157) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Friends kidnap a friend for ransom & kill him out of fear

Mumbai Man Drugged, Killed By Friends, Body Carried On Bike For 6kms

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The case came to light on November 11, when Kolsewadi police registered a missing person’s complaint from the family of one Mayur Dolase, 21 who had gone missing since November 8.

Mumbai | Santosh Wagh, Mid-Day | Updated: November 21, 2017

Mumbai Man Drugged, Killed By Friends, Body Carried On Bike For 6kms
Gokul Pardeshi and Pramod Rajput invited Mayur Dolase for dinner and insisted Mayur to come alone
If you have friends like these, you truly don’t need enemies. Two youths from Wadavali invited a friend for dinner, strangled him to death after feeding him sleeping pills, carried his dead body on a bike for six kms and dumped it in the bushes. Why? Because they wanted Rs. 25 lakh ransom from his family. The duo was arrested for the murder on Sunday.

The case came to light on November 11, when Kolsewadi police registered a missing person’s complaint from the family of one Mayur Dolase, 21 who had gone missing since November 8. Meanwhile, a day ago on November 10, constable VN Walvi of the Khadakpada police station reported an unidentified body found in the bushes by residents of Wadavali Gaon in the bushes. When the message was forwarded to other police station, the Kolsewadi police confirmed the next day that it was Mayur’s body.

mumbai man murdered mid day
At dinner, Gokul and Pramod mix grounded sleeping pills into Mayur’s food
Going for dinner

Cops then began digging out his call details, and found that the last person he’d spoken to was a girl. When cops contacted her, she told them Mayur had called to tell her that he was going to meet his friends Gokul Pardeshi and Pramod Rajput, his hometown friends.

mumbai man murdered mid day
The duo caried Mayur Dolase on a bike between them to dispose his body
Cops traced both of them and found Gokul at Beturkar Pada, Kalyan. When he was interrogated, he claimed he knew nothing about and had no role in Mayur’s murder. In the meantime, Pramod was traced to Aurangabad. “When we nabbed Pramod and interrogated him, he confessed to killing Mayur. He said he and Gokul did this to get easy money. After calling Mayur home, they instantly killed him,” said an officer from Kolsewadi Police Station.

mumbai man murdered mid day
The duo threw Mayur’s body in a bush near Wadavali Gaon
How did they go about it? They started with dinner, of course. “On November 8, Mayur was called home by the duo for dinner. Mayur asked them if he bring a friend along, but Pramod and Gokul refused and asked him to come alone,” said an officer. At dinner, they fed him food laced with powdered sleeping pills and later, Gokul strangulated him when he slept.

Dispose body

“After killing him, both decided to dispose his body and then call his family for a Rs. 25 lakh ransom. Gokul took a bike, they put Mayur’s dead body between them and rode for five to six kilometres to dispose it,” said an officer. “They threw the body in the bushes at Wadavali Gaon, but later got so scared that they dropped plan to seek ransom,” said assistant inspector Ajit Gavit, adding, “We have registered a case against Pramod and Gokul under sections 302, 201 and 34 of the IPC.”

Mayur’s uncle Shivaji Dolas said, “Both the accused boys belong to our hometown. They live just 10-15 houses away. But it is still unclear why they did it. We learnt that Pramod, a daily wage worker, was in need of money and hatched this plan to get easy money.” The duo were produced in court on Monday and remanded in police custody for three days.

Rs. 25 lakh

The ransom the two friends were planning to seek

Two hacked, burnt and buried by four friends

Gayas Eapen| TNN | Dec 24, 2017, 

GURUGRAM: Two youths were hacked to death, and their bodies were burnt and buried by four friends on the outskirts of Gadoli village, around 15km from the city, late on Thursday night. Police dug out the partially burnt bodies and arrested two of the four accused on Saturday, after kin of one of the two deceased lodged a complaint.

Preliminary probe suggested Rahul (18) and Ramesh (20) were hit by spades by the four over a quarrel in a field, which is part of an SEZ at Garhi Harusuru. Later, the four apparently used petrol of their bikes to set the bodies on fire before burying them in the open, deserted field.

Police said prima facie it seemed that the double murder was the fallout of a bitter argument over a petty issue. The six youths, all residents of the same area, had gone out on Thursday evening. While drinking on the field, Rahul and Ramesh got into an argument with the other four. The verbal fight soon took an ugly turn and the four, who were on the same side during the argument, took out spades from a nearby shed in the field and attacked the duo, killing them on the spot.

When Rahul did not return home, his mother lodged a complaint at Sector 10 police station on Friday, accusing the four of abducting her son.

Acting on the complaint, the police picked up two of the four accused — Vinay (18) and Rohit (19) — from the village. During interrogation, the two confessed to their crime and led the police to the murder spot on Saturday afternoon. The police dug out Rahul and Ramesh’s bodies and sent them for post-mortem examinations.

“The bodies were found on Saturday following an investigation into the complaint filed by the mother of one of the two deceased,” said ACP (city) Rajiv Kumar.

The FIR, which was filed under Section 364 (kidnapping) of the IPC on Friday, was later converted into a murder case and Section (302) was added to it after the recovery of the bodies.

Inspector Sandeep, SHO of Sector 10 police station, said the area, where the murder took place, was a vast empty land, and thus no one witnessed the murder, fire or the burial.

 According to police, Rahul, Ramesh and Vinay had criminal antecedents. While Rahul and Vinay were arrested in connection with the theft of a car in Sector 10 around 2-3 months ago and were out on bail, Ramesh was accused of molesting a minor in 2015. Police are trying to find out the background of Rohit.
 The SHO said a manhunt was on to nab the other two accused, but he refused to disclose their identity at this moment.

5 auto drivers held for murder

Bengaluru, DH News Service Nov 21 2017

The police have arrested five autorickshaw drivers, who reportedly ganged up to brutally murder a 26-year-old colleague in northern Bengaluru last week.

Rakesh (22), Mani (25), Vinay (20), Rajashekhar (26) and Chandan (25) had quarrelled with Androse over parking at an autorickshaw stand. Androse is said to have assaulted two of them. The suspects vowed revenge.

In the early hours of November 14, they called him on the pretext of offering a truce and attacked him with lethal weapons. They smashed his head with a cement block.

The police found Androse’s body near the metro station in Mahalakshmi Layout.

They rounded up some of the auto drivers for interrogation. The police corroborated the suspects’ statements by reviewing the footage of the CCTV cameras installed in and around the crime spot.

All the five have been remanded in judicial custody.



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