318 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Movie style murder in full public view in a public transport bus

Upset over illicit affair, man axes daughter, beheads her paramour

Ludhiana: A 55-year-old man in a village near Ludhiana murdered his married daughter and the man she was in a relationship with, allegedly because he was ashamed of their live-in relationship.

The accused, Gurmail Singh of Bhaini Doaba village, about 30 km from Ludhiana, axed his daughter Balwinder Kaur, 35, and beheaded her partner Kuldeep Chabra, 40 with a sword while they were sleeping in a room on Monday night. He then took their bodies to a village square in a cart and left them there for everyone to see.

Police said the bodies were mutilated as Gurmail kept hitting the two with the axe even after they had died. He told cops that the couple had brought “disrepute” to the family. According to the FIR filed against Gurmail, Balwinder had married an auto driver, Harminder Singh, about 17 years ago and had two children with him, a 14-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son.

Police said that Balwinder was not happy in her marriage and in 2013, she moved in with Kuldeep, who was her husband’s friend. ADCP Rajveer Singh Boparai said, “Gurmail has confessed to the killing. He wanted to behead his daughter as well but couldn’t find the courage.”

Man stabbed and hacked to death in crowded BMTC bus

Trio followed 45-yr-old into bus near Electronics City, killed him and then asked driver to stop

The passengers of a crowded BMTC bus witnessed a grisly murder on Wednesday. Three men hacked to death a 45-year-old man in front of their eyes in the moving BMTC bus on Hosur Road at Konappana Agrahara near Electronics City. The murder is said to have been a result of a personal tussle.

The trio had allegedly chased the victim, forcing him to board the bus to flee from them. The assailants too boarded the bus at Konappana Agrahara. They took a look at all the passengers, identified their target and brandished the weapons. The victim, Suresh alias Seetharam, originally from Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, tried to escape from the bus, but the attempt was in vain as the central door was locked.

Within a matter of minutes, as the passengers looked on, they indiscriminately stabbed and hacked the victim with the machete and knife. Blood splattered on some of the passengers and the person sitting right next to the victim is said to be in a state of shock. They were unable to stop or catch the accused as all were fearing for their lives. When Suresh collapsed, the accused confirmed he was dead before approaching the driver and forced him to open the door to escape.

Police said the killers are related to the victim. They believe a suspected illicit relationship could be one of the reasons for the murder.

Among the three accused, one is said to be around 60 years of age and the other two are in their midtwenties. Suresh was staying in Hosakote and was working as a daily wage labourer.

The accused went in search of Suresh in the morning to Hosakote, so the victim came to Athibele. Sensing danger to his life, he boarded the BMTC bus, coming from Anekal towards the city around 9.20 am. He was seated in one of the seats behind. “When the bus stopped at the Konappana Agrahara bus stop, the three accused boarded it. The bus started off and the accused spotted their target. The trio talked to the victim in Telugu and pulled out the weapons from a hand bag. They attacked him mercilessly. None of the passengers could move out of fear as the accused were brandishing the weapons,” said a police officer.

The officer said they came to the front of the bus wielding the blood-stained weapons, threatening the passengers all the while. “They threatened the bus driver Sanjeev, asking him to stop the bus. The driver and the conductor Naraf and the other passengers reported the matter to the police,” he said.

The Electronics City police shifted the victim to a nearby private hospital. Suresh was declared brought dead and the body was shifted for the post-mortem. The police found a mobile phone on the victim and through the phone numbers in the phone, they managed to reach his wife and son.

Suresh’s wife and son were in Bengaluru at the time of the incident. The family does not have a fixed place to stay. The victim’s wife and son are road-side plastic flower sellers and had come to Bengaluru to purchase the flowers. The wife and son have given their statements to the police. Based on their statements, the police have got clues on the accused and the possible reasons behind the murder.

The police have also recorded the statements of the bus driver, the conductor and some passengers, who were in the close range of the murder.

Suresh (inset) had boarded the bus to escape his assailants, who followed him there and killed him

Youth shoots girl, kills self at UP exam centre

Agra/Firozabad: Armed with a belt hiding 16 live cartridges and carrying a .315 calibre country-made pistol, a 22-year-old youth shot dead a 17-year-old girl minutes before she was to take her class XII chemistry Board exam on Thursday. The accused later turned the gun on himself even as people standing nearby watched the horror unfold in front of their eyes. It took just about three minutes for the twin tragedies to play out.

The incident happened around 1.30 pm near the Sant Gyananand Inter College at Nagla Gulal area, under Nagla Khangar police jurisdiction in the district. According to police, Vikas Yadav shot the girl, Deepika Yadav, after she refused to enter into a relationship with him. Working as a driver in the national capital region, Vikas had come to Firozabad a week ago and was desperately trying to get in touch with Deepika, a resident of Uravar village. Vikas was a resident of Nathu Ki Thar village, around 2 km from Uravar.

“Initial investigation has revealed that Vikas was forcing the girl into a relationship with him. The matter was not brought to the police’s notice and the girl’s parents wanted to resolve it on their own. We have recovered the country-made pistol and the bodies have been sent for postmortem. An FIR was filed against Vikas for murder under IPC section 302,” said Ajay Singh Chauhan, circle officer (CO) of Nagla Khangar. Eldest among three siblings, Deepika wanted to complete her studies and become an engineer, said family sources. Her father works at a private firm in Delhi.

“Family members and neighbours said that Vikas was of stubborn nature. The fact that he brought 16 bullets and a country-made pistol with him suggests he would have killed anyone coming in his way or trying to stop him,” added CO Chauhan.

According to police, Vikas was brought up by his father, Bhole Yadav, and three elder sisters, as his mother died soon after his birth.

Stalker beheads MP teen in front of school

A class 11student was allegedly beheaded in front of her school in Kotma village — 30km from Anuppur, in Madhya Pradesh — on Thursday, by a man who had been stalking her for years and was spurned. The accused was arrested later in the day. The victim, Pooja Panika, had her biology practicals at 1pm. She was on her way to school around 12.30pm when the accused ran up to her and attacked her, said a retired teacher, so far the only eyewitness. He hacked her neck thrice with a sword, severing it. None of the students witnessed the murder as they were inside the school.

Cops arrested a suspect — Dilip Sahu — on the basis of statements given by Pooja’s family. Sahu had been harassing her and was arrested and jailed in 2014 for stalking her. He was out on bail as trial is on, said Anuppur SP Sunil Kumar Jain. TNN

HC upholds life term to man who killed wife 10 months after marriage

Bengaluru: The high court has upheld the conviction of life term awarded to a Tumakuru man for strangling his wife to death, barely 10 months after their love marriage.

The prosecution has established the chain of circumstances leading up to his death. The oral and documentary evidence is againstthe accused. There’s no error or perversity committed by the trial court in appreciating the evidence on record, a division bench of Justices Ravi Malimath and K Somashekar observed. It upheld the sentence awarded to Lakshmipathi of Hebbakka village in Tumakuru district.

A Tumakuru court had on August 13, 2012 convicted Lakshmipathi for the murder of Latha. It awarded him lifetermfor the murder and three years imprisonment under IPC section 498A (cruelty to wife). He was fined Rs 10,000 for the first offence and Rs 5,000 for the other. Lakshmipathi had initially been booked for cruelty to wife and abetment to suicide but was later charged for murder on the basis of the postmortem report and probe.

The prosecution had argued that Latha was repeatedly subjectedto mental as well as physical harassment by Lakshmipathi during their 10-month marriage. They married at the sub-registrar’s office after both their families consented to their wedding. However, he began ill-treating her later and on October 22, 2010, strangled her to death with his hands.

Lakshmipathi moved the HC, arguing that since it was a love marriage, there was no question of him ill-treating his wife. His counsel also contended that he was not present in the house when Latha died.

However, the public prosecutor cited evidence before the trial court, pointing out that Lakshmipathi had called Latha’s mother Savithramma over phone between 4.30pm and 5pm to inform her about the death in his house. Latha’s relativessaidhewas an alcoholic and addicted to playing cards. He tortured and tormented his wife, saying she is not of fair complexion and if she dies, it would help him remarry.

Class 7 student threatens to rape teacher and daughter

Gurgaon: A class 7 student of a well-known Gurgaon school threatened to rape his teacher and her daughter in an online post. The daughter studies with him in the same class. In another incident, a class 8 student of the same school sent a mail to a teacher, asking her out for a candlelight date and sex. Both the incidents happened last week. The teacher, threatened with rape, has since returned to school but her daughter is still too traumatised to get back. TOI is withholding the name of the school to protect the identity of the teachers, and the minors.

“This is an incident involving a lower middle school student allegedly indulging in an offensive and highly objectionable cyber prank involving a teacher. A thorough investigation was carried out and stern action was taken, including suspension along with mandated counselling. The school has a zero-tolerance policy towards such acts,” the school said in a statement.

But child welfare committee chairperson Shakuntala Dhull said that she has taken suo motu cognizance of the incidents. “A notice will be sent to the school and children. They will be called and asked about the entire incident. Counselling sessions will be taken of the school authorities, including the teachers and kids,” she said.

Most principals TOI spoke too felt these were not just isolated cases in one school but part of a bigger social malaise and parents need to play a proactive role at home. “Today, kids are exposed to so many gadgets that they tend to get aggressive. We don’t know what they are watching or the sites they are visiting,” said Ankita Makkar, principal, HDFC School.

“The child must have been uncomfortable, secluded at home, not able to talk to anyone. These are the outbursts of such students who are emotionally not strong. They are not brought up in the right manner by the parents,” said Arti Chopra, principal of Amity International School.

Some others spoke of making counselling part of the curriculum. “There should be policy-level intervention by the government and all stakeholders, wherein experts counsel students as part of the curriculum and an open dialogue is started with this generation regarding handling of issues, which our conservative society wants to brush under the carpet,” said Sumeet Nath, administrator, institutions, Baptist Church Trust Association (BCTA).

Radhika Radhakrishnan, counselling psychologist, Prarambh, said, “We need to control what the kids are watching, keep a tab on their internet activity. Parents need to get involved.”



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