375 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Son hires paid killers (gives supari) to bump off dad to grab his government job

Bihar: Man gives father’s ‘supari’ for rail job

Faryal Rumi| TNN | Updated: Apr 27, 2018 

Police on Wednesday arrested a man for plotting his father’s murder to get his job.
Two contract killers were also nabbed.

PATNA: A day after a railway employee was shot at, police on Wednesday arrested his son for plotting his father’s murder. Two contract killers were also nabbed.

Om Prakash Mandal was shot at on his shoulder while he was on way to his workplace on Officer’s Club Road under the East Colony police station area in Munger district on Tuesday morning. He was admitted to the local railway hospital.
With the help of CCTV footage of the area, police on first arrested shooter Ravi Ranjan (31) from his house at Rampur under the Jamalpur police station area. Equipped with his confessional statement, police also nabbed another shooter Sunil Mandal and Om Prakash’s son Pawan Mandal.

According to East Colony police station SHO Mohd Ali Sabri, Pawan had been preparing for competitive examinations for many years, albeit unsuccessfully. Aware that his father would retire on April 30, the 28-year-old planned to get him murdered so that he could get a job in the railways on compassionate ground.
“Pawan hired the two contract killers for Rs 2 lakh and paid to them half of the amount as advance,” Mohd Sabri told this newspaper over the phone and added raids were on to arrest Vicky and Jugnu, who played middlemen to broker the deal between Pawan and the shooters.

The arrested trio were forwarded to jail on Thursday.

 Horrid Pinarayi murder: Police to enquire Soumya’s ex-husband Published: Apr 27, 2018, 07:50 AM ISTT- T T+ X When Soumya was presented at court. Phot…

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Talvar 2: Vishal Bhardwaj To Make Film On Ryan International Student’s Murder; Parents Unaware

The film has been inspired by the brutal murder case of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, the Ryan International School’s student, which had left everyone shaken. Bhardwaj will be writing as well as directing the film.


Updated:April 26, 2018

Talvar 2: Vishal Bhardwaj To Make Film On Ryan International Student's Murder; Parents Unaware

The film has been inspired by the brutal murder case of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, the Ryan International School’s student, which had left everyone shaken. Bhardwaj will be writing as well as directing the film.

After penning the cinematic recounting of the sensational 2008 Noida double-murder case in Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar, which had the entire nation riled up, critically-acclaimed filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is back with another crime story.

The film has been inspired by the brutal murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a student of Ryan International School’s Gurugram branch, in the school’s toilet. Bhardwaj will be writing as well as directing the film that is being bankrolled by Junglee Pictures..

In an exclusive chat with News18, film’s producer Priti Shahani said, “This has been in the discussion for the last four to five months. During the time of ‘Talvar’ as well we were telling a story in a way that had never been told in cinema. I think it has made an impression on everyone in the film and overall, the documenting and the power of cinema. That story was important to us because it changed the family fabric. The case had shaken the middle-class on the family fabric.”

A Class II student, Pradyuman was found near the toilet of the school with his throat slit on the morning of September 8, 2017, within an hour of his father leaving him at the school.

The case has similarities to the Aarushi and Hemraj murders depicted in Talvar as it was again a case of police botching up the probe. The police had arrested Ashok Kumar, the school bus conductor, and even extracted a confession out of him. However, once the case was handed over to CBI, Kumar was let free and a Class XI student was detained.

“This is a case that Vishal Bharadwaj and I were tracking. Again, it has a huge social impact. It takes on education system, it takes on children, what they aspire to do, perhaps pressures that they feel and again it’s a case that has a long term impact on the social fabric of the country. It raises a question. It’s where you send your children and you believe that your children will be safest over there. That’s the whole equation,” Shahani, who is currently gearing up for her home production, Raazi, told us.

She continued, “Moving from Talvaar, we didn’t want to commercialise it to the extent where we take up every case. We felt that the story needs to be told from the outside. The story has education, school and pressure and then comes in the aspect of crime. I think after much deliberation and discussion we took the decision of making this into a feature film.”

Branding the movie as a commercial output, Shahani said they were yet to take a call on contacting Pradyuman’s parents. “We have not spoken to the parents as yet. Right now there is no plan to talk to the parents. We might take a very fictional route to this story,” she said.

When News18 reached out to Pradyuman’s father, Barun Thakur, he said, “I have not got any official information regarding this. The makers have not reached out to me.”

When asked if he approved of a feature film based on the incident, he said, “I don’t think I can decide it on my own as a lot of people’s sentiments are attached to it. So, I won’t be able to comment unless the makers approach me in person.”

Three Family Members Killed Over Property Feud In Delhi

Apr 27, 2018, 13:29 IST | ANI

The deceased have been identified as Jaspal (52), his wife Prabhjot Kaur, and his younger brother Gurjit (50)

Representational picture
Representational picture

Three members of a family were murdered over a property dispute in New Delhi’s Model Town area. The incident took place on Thursday night, when two brothers allegedly killed each other while one of them murdered the wife of the other. The deceased have been identified as Jaspal (52), his wife Prabhjot Kaur, and his younger brother Gurjit (50).

‘The two brothers, who live in the same building on ground and first floor, have been at loggerheads for years. Gurjit Singh’s family had an argument with his brother Prabhjot late yesterday night,’ police said. ‘Prabhjot allegedly opened fire at Gurjit’s family, killing Gurjit on the spot. Later Gurjit’s family attacked Prabhjot and his wife with swords and guns killing him and his wife,’ police added.

The Police further noted that they are searching for CCTV footage because the whole incident happened on the main road outside their house. A case has been registered in this case and further investigations are on.

Three of a family killed over property dispute in Delhi

Somreet Bhattacharya| TNN | Updated: Apr 27, 2018,  

NEW DELHI: Three members of a family died while a fourth is battling for her life after they were attacked with guns and swords near their house in northwest Delhi‘s Model Townarea on Thursday night. Police suspect an ongoing property dispute to be the reason behind the murder.

The incident came to fore around midnight when the deceased Gurjit Singh‘s family had an argument with his brother Prabhjot. The family stays in the same house at Model Town part II.
During this, Prabhjot allegedly opened fire at Gurjit’s family, killing Gurjit on the spot. Later Gurjit’s family attacked Prabhjot and his wife with swords and guns killing him and his wife, Prabhjot. Another woman named Gurnoor has been seriously injured in the incident.

A few people have been detained following the incident

In Video: 3 members of a family killed as property dispute turns violent in Delhi

Man kills brother in front of mother

Jamshedpur: The director of a private English medium school was brutally murdered allegedly by his kin at his Chakradharpur house in West Singhbhum district, around 75km from here, in the small hours of Friday.

The victim, identified as Amitav Chatterjee (47), was killed by his elder brother Prabir (50) and nephew Pranam (22).

The identity of the third assailant could not be ascertained except that he was Pranam’s friend.

Police have arrested Prabir, who stays at a rented house at Gudribari in Chak-radharpur, around 2km from the house of the victim.

A murder case has been registered against Prabir, his son Pranam and another youth based on an FIR lodged by Snigdha, the victim’s mother.

Chakradharpur office in-charge Gopi Nath Tiwary said Amitav had to pay with his life because of a dispute between the brothers over some landed property. “Amitav was killed in front of his mother Snigdha at around 2am,” police said.

“Amitav, who was the director of Nirmala English School in Chakradharpur, had gone out of his house in the evening and returned around 1.45am. As soon as he entered his room, Prabir, Pranam and another barged inside and slit his throat with a knife. Amitav died on the spot. The victim’s wife informed police in the morning. We have arrested Prabir, but his son and his friend are missing,” Tiwary told The Telegraph.

The OC said the victim and his elderly mother were sleeping in the same room when the three attacked him.

“The assailants were apparently drunk and could not see the victim’s mother who was sleeping on another bed in the same room. Although she saw them slitting Amitav’s throat with a knife, she could not save her son,” Tiwary quoted Snigdha as narrating to him about the murder.

Police said Prabir, who is jobless, and his son were not pleased with the division of the landed property which had taken place about five years ago.

The police have sent the body to Charadharpur subdivisional hospital for post-mortem.

Police, meanwhile, have formed special teams to nab Pranam and the youth who fled after the incident.

After trying to kill wife, Bengaluru man chases and murders stepson

TNN | Updated: Apr 28, 2018, 09:55 IST

Ramamurthy with wife Jyothi and stepson
Ramamurthy with wife Jyothi and stepson
BENGALURU: A 28-year-old employee of an e-commerce firm was arrested by Bengaluru Rural district police on Thursday for allegedly murdering his nine-year-old stepson after attempting to murder his wife and the boy’s mother. The boy witnessed his stepfather bashing his mother’s head with a slab of stone and that had prompted the man to kill him.
Ramamurthy D, a resident of Attivatta village near Hoskote, had attempted to kill Jyothi, his wife, because he had wanted to marry again, revealed Bheemashankar S Guled, superintendent of police (Bengaluru Rural). Jyothi survived the attack, but doctors at Victoria Hospital where she is being treated told police she is critical.Thirumalashettahalli police took a week to piece together the gruesome crime since Jyothi was unaware that it was Ramamurthy who had attempted to murder her. Based on Ramamurthy’s confession, police recovered the highly decomposed body of Gautam K, a Class III student in a private school and resident of Avalahalli village near Hoskote, on Thursday and Ramamurthy was remanded in judicial custody on Friday.Ramamurthy told police that he fell in love with Jyothi five years ago when the duo was working together in the e-commerce firm in Hoskote. Jyothi is from Raichur and had settled in Hoskote with her first husband, Kiran, and Gautam. About a year after the family moved to Hoskote, Jyothi left Kiran and married Ramamurthy. She moved into his house in Avalahalli about 5km from Hoskote.

Unaware that he was already married, Ramamurthy’s parents settled on a bride for their son and fixed the wedding for April 28 (Saturday). Police say Ramamurthy discussed the wedding with Jyothi and she initially agreed that he should go ahead and fulfil the wishes of his parents. But she later changed her mind.

Vexed, Ramamurthy hatched a plan to kill her. Police say he proposed a family visit to Rameshwara Temple on the outskirts of Vagata village about 10km away from Hoskote on April 20. The couple and Gautam reached the temple at about 5am and after spending a little time together, police say Ramamurthy told Jyothi and Gautam to get some sleep while he would fetch breakfast from the village.

He rode off on his bike, but parked some distance away and returned on foot. His wife and stepson appeared to be napping and Ramamurthy took a slab of stone lying nearby and struck Jyothi’s head.

Gautam, however, witnessed Ramamurthy’s act and terrified, attempted to get away. Ramamurthy chased the boy for a few hundred metres, caught up with him and killed him by smashing his head with the same slab of stone. He later hid the boy’s body in a bush and returned to the temple. Jyothi lay unconscious and thinking her dead, Ramamurthy left.
Jyothi regained consciousness a little later and shouted for help. Locals rushed her to a private hospital in Hoskote and informed the police. Unaware that it was Ramamurthy who had tried to kill her, Jyothi told Thirumalashettahalli police that she suspected Kiran, her first husband, to be behind the attack. She also requested police to trace Ramamurthy and her son.

Police questioned Kiran, but eventually ruled him out as a suspect. Their efforts to trace Ramamurthy finally bore fruit when they tracked him down on Thursday (April 26) through his mobile phone. He had remained in Hoskote, but had stayed away from his home. Under questioning, Ramamurthy confessed to killing Gautam and attempting to kill Jyothi.

Hyderabad: Woman kills hubby, arrested


PublishedApr 28, 2018
Police said Venkatesh forcibly took Rs 500 from Durga on Wednesday and returned home drunk at around 8pm.
 This outraged Durga. She hit Venkatesh with a chapatti roller and then snatched the vegetable cutter from his hand and stabbed him with it repeatedly till he collapsed. (Representational Image)

Hyderabad: A woman who murdered her husband allegedly due to harassment two days ago was arrested by the police on Friday. The accused was identified as Devalapally Durga Kala, 36, and her husband, Devlapally Venkatesh, 45, a labourer. They lived in of Saroornagar.

Police said Venkatesh forcibly took Rs 500 from Durga on Wednesday and returned home drunk at around 8pm. He asked for another Rs 5,000 from her, which she refused. Incensed, he beat up and abused her. He brandished a vegetable cutter and threatened to kill their two children if she didn’t give him the money.

This outraged Durga. She hit him with a chapatti roller and then snatched the vegetable cutter from his hand and stabbed him with it repeatedly till he collapsed.

LB Nagar DCP M. Venkateshwar Rao later said that the police department would look after the needs of the couple’s children till their mother’s release or anybody from the relatives comes forward to take their responsibility.

Woman followed, robbed of jewellery worth Rs 10L

Bengaluru,DHNS: A woman who dodged diversion tactics of a conman, was robbed by a gang after being followed till her home.

The victim—Lakshmi Prasanna Reddy, a resident of HRBR Layout— registered a complaint at the Banaswadi Police station after unidentified miscreants robbed her of gold jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh.

According to her complaint, at 2.45 pm on Wednesday, Lakshmi visited the Andhra Bank on 100 feet Road in Banaswadi. She withdrew gold jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh from her locker and left the bank with it . She noticed a man standing near her car. Surprisingly, he pointed to money on the ground and told Lakshmi that she had dropped the currency. The victim was quick to realise that the man was trying to divert her attention. She snapped at him that the money did not belong to her and quickly got into her car.  Relieved to have escaped the conman, Lakshmi reached her home and parked her car outside the gate. As she was entering her home, a man suddenly snatched her bag. She began screaming for help but the miscreant fled the spot before her neighbours could come to her rescue.
Police are verifying the CCTV footage and investigating the case.

Court awards death sentence to man who raped 6-year-old

Bengaluru,DHNS: The 54th CCH special court for children, on Friday, convicted a 36-year-old man of sexually assaulting and murdering a 6-year-old girl in Girinagar and awarded him a death sentence and 10 years of rigorous imprisonment.

The convict Anil Baleghar, a resident of Veerabhadranagar in Girinagar committed the heinous crime on April 20, 2017.

Baleghar spotted the girl playing in front of her grandmother’s house. He lured the girl into his house by offering her snacks and sexually assaulted her. Baleghar then murdered the child, put her body in a trunk and hid it under a cot.

He lived in the same neighbourhood and was even friendly with the victim’s family.

When the victim’s parents could not trace their child even after a night-long search, they lodged a missing complaint with the Girinagar police the following day.

Baleghar feigned shock and joined the family in the search. He claimed that he did not know about the girl’s whereabouts.

During interrogation, the police found out about the girl’s hidden body in Baleghar’s house under the cot. They recovered the body on the night of April 23, 2017.

The convict is married and even has two children.

He works as a coolie and was an alcoholic.

When Balegar was produced in the court on Friday, he apologised and sought mercy from the court. He told the court that he wanted to reform himself and requested a minimum sentence.

The judge, however, questioned Balegar and remarked that as a father the accused knew of the affection he has for his children and should have thought about that before committing the crime. If such a thought did not even occur to him, then the convict was no longer a human.

The court also expressed that the fact that he is a family man with wife and children yet could commit a rape and murder was intolerable and did not deserve any leniency.

The presence of the child’s body in his house was a vital evidence, and the high court needs to give an approval for his death sentence, the court observed.



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