229) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Brothel owner Woman kills husband & hides body in septic tank for 13 years

Mumbai Crime: Sex Racket Queen Could Have Other Bodies Hidden Under Trantrik Shrine

Dec 08, 2017, 19:33 IST | Samiullah Khan

After Finding The Corpse Of Her Husband Buried Under The Bathroom, The Police Are Pretty Certain Sarita Bharti Alias Farida Still Has Other Skeletons In Her Closet

After finding the corpse of her husband buried under the bathroom, the police are pretty certain Sarita Bharti alias Farida still has other skeletons in her closet. Arrested for running a sex racket at home, Farida had allegedly also murdered three people, including her husband.

Cops started have digging under the shrine
Cops started have digging under the shrine

Black magic involved?
Sources said the investigators now suspect there may be a black magic angle to these murders, after discovering close to 300 tantrik video CDs and 500 religious idols and pictures at a shrine in the hall of the 2BHK house. The sources added that Farida hinted she may have buried the other bodies under the altar. The officers plan to dig up the hall to excavate any remains there. The police had earlier turned the house upside down in their search for the other bodies, but found nothing except for several kilos of used condoms in the septic tank where the husband was buried.

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Hubby disapproved
Investigations have revealed that Farida’s husband, Sahdev, did not approve of her running a brothel at home, and they would often quarrel about this. Farida told the cops that he would assault her daily, and it was after one such argument that she killed him in his sleep. The police believe that Farida’s live-in partner Kamlesh might have helped her pull off the murder and cover it up, by burying the body in the septic tank.

Farida's home after she hinted that she may have buried the bodies there
Farida’s home after she hinted that she may have buried the bodies there

Additional SP Yogesh Chavan said, “After the recovery of Sahdev’s remains, it was revealed that she executed two more murders. One woman alone cannot do this, more people must have been involved. There is also the possibility that after killing the other two victims, she threw the bodies somewhere else or buried them.” The police detained Kamlesh yesterday, and were expected to arrest him by the end of the day. The cops are also questioning Sahdev and Farida’s 25-year-old son Sandesh.

13 yrs on, cops find in septic tank body of man murdered by his wife

Mumbai: Thirteen years after a woman allegedly killed her husband and buried the body in the septic tank at home, police stumbled upon his skeleton while conducting a raid at her place that doubled as a brothel.

Sarita Bharti (43) and her paramour Kamlesh were arrested on Monday for allegedly running a prostitution racket from her home-cumgrocery shop in Dandipada and rescued four women. During interrogation, Sarita confessed to having murdered her husband Sahdev in 2004, said police.

Sarita told police that Sahdev suspected her character and often assaulted her after coming home drunk. In 2004, following a quarrel, she allegedly hit him with a sharp object and he died on the spot.

Sarita said she took Kamlesh’s help to dump the body in the septic tank and covered the area with tiles. She then told relatives and neighbours that her husband had deserted her. As no missing complaint was filed, police had no inkling of the murder.

Police dug up the tank and retrieved the skeleton. It has been send for forensic examination to confirm if it is Sahdev’s, said a police officer.

On Thursday, police again started digging up her house after getting a tip-off that two more bodies might be buried there. But they found nothing. Police said Sarita has not confessed to having killed any other person.

Sources claimed Sarita, who has been booked for murder under IPC section 302, would perform black magic at home ‘to lure customers’.

BACK FROM THE DEAD: Cops with the recovered skeleton

Cops uncover the skeleton of kingpin’s husband in the septic tank 13 years after she killed and buried him there
Mumbai | Samiullah Khan, Mid-Day | Updated: December 07, 2017
Mumbai Woman Killed Husband, Kept Body In Septic Tank For 13 Years
Farida Bharti confessed to killing her husband when he was asleep
When Boisar police stormed into Farida Bharti’s house to bust a prostitution ring, they never imagined what kinds of skeletons would come tumbling out of her closet, or rather, her water closet (WC). After rescuing four women from the sex racket, the police conducted a second raid at the house, and were shocked to find the skeleton of Farida’s husband in the septic tank, 13 years after she killed and buried him there.

The cops conducted the first raid on Monday, after receiving information that Farida, 43, was running a brothel at her home in Gandhipada. The police rescued four women and arrested Farida and a customer. “On Tuesday night, we have received information that Farida is not only involved in the sex racket, but she had also killed several people, including her husband,” said Senior Inspector Kiran Kabadi from Boisar police station.

skeletons mid day
The remains of Farida’s husband was retrieved from the septic tank by the police
During the interrogation, she confessed to killing her husband, Sahdev, 30. She told the cops that she had killed him 13 years ago and had buried his body in the septic tank under the bathroom. “After taking permission from seniors, we dug out the body on Wednesday. Farida further revealed that she killed Sahdev by hitting him on the head while he was asleep. The reason behind the murder is not clear yet. Our investigations are on,” Kabadi added.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

At The House Of An Arrested Sex Racketeer, Police Digs Up A Skeleton

Sarita Bharti, 37, was arrested for running a prostitution racket. She allegedly told the police that she had killed her husband 13 years ago.
Cities | Press Trust of India | Updated: December 07, 2017

Police think the skeleton belongs to Sarita Bharti’s husband, who she claims to have killed 13 years ago
THANE: Police found a skeleton in the house of a woman arrested in a sex racket case on Wednesday. The skeleton is suspected to be that of her husband, the police said.

Sarita Bharti, 37, was arrested for running a prostitution racket. She allegedly told the police that she had killed her husband 13 years ago.

Upon arrest, Sarita Bharti was interrogated and she allegedly confessed to having killed her husband and buried his body in their house in Dandipada in Boisar. Acting on the information, the police dug up the floor of the house and discovered the skeleton inside a pit.

The skeleton has been sent to a forensic laboratory for examination. The matter is being probed further.

Police also said that they rescued four women from Sarita Bharti’s house.


Mumbai Crime: Angry Woman From Kalwa Strangles Drunk Husband To Death

Dec 06, 2017, 12:25 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The Accused Was On Monday Produced Before The Court And Sent To Police Custody

A 28-year-old woman from Kalwa allegedly strangled her husband to death inside an empty house, she was later arrested by the Rabale MIDC police. The woman, Asha Kale, resorted to the drastic measure in response to certain familial issues that the couple were facing over the past month.

Asha and Sanjay Kale lived in Thane’s Kalwa region along with their two children. Asha, took advantage of her husband’s inebriated state on Friday night to commit the murder. She took him to his brother’s house when no one was there, and strangled him to death.

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According to a report in the Hindustan Times, senior police inspector of Rabale MIDC police station, Chandrakant Katkar was quoted as having said, “Sanjay’s siblings live at Kalwa and Mahape in Navi Mumbai. Around a month ago, he had given Rs1 lakh to one of his sisters without asking his wife, Asha. When Asha learnt about it after a few days, she started fighting with Sanjay.”

Katkar added, “There was no injury marks on his body when we found it next morning. We had presumed that he died of a disease and registered an accidental death case. However, the post-mortem report said that he was strangulated to death. We started taking statements of the family and after finding concrete evidence, we arrested Asha on Sunday.”

The accused was on Monday produced before the court and sent to police custody. She has been booked for murder under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and will be liable for a possible maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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