305 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: In India, children & grown ups are all alike ::: They commit suicide at the drop of a hat


Was she being bullied?

Day after, Video of Meghana arguing with classmates ‘surfaces’

The suicide case of 18-yearold Meghana, who reportedly ended her life after being bullied by her classmates, has taken a twist with a video surfacing on Thursday morning.

In the video, Meghana can be seen arguing with some students. However, the place of the incident and those seen arguing with her is being verified. The college principal, meanwhile, told BM that he came across the video and was making enquiries about it.

The victim’s father said that since he was visually impaired, he could not see the video and due to discrimination at her college, his daughter had ended her life. The video that surfaced on Thursday is said to be three months old. However, police suspect someone had leaked the video to foment trouble in the college. The video is said to have been filmed by one of the members who was witnessing the fight between Meghana and another girl.

Meghana in the video can be seen cornered by a group headed by a girl wearing a blue shirt. Both Meghana and the other girl can be heard arguing over some issue and are conversing in Kannada. The victim can be seen questioning the girl in the opposite camp over something, and the latter is seen trying to pounce on Meghana. The other girl, whose identity is being verified, is heard abusing Meghana using foul words. When she attempts to attack Meghana, others pull her back and try to calm her down stating that others were watching the fight.

According to unconfirmed reports, the girl, who was seen abusing Meghana, is one of the four students that have been booked by the police for abetting the latter’s suicide on Tuesday.

Meghana’s father Chandrashekar said, “Since I am visually challenged, I could only hear the content of the video. My daughter died due to discrimination at her college. The guilty should be punished and should be dismissed from the college. Since my daughter had got the seat through CET, she was facing discrimination at the college. Despite my daughter facing so many problems, it is very strange that the college management did not act on it and remained mute spectators.”

“There was one video that has surfaced and even I have taken a look at it. We are finding out what was it all about and we are enquiring about this. Only after enquiring into the whole episode we can take suitable action on the members seen in the video. We know that there is an FIR booked on the faculty member and the investigation is on, pertaining to this matter. I have not been in the internal investigation which has taken place on Thursday. Once I get the whole pictue, I can comment on this by a day or two,” said CPS Prakash, Principal, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering.

Meanwhile, the RR Nagar police, who have registered a case of abetment of suicide death under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code against one staff and four students, is investigating the case. “The video that has been surfaced on Thursday will be viewed as it would help the investigations. No arrests have been made yet. Since it is a sensitive case, we are taking all precautionary measures while probing the matter,” said an officer on part of investigations.

C Meghana, a first-semester civil engineering student at the Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in KS Layout, committed suicide by hanging at her house in Channasandra off RR Nagar. Her parents had alleged that she had been bullied by her classmates after losing the class representative elections.

We are finding out what was it all about and we are enquiring about this. Only after enquiring into the whole episode, we can take suitable action on the members seen in the video

– CPS Prakash, Principal, Dayananda Sagar College

Bullied by classmates, B’luru student kills herself at home

College Denies Parents’ Charge Of Harassment

Bengaluru: An 18-year-old undergraduate engineering student hanged herself from a ceiling fan at her home near Rajarajeshwari Nagar, off Mysuru Road, southwest Bengaluru, on Tuesday afternoon. She didn’t leave a suicide note. Her parents alleged she had been bullied by her classmates for losing in the class representative elections.

Meghana C was a first-semester civil engineering student at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumaraswamy Layout. She is survived by her banker-parents, Chandrashekar and Lata, and elder sister Bhavana, an engineer.

While the Chandrashekars alleged that bullying by four classmates and a faculty member pushed Meghana to take the extreme step, the college said she was irregular to class and had flunked in a couple of subjects in the first semester. Police have booked the four students and faculty member for abetting Meghana’s suicide.

The family resided on the second floor of Shabari Elite apartment at Shashidhara Block, Channasandra, off RR Nagar. According to Lata, Bhavana knocked on the door of her sister’s locked room around 3.30pm. When there was no response, she looked through the window.

“I was shocked to see my younger sister hanging from the ceiling fan. I shouted for help and our security guard Lalu came running. He broke open the door of the bedroom. By then, other neighbours, too, had come,” police quoted Bhavana as saying. Bhavana called her mother and informed her of the tragedy. “The Chandrashekars rushed home around 4.15pm,” a neighbour said.

Apartment security personnel said Meghana had walked into the apartment around 1.30pm. Since Chandrashekar has a vision problem, Lata filed the police complaint, accusing a head of the department of Dayananda Sagar College and four classmates of Meghana of abetting the suicide.

Woman smothers step-son, stuffs his body in suitcase

TNN | Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Jinal being interrogated by policewomen on Wednesday for the murder of Dhruv (left)
Jinal being interrogated by policewomen on Wednesday for the murder of Dhruv (left)
RAJKOT: The stepmother of a six-year-old boy smothered him to death and packed his body in a suitcase in Krashnanagararea of Surendranagar on Tuesday night. The accused, Jinal Parmar (28), was arrested on Wednesday morning.
The deceased has been identified as Bhadra alias Dhruv, who was the son of Shantilal Parmar from his first marriage. Parmar, a peon at the Labour Commissionerate in Surendranagar, had married Jinal after his wife died two years ago. Jinal had married twice and divorced and it was her third marriage. Jinal had a girl from her first marriage. Parmar serves as

Jinal told her husband that Dhruv had been missing since Wednesday evening, following which Parmar lodged a complaint with the A-Division police station of Surendranagar police late evening on Wednesday.

“When Parmar told us that Jinal was Dhruv’s stepmother and that the couple fought over the stepmotherly treatment meted out to Dhruv by Jinal, we instantly suspected her of the crime and told Parmar to search his house thoroughly,” said police inspector K H Trivedi.

“While rummaging through the rooms of his house, Parmar stumbled upon a suitcase which was locked. When he asked for its key, Jinal said the key was lost. This aroused Parmar’s suspicion and he broke the lock of the suitcase with a hammer. When the suitcase was opened, he saw the body of Dhruv stuffed inside. Dhruv’s mouth was gagged with a scarf wrapped around his face and neck. Following this discovery, he immediately informed us,” added Trivedi.

During interrogation, Jinal broke down before the cops and confessed to her crime. She said that she had gagged Dhruv and packed him into the suitcase to leave him to die of suffocation.


Friday, 09 February 2018 | Kanika Mehta | New Delhi

For 21-year-old Abhishek Kashyap, joining the Delhi Police was his lifelong ambition but it was fated otherwise. However, sheer negligence on the part of the same police force took his life. Grieving family members told The Pioneer that after the health of Abhishek’s father started deteriorating, he took it upon himself to feed the family and started working as a Disc Jockey.

Last year on Diwali, Abhishek’s paternal uncle died, leaving behind a wife and two children. “In the aftermath of the death of his chacha and the deteriorating health of his own father, who worked as an Ola cab driver, Abhishek was working very hard to feed the seven family members,” said Rohit, Abhishek’s cousin.

Weeping outside their house in the D block of the Shakur Basti area, Abhishek’s mother Sumita said, “My son wanted to join the Delhi Police. He was preparing for the exams. Last year, he missed the selection round by failing the running test by one minute.

My son meant everything to me. If the police had been there, my son would not have died,”

Ironically, Abhishek’s house is separated from the Netaji Subhash Place Police Station by a local district park.

Abhishek’s cousin told The Pioneer, “Abhishek was the eldest among three siblings. He was working hard to sustain his family. His father worked as a cab driver for Ola.”

Priyanka, Abhishek’s sister said, “My brother was a simple person. He never wasted money. It was only last month that he bought a new mobile phone Redmi note. The police have not bothered to return his mobile phone and wallet, which includes his driving license.”



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