381 Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Businessman kills wife, 2 daughters unable to pay back 15 crore debt & the secret behind Osama Bin Laden’s killing by the Americans

Businessman shoots wife, two daughters, tries to commit suicide

  • Dharmesh Shah had a debt of Rs 15 crore.
  • The family got into a heated fight over money on Monday night.

In a shocking incident, a businessman shot his wife and two daughters to death at his residence in Ratnam Towers located in Judges Bungalow road in Ahmedabad.

The accused has been identified as Dharmesh Shah, who has a construction business. Early Tuesday morning, Vastrapur police station filed a case of a triple murder against the accused

According to the police, Shah had a debt of Rs 15 crore. The acquaintances of the family and the witnesses said that an argument had taken place between him and his family on Monday night after his daughter, who had just completed her education in architecture, said that she wanted to go to Australia to study MBA.

After shooting his wife and daughters, Shah called his office and his brother informing them about the killing of his family.

On the phone, Shah said that he would also shoot himself with the same revolver and commit suicide. But before Shah could commit suicide, his brother found him.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police KNL Rao said, “The investigation of the murder is currently going on. The accused is under custody and is said to have a debt of approx. 15 crores.

Burdened by Rs 15 crore debt, Ahmedabad builder murders wife, 2 daughters

In a macabre incident that sent shockwaves through the residents of Ratnam Flats, on the posh Judges Bungalow road in Ahmedabad, a builder shot dead his wife and two young daughters in cold blood while they were asleep on Tuesday morning.

Dharmesh Premchand Shah, who has a debt of around Rs 15 crore, first killed his wife Ami and then his daughters Heli and Diksha with his licensed revolver, according to the police. Subsequently, he called up his brother Virendra and office to inform them that he was going to shoot himself.

However, before Shah could shoot himself his relatives and office employees reached there and stopped him. Strangely, Shah, who has been arrested under Section 300 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code, had left the main door ajar.

Shah told his relatives that he took the extreme step following a heated argument with his family over Rs 70 lakh fees required for Diksha’s MBA course in Australia. However, the police say he was battling a debt of more than Rs 15 crore.

“Preliminary inquiry says he is facing financial troubles and has a debt of Rs15-Rs20 crore,” KNL Rao, Sector-1 JCP, told the media.

Rashmikant, who is a close friend of Virendra, told India Today that Virendra asked me to reach Shah’s residence immediately. “There was an argument in the family over fees required for sending Diksha for an MBA course to Australia,” said Rashmikant, who denied that Shah is under debt.

The police are investigating the veracity of Shah’s story as he had left the main door ajar. According to police, usually, a person under debt kills self first and not his family

Man kills wife, two daughters in Ahmedabad

After killing them, he himself informed the police control room. As soon as the control room received his call, senior cops rushed to the spot where he was sitting besides the three dead bodies on the floor.

“He killed his two daughters: Helli, 22 and Diksha 17, and his wife Ami using his licensed fire arm,” a police official said, adding the accused has been taken for interrogation.

The police have not spoken on the motive or exact cause but neighbours said there were frequent fights between the couple and Dharmesh had apparently suffered losses in business that led to heavy debts.

Osama Bin Laden Was Killed After Deal Between General Kayani and US: Former Pak Spymaster

Is it just a coincidence that Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Kayani held a secret meeting with US officials just two days before Laden was killed in a spectacular raid in Abbottabad, 150 km inside Pakistan territory?

by news18.com

Updated:May 22, 2018

Osama Bin Laden Was Killed After Deal Between General Kayani and US: Former Pak Spymaster

File photo of Osama bin Laden. (AP Photo/Mazhar Ali Khan)

Did the US really find the then most wanted man in the world — Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden – on its own or did the then Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Kayani divulge details about the dreaded terrorist?

Is it just a coincidence that Kayani held a secret meeting with US officials just two days before Laden was killed in a spectacular raid in Abbottabad, 150 km inside Pakistan territory?

Maybe America knew about Bin Laden’s whereabouts through a mole in the ISI or was it part of a US-Pakistan deal?

For the first time ex-ISI chief Asad Durrani spoke up about his information on the killing of Bin Laden. The statement is part of the conversation between Durrani and former RAW chief AS Dulat, which has been moderated by journalist Aditya Sinha in a book titled The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace.

In a chapter titled ‘The Deal for Osama bin Laden’, Durrani speaks at length on the subject, “How could Pakistan not know the US helicopters ingressing 150 km inside the country?… We are blamed for incompetence, for playing a double game; and what did we get in return? That is what I want to know.”

Durrani goes on to discuss allegations that the then Pakistani army chief gave away bin Laden’s location for a lot of money.

“Kayani was my favourite student at the NDC [National Defence Course]. Though retired, he is keeping away from me lest I ask if he made a deal…If Kayani settled for some farms or a billion dollars then I myself will start a campaign against him, who I once liked and feel was one of our thinking chiefs.”

This is followed by a very interesting conversation between the two former top spies.

“Dulat: A couple of days before Osama was lifted, Kayani met with somebody, where was it?
Durrani: On a ship.

Dulat: Or at an airbase. There was a meeting which I thought significant in the context of what happened days later. Why did Kayani go to the meeting? Who was the US commander in Afghanistan then?

Durrani: In 2011? [David] Petraeus.

Dulat: It seemed like too much of a coincidence because two days later, Osama was bumped off.

Durrani: I agree, it’s a reasonable deduction that these meetings concerned the raid.”

In a well-documented footnote on this meeting, journalist Aditya Sinha, who has moderated and compiled conversations in this book, notes ‘Kayani met

1. Centcom [United States Central Command] chief General James Mattis on April 8.

2. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen on April 20.

3. US commander for Afghanistan General David Petraeus on April 26.

On April 29, Oba signed the order for the raid on Osama bin Laden. On May 2 he was shot dead.

The conversation resumes on the role of the doctor who was allegedly working for the US, in the garb of a polio vaccinator, found out about Osama’s whereabouts, and on the CIA mole within ISI.

“Dulat: What was the role of the doctor who’s locked up?

Durrani: Under the cover of a polio programme he found where Osama bin Laden was.

Dulat: So he was working for the Americans. It seems to me that the Americans found Osama via the doctor, and told Kayani that now we know. Are you willing to cooperate or should we do it on our own?

Durrani: Yes, they said play ball. Kayani says, we will do it in this manner, and what do we get in return. They found out not only because of Dr Afridi [the polio vaccine doctor]. I have no doubt that a retired Pakistani officer who was in intelligence walked in and told the Americans. I won’t take his name because I can’t prove it and also I don’t want to give him any publicity. How much of the 50 million dollars he got, who knows. But he is missing from Pakistan. I should know.”

The noted journalist Seymour Hersh, in his book ‘The Killing of Osama Bin Laden’ for the first time, suggested that the entire narrative about the killing of the then chief of Al Qaeda was “a blatant lie”.

According to Hersh, in August 2010 a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer approached Jonathan Bank, then the CIA’s station chief at the US embassy in Islamabad, and offered to share the whereabouts of bin Laden in return for the reward that Washington had offered in 2001 — $25 million.

After the CIA confirmed that the Pakistani intelligence officer was telling the truth, Hersh says, negotiations between Pasha and the Central Intelligence Agency began. The intelligence officer and his family were relocated to America, where, according to Hersh, he now works for the CIA as a consultant.

In an interview to CNN, Hersh claimed that the informant was paid $20 million of the $25 million bounty offered by the US and is right now living in the US with his family, and works as a consultant for the CIA.

Half of missing people in Mumbai are in the age group of 16 to 25 years: RTI

Mumbai: Nearly half of the people reported missing in Mumbai every year are in the age group of 16 to 25 years, the Mumbai Police has said in reply to an RTI query. Also, there has been a rise every year in the number of people going missing in the metropolis, Mumbai Crime Branch’s Assistant Police Commissioner (Preventive) Bharat Gaikwad said in response to an application filed by city-based RTI activist Chetan Kothari.

A total of 32,598 people were reported missing from Mumbai in 2014, 2015 and 2016, while 27,565 of them were later found, the police said. The number of missing people also went up every year, with 10,916 reported missing in 2014, 10,313 in 2015 and 11,369 in 2016, the reply said. A year-wise tabulation of the figures showed that about 50 per cent of the missing people (in these three years) were in the 16 to 25 years age group, followed by those in the 26 to 40 years age bracket.

Vijay Vaidya, a former journalist and social activist, who helps in tracing missing persons, said 16 to 25 years was a “sensitive” age group when people have lot of aspirations in life and take decisions emotionally. “Most of the girls and boys run away from their homes over fear of not doing well in exams. A big number of the youngsters have aspirations, like to get into acting or do something bigger in life. This is a very sensitive age group where people take decisions emotionally,” he said

The data provided by the police also showed that while the number of missing people in the city was on the rise, the number of those found went down. Around 10,605 people (97 per cent of the total reported missing) were found in 2014, 9,375 (90 per cent) in 2015 and 7,585 (66 per cent) in 2016. Besides, out of the total missing people, 34 were found dead in 2014, 45 in 2015 and 38 in 2016, the reply said.

The data further showed that the number of females reported missing in these three years (16,533) was slightly more than males (16,065). The Mumbai Police’s centralised branch, called the Missing Person Bureau, deals with such cases, irrespective of the place from where the person is missing in the country



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