222) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Kerala Techie Gets Death Sentence for double murder in Love, Sex & Dhoka

Kerala Attingal double murder: Death for Nino Mathew, life for Anushanthi

Daily News & Analysis – ‎1 hour ago‎
The two were accused of killing Anushanthi’s four-year-old daughter and her mother-in-law. The Thiruvananthapuram Sessions Court has sentenced Nino Mathew, the first accused in the Attingal double murder case, to death. Calling it the ‘rarest of the 

Techie gets death for murder of lover’s child, mother-in-law

The Hindu – ‎1 hour ago‎
The Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions Court has awarded capital punishment to Nino Mathew, a techie who was the convicted in the twin murder of his paramour’s mother-in-law and infant child on April 16, 2014. The Principal Sessions Judge V. Shircy …

Attingal twin murder: Death sentence for Mathew, double life term for Anushanthi

India Today – ‎1 hour ago‎
The twin murder happened in April 2014 in Kerala’s Attingal when Anushanthi’s husband Lijeesh objected to her extra marital affair with Nino Mathew. IndiaToday.in | Edited by Arunava Chatterjee. desk-itgd@intoday.com. Thiruvananthapuram/New Delhi …

#Attingal twin murder: death for Nino Mathew, double life term for Anushanthi

onmanorama – ‎1 hour ago‎
Thiruvananthapuram: Terming it as ‘rarest of the rare’ case, the Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions court sentenced Nino Mathew, the first accused in the infamous Attingal double-muder, to death penalty on Monday. His partner-in-crime Anushanthi was …

Attingal double murder case: Nino Mathew sentenced to death, Anu Santhi gets life imprisonment

Zee News – ‎1 hour ago‎
Thiruvananthapuram: A sessions court here on Monday sentenced Nino Mathew to death and his illicit lover Anu Santhi to life imprisonment in the Attingal double murder case. Mathew was given capital punishment for killing Santhi’s daughter and …

Attingal Double Murder Case: Prime Accused Receives Death Sentence

The New Indian Express – ‎59 minutes ago‎
First accused in the Attingal double murder case, Nino Mathew, getting down from a police vehicle to appear before Principal Sessions Court in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday. (Right) Second accused in the case, Anushanti, returning after appearing before …

Attingal Double Murder Case: Death Penalty For Lino Mathew, Life Imprisonment For Anu Shanthi

News World India – ‎1 hour ago‎
Attingal Double Murder Case. In the Attingal murder case, Kerala court on Monday has pronounced death penalty for first accused Lino Mathew and life imprisonment for second accused and his lover Anu Shanthi. In the Attingal murder case, Kerala court on …

Attingal twin murder: Nino Mathew gets death sentence, double life term for Anushanthi

Kaumudi Online – ‎1 hour ago‎
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions Court has awarded death sentence for the first accused Nino Mathew in the Attingal twin murder case. His illicit lover and second accused Anushanthi has been sentenced to double life …

Attingal murder: Death for 1st accused, Anusanthi gets life term

Mathrubhumi English – ‎1 hour ago‎
The court observed that it was a cold blooded and heinous murder committed by both the accused. April 18, 2016, 11:21 AM IST. T- T T+. attingal. Thiruvananthapuram: The Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions Court on Monday announced the sentencing …

Attingal Twin Murder Case: Man awarded death sentence, woman gets life imprisonment

The News Minute – ‎1 hour ago‎
The Thriruvananthapuram Principal sessions judge on Monday awarded death sentence to the prime accused Nino Mathew in the Attingal twin murder case. Calling it a rarest of rare crime Judge V Shircyalso awarded co-convict Anu Shanthi to life saying she …

Rape-murder convict gets death sentence

Mandya/Bengaluru: The third additional sessions court in Ramanagara, about 50km from Bengaluru, on Wednesday sentenced a Bengalurean to death for raping and murdering a five-year-old girl in 2012.

Salim, a 35-year-old tailor and son of Abdul Khayam, from Goripalya, is married and has two children. Justice Gopalakrishna Rai sentenced Salim to 10 years’ imprisonment with a fine of Rs 50,000 for raping the girl and declared he should be hanged till death for murdering her.

On the evening of August 15, 2012, Salim, who was visiting his sister in Tavarakere, Ramanagara district, raped and killed the girl at his sister’s residence.

The girl was alone at home when Salim saw her, police said, adding: “Salim gave her Rs 5 to buy beedis and lured her inside when she returned. Then, he locked her in a room where he raped her and then smothered her to death.”

Convict throws a brick at prosecutor

After the verdict was announced, Salim created a ruckus, hurling abuses at cops and the prosecutor. He snatched a constable’s mobile for trying to take his picture and destroyed it. Outside the court hall, Salim threw a brick at public prosecutor Raghu, who was talking to the media, and tried snatching a rifle from a constable.



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