301 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Obsessed with NRI husband for your daughter??? Think again; After hitting man, bus driver drags dead body for 70 kms & abandons it in bus garage

One NRI wife calls home for help every 8 hours

Bengaluru: Many Indian parents look for a foreign match for their daughters but here’s a reason to be wary. On average, at least one woman married to an NRI calls home every eight hours seeking help to return after being deserted by her husband or because of reasons like ill-treatment and physical torture.

Complaints received by the ministry of external affairs (MEA) show that in the 1,064 days between January 1, 2015 and November 30, 2017, the MEA received 3,328 such complaints — an average of more than three calls a day or one every eight hours.

Most of the women are originally from Punjab and Andhra-Telangana followed by Gujarat, say lawyers, activists and people working in Indian missions abroad. The National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, in its study on deserted women some years ago, also confirms this fact.

‘Most NRI women seeking help are from Andhra -Telangana’

Aarthi Rao worked with the Indian embassy in Washington DC for 16 years, six of which were as a community development officer dealing with such cases. “Most women,” she said “were from Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana), where the dowry system is still strong. The boys went toIndia to please their parents and married someone, but had no intentions of living with them once they returned.”

Aarthi, who later served as adviser to the MEA, said she received a lot of complaints from West Asian countries during her Delhi stint. In one complaint that the MEA received, Shazia (name changed) said she was stuck in Bahrain as her husband had destroyed her visa document and was preventing her from making calls.

The erstwhile Overseas Indian Affairs Ministry, now merged with MEA, had introduced a scheme for such women in 2007. The MEA now addresses the issue through its grievance redressal portal, MADAD. Besides, all missions also receive complaints from women and help them both financially and legally.

Not all complaints go to the ministry. Chennai-based lawyer Sudha Ramalingam, who has dealt with more than 80 such cases over the years, says the majority are from West Asian countries, the US and Canada. “Just six weeks ago, there was a welleducated man working with Qatar Airlines harassing his wife. She reached out to me after great difficulty and we’ve just managed to get her separated from her husband,” she said.

While Ramalingam said there was “no one solution” to the problem, sociologist Samata Deshmane attributed it to Indian parents’ “obsession” with a certain status associated with NRI grooms.

‘I saw the body lying in the middle of the road. I tried to avoid hitting it; didn’t hear anything’

KSRTC driver who found body in undercarriage speaks out

The KSRTC bus driver who was arrested on Friday for trying to hide a body at the Shanthinagar depot told Bangalore Mirror on Wednesday that he was dead sure that he did not hear any sound as reported in several newspapers; nor did he hit anybody.

“I was near Anjaneya Devasthana (possibly, the Kengal Anjaneya Swamy temple) around 3 km from Channapatna when I saw a body lying on the road. I swerved right as I noticed it at the last minute and tried to ensure that it doesn’t come under the wheels of the bus,” Moinuddin said.

“There was no sound. Otherwise I would have stopped,” he said, referring to reports that there was a loud thud.

Moinuddin says he drove on towards Bengaluru (he was returning from Coonoor in Tamil Nadu) without realizing that the body that he tried to avoid hitting had stuck to the undercarriage of the bus (it was found in the front axle). After driving for more than an hour, he reached Shanthinagar bus depot sometime around 2.30 am. There were 14 passengers in the bus, and a conductor.

Moinuddin claims he got off the vehicle as usual and while checking the tyres, found the body.

“I was scared and couldn’t think. The only thing that I could think of was removing the body and hiding it. The upper and lower parts of the body were stuck in the axle and the abdomen part was hanging. I hugged the abdomen and pulled the body out. It took a couple of minutes and I was very, very afraid,” he added.

A post-mortem will tell whether there were any injuries to the body to ascertain Moinuddin’s claim. “Prima facie, it doesn’t look like that the body came under the wheels of the bus as there are only a few abrasions and the body is intact,” said BT Prabhakar Reddy, divisional controller (Bengaluru Central), KSRTC.

The 42-year-old driver was released on bail on Tuesday and is not allowed to drive till the department takes action against him for the lapse. As per KSRTC’s instructions to drivers, in case of an accident, the local police and the nearest KSRTC depot have to be informed (in case and alternative mode of transport has to be arranged). The trip can be terminated if the accident is serious and the bus becomes case property.

But Moinuddin did none of that. Instead, he kept the conductor in the dark and drove on towards Bengaluru. Once in Shanthinagar, he tried to hide the body behind two condemned buses in the depot.

However, around 10 am, the body was found and the police were summoned.

“Around 5 pm, when the police came I told them everything,” Moinuddin said.

Wilson Garden police probing the case said that the condition of the body found half nude in a three fourth trouser was pretty much intact and not with much external injuries. They however claimed that the post mortem report would be integral in confirming all these aspects.

“The torso part and almost the entire body is not much damaged considering the distance the bus covered,” police said.

Moinuddin stays in a room at the Shanthinagar depot. Back home in Raichur, his three daughters — with the youngest one in first grade – stay with their mother, Mallika. He’s been with KSRTC for 11 years now.

“I have never been involved in a major accident in my entire career. I have always driven buses — and that too interstate ones – during the night. This is the first time I made a mistake. And I think I panicked,” Moinuddin said.

Wilson Garden police are investigating and have not yet identified the victim. Nor has anybody in Channapatna or nearby areas filed a missing person complaint.

So if Moinuddin is telling the truth, then why was a body kept in the middle of the road in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere?

CCTV footage of Moinuddin checking the undercarriage of his bus was what gave his game away; (Left) Bangalore Mirror’s report on Feb 3

Bus driver knew he hit man, tried to conceal body, drags dead body for 70 kms: Cops

Corpse Dumped Between Two Scrapped Buses

Bengaluru : The driver of a KSRTC bus, who was arrested for hitting a man and then driving the bus for over 70km with the body stuck in the undercarriage, attempted to conceal the corpse in the bus depot, police said citing CCTV evidence.

Mohinuddin, 45, currently in the custody of Wilson Garden police, reportedly confessed that he was aware that he had hit the man, who had suddenly come in front of his bus, between Ramanagara and Channapatna late on Thursday night. However, he did not stop his vehicle. Police are yet to identify the deceased.

“On entering the Shantinagar bus depot in the wee hours of Friday, I got down from the bus and found that the man’s body was stuck in the undercarriage,” police quoted the driver as saying. “I was scared and did not know what to do. At a turning inside the depot, the body fell off. I dragged it for a few feet and dumped it between two old scrapped buses,” he told police.

Mohinuddin was arrested late on Friday and produced before a court on Saturday. He was remanded to three days in police custody. Police said Mohinuddin could have been released on station bail if he had stopped the bus and alerted jurisdictional police about the accident.

“But he tried to hide the entire incident and was responsible for the bus dragging the body,” a police officer said. “He dumped it in the depot and fled without informing anyone. We have registered a case under the provision of IPC section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) along with bailable offence of section 304A (causing death due to negligence).

An officer investigating the case said, “We will take him to the accident spot on Monday for a spot mahazar and to collect more evidence about the incident. We can then launch a drive to identify the victim.”

Surveillance camera helped police crack case in 8 hours

It took a mere eight hours for police to crack the case, thanks to newly installed CCTV cameras at the depot. The cameras had been installed on February 1, but only one of them was connected to the DVR.

Wilson Garden police said Nagaraja G, manager of KSRTC’s depot in Shantinagar, had informed them around 9.15am on Friday about the body of a man — aged 35-40 years — found in the depot between two scrapped buses.

Police rushed to the depot and found half of the rear portion of the body and even the brain missing due to abrasion. Sniffer dogs and forensic experts were pressed into service and they scoured the depot to find more evidence.

The entire depot was searched for two hours before police decided that the man had died in a road accident and that a bus might have dragged it for a long distance. Police then turned to the CCTV cameras for a clue. They went through footage of the only DVR-linked camera that was installed at the entrance of the depot.

Police say footage showed Mohinuddin peering under his bus for a few seconds on entering the depot around 2.45am. Police zeroed in on the bus in the parking bay and found blood stains and hair stuck to the undercarriage. These were sent for forensic analysis. Meanwhile, police picked up Mohinuddin for questioning the same night.

Police said they have sent lookout notices to their counterparts in Ramanagara district to trace the identity of the dead man. “We have kept the body in Victoria Hospital. We will keep it for a few more days and conduct an autopsy once we trace his relatives. We suspect that he might be a rag picker,” a police officer said.

Man bobbitised in MP, fiancée calls off marriage

Bhopal: Bobbitised by unidentified assailants in Morena last week, the 25-year-old man who is trying to recover from his wounds and mental trauma received a shock on Sunday when his fiancée refused to marry him. The wedding ceremony was scheduled for Tuesday.

The man was bobbitised as he stepped out of his home in Kailaras area to relieve himself on Thursday morning. After the act the accused had also taken away with them the severed genitals, dashing hopes of a reconstructive surgery.

Meanwhile, cops have registered an FIR against two unidentified people under Section 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means) of the Indian Penal code on the basis of victim’s statements. “We are not bothering him as of now. An FIR has been registered on the basis of his statements. He is not able to identify the assailants,” said Amit Sharma, incharge of Kailaras police station. The crime scene was thoroughly searched to trace the organ for a reconstructive surgery, but to no avail.

Villagers told police that the victim had gone to relieve himself near the river when he was overpowered by two people and bobbitised. “After the incident, the girl has now refused to marry him, we were prepared for that. No one in our family is able to figure out the reason behind this gory incident. Cops are trying to track the assailants,” the victim’s uncle told TOI.

Man pulls gun on girl as debate on politics heats up at his party

23-yr-old BTech-dropout got his illegal firearm from Bihar

A late-night birthday bash ended on a violent note when the birthday boy whipped out a country-made pistol and threatened his female friend and four others at his apartment in Marathahalli.

Nitin Singh, a 23-year-old BTech-dropout and son of a Bihar-based railway contractor, had thrown a party for his friends on Wednesday when a discussion on national politics took an ugly turn and Nitin slipped into a fit of rage. He stormed into his bedroom and returned with the gun and threatened the girl, a college student. Alarmed by the sequence of events, the party crowd scrambled out of the apartment but Nitin decided to call up the girl and threaten her again of dire consequences if she revealed to anyone that he had a pistol in his apartment.

The terrified girl rang up the police control room and within a matter of a few minutes, a police team landed up at Nitin’s doorstep. He was arrested and his pistol and five live bullets were seized.

Nitin bumped into his schoolmates Pratyush and Abhijit and decided to celebrate his birthday at his apartment on January 31 evening. Pratyush invited his three friends and also his college mate Garima. Initially, the group went to party at a bar and restaurant and after midnight decided to shift the party to Nitin’s apartment in Kundalahalli.

All was well at the apartment until the group started discussing current affairs and politics. This is when Nitin suddenly blew his lid. He started shouting that he had a gun and threatened to open fire at Garima and others. According to the police, Nitin went inside his room and returned with the country-made gun which he later told the cops he had bought in Bihar for Rs 10,000.

The petrified group had fled his apartment when Nitin flashed his gun. But around 4.45 am, he rang up both Pratyush and Garima and threatened them with dire consequences if they disclosed to anyone that he owned a gun. Garima immediately called the police control room from where the call was patched to Marathahalli station. Eventually, a team from the Varthur police station went to Nitin’s apartment and took him into custody.

Nitin was pursuing BTech at MVJ College here but discontinued his education after a year. His father, according to the cops, is a railway contractor and had also dabbled in local politics. Nitin did some of his schooling in Kerala too and that’s where he met Pratyush and Abhijith. It was only a week ago that he came to know through Facebook that Pratyush and Abhijit were in the city.

The police have taken up the case under Arms Act, and for threatening. Nitin’s father has been alerted about the incident and cops are waiting for him to get more clarity on how Nitin managed to procure illegal arms from Bihar.

The group was celebrating Nitin’s birthday at his apartment in Marathahalli

Dhaula Kuan gangrape: HC upholds life term to five


The Delhi High Court has upheld the life imprisonment awarded to five convicts in the 2010 Dhaula Kuan gangrape case of a 30-year-old BPO woman executive from northeast.

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and PS Teji dismissed the appeals of five convicts and said that not only was the victim’s testimony sufficient, but her deposition was also corroborated by her friend, who was with her at the time of abduction, and her employer. The bench handed down the jail term to Usman alias Kale, Shamshad alias Khutkan, Shahid alias Chhota Billi, Iqbal alias Bada Billi and Kamruddin alias Mobile, all from Mewat in Haryana.

The bench said that from the woman’s testimony, the prosecution has established that on the night of November 23-24, 2010, the five men had kidnapped the victim near Sharma Automobiles in south Delhi’s Moti Bagh, took her in a pick-up van and raped her in the moving vehicle. The incident took place when she along with a friend was returning home from their office in Gurgaon.

The five men were convicted and sentenced by a trial court here in October 2014, with the judge observing that the offence demonstrated that the five married men “were on the prowl, looking for a prey to satiate their sexual lust”.

Four arrested for murder of BJP worker in JC Nagar

Santosh was stabbed after an argument broke out between him and an old rival

JC Nagar police investigating the murder of a BJP party worker who died on Wednesday night have arrested four persons including the son of Congress block leader. Despite BJP party leaders claiming that the murder was over political rivalry, preliminary investigations carried out by the police have revealed that personal enmity was the main reason behind the murder.

Santosh (inset), 28, a resident of Chinnappa Garden, was stabbed near a bakery in Chinnappa Garden at around 7.45 pm and died undergoing treatment at around 9 pm. The arrested have been identified as Wasim, Philip, Umar and Irfan, all residents of Chinnappa Garden. The main accused, Wasim, is the son of the block leader of Congress party, Khader, and runs a bakery near his house. Umar works for a finance firm. Philip is a gym instructor and Irfan is a tailor by profession.

Tense atmosphere prevailed in Chinnappa Garden on Wednesday night as hundreds of people gathered to protest the killing. Protests continued on Thursday in front of Santosh’s house but the crowd dispersed after police promised to take necessary action and requested the crowd to make room to allow the final rites to be carried out.

BJP party leaders, including former home minister R Ashok, visited Santosh’s house to pay their respects. The party leaders demanded that the government pay compensation to Santosh’s family and take strict action against the murderers.

Fatal encounter

Santosh, a goods auto rickshaw driver, along with his friends Ashok, Rajesh, Ravi, Vijay and Vicky was roaming around the Chinnappa Garden area when the group ran into Wasim, Philp, Umar and Irfan near Tirumala bakery.

The two groups are said to have got into an argument over some issue and Wasim then stabbed Santosh on his right thigh. Santosh began bleeding profusely and his friends rushed him to Mahaveer Jain Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

The police learnt about the stabbing incident and swung into action. They detained Wasim and Philip within an hour based on the eye witness Ashok’s statement. The other two who were on the run were caught on Thursday.

Personal or political?

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North), Chetan Singh Rathore, said, “Preliminary investigations reveal that the accused and deceased lived in the same area and had developed an enmity over some issue. We cannot yet confirm that the fight was over banners of a political party. We have arrested all the accused and are investigating the case further.”

Wasim stabbed Santosh’s thigh only once and it was not a fatal injury, Rathore said. “We are going to get the cause of his death in the post mortem report. It is likely that a vital blood vessel was damaged and led to Santosh’s death.”

Murder over banner: Family

Santosh’s brother is also a BJP party worker. The family members allege that Santosh was trying to put up banners of BJP’s Parivarthana Rally. They also allege that Santosh had approached JC Nagar police three months ago complaining against Wasim for consuming drugs in the area and also for threatening him, but the police turned him away. Rathore, however, clarified that there was no such complaint made with the JC Nagar police by Santosh. Santosh’s body was handed over to the family after the post mortem.

Politicking over murder

R Ashok told media that Santosh was killed for opposing drug peddling in the area and he, along with other BJP leaders, want answers from the CM and home minister over attacks on BJP party workers. Home minister Ramalinga Reddy said that the deceased was not a Hindu activist. He criticised BJP for politicising the murder saying “the saffron party has a habit of owning every deceased after his death.”

Local leaders visit Santosh’s house to pay their respects; The accused from left: Waseem, Irfan, Umar and Philips (below)


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