296 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Man gets sucked into MRI machine at hospital & is instantly killed, mad lovers kill their lovers

Kasganj: Man held for killing college student

Some reports say Saleem fired at Chandan Gupta from the balcony of his house; admits to his crime


The prime accused in the murder of a 22-year-old man in Kasganj was arrested on Wednesday as the strife-torn western Uttar Pradesh town, which saw communal clashes last week, moved towards normalcy despite tension in some pockets, officials said.

The development came on a day the UP government submitted a report on the incidents in Kasganj to the Union home ministry, conveying that the police were probing the violence and also whether it was preplanned. “Saleem, the main accused, has been nabbed,” IG, Aligarh range, Sanjeev Gupta said.

Aged below 30, Saleem, and his two brothers, Naseem and Waseem, were accused of killing college student Chandan Gupta, police officials said.

Some reports cited eyewitnesses saying that Saleem fired from either the roof or the balcony of his house.

The killing had led to further violence last week. At least three shops, two buses and a car were torched after Gupta died of gunshot wounds. Communal clashes occurred in the town last week following stone-pelting by a mob on a motorcycle rally taken out to celebrate Republic Day.

Over 150 arrests have been made in connection with the Kasganj violence, the officials said.

“Saleem has admitted that he had opened fire at Chandan,” IG Gupta claimed.

While Saleem was hiding in Kasganj, his two accused brothers were yet to be traced, police officials said.

Kasganj SP Piyush Srivastava said notices pertaining to attachment of properties of the accused were pasted outside their houses.

District authorities, meanwhile, stopped a Congress delegation in Mirhachi area of Etah, close to Kasganj border. District Magistrate, Kasganj, RP Singh refused permission to the Congress delegation apprehending that their visit to the troubled areas might create more problems. Tension still prevailed in a few pockets of the town. Police said normalcy was slowly returning while the security personnel had intensified patrolling in sensitive areas.

Stray incidents of violence were reported from Kasganj on Tuesday but the situation was by and large peaceful on Wednesday, they said.

The UP government, meanwhile, sent a report to the Union Home ministry on the violence and steps taken to control it.

The report contains details about the arrests made by the UP Police and circumstances leading to the death of Chandan, an official said in New Delhi. The state government has conveyed that the police were investigating the case and all facts were being ascertained to know if the violence was pre-planned, he added.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Wednesday that his government was committed to providing security to each and every citizen. “Anarchy has no place in the state,” he said promising strict action against the perpetrators of violences . AGENCIES

Saleem and his brothers, Naseem and Waseem, are accused of killing Chandan Gupta

Main accused in Kasganj murder held, guns seized

Kasganj: Police on Wednesday arrested Saleem Javed, 45, the main accused in the murder of Chandan Gupta, 19, who died in clashes following the violence in Kasganj on January 26. Saleem, a businessman, and his family have been running a garment store right in front of the Kotwali police station for the last 40 years.

Police also claimed to have recovered a 12-bore double barrel licenced shotgun and a .315 calibre countrymade pistol from Saleem’s house. Local traders and businessmen, however, expressed “surprise” at the developments. President of Vyapar Mandal Sangh of Kasganj, Suresh Chandar Varshney, said, “Saleem is a respectable businessman. He could often be seen sitting and chatting with local residents outside his shop. I do not know if he fired the shot in self-defence, or whether he fired a shot at all.”

Maintaining that Saleem does not have a criminal record, additional directorgeneral of police, Agra zone, Ajay Anand, said, “Based on the FIR filed by Chandan Gupta’s father Sushil, we have arrested Saleem. In the FIR, Gupta also named Saleem’s two younger brothers, Waseem and Naseem. Several other men have also been named in the FIR. None of the three brothers has a criminal record.”

Neighbours of Saleem said that during the clashes his younger brother Waseem, the district executive secretary of UP Industrial Representative Committee and fellow accused in the FIR, was out on a religious tour for over 40 days.

Sultan Hassan, a friend of the family, said, “Waseem was not even in the district at the time of the incident. The entire family is now hiding because of police action.”

Local traders said the murder accused Saleem Javed is a respectable businessman

Mumbai man sucked into MRI unit, dies

Mumbai: A Lalbaug resident, Rajesh Maru, died on Saturday evening after getting pulled into an MRI machine along with an oxygen cylinder he allegedly carried into the room for his ailing relative. The incident occurred at Nair Hospital. A probe was ordered to find out how the cylinder made it to the MRI room where metal objects are not allowed.

For Maru’s death, caused by excessive inhalation of oxygen, the Agripada police on Sunday arrested Dr Saurabh Lanjrekar, ward boy Vithal Chavan and attendant Sunita Surve.

The deceased, Maru (32), had recently taken up a job at aclothes shop. He was at Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central, to help his brother-in-law Harish Solanki’s mother Laxmi. Doctors ordered an MRI scan for Laxmi as they suspected she had meningitis and pneumonia.

Maru inhaled excessive amount of oxygen that led to death: Cops

Harish, who was with Maru when the accident occurred, blamed ward boy Chavan for asking the family to take the oxygen cylinder into the MRI room.

“Upon reaching the MRI section, we were asked by an attendant to remove all metallic objects such as belts, wallets and pins,” he said. But the ward boy, who had wheeled Laxmi from the sixth floor MICU in the hospital’s old building to the MRI room in the new building, told the family they should take the cylinder inside as the patient would need oxygen, Harish said. The police offered a different sequence of events. A senior police officer told TOI the family took Laxmi into the MRI room with the oxygen cylinder within the trolley. “Maru was standing between the trolley and the MRI machine. When the cylinder was brought closer to the MRI machine, it was sucked out of the trolley by the machine’s magnetic force,” said the officer. “What is not clear from the police version is how the trolley, if metallic, could have escaped the machine’s magnetic field. Police said Maru inhaled an excessive amount of oxygen that led to his death.

(Inputs by Richa Pinto and Sujit Mahamulkar)

Death by MRI: staff, hospital negligence

Human and institutional negligence caused the recent death of 32-year-old Rajesh Maru, who died after getting sucked into a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine at a hospital in Mumbai. Maru, who was accompanying a relative into the MRI room, carried an oxygen cylinder inside. An MRI machine has powerful magnets and pulls in objects containing iron into it. When Maru walked into the room, the strong magnetic force dragged him, along with the cylinder,
into the machine. Apparently, the ward boy there had assured Maru that he could safely carry the oxygen cylinder in and the MRI machine was switched off. That was not the case as the ghastly events that followed reveal.
A probe into the incident is necessary. Hospital staff have no business asking patients and attendants to carry hospital equipment around. But it is not enough to investigate the role of the ward boy alone. It is necessary that the probe establishes whether hospital authorities had put in place procedures to ensure that ward boys, nurses and technicians properly briefed patients and their attendants about the equipment to be used and the precautions necessary around them. Importantly, were the hospital staff themselves aware of the precautions to be taken around equipment like MRI and X-ray machines?

The health ministry must make it mandatory for
private and public clinics and hospitals to display the dangers and the precautions that patients, attendants and technicians must take. Posters listing these precautions should be put up near MRI and other diagnostic machines and equipment. This isn’t the first time that a tragedy involving an MRI machine has occurred. In 2014, two hospital workers were injured when they were trapped between an MRI machine and a metal oxygen tank for four hours at a hospital in New Delhi. Had authorities become more
vigilant about the safe handling of MRI machines after that event and put in place strong rules in hospitals across the country, perhaps Maru would be alive today.

It isn’t just hospitals and diagnostic centres that need to be more vigilant. Similar tragedies involving escalators have happened in the past. Years ago, a child
was sucked into an escalator in Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport. Her mother could only look on helplessly as no one in the vicinity of the escalator knew how to stop it. It is almost 20 years since that ghastly tragedy, and yet, no escalator across India, including
that at the IGI airport, displays information on precautions to be taken to avoid an accident. How many more people need to die before authorities in public places, including hospitals, take steps to keep us safe?

Spurned man rapes, kills girl in Bidar

Kalaburagi: A 22-year-old man allegedly raped and murdered a 19-year-old girl after she repeatedly spurned his overtures in Bidar district on Sunday.

Police sources said Shamsuddin allegedly lured Puja, a second-year BA student, to a forest near Khanapur in Kosam village of Bhalk taluk, sexually assaulted and murdered her by slitting the throat. He allegedly threw her body in the forest.

They were neighbours in Kosam, and Shamsuddin was allegedly wooing her for two years, according to a policeofficer investigating the case.

After committing the murder, the man informed Puja’s family about the ghastly twin crimes, and walked into Dhannura police station with a confession. Later, he led a police team to the spot where he had disposed of the body.

Police have arrested Shamsuddin and recovered the body. After postmortem, the body was handed over to the family members.


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