316 Proof of Honey Trap Patrol true stories ::: Secrets of honey trap, enticing women & how a missed call can destroy your life

A HONEY TRAP – Auto driver, who got lover to hoodwink businessmen, busted; gang of four held

A 34-year-old autorickshaw driver, who found honeytrapping to be a lucrative business, ran out of luck recently when a businessman from Mandya decided to file a complaint – unlike his other victims who were too scared to do so. The auto driver, M Raghuveer (34), and his girlfriend S Shobha (27) – both residents of Konanakunte Cross – along with M Suresh (27) of Anekal and P Arun Kumar (30) of Vasanthapura have been arrested.

Raghuveer, who was reportedly in debt, would use his girlfriend to befriend unsuspecting businessmen. Shobha would call the victim by giving him a missed call. If he called her back, she would chat him up for a few days. Eventually, she would ask him to meet her, claiming it was her birthday. If the victim fell for it, the male gang members would forcibly undress him and make a video. They would then extort money, threatening to upload it online. The gang has extorted money from five other men in different parts of the city.

Their luck ran out, however, when the sixth guy, a 36-year-old businessman from Malavalli taluk in Mandya approached the Subramanyapura police. All four, including the woman, have been arrested. The police are in the process of checking if the gang is involved in more such cases.

Among the other accused, Arun worked as a driver while Suresh was unemployed, but helped Raghuveer execute traps.

“The gang has been very active in the last five months. After being influenced by media report around six months ago, Raghuveer, the main accused, took one month to chalk out strategies to execute the trap. Their main targets were businessmen. They would source the mobile phone numbers of their victims from advertisement boards outside shops and commercial establishments. The woman would give missed calls to a few and con those who called her back,” said a police officer involved in the investigations.

The arrests were made last week.


On February 4, Shobha had given a missed call to the Mandya-based businessman at around 4 pm. After sometime, when he called back, she introduced herself with her real name, claiming to be working for a private firm in Bengaluru. She then asked about the personal details of the victim, who, without suspecting any foul play, gave out everything. Then claimed she had relatives in Malavalli too. After talking to him for a while, she cut the call, asking him to be her friend. She called him several times over the next few days. On February 7, she asked him to meet her “as it was her birthday”. Unaware of the trap, the victim came from Mandya to meet her in Konanakunte.

The woman took him to her house. Within a few minutes, the three others joined them. They took pictures of him and threatened to upload them on social media. They also made her file a false police complaint. The gang demanded Rs 3 lakh to release him. Finally, the victim with the help of his friend gave them Rs 35,000 and came out of the house. They gave him a bank account number, asking him to transfer the rest of the money to it. They kept calling and threatening him. Unable to bear the harassment, the victim filed a complaint, which led to their arrest.

As the gang used their mobile phones to extort money from him, the police were able to trace them down to Konanakunte Cross.

The officer said: “They gang has trapped a hotelier in Banashankari and extorted Rs 50,000 from him. They have conned another businessman after taking him to Anekal area. In September, they trapped a granite businessman in Jigani and got Rs 1.5 lakh from him. A few days later, they conned a jeweller from Vasanthapura of Rs 75,000. Similarly, another jeweller from Kadirenahalli lost 300 grams of gold ornaments through this trap. One businessman escaped from their trap after the landlord came to the house to collect rent. Fearing that the landlord would come to know about their fraud, she sent the victim away. However, they ran out of luck after they extorted money from the businessman from Mandya,” the officer added.

The police are trying to ascertain if any of these victims had filed a complaint against the gang.

A case – under Sections 420 (cheating), 384 (extortion), 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code, along with one section of the IT Act – has been registered against the four.

Bizman & wife poison 2 kids, commit suicide

Pune: A 38-year-old businessman from Shivane, Nilesh Chaudhary, and his wife allegedly committed suicide after poisoning their two daughters. The incident took place on Friday at their flat on the second floor of Manas Apartment in Pokalenagar.

The Uttamnagar police believe that Nilesh and his wife Nilam (33) had made a suicide pact in which they decided to poison their daughters, Shravani (9) and Shreya (7), and then end their lives. The police suspect that Nilam consumed poison after she and her husband poisoned the two girls. And that Nilesh hanged himself thereafter.

Late on Saturday night, police registered a case of murder against the couple after receiving the preliminary post-mortem report.

A suicide note found on Chaudhary stated that he was in a deep financial crisis and was facing major business losses. The suicide note also stated that their organs should be donated after their deaths.

The incident came to light around 9pm on Friday when a neighbour found the door of the flat ajar and the lights off. When he peeped inside, he saw Chaudhary hanging from the ceiling and alerted the police, said sub-inspector Swapnali Nikam. Nikam said the suicide note states that Chaudhary didn’t want his children and wife to face the consequences of his losses in business, because of which he took the extreme step of ending their lives.

“The woman was lying beside the daughters on the bed in the living room. Before hanging himself, Chaudhary had removed the ceiling fan from its hook and then used a rope to hang himself,” police said.“The type of poison used is yet to be identified,” Swapnali Nikam added.

UP goons rush to jail to avoid encounters

40 Killed In 1,240 Shootouts Since March Last Year

Meerut: Criminals are on a surrender spree in UP following instructions to police chiefs of all districts to aggressively hunt them down. Since the new government came to office in the state early last year, 1,240 encounters took place in UP in which 40 criminals were killed and 305 injured. The crackdown, between March 20, 2017 and February 14, 2018, led to 2,956 arrests. Police seized 169 properties worth Rs 147 crore belonging to criminals on the run.

As many as 26 criminals have not secured their release despite getting bail. Seventyone have got their bail bond cancelled and have gone back to jail. “If they (criminals) are trying to go back into jails, we do not mind that because jail is only their rightful place and not outside of it,” UP DGP OP Singh told TOI on Saturday. “The results (of the crackdown) have been unprecedented… never in the past has this kind of straight message conveyed to the criminals. They will not be allowed to play havoc with the lives of citizens,” the DGP said.

“Police chiefs of all districts have been asked to prepare dossiers of all those offenders on whom either rewards have been announced or are at large,” the DGP said. “We have launched a multi-pronged attack on them. The number of criminals against whom Gangster Act has been invoked is also biggest so far.”

Additional director general (law and order) Anand Kumar said, “This is the result of effective policing. The last time this kind of fear was seen among criminals was during the Kalyan Singh government in the early nineties… this one is a magnified version of that.”

Ever since crackdown began, several of them who had been absconding chose to surrender either before police or courts. For instance, Maange alias Vinay, main accused in a double murder of the mother and son that was caught on CCTV recently in Meerut, surrendered to the interstate cell of the Delhi police’s crime branch on February 2. Sources in the department had claimed that a manhunt had scared Maange who feared he would be killed in an encounter after the bounty on him was raised to Rs 50,000.


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