330 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder story

Naveen’s lawyer seeks to be with him during narco test

The legal counsel for KT Naveen Kumar, the man arrested for his alleged involvement in the Gauri Lankesh murder, has approached the Third Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court with a petition seeking permission to be present alongside Naveen in Gujarat during his narcoanalysis.

The SIT has already shifted Naveen from Parappana Agrahara Prison on Saturday after taking permission from the court.

AVM Vedhamurthy, the lawyer, told BM that Naveen seemed to have second thoughts after he gave his consent to be subjected to narco tests earlier last month.

“We have made it clear that his legal team should be present when the tests are conducted. The SIT had initially informed through a letter citing that the tests would be conducted between April 16 and

30. But now Naveen has been taken out of the prison on transit papers and we have no information,” Vedhamurthy said.

The objection is expected to be taken up on Tuesday before the court. It was also pointed out that Naveen Kumar had recently given his consent for the tests before the open court after cops convinced him that he would be granted bail if he did so.

“They should tell us the exact date and we want to be there if he requires any assistance,” Vedhamurthy added.

KT Naveen Kumar, the founder of a fringe right wing outfit in Mandya, was arrested for his involvement in providing logistic support to the men who shot dead Gauri outside her residence in Rajarajeshwari Nagar on September 5, 2017.

Naveen’s narco test likely this week in Ahmedabad

Parappana Agrahara sources say accused in Gauri case has been moved out

The narco analysis and brain mapping of KT Naveen Kumar, the fringe right wing volunteer arrested in connection with Gauri Lankesh murder case, is expected to be conducted at the Ahmedabad forensic laboratory this week.

The Gujarat laboratory informed the Special Investigation Team ( SIT) probing the case last week that they had scheduled these tests to be conducted on Kumar between April 16 to 30. Following this, the SIT apprised the city court about Kumar’s transit on Friday. Sources at Parappana Agrahara confirmed that he was shifted out of the Central Prison on Saturday. Additional Commissioner (West) BK Singh heading the SIT confirmed that the Gujarat lab has allotted them time from April 16 to 30, but said he did not know of any other developments.

“ Naveen Kumar was moved out of Parappana Agrahara prison on Saturday. He was being kept here in judicial custody,” confirmed sources at the prison.

The SIT team has told the III Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Friday about the transit and obtained the necessary permission to take him out of the prison for conducting the forensic tests. The SIT had decided to go ahead with these scientific methods after they felt that Kumar was withholding vital information about the Gauri Lankesh murder plot during interrogation. Kumar had also given his consent to undergo the tests before the open court last month. “We have been given the dates, but we cannot say anything about rest of the arrangements,” Singh said.

AVM Vedhamurthy, legal counsel, who had appeared for Kumar in the Magistrate Court, told BM that the SIT had sent a notice to him to inform that the Gujarat lab has decided to conduct the tests between April 16 and 30. But he also added that the SIT has not told him about anything after they took the court’s permission to move Kumar from Bengaluru to Ahmedabad.

“I tried contacting SIT officials but they are not responding. They had taken travel permission on Friday but after that we have no information. They are proceeding in a very secretive manner. I will move an application court citing this on Monday,” Vedhamurthy added.

Kumar was arrested after he came under the SIT radar for providing logistical support to Gauri’s assailants by arranging the gun and live bullets to the shooter. He is also suspected to have been tailing Gauri from her home to office on multiple occasions before she was shot dead in front of her Rajarajeswari Nagar residence on September 5, 2017. Naveen Kumar was initially arrested by the Central Crime Branch from Majestic bus stand on February 19 with live bullets. The SIT suspect that Kumar had links with Sanathan Sanstha, a right wing outfit active in Goa and Maharashtra but the Sanstha has so far denied it.

Naveen Kumar was arrested on February 19

Gauri Lankesh

Lack of translator holds up probe into Gauri murder

Bengaluru: Investigations intotheseven-month-old murder of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh have been stalled over an administrative issue —lackof translators withfelicity not only in Kannada and Hindi but also a smattering of Gujarati.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the case had obtained a lower court’s permission to subject the only accused in its custody, K T Naveen Kumar alias Hotte Manja, 38, to narcoanalysis at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

While FSL Ahmedabad had acceded to the SIT’s request, the court had, however, said a translator with approved credentials and expertise in Hindi and Kannada withsome knowledge of Gujarati should be present during the test.

“Naveen doesn’t know Hindi and the FSL staffers have no knowledge of Kannada,” SIT sources said, adding, “Since it is a sensitive case, we can’t take risk. The questions and answers shouldbe accurately captured and we don’t want to face setbacks in court. We will video record theentire narco test and produce the same before the court.”

The sources said the test now hinges on them finding the translator, adding they are confident of finding one soon.

Naveen, a resident of Maddur, Mandya district, who ran Hindu Yuva Sena, is suspected to have provided logistical support to Gauri’s killers. He is said to have accompanied four men who had come from a neighbouring state to Gauri’s house, and conducted recces for them.

Pistol was hidden in a rice bag

A resident whom the SIT questioned told cops that Naveen displayed a country-made pistol that was hidden in a rice bag. “The four youths were conversing in Hindi and I understood they were travelling to Kollegal for some work. I was standing near the van when Naveen called me and showed me the rice bag,” the resident told SIT.

“When I peeped inside the bag, I could see only rice. Naveen then pulled out a pistol. He said the weapon was meant for some big work,” sources said quoting the resident.

SIT had arrested Naveen on February 18 after recovering 15 rounds of live bullets from him. On March 2, SIT took Naveen into custody for questioning him about his suspected role in Gauri’s murder. Sleuths approached the court on March 5 seeking permission to subject Naveen to a narco test in Gujarat. The permission was granted on March 12. TNN


5 days after killing, Gauri’s assailants were in Maddur

Bengaluru: The suspected assailants of Gauri Lankesh had surfaced in Maddur, 85km from Bengaluru, on September 10, 2017, five days after the journalist-activist was gunned down in front of her house in RR Nagar here, sources in the Special Investigation Team

(SIT) said.

Sporting new caps and sunglasses, four youths were seen moving around withKTNaveen Kumar, the Maddur gunrunner who was arrested for suspected linkswithGauri’s killers, in a Maruti Omni.

“They were of medium height and physique. Two wore spectacles and one was squint-eyed. They never conversed with the locals. The strangers visited a bakery near the main road and bought tea and biscuits. Naveen was conversing with them in Hindi,” an eyewitness present near the bakery told SIT sleuths.

Sources said the four youths are prime suspects in the case. “We strongly suspect that one of them was the shooter. The squint-eyed man is said to be the one who pulled the trigger on Gauri, while others assisted him in various capacities,” SIT sources said.

The sources said they are looking for a certain Praveen, the link between the four youths and Naveen. “According to Naveen’s statement, Praveen lived in a small rented room in north Bengaluru. Praveen had connections with a Mangaluru-based man whose links were right-wingers from neighbouring states have been established,” they said.

“Getting Praveen’s custody is important. He alone can lead us to the Mangaluru-based man and others,” SIT sources said.

Narcoanalysis to be videoed

An SIT source said the narcoanalysis test that will be carried out on K T Naveen Kumar will be videographed.

“We are confident of getting out more important things from him. We’ll produce the video in the court of law and seek custody of all those named by Naveen Kumar,” thesources said.


Gauri murder: Naveen to face narco test in Guj next week

Bengaluru: The lone accused arrested in the murder of journalistactivist Gauri Lankesh is likely to be flown to Ahmedabad early next week for narcoanalysis test.

K T Naveen Kumar alias Hotte Manja, 38, from Maddur in Mandya district, was arrested earlier this month. Police suspect he conducted a recce for the killers and later helped them in executing the murder. A local court allowed police to subject Naveen to narcoanalysis test after he agreed.

Sources in the Special Investigating Team (SIT) probing the Gauri killing said the Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has responded positively to their plea for subjecting Naveen to the test. “The

FSL staffers need time to prepare themselves for the test. We had written to them on March 14 and they communicated saying the test can be conducted on or after March 26,” sources said.

“If we get an appointment on March 26, we will have to reach Gujarat the previous day as the accused needs to undergo various preparatory tests. However, the date is yet to be finalised,” they added.

SIT sources said they are still waiting for reports from FSL, Bengaluru, on whether Naveen is the same person seen in CCTV footage conducting a recce near Gauri’s house before the murder. SIT personnel had made Naveen recreate the recce scenes and sent a video of the same with the CCTV footage to FSL.

Naveen was arrested by CCB police on February 18 after they recovered 15 rounds of live bullets from him. On March 2, SIT took him into custody.

Court allows narco test for Gauri case accused

Bengaluru: A magistrate court in Bengaluru on Monday gave its go-ahead for subjecting

K T Naveen Kumar

alias Hotte Manja, who has been arrested in connection with the murder of journalistactivist Gauri Lankesh, to a narco-analysis test.

The 3rd additional chief metropolitan magistrate (ACMM) court allowed the Special Investigation Team (SIT), probing Gauri’s killing, to conduct narco analysis after the accused gave his consent to the test.

Advocate A Vedamurthy said Naveen Kumar discussed with him about the impact of narco analysis on Sunday. “He is innocent and has been framed in the case. He has agreed to the test, hoping he will be set free after his innocence is proved. Naveen wants the truth to come out and hence gave his consent,” Vedamurthy told TOI.

Sources in SIT said they may get the test done at the Forensic Sciences Lab in Gujarat as there is no such provision to do it in FSL ,Madiwala.

The court remanded Naveen in judicial custody for 14 days.

Naveen, a Hindu Yuva Sena leader from Maddur taluk in Mandya district, was arrested by Upparpet police on February 17 and 15 live bullets were recovered from him. Suspecting his role in the Gauri murder case, the SIT took him into custody on March 2.

Man who gave Naveen the bullets to be case witness

Officials say Naveen tailed Lankesh from her house to office and back, at least thrice

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the Gauri Lankesh murder case has decided to record the statement of the man, who had supplied bullets to KT Naveen Kumar, before a magistrate and include him as a witness to bolster the case against the assailants. It is suspected that this man has some link with a city-based armoury.

Naveen took the ammo and handed it and a country made gun over to the main shooter, reportedly a Maharashtrian to murder Gauri Lankesh. Naveen was arrested last week for his alleged links with a fourmember gang that was directly involved in gunning down the journalist outside her residence at Raja Rajeshwari Nagar on September 5, 2017. Naveen has also divulged information on a man named Praveen, who was supervising the operation and giving him instructions.

“It seems the firearm used in the murder was sourced by a Bijapurbased gun runner from Madhya Pradesh and handed over to Naveen. He later got the bullets from Bengaluru. Naveen was directly appointed by Praveen, who was supervising the logistic parts of the operation like arranging the gun, ammo, etc. The man could also have been using a false alias,” said sources.

Naveen has reportedly confessed that he was entrusted with the task of tailing Gauri throughout the day and keeping a watch on her movements. He has also reportedly confessed he used to tail her to her office on his motorcycle and used to hang around at Gandhi Bazaar next to her office till she left for anywhere else and then follow her back home. Naveen has told the cops that they started keeping a tab on her daily routine from mid-July 2017.

“He (Naveen) has claimed he did this on three days, including once about 10 days prior to her murder. But it seems he was using a Bajaj Calibre bike and not a Pulsar bike as captured on the CCTV footage, indicating that more than one person could have been entrusted with the task,” said sources.

Gauri had reportedly told her sister Kavita Lankesh and mother Indira Lankesh that she had seen suspicious persons outside her residence about a week before her murder. “Yes, the family had informed the local police about this,” police officials added.

Sources also said Naveen was refusing to divulge any details about the rest of the persons involved in the operation leaving no option but to conduct a narco test on him. The SIT had also formally requested for the assistance of an Assistant Director rank officer from CBI, Maharashtra, to assist them by conducting ‘interactive sessions’ with Naveen to confirm whether he is telling the truth.

“Naveen was restricted to Hindu Yuva Sena, but in January 2017, he was invited for a function which was organised by a Goa-based outfit during which he was initiated into their group,” sources added. Sources added Naveen had claimed the firearm was given to him in Ooty a month before the murder, but that proved to be a false lead. Apart from Naveen, it is suspected that a four-member gang consisting of three youths, including Praveen with links in Mangaluru and the Maharshtrian shooter, were directly involved in Gauri’s murder.

KT Naveen Kumar was arrested by SIT in the Gauri murder case

Kumar will undergo narco; sent to jail |

Bangalore Mirror Bureau
Naveen Kumar, accused in the Gauri Lankesh murder case, has been shifted to Parappana Agrahara prison on Monday evening after he was remanded to judicial custody earlier in the day. He has also given his consent to undergo narco analysis and brain mapping to aid as per the demand of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the case. The SIT was earlier given five-day custody of Kumar and was expected to produce him before the III Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Tuesday but chose to produce and transfer him to prison a day in advance. He will be in judicial custody till March 26. “The magistrate asked Kumar thrice and he gave his concent. Infact he had met his legal team yesterday and had said that he was ready for narco analysis,” said AVM Vedhamurthy, Kumar’s legal counsel. Interestingly, Kumar had earlier refused to give consent for narco analysis when he was produced before the court last week. Sources claimed that the procedure is expected to be done in Ahmedabad. It was also pointed out that as of now Kumar was not taken to Goa or anywhere outside Karnataka as part of the investigation. “Kumar was explained about the entire procedure. He was also told that his physical and mental health will not be affected,” said TC Nirmal Rani, Assistant Public Prosecutor. Kumar was also assured by the court that no information retrieved from him through narco analysis would be used against him and that it would be only utilised to take the investigation forward. The SIT is probing Gauri Lankesh’s death after unidentified men opened fire at her outside her residence on September 5, 2017. They arrested Naveen Kumar from Maddur on February 19 after he was found in the possession of live bullets. Kumar had floated a Mandya-based Hindu Yuva Sena outfit in 2014. He was taken into SIT custody for his alleged role in Gauri’s murder on March 2 and was later formally arrested. Police had recovered a book and photographs associated with that of Sanathan Sanstha and its founder from Naveen’s residence a couple of days back. However, the Sanstha has stated that he was neither a follower nor a member. KT Naveen Kumar (inset) is in custody in connection with Gauri Lankesh murder case

How Lankesh SIT ensured Kumar stays in custody

Hint: Dreamz Infra realty cheating case

Once bitten, twice shy, they say. Stung by the Sachin Naik case — where the accused walked free despite over 30 cases of cheating against him – the police took remedial action and managed to secure the custody of KT Naveen Kumar for his alleged role in Gauri Lankesh’s murder.

Kumar had been picked up by Central Crime Branch on February 18 from near Majestic bus stand; five live .32 bore bullets were recovered from him. The Special Investigation Team later took custody of Kumar and while that was supposed to expire on Friday, the police made a clever move and arrested Kumar. The gamble paid off as Kumar was granted bail in the bullet seizure case; had the police not formally arrested him and shown the arrest memo to the third additional chief metropolitan magistrate court – where his case was heard – Kumar’s lawyers would have pressed for his release.

Naik’s case seems to have played a huge role in the SIT’s move to arrest Kumar before the bail plea came up for hearing. Naik, the alleged mastermind in the Dreamz Infra realty scam where investors were promised apartments but cheated of over Rs 1,000 crore, managed to walk out of police custody in September despite having over 30 cases registered against him.

There was a legal loophole in Naik’s case. It seems the police had just recorded his arrest in one case and were taking Naik on custody through body warrant in rest of the cases and returning him to Parappana Agrahara prison on expiry of his custody duration. So all his legal team had to do was to secure bail in just the single case in which he was formally arrested to ensure his freedom.

The SIT did not want a repeat of the Naik case with Kumar.

“Earlier police never used to submit arrest memos to court if one person is accused in multiple cases. That is what happened in the case of Sachin Naik. He was formally arrested only in one case in which he secured bail and was being taken on body warrant in other cases. Naik’s lawyers could claim that since he was out on bail, he could not be held in custody in the remaining cases as he had not been formally arrested,” said Nirmal Rani, Additional Public Prosecutor.

Nirmal Rani added that Kumar securing bail in the Majestic ammo seizure case will not affect the Gauri Lankesh case as the SIT managed to submit the arrest memo and formally pronounce Kumar as an accused in the case. She said that taking a cue from the Naik fiasco, the prosecution team always makes it a point to ensure that the cops should submit the arrest memo to the court after taking the accused into custody and formalise the arrest (Kumar wasn’t formally arrested – until Friday — even though he was picked up on February 18).

“It just makes the case legally stronger. If the person is not under arrest in one particular case and has been granted bail in the only case in which he was arrested then legally it won’t be viable to keep him in custody,” said sources.

Naveen Kumar was initially secured with five live .32 bullets from Majestic bus stand area on February 18 and formally arrested and charged under the Arms Act on February 19. He was later taken on body warrant into police custody on March 2 by the SIT citing that he was a ‘person of interest’ in the Gauri Lankesh murder case.

Journalist and former Bangalore Mirror columnist Gauri Lankesh was shot multiple times outside her Raja Rajeshwari Nagar house on September 5 when she returned from work. The assailant has so far not been identified even though Kumar has mentioned a certain Praveen’s involvement.



KT Naveen Kumar was formally arrested for role in Gauri Lankesh murder case


Naik, an accused in Dreamz Infra case

SIT names Naveen accused in Gauri murder case

Naveen Kumar

Bengaluru: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) named K T Naveen Kumar (37) as an accused in the Gauri Lankesh murder case after confirming that he had conducted a recce near her house before she was killed.

The SIT also charged Kumar with plotting to assassinate Mysuru-based writer K S Bhagawan.

Armed with the information, the SIT produced Kumar before the 3rd Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate on Friday. The SIT officials submitted documents in a closed envelope to the court on conspiracy charges against Kumar with an arms case and sought to extend his custody as they have to take him to several places as part of the investigation.

The advocate representing Kumar opposed further custody and submitted that Kumar had already spent 20 days in police custody. The police are now trying to force a statement out of him and are trying to fix him in the case, he contended.

The magistrate considered the SIT’s request and extended his police custody by five days till March 13. Kumar has been in SIT custody since March 2.

The SIT on Friday named two accused in the Gauri Lankesh case and submitted details of the second accused who is yet to arrested.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor sought permission to subject Kumar to a narco analysis test as he is not forthcoming with information. The officials also alleged that Kumar is misleading the investigation with baseless answers to the investigation officers. Hearing the submission, the magistrate reserved the order to March 12.

A senior police officer said that Kumar was heading the Hindu Yuva Sena’s Maddur unit and had booked a marriage hall in Mandya to hold a huge gathering with Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, which is a sister concern of Goa-based Sanathan Sanstha.

The Upparpet police arrested four people on charges of dealing with illegal arms and during their interrogation, they revealed vital information about Kumar’s involvement in illegal arms trade. Later, Kumar was arrested by the Central Crime Branch on February 18 in Upparpet based on a tip-off. He had come to meet one his contacts near Kempegowda Bus Station to hand over a few rounds of ammunition, the police said. The CCB seized 15 cartridges of 0.32 calibre from him.

Bhagawan targeted

The SIT has decided to transfer the case of Kumar’s plot to eliminate K S Bhagawan to the Mysuru police. A senior police officer said Kumar had conspired with his associate to kill Bhagwan. They also even held target practice.

He also did a recce near Bhagawan’s house.

SIT seeks court nod for narco test on accused

Gauri murder case: First person formally accused
Team tells court, main accused is still on the run and that Naveen is withholding information

The SIT probing the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh has sought the permission of the III Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate to conduct brain mapping and narco analysis on KT Naveen Kumar, founder of Hindu Yuva Sena’s Mandya unit, who is presently in their custody for his alleged role in the fatal shooting.

Coincidentally Kumar managed to secure bail in another case registered against him after he was arrested with live bullets near Majestic on February 18. Despite invoking attempt to murder charges against him citing that Kumar was part of a conspiracy to assassinate another Mysuru-based rationalist, he managed to secure bail. The SIT, sensing trouble, went ahead and submitted arrest memos and formally arrested Kumar as an accused in Gauri case. He has been booked under Sections 120 B and 118 of the Indian Penal Code for wilfully concealing intention to commit a murder and also for his involvement in the criminal conspiracy.

“As of now, Naveen Kumar is the only one formally accused in the case. As far as the bail is concerned, we will file a revision petition to get it cancelled,” said MN Anucheth, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West).

Naveen Kumar was brought to the court before the lunch session and the prosecution sought permission for five more days of police custody apart from a petition seeking permission for conducting narco analysis on Kumar. The SIT has informed the court that the ‘main suspect’ was still on the run and Kumar was withholding vital information about the shooters that was preventing the SIT from apprehending them.

“He (Naveen) definitely knows a lot but is not co-operating and divulging anything. That is why we wanted to get his narco test done,” said SIT sources.

After hearing defence and prosecution arguments, the court decided to extend Naveen Kumar’s custody for five more days. The decision on the plea to carry out narco analysis would be delivered on March 12. SIT sources have claimed that Naveen Kumar had agreed to subject himself for narco analysis before he was brought to the open court where he turned hostile and refused to undergo the procedure.

“We have video proof where Naveen Kumar on his own is giving his consent for narco analysis, but now he has refused it,” said sources.

AVM Vedhmurthy, legal counsel for Naveen Kumar, said the police did not have any substantial charges against his client. He added that Kumar was also in police custody after it was shown that he was picked up from Majestic with five bullets on February 18. Another lawyer Amruthesh, who joined Kumar’s legal team, slammed his arrest as politically motivated and without any evidence.

Naveen Kumar arrives at the III Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s court on Friday; AVM Vedhmurthy (left)

Gauri Lankesh

Hindu activist is accused No. 1 in Gauri murder

SIT Will Quiz Naveen For 5 More Days

Bengaluru: A rightwing Hindu activist and gunrunner who was being interrogated on suspicion that he had harboured and helped the killers of activist-journalist Gauri Lankesh was on Friday named accused No. 1in the case.

Sources in the special investigation team (SIT) probing the murder said KT Naveen Kumar alias Hotte Manja, 38, had confessed to assisting “Praveen and others” in carrying out the killing. “He is not forthcoming on the details of who these men were,” a source said. Naveen, who lives in Maddur in Mandya district, is president of a splinter outfit, the Hindu Yuva Sene.

Earlier in the day, Naveen was produced before the III Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s court in Bengaluru which extended his police custody by five days. After hearing the SIT’s application to subject Naveen to narcoanalysis, Judge Prakash V reserved his orders for March 15.


Naveen Kumar alias Hotte Manja confessed to assisting Gauri’s killers, claim SIT sources

The 38-year-old Hindu Yuva Sene president was arrested in Majestic area on February 17

Court extends his police custody by five days, reserves order on narcoanalysis plea

Team wants Naveen to undergo narco test

The special probe team wants to subject Naveen to narcoanalysis at the Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Ahmedabad.

In its remand application, the SIT named Naveen as accused No. 1 and sought his custody, saying that he assisted Gauri’s killers in carrying out the job but was not forthcoming on the details. Naveen was picked up from the KSRTC bus stand in Majestic area of Bengaluru on Feburary 17. Police recovered 15 live bullets from him at the time.

On March 2, SIT had produced Naveen before the same court and sought his custody, saying he may have information in the Gauri case. Senior public prosecutor Nirmal Rani said police needed more time to question him as he is concealing evidence. His counsel Veda Murthy said there was nothing left for SIT to ask. He requested that he be allowed to meet Naveen during interrogation. The judge directed SIT to let Naveen meet his advocate whenever he wanted to. The accused replied in the negative to a query on whether he was tortured in custody.

The prosecutor handed over a sealed letter to the judge. SIT sources said it contained Naveen’s confession and other related materials. “The evidence collected confirms Naveen is an accused in the case and we have arrested him,” deputy chief of the SIT, MN Anuchet, said.

SIT recreates recce scene, suspect made to ride bike near Gauri’s home

Video Of Bike-Borne Naveen Will Be Sent To FSL For Analysis

Bengaluru: A suspect in the Gauri Lankesh murder case was on Monday made to ride a bike donning a full-face helmet near the slain journalist’s house to verify whether he was the same person in the CCTV images of recce conducted by the killers.

Naveen Kumar, 38, resident of Maddur and leader of Hindu Yuva Sena, is under the custody of the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

It is suspected that Naveen provided logistics to the killer by conducting a recce on September 3 and 5 last year. Gauri was gunned down in front of her house in RR Nagar, southwest Bengaluru, on September 5.

CCTV images obtained from the house premises show a man riding a red-black Bajaj Pulsar bike and wearing a full-face helmet while conducting the recce. The man in the video is wearing a white full-arm shirt, black pants and dark sandals. “Naveen was made to wear a similar shirt and fullface helmet. He was asked to ride near Gauri’s residence and other places where the suspect in the video had rode,” sources said.

Earlier, SIT had got Naveen to ride the bike in its custody. Those videos and images have been sent to the Forensic Sciences Laboratory for analysis. “We’ve now taken pictures and videos of Naveen riding the two-wheeler near Gauri’s house and will send them to FSL seeking its opinion,” sources added.

According to officials, FSL will take at least one month to ascertain the similarities between Naveen and the man in the picture. “Our team that visited Mangaluru to hunt down the people with whom Naveen was in touch hasn’t met with success till now. The phone numbers which Naveen Kumar called are switched off. The names and addresses of the men who had purchased the sim cards are fake,” sources said.

Naveen was arrested by CCB police on February 18, and 15 live bullets were recovered from him. Naveen was taken into SIT custody on March 2 for his suspected role in the murder.

UNRAVELLING MYSTERY: A file picture of the spot in RR Nagar where journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead by unidentified persons on September 5, 2017

Maddur gunrunner held in Gauri Lankesh murder case

Had Bragged To Friend About ‘Big Job’

Bengaluru: In a major breakthrough in the killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh, the Special Investigation Team probing the murder took into custody 38-year-old Naveen Kumar T on Friday for allegedly taking the killer to the spot on his motorcycle.

In the evening, a city sessions court remanded Naveen alias Hotte Manja, a resident of Maddur, Mandya district, and founder of a splinter unit of the Hindu Yuva Sena, to eight days in SIT custody.

The arrest came hours after TOI reported that SIT officials suspect Naveen of ferrying the killer on the night of September 5, 2017 to Gauri’s house in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, southwest Bengaluru.

SIT deputy chief MN Anucheth confirmed Naveen is in their custody. “Since he’s a suspect, we’ve taken him into custody,” he said.

SIT officials suspect Gauri’s killer belongs to the same group that was involved in the murders of scholar MM Kalburgi, CPI leader Govind Pansare in Kolhapur in 2015 and rationalist Narendra Dabholkar in Pune in 2013. They have said ballistics examination confirmed that the same weapon was used in all four killings.

Naveen was picked up last week from the KSRTC bus stand in Majestic area of Bengaluru with a .32-calibre gun and 15 live bullets. He was in the custody of Jnanabharathi police, when SIT sleuths found out that he had bragged to his friend that he had been involved in the Gauri murder.

After questioning Naveen over the past few days, SIT sleuths on Friday decided to take him into custody and approached the sessions court on Friday.

Sleuths yet to establish that Naveen drove Gauri’s killer

Sources in SIT, however, said they’re yet to conclusively establish that Naveen drove the killer on the bike. “He resembled the man who conducted a recce on September 3 and the morning of September 5. “We had the footage from near Gauri’s house on those two days showing the biker on what appears to be a recce. Naveen’s posture on a bike resembles the man in the footage. We’re waiting for forensic confirmation that the recreated images of Naveen riding the bike matches the man in the CCTV footage,” the sources explained.

“We have enough evidence to establish his presence in RR Nagar on September 3 and 5,” the source said. “Naveen vanished for 15 days and surfaced later. He boasted to a friend that he had been involved in a big job. Naveen also asked the friend whether he was watching TV news and the latter asked him whether it was the Gauri murder. Naveen laughed it away but the friend tipped us off,” sources added.

“Naveen admits to harbouring four individuals from a right-wing outfit. We have drawn their sketches based on his description. We are sure one of them, a man with a receding hairline killed Gauri,” SIT sources said. Sources said they tracked calls between Mangaluru and Goa last week and inputs from some of them confirmed Naveen’s involvement. Naveen has reportedly confessed to arranging a target practice for the four menin July 2017. The four men, sources in the SIT claim, are from a right-wing outfit based outside Karnataka.

Naveen’s brother, friends allege police conspiracy

The Gauri Lankesh murder case seems to be getting murkier as the elder brother and friends of accused Naveen Kumar alias Hotte Manja, currently being interrogated by the Special Investigation Team (SIT), alleged they were illegally arrested and tortured by police to testify against Naveen.

Naveen’s elder brother Timmegowda told TOI an attempt is being made to frame his brother in the case for political gain and police are trying to save faces by falsely implicating him. He said the story that Naveen was picked from Majestic area in Bengaluru with a gun and live bullets was concocted, and it was an attempt by the SIT to portray him as a facilitator who allegedly helped the yet-to-beidentified killers of Gauri Lankesh.

“Police claim that my brother was arrested from Majestic on February 18 is a lie. He was arrested from his house in Birur, Chikkamagaluru district, on February 14. Nobody, including his wife, knew of the arrest. To trace my brother, I was advised by my advocate to file a habeas corpus petition in the high court. In the meantime, police told Naveen’s wife to come to the police station, informing her that he’d been arrested,” Timmegowda claimed.

When he asked why Naveen was arrested, police told him it was for possessing illegal firearms. “Later, I came to know about the larger conspiracy to implicate him in the Gauri Lankesh murder case. My brother is a patriot fighting for the Hindu cause,” he said.

Naveen Kumar

Thimme Gowda

‘Cops threatened to kill him in fake encounter’

Naveen’s friends Anil, Girish and Abhilash said they were picked up by Maddur police on February 15 and taken to an unknown location. “They covered our faces. When Naveen was brought before us, we wept as he was fatigued and badly beaten. Then, we were brought to Upparpet police station, Bengaluru, where we were tutored to give damning statements before a magistrate against Naveen Kumar. When we resisted, officers threatened to kill Naveen in a fake encounter and frame us in false offences,” they alleged.

Girish said: “As per their plan, police officers registered a petty case against us. We were produced before a magistrate to give statements against Naveen. Luckily, the magistrate, who got a doubt about our statements, let us go with a serious warning to police not to harass us.”

Girish said they were all afraid for their safety and Naveen’s too. They’re staying in a secret place and change the location often. “We were let off by officers who told us not to divulge anything. Else, we would face series consequences, ranging from being jailed to being killed in fake encounters,” Girish said.



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