arrested on a tip-off.

Sinha said the district police had registered 13 cases against Gursharan, one of which was attempt to murder. The gangster had been declared proclaimed offender in several cases, he added.

Sinha said a special team, led by deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Rajinder Singh, was constituted to arrest the gangster. The team, among other officials, also included assistant inspector general of police (AIG) of special task force (STF) Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar and assitant commissioner of police (ACP) Manpreet Singh Dhillon.

“On a tip-off, the special team cordoned off the area at Subhana Chowk when they spotted a sedan coming in that direction. However, when police signaled the car to stop, Bhalu tried to speed away. The police team chased the car and nabbed him along with another accomplice Manmohan Singh alias Manu Dhaba and recovered two pistols and cartridges from them. During the preliminary investigations, Bhalu and Manu Dhaba also named other gang members actively involved with them. Four of them have been arrested,” he said.

Sinha said the police were also investigating their involvement in other cases of supari killing, extortion and gang wars.

Gangster arrested after encounter in Sambhal

Nazar Abbas| TNN | Sep 14, 2017, 23:25 IST


Sambhal: Usman, a dreaded gangster who has 15 cases registered against him at various police stations, was arrested by police after an encounter here on Thursday evening.

Divulging details, Sambhal ASP Pankaj Kumar Pandey said, “Usman and his accomplish on a motorcycle were on their way to rob Prathama Bank to when a police team from Kurh Fatehgarh station chased them at Devra Khas village, and in the ensuing gun battle the gangster got injured and was arrested, but his accomplice, identified as Sonu, managed to escape.”

Pandey said the duo fired at least 8-9 rounds at the police team in which SHO Kunj Bihar and constable Zaheeruddin suffered minor injuries.

“In retaliatory fire, Usman sustained a bullet injury in his leg and was arrested. He was rushed to a hospital,” he said.

Usman has 15 cases, including attempt to murder, chain snatching and robberies, registered against him in various districts of western Uttar Pradesh. He also has cases under the Gangster Act registered against him and had come out of jail recently.

“Police seized a pistol and several live cartridges and a bike from his possession. We suspect that it was a stolen bike; we are trying to verify the details. Police teams are trying to arrest the other accused,” Pandy added.

Cops probe link of dreaded gangster with RSS leader’s murder

TNN | Nov 1, 2017

Ludhiana: On the trail of killers of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain, the police arrested a man for stealing a Royal Enfield, which is believed to have been used by the assailants at some point of time before the murder.

Importantly, police sources said, the arrested man has links with infamous gangster Sukhpreet Singh alias Sukha Barewalia. Now, the police are linking the involvement of gangster in the killing of the RSS leader.

Gosain was gunned down by motorcycle-borne assailants outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal area on October 17. The bike used by assailants was recovered by the police the next day which was found abandoned near Majh Fagguwal village near Ludhiana-Jalandhar highway. Later, it was identified that the killers had stolen the bike from Dholewal chowk on October 10.

Since the bike is only clue with the police in the case, the top cop had instructed the police officials to crack a whip on bike lifters and thieves.

Police sources, it is being suspected that killers had not stolen the bike. Rather it was stolen by someone else and later killers used it to carry out the murder.

It is also suspected that the killers had used different two-wheelers and kept changing it so that their route could not be traced in CCTV cameras installed in the city.

A week after Gosain was shot dead, the Millar Gunj police post found an abandoned Royal Enfield parked near Ramgariha Girls College near Jagraon Bridge. Later, the police traced the bike owner and found out that it was stolen from outside Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar on October 7. On October 24, the FIR was also lodged in the police station in the bike theft case.

Later, police arrested Vivek Pal of Asha Puri of New Agar Nagar in this case after he was seen riding the bike in CCTV cameras installed in Sarabha Nagar. Importantly, prior to this, the accused has never been booked in any case.

Sources said, “There are certain things which link the recovery of Enfield, gangster Sukha Barewalia and Gosain’s killing. It is suspected that more than one vehicle was used in the killing. The Royal Enfield was found abandoned in Millar Gunj area. If some criminal has stolen a bike for money, he would never abandon it. The bike was abandoned about 15 days after the theft and it happens only when the vehicle is stolen for some other purpose. Moreover, the man arrested is also linked with gangster Sukha Barewalia.”

Additional deputy commissioner of police (III) Surendra Lamba, said, “The accused Vivek Pal has no direct link with gangster Sukha Barwalia. Either he or his relatives live in Barewal area.”

Asking about the link of gangster with RSS leader’s murder, the ADCP refused to say anything.

NIA nabs arm supplier in Gosain case

Payal Dhawan| TNN | Dec 6, 2017, 08:43 IST

NIA (file image)NIA (file image)

LUDHIANA: The NationalInvestigation Agency in Meerut on Tuesday arrested an accused in the targeted killing of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain. Pahar Singh, 48, has been booked for supplying weapon to the main accussed Hardeep Singh, alias Shera.

The accused from Lalpur in Meerut had supplied a country-made weapon to Shera, according to NIA officials.

During investigation of the RSS leader’s murder, it was revealed that Shera had visited Meerut thrice in 2016-2017 to procure weapons to carry out targeted killings of members of RSS and other organisations.

Accused to be produced in Mohali NIA court today

The NIA IG, Alok Mittal, said Hardeep Singh had procured a .315 bore country-made weapon from Pahar Singh at his house in May 2017. This weapon was later recovered by the Punjab police after Hardeep’s arrest.

Pahar Singh had been booked under Arms Act in Uttar Pradesh district of Amroha in September. The accused would be be produced before the Special NIA Court in Mohali on Wednesday.

On December 3, a team of NIA and Uttar Pradesh police was attacked by a mob in Ghaziabad when the team reached there to arrest a suspected arms supplier, linked with the killing of the RSS leader. Gosain was Mukhaya Shikshak at Mohan Shakha of RSS in Jodhewal area of Ludhiana. On November 17, he was killed by two assailants on motorcycle outside his house in Jodhewal.

They were later arrested and identified as Hardeep Singh and Ramandeep Singh. Two UK nationals Jagtar Singh Johal and Jimmy Singh have also been arrested by the Punjab police in the targeted killings case.

Government job soon for kin of slain RSS leader Ravinder Gosain: Bittu

Mohit Behl| TNN | Oct 27, 2017, 20:18 IST

File photo of slain RSS leader Ravinder GosainFile photo of slain RSS leader Ravinder Gosain

LUDHIANA: Leaders from several political parties on Friday attended the ‘bhog’ ceremony of slain RSS leader Ravinder Gosain who was shot dead by unidentified persons a few days back. Offering condolences to the family, Ludhiana MP, Ravneet Singh Bittu handed over a cheque of Rs 5 lakh to them on behalf of Punjab government. The MP also informed that one of the family members of the deceased leader will be handed over an appointment letter for government job next week.

Speaking on the occasion, Bittu said, “The murder of Gosain is well planned strategy of the elements sitting in Pakistan and Canada who want to shatter the peace and harmony in the state but state government will not let this happen at any cost. That is why the case has been transferred to India’s topmost investigative agency NIA, so that we can get to the bottom of the conspiracy,” adding, “Sacrifice of Gosain will always be remembered and the trust shown by Gosain’s family in state government is highly commendable.”

Gosain killing: NIA to take two shooters to Delhi

Payal Dhawan| TNN | Updated: Nov 20, 2017, 11:35 IST

Accused Jimmy Singh (in yellow turban) being produced at a court Accused Jimmy Singh (in yellow turban) being produced at a court

LUDHIANA: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is planning to take both shooters, Hardeep Singh, alias Shera, and Ramandeep Singh, to Delhi headquarters for a thorough investigation and questioning in the case of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain’s murder. The NIAofficers have started the documentation work to take over the case.

In the recent spate of killings in Punjab, in which various right wing leaders and religious heads were targeted, the state police and the government had pointed at radicals, ISI and UK-based extremists.

Following six such killings in the state in the past two years, seventh was of Gosain, who was shot dead outside his house in Gagandeep Colony in Jodhewal on October 17 by two motorcycle-borne assailants.

Chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh had transferred the case to NIA. However, 10 days ago, the Punjab police claimed to have solved the case with the arrest of UK nationals, Jimmy Singh and Jagtar Jaggi, and two shooters, Ramandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh.

On Sunday, Jimmy and Jagtar were produced before a local court and sent to five days’ remand. On November 17, Hardeep and Ramandeep were also sent to five days’ remand.

They are accused of killing zila pracharak of Sri Hindu Takht Amit Sharma, pastor Sultan Masih and RSS leader Gosain.

The NIA team had arrived in Ludhiana on November 17 to take over the Gosain probe.

An NIA officer said the team has started documentation work and the accused would be taken to Delhi for thorough questioning and investigation. The NIA team visited the crime spot and met the family of Gosain on November 18. The local police helped in recreating the crime scene. Besides, the team also scanned the footages of CCTV cameras installed in the locality and talked to a few residents.

It was learnt that the police have been directed not to talk to the media on the cases.

NIA gets 5-day remand of Guggni in Gosain murder case

Barinderjit Saluja| TNN | Dec 2, 2017, 07:59 IST


MOHALI: The National Investigating Agency (NIA) on Friday produced Dharminder Singh alias Guggni, the third accused in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Ravinder Gosainmurder case, in the special NIA court at Mohali. Guggni was produced along with other two accused Ramandeep Singh alias Raman Canadian and Hardeep Singh alias Shera.

The court sent all the accused to five-day NIA remand. They will again be produced on December 6, said NIA public prosecutor Surinder Singh.

The NIA said Guggni’s role had been that of the main conspirator in executing Gosain’s murder. He is also accused of being the main supplier of arms and ammunition to the gangsters.

According to the NIA, his name surfaced during the interrogation of Raman Canadian, who is accused in killings various religious leaders in Punjab. He was also the shooter in advocate Amarpeet Singh Sethi‘s murder case in which eight persons, including him, were sentenced to life.

On November 27, Shera and Raman were produced in the special NIA court and remanded in custody till Friday.

Guggni’s name had also cropped up in target killing cases with the arrest of Jimmy Singh, a Jammu resident who had returned to India from UK after spending many years there, and was picked up from Delhi’s IGI airport in October. His interrogation led to the arrest of Jagtar Singh Johal alias Jaggi, a UK national, and revealed the active involvement of Guggni, who was lodged in the Nabha jail, in the conspiracy.

Jimmy told his interrogators that he had selected his targets and carried out the killings at the behest of his handlers in Pakistani agency ISI and some leaders of the Khalistan Liberation Force, who had taken refuge in Pakistan with the intent of creating communal disturbances and destabilizing the state.

Police said the interrogation of the arrested gangsters also revealed that Guggni had been supplying arms and ammunitions through his gang members from inside the jail and even to the UK-returned gangsters.

Sources in the NIA said Guggni’s name resurfaced during the interrogation of the accused as arms supplier in the Gosain murder case. On October 17, Gosain, 60, was shot dead by two unidentified motorcycle-borne assailants in Ludhiana’s Kailash Nagar.

The murder took place in the morning while Gosain was returning from a drill at a local RSS branch. On October 20, the case was transferred from the special investigation team to the NIA on the request of the RSS

Gosain killing: 2 shooters get 5-day NIA remand

TNN | Updated: Nov 24, 2017, 13:15 IST

Representative ImageRepresentative Image

LUDHIANA: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has produced both shooters — Hardeep Singh alias Shera and Ramandeep Singh — accused in targeted killings before the court in Mohali. The court had sent both the accused to five-day NIA remand. According to a NIA official, other accused Jagtar Singh Johal and Jimmy Singh would also be taken on remand.

In the recent incidents of killings in Punjab, various right wing and religious leaders have been killed. The state police and government had pointed at radicals, ISI and UK-based extremists behind this. Following six such killings in the state in past two years, seventh was the killing of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain. Gosain was shot dead outside his house in Gagandeep colony of Jodhewal area on October 17 by two motorcycle-borne assailants.

Chief minister Amarinder Singh transferred the case to NIA. However, few days ago the Punjab police claimed to have solved the case and arrested UK nationals Jimmy Singh, Jagtar Jaggi and two shooters Ramandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh alias Shera.

Ten days ago, the NIA team landed in Ludhiana to take over the case. Meanwhile, the four arrested accused have been taken to Ludhiana on production warrant and are in police remand.

Speaking to TOI over phone, the NIA official Alok Mittal said, “For us it’s important to question shooters Hardeep and Ramandeep thoroughly as they have executed the crime. Earlier, they were on police remand. However, on Wednesday evening they were produced before the NIA court in Mohali where they have been sent to five-day NIA remand.” The official further said that the NIA will also take them to Delhi for proper questioning.

When asked whether they would take the other accused Jagtar Singh Johal and Jimmy Singh also on remand, Mittal said that after Shera and Ramandeep, other accused would also be taken on remand.

RSS leader’s murder case: Motorcycle ‘thief’ traced

Payal Dhawan| TNN | Nov 3, 2017, 11:54 IST

Sketch of the suspect.Sketch of the suspect.

LUDHIANA: In a major breakthrough in the RSS leader murder case, the police have found a suspect who allegedly stole the motorcycle that was later used in the crime.

With cops suspecting that killers were not involved in the theft, the suspect might be a key link in the case as he might have sold the motorcycle to the assailants.

The police have procured the CCTV footage of Dholewal chowk area, from where the bike was stolen on October 10, which has captured the movement of the suspect.The police have prepared a sketch with the help of that footage and have published it while announcing a reward of Rs 5 lakhs for any person giving information about the suspect.

In the footage, a man with slim physic is seen wearing a blue shirt, drab light-brown pant and white turban. In previous such inci dents that occurred in the city this year — killing of Amit Sharma of Sri Hindu Takhat and pastor Sultan Masih — the police have got the footage of masked assailants only.However, for the first time the police have got a clear picture of a suspect who might be linked with the case.

Police commissioner R N Dhoke said, “The man is our suspect who stole the bike used by assailants to kill RSS leader Ravinder Gosain. He was captured in a CCTV installed near Dholewal chowk.Person who will identify this suspect will be rewarded with Rs 5 lakh and identify of the informer will be kept secret.”

Dhoke further said, “With the hard work of our team, we have managed to get this major clue in the killing of Gosain. With his arrest, the police will get to the criminals as he must have sold the stolen bike to killers.”

The head teacher of Mohan Shakha of RSS at Amatran Colony , Ravinder Gosain was shot dead by two motorcycle-borne men outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal area on October 17. The killers were captured on a Honda Stunner bike taking rounds near the residence of Gosain before the murder and later fleeing the crime spot.

A day after the incident, the police found the bike abandoned from Majh Fagguwalvillage located on Ludhiana-Jalandhar highway .

After recovery of bike, police traced its owner and found out that the bike was stolen from Dholewal chowk on October 10.

Later, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed in this case. It comprised DCP (Investigation) Gaganajit Singh, ADCP-II Sandeep Garg and ADCP-IV Rajveer Singh

Rahul Gandhi condemns RSS leader’s killing in Ludhiana

IANS | Oct 18, 2017

NEW DELHI: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday condemned the killing of an RSS leader in Ludhiana, saying “violence is unacceptable” and demanded that the guilty must be brought to book.

“I strongly condemn the killing of RSS leader Ravinder Gosaiin Ludhiana. Violence is unacceptable. The guilty must be brought to book,” Gandhi said in a tweet.

Gosai was shot dead by two unidentified motorcycle-borne assailants on Tuesday when he was returning from a Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) shakha (daily training in the early morning).
He was the Sangh Pracharak (regional missionary) at the RSS shakha in Ludhiana.

On Tuesday, Union home minister Rajnath Singhraised the issue with Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh, who said the police was working on some leads and would nab the culprits soon.

The killing was condemned by BJP and RSS leaders in Punjab on Tuesday, who said the law and order situation in Punjab had deteriorated under the present Congress government.

NIA takes over probe into Punjab RSS leader’s killing

Neeraj Chauhan| TNN | Nov 30, 2017

NEW DELHI: The National Investigation Agency on Thursday took over the probe into killing of an RSS worker in Punjab, who sources say was targeted as part of a larger conspiracy to attack RSS/Hindu leaders for which funds were being channeled from foreign countries.

A statement by NIA said that it has entrusted with probing the killing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) worker Ravinder Gosain by the Union home ministry, after which the agency registered an FIR under various sections of the IPC and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Gosain, the ‘Mukhya Shikshak’ of the Mohan Shakha of the RSS, was shot dead outside his residence in Ludhiana’s Gagandeep Colony in the morning of October 17 by two unidentified assailants riding a motorbike.

The Punjab police, which was earlier probing the case, arrested two people, Ramandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh, a few days after the incident.

“During their examination, these accused persons have admitted their involvement in the previous eight incidents of murder or attempted murder in Punjab which have happened since January, 2016. Targets in these incidents generally were members of the RSS and Hindu organisations,” a NIA spokesperson said.

Besides this, he said, in July, 2017, they also murdered a Christian pastor, Sultan Masih, in Ludhiana.

“It has also come to light that the above mentioned conspiracy to destabilise Punjab has been hatched by Sikh extremist elements and others located in various parts of the world including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan,” he said.

He added that investigation conducted so far has revealed channelling of funds from foreign countries for execution of these incidents.

The conspiracy also included an element of ideological brainwashing and incitement of the accused on religious grounds by their mentors settled abroad

Pillion rider used both guns, could’ve been contract killers

Payal Dhawan| TNN | Updated: Oct 26, 2017, 

LUDHIANA: In the case of murder of RSS leader and head teacher of Mohan Shakha at Amantran Colony, the police are now zeroing in on contract killing angle. They are suspecting that the motorcycle-borne assailants were sharpshooters hired for the purpose, and that some other accused had recced the area before the killing.

RSS leader Ravinder Gosain was killed with two weapons of .30 and .32 bore outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal on October 17.

The killers were captured in two different CCTV cameras installed in the locality. The Ludhiana police have also recovered the bike, Honda Stunner, used by the killers. These are the only clues with the police.

Sources said the police have collected the tower dumps of the locality to find out the numbers active around Gosain’s house on the day. However, so far no suspicious number has been detected and it was being assumed that the killers were not carrying any mobile phone.

Besides, the police are also scanning the footages of CCTV cameras of a few days before the incident to find out those who did a recce of the area.

A cop said, “There are chances that the killers were professionals. Since two weapons were used in the killing, the police are suspecting that the pillion rider had used both the hands to kill Gosain. The possibility of both bikers using one weapon each was rare. One person using two weapons is possible only if he was a sharpshooter.”

The police are also matching the body language of assailants captured in CCTV cameras with contract killers. Commissioner of police RN Dhoke said, “We are considering all aspects and working on all theories.”

Masih’s son Alisha on Wednesday accused the state government of discrimination. “The police have linked the killings of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain and pastor Sultan Masih. Even the modus operandi in both the cases was the same. But unlike RSS leader’s murder, the government has not handed over my father’s case to NIA. A step-motherly treatment is being meted out to Christian community,” he said.

Two motorcycle-borne assailants had shot the pastor dead outside the church ‘Temple of God’ in Peeru Banda Mohalla, Salem Tabri, on July 14.

11 booked for covering faces on day of Gosain’s murder

TNN | Oct 19, 2017

Ludhiana: Police booked 11 people for moving around with covered faces in the city on the day two masked men killed RSS leader Ravinder Gosain outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal area. Police commissioner R N Dhoke has prohibited people from covering their faces in public and a number of residents have been booked. However, criminals are still out of the reach of the police. On Tuesday, as many as 11 residents – Gurmukh Singh of Satjot Nagar, Balkar Singh of Boolgarh, Tanmeet Singh of Hargobindpur Nagar, Ranjeet Singh of Rahon road, Harvinder Singh of Urban Estate, Durgi, Rashit Malhotra of New Kundanpuri, Dugri of Maha Singh nagar, Gupreet Singh of Baba Than Singh Chowk, Bhavneesh Uppal of New Tagor Nagar, Sarabjit Singh of Laxmi Colony and Gurvinder Singh of Chawani Mohalla were booked under section 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the IPC.

This is the second high profile murder involving masked men in three months. On July 14, two bike borne assailants shot pastor Sultan Masih outside Temple of God church in Peeru Banda Mohalla of Salem Tabri. Commuting with face covered was banned at this time too. Police have not had any breakthrough in the case of the pastor’s murder. After Gosain’s murder, police issued an alert at all checkpoints and those with covered faces were stopped.

Gosain’s murder: Cops, kin help create crime scene for NIA

TNN | Updated: Nov 19, 2017

LUDHIANA: The team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday visited the spot where RSS leader Ravinder Gosain was killed on October 17 and recorded statements of his family and known persons.

Head teacher of Mohan Shakha of RSS at Amantran Colony, Ravinder Gosain was gunned down by two motorcycle-borne assailants outside his house in Gagandeep Colony of Jodhewal area when he was standing outside his house with grandchildren.

After this brutal killing, chief minister Captain Amrinder Singh had handed over the investigation to the NIA. But 10 days back, the Punjab Police claimed to have solved cases of targeted killings including the case of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain.

The NIA team had reached Ludhiana to take over the case on Friday. The team had also met the special investigation team (SIT), constituted by Ludhiana police commissioner R N Dhoke. The local police submitted all details related to the case with NIA team. After examining the details on Saturday, the team met the family of the slain RSS leader.

On Saturday morning, the team visited the crime spot where the local police and family members helped recreate the murder scene. The team was informed about the route of killers and where they shot Gosain. The dog which was being fed by Gosain on that day was also brought to the spot.

Thereafter, the NIA team visited Mohan Shakha in Amantran Colony and also checked the route of Gosain to reach the shakha and back home. They also scanned the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the locality that had captured killers.

Further officials also talked to the nearby residents, shopkeepers and milkman to know about Gosain, his routine and information about the day he was killed. After spending an hour at the spot, the team visited the area in Majh Fagguwal village, where the killers abandoned the bike used in the crime.

RSS leader’s son Deepak Gosain said, “The officials asked about the routine of my father and details of the crime scene.”

Everything was captured by a photographer and videographer accompanying the NIA team.

NIA also talked to CIA-I officials to get more details in the case.


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