279 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Part 11, Love, Sex & Dhoka – Paramour killings, gruesome murders by live in partners of their lovers

Ujjain: Woman murdered by paramour

Ujjain: A woman and her 6-year-old daughter were murdered by her paramour after she insisted that he marry her. The murder accused, who is already married, worked with the deceased at a construction site.

Shantabai, a resident of village Ralaayta, and her daughter were allegedly murdered by Mehboob, a resident of KD Palace, on Tuesday. Her half naked body was found at Sahebkhedi lake on Maksi road.

Police had arrested Mehboob and after interrogation he confessed to his crime. According to Mehboob, he was having an affair with Shantabai. On Tuesday, they had a major fight following which he strangled her. Her daughter saw him murdering her mother so he murdered her too. He took all the money from them and ran away. After the incident he took his wife and reached his in laws house but during post mortem of the woman he was present in the hospital where he was arrested.

Murder case cracked, woman killed by live-in partner & kin

TNN | Nov 21, 2017

RAIPUR: In a major breakthrough, police on Monday cracked murder case of a woman who went missing eight days ago in Ambikapur region. The woman was killed by her live-in partner and his family members.
Her body stuffed in a plastic bag was recovered from a forest by police.The woman also gave birth to two children and had lodged a case against her livein partner after he walked out of the relationship. According to the information, 25-year-old Patiyaro went missing on November 11 from village Dhamdhamiyapara in Rajpur area.A missing case was lodged by her parents on November 15. On suspicion, police rounded up Ramnarayan after enquiring the villagers about his relationship with the woman. During interrogation, Ramnarayan told police that he was in a live-in relationship with the woman for the last eight years and two children were born out of the prolonged relationship.

He confessed before police that he along with his four family members eliminated Patiyaro. He tried to mislead the police and lied to the cops that he had buried her body On not finding the body there, police further interrogated the accused. Ramnarayan then revealed that the woman’s body was buried in forests of Jhingo.

Police recovered the body on Sunday and sent it for autopsy. According to the information, the couple parted their ways and started living separately as Ramnarayan got married to another woman. Irked over the dejection, Patiyaro lodged a complaint with police. This didn’t go down well with Ramnarayan and he called the woman for a meeting. Coaxing her with sweet talks and reminding her of the old days, he pushed her for physical relationship at a place close to his house and later asked her to withdraw the case. Patiyaro lost her cool and had into an argument with him. The accused in a fit of rage strangulated her with a towel, police said.

His mother, father, sister and a cousin reached the spot and helped him to stuff the body in a plastic bag. Thereafter, two of them carried the body to the forest and buried it. Ramnarayan told police that though he lived with Patiyaro but couldn’t marry her. He didn’t want to pay the amount for her maintenance and decided to kill her. Police have arrested five of them under Section 302, 201, 120 B and 34 of IPC.

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Woman kills husband for opposing her illicit relationship

January 3, 2018

Mathura, Dec 2 (PTI) A woman in Mathura district allegedly killed her husband after he opposed her extra- marital relationship with one of their relatives, a police official said today.

Meena Devi, 45 and a mother of six, killed her husband, Pappu, after he raised objection to the illicit relationship. The incident happened in the districts Daharua village.

During interrogation, the woman confessed that she killed her husband when he was sleeping in their home yesterday, SP City Shravan Kumar Singh said.

A post-mortem examination of the body revealed the cause of death as strangulation.

Singh said she was helped in the crime by her paramour, who is a relative of the woman.

He said a hunt is on to arrest her paramour.

Paramour killed woman after fight over returning Rs 11L loan

By Express News Service  |   Published: 03rd January 2018

BENGALURU: Commercial Street police have arrested a 35-year-old businessman in connection with the murder of Tara Prabhu Kumar, (41), who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her mother’s house. The incident came to light on Monday evening but she was killed three days earlier.
The arrested has been identified as Gopinath, a resident of Horamavu and a family friend.

Tara Prabhu Kumar

Tara, a resident of Marappa Garden in JC Nagar, had come to her mother’s house on Sangam Road on Commercial Street. Her husband Prabhu Kumar was at his farmhouse in Nagamangala in Mandya while her two children were at her house.Tara’s mother Sarala had gone on a trip on Friday, and returned home on Monday. She found Tara’s decomposed body and informed the police.Tara regularly visited and stayed at her mother Sarala’s house, so neither her husband nor her children contacted her this time.

A senior police officer said, “Preliminary investigation revealed that Gopinath had befriended Tara’s family seven years ago, and both had an illicit relationship. He had borrowed a loan from Tara, and Prabhu Kumar was not aware of this. Tara had taken money from her friends to give it to Gopinath, and she was being forced to return it. Hence Tara demanded Gopinath to return the money. Both had a quarrel over the issue. In a fit of rage, he took out a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the throat before smothering her. He left the scene after locking the door from outside.”

He threw house key, knife into drain

Gopinath was a contract employee at HAL and had left the job a six months ago. He is currently into pet breeding and had taken `11 lakh from Tara. Based on information given by her mother, Gopinath was nabbed from his house. He had minor injuries on his fingers caused while stabbing her. He killed her on Friday around 4.30pm and left the house along with the house key and knife. He threw them in an open drain in a nearby locality. The police also verified the phone call records before he was brought to the
police station.

Love, sex, dhoka via Facebook

Woman claims FB ‘friend’ promised marriage, but dumped her and sent her nudes to her friends

Kavitha Gowda (name changed on request) has had her heart broken once already with her divorce. When she accepted a stranger’s friend request on Facebook, she began a year of romance. He introduced himself as Gowri Shankar, said that he is from Chikkamagaluru, and confessed that he was divorced as well.

Their friendship grew and he promised to marry her. The couple spent time together in Bengaluru and in Chikkamagaluru, where he had taken her to a bungalow he claimed as his. When Gowda pressed for marriage, he allegedly refused. The nightmare had just begun for Gowda.

“I was looking to get married a second time, in January 2017. After Shankar became my friend on Facebook, we started meeting in person. He took me to Chikkamagaluru, and we stayed in the bungalow of an estate he claimed was his. We went there many times, besides the time we spent together in Bengaluru. At that time, without my knowing, he had taken contact numbers from my phone. After almost eight to 10 months, I insisted that we get married as he had promised, Shankar started avoiding me. I then learnt that he is in touch with many women like me and video chats with them regularly. I got hold of the phone numbers of a few of these women and spoke to them. I came to know that Shankar had lured them with the promise of marriage. He refused to marry me and when I confronted him, he sent my nude photos and videos to my husband and other friends. I went through the most difficult time in my life for trusting a man’s promise of marriage,” narrated Gowda.

Shankar allegedly threatened Gowda that he would upload the compromising photographs and videos on Facebook and YouTube. Gowda travelled to Chikkamagaluru to resolve the problem, where she got to know that Shankar was just an employee at the estate where they had stayed. “I happened to meet the owner of the estate and learnt that Shankar was just an employee. He had misused the owner’s lenience and taken several women to the estate to get intimate them. The owner fired him. I came back and Shankar had not deleted the photos and videos,” claims Gowda.

She went to file a complaint with deputy commissioner of police (north), Chethan Singh Rathore, on March 14. Rathore directed the woman to file the complaint at the appropriate jurisdiction police station, which is Bagalagunte, and asked them to take necessary action. Shankar managed to avoid appearing before the cops on the pretext of being ill for two weeks. He surfaced last week, only to contact regional television channels to allege that he was a victim of honey-trapping by Gowda. She refutes the allegation claiming that he had taken Rs 2.5 lakh that she had kept for her daughter’s education. “He had returned only a small part of it and now he claims that I blackmailed him,” said Gowda.

“We have filed a case under the Information Technology Act against Shankar, for sending the woman’s photo on WhatsApp, cheating, and sexual harassment. We will arrest him at the earliest,” assured Bagalagunte police.

The accused in the Chikkamagaluru estate where he took the woman several times over the year



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